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University of Toronto 







Dr Alex. Macbain's GAELIC READER 
(Revised Edition, 1920). Much additional 
prose and verse (with notes), with Dr 
Macbain's well-known Summary of Gaelic 
Grammar. Prepared with assistance of 
successful Headmaster in Gaelic-speaking 
area. Suitable for stage of Qualifying 
Class and well into Intermediate stage (see 
Preface). Two editions sold out in last two 

For pupils who proceed to the study of 
Gaelic on higher plane of Intermediate and 
Leaving Certificate Examinations, Pro- 
fessor Watson's BOSG GAIDHLIG and 
BARDACHD GAIDHUG are in great 



La- Lett Vlo.x:c^ --o t:.vJ».«^ 











The origiDal author of this work (Faclair 
Gaidhlig is Beurla), Father Evan Mac- 
eachen, wa^ a native of Ari^ai?, and was 
born in 1769, and educated at Valladolid 
in Spain for the priesthood. He was a 
noted .scholar, especially in Log^ic and 
Mathematics, and took a high place in his 
College. He was ordained Priest, and till 
1800 he assisted the Coadjutor Bishop of 
Valladolid (Rev. Alex. Cameron) in the 
various episcopal duties of the Diocese. 
Coming to Scotland, he filled various poets 
in the trying times of the early 19th 
century in the Highlands. His first charge 
vf&ii ArÌAaig, then Badenoch. where he built 
the first chapel in Laggan. Thereafter, in 
the quality of Professor, he resided at the 
Seminary of Lismore, and in 1914 ho took 
chargp of the Mission at Aigas in Strath- 
glass. From 1818 he was for twenty years 
priest in Braemar, and died at T<>mbae. 
Glenlivet, is 1849. He translated ^eve^•I 
religious and other works into <fii«Iic, 
notably, in 1826. the " De Imitation* 
Christi " {Lennmhuinn Chriotta in tlM 

translation). He also left a translation of 
the New Testament, which was worked over 
by the Rev. Colin Grant, Strathglass, after- 
wards Bishop of Aberdeen, and published in 

The Faclair wa^ first published in Perth 
in 1842, and wa* for many years thereafter 
out of print. The want of a handy and 
cheap Dictionary, for school purposes espe- 
cially, was long felt, and in 1902 the High- 
land News Co., Inverneas, undertook a 
second edition. In a few years after, a 
third issue was called for, mainly owing to 
the increa.^ing interest in the study of 
Gaelic in the higher classes in schools. The 
distinguished Dr Alexander Macbain, 
assisted by Mr John Whyte, edited these 
later issues. The original work included 
some 10,600 words : they added more than 
500 words. " Muceacheu," says Dr Mac- 
bain, " did his work with remarkable skill. 
As he says in his Preface [1842], he wanted 
to produce a vocabulary of pure Gaelic : he 
wished to avoid the Irish words and idioms 
introduced into the translation of the Bible 
and copied into the ordinary Dictionaries. 
He based his work on Macleod & Dewar's 
Dictionary, corrected by his ' own purer 
dialect ' of Arisaig." Dr Macbain applied 
his great philological Icnowledge to the 
emendation on a large scale of the author's 
scheme of orthography, and he also over- 
hauled the English meanings, corrected the 

declensions, genders, and conjugution«, 
iiiui while doing away with many iir,ele8fl 
derivatives and obsolete or provincial 
words, he added several hundred new words 
omitted by Maceachen. 

In the course of years the third edition 
waM quite sold out, und the demand for a 
re-i*i8ue (and at a |>opuIar price) by Rchools 
and Gaelic classes became more and more 
clamant. The Publishers now present the 
Fourth Edition of Maceachen 's manual 
with confidence that it will win a wide- 
spread and genuine acceptance. This edi- 
tion has been thoroughly revised by two 
highly competent Qaelic-wspeaking scholars. 
There has apain ])een a laif;? ;icci'.-o<ion of 
literary words, and a further elimiuation of 
what might he regarded as unimportant or 
irrelevant details. 

The Publishers make no claim that the 
little Dictionary w exhaustive; but they do 
ansert that it is in its present edition a 
most useful compendium of the ordinary 
i>ollo<|uiaI and literary vocabulary of the 
(iaelic language, and, as such, that it is 
eminently Huited for the advanced classes 
in .schools and for r^eneral use by intelligent 
students. Teachers will notice that the 
ICduration Department recommend this 
manual im one whose orthography should h« 
followed by candidat<>- f.>r t'l I. ivi le 
Certificate in Gaelir. 

The Publishers of this issue beg to express 
their cordial acknowledgments to (1) the 
Proprietors of the Highland News, Inver- 
ness, for the free surrender by them to the 
present Publishers of any rights of repro- 
duction or translation they may have in the 
Dictionary; (2) to the Comunn Gaidhealach 
for a grant towards the cost of re-publica- 
tion of <£oO, on the express condition, will- 
ingly acceded to by the Publishers, that the 
re-issue be at a popular price; (3) to Dr J. 
L. Eobertson, C.B., late H.M. Chief 
Inspector of the Highland Division, for 
much assistance in the supervision of the 
Fourth Edition, and in the negotiations 
with the two bodies mentioned above. The 
re-issue in 1902 also owed much to his active 
interest in the cause of Gaelic studies in 
our schools. 

Inverness, October, 1922. 


THi: Ai.rK.vnKT. 

KK(iaI> a, O, U I SI.K.M«KH-e. I. 


Plaiit- g, c ; d. t ; 1. i. r. a. 
Atp-ivifd Kb. cb : db. tb : ah), (nh). (rb). ah. 


I'lani— b, f. h. m, p- 
A>pirat'fi—iih, fh, -, mb. pb. 
With axpirHt^fl 1, n. r. 'he siim of Hopiration, b, i« 
not uiHsd in Hp«-IIinK« 


(iaelic SuwMt. 

Ajfjirf'zimntr MngUiJi 


«sit eùi 

K in ' fkr.' 


ea, vai 

»(h) in 'soi'u.' 

.-.. ùl. 

•«>, et»i ; ". ''i. <f>, *^>i 

<> in ' liinl ' ; o in ' h'"*. 

O, •.(, 

eo, eoi 

ii(A)in "lot ■ ; « in • iiuito. 

U. ui, 

ill, i<ii 

11 in 'pull.' 

u, ui, 

, iu. illi 

n in 'put.' 

<•, CO, 

(•i, "•n ; t', I'i, eu 

I- in ' whcrv' ; e in * wh«y.' 

e, ea, 


e (."•) in ' whet ' ; e in Mirvey 


i in '}ield.' 

1. i<>. 

ai <unacc«nteil in 

i in ' pinnu.' 


'I'liv rciwcl •liicraph no in ulway.t l4>n{;. xtu\ re.'seiiiMes 
GBU in the I fi-nch wunl ' onir,' cr u iu tli« Kn^li->b 
nuril ' curl.' 

a •'in<l e tin:i> -tnii un.iiTrnte<t : 

a.(es) ^h••It lK'fr>rv db, ffb, and unaoccnt«<I cb : 

a in the .-\rtlcle :inil in moMt of the piuticlv>« : 

al :inil ot xhort l>ef»rv the li<ttti<ii« 1. n, r ; 

] in (he terli ' in,' in the cunjunction * Ìk.' ;in<l in thf' 
wiir>l ' titth ' . 

O ^liort tt-fore Kb 
Are Miunileil likx o »n<l e in the Kniiluh »<>nl ° coter.' 

In the (liiuiuuiive auftixrji -tty (-^aff) and ai), a hiu 

il-i "hiir'. iii~n •..lUtiil .»" ill ' ""fii.' 


The only pmpfcr and (ion.stant rliphthongs are ia and 
ua, in \vliichliothlelt«is are always distinctly sounded. 
In the other vowel digraphs and in the vowel trigraphs, 
when flanked Vjy nnitable consonants, only one of the 
vowels is sounded, the others merely indicating or 
regulating the quality, kroad or slender, of the con- 
tiguous consonants. The vowels e and i, initial and 
final, or when in contact with b, bh, f, fh, m, mh, p. 
ph, sh, th, in the same syllalile, are sounded in 
digraphs and trigraphs in which they should otherwise 
be silent. 

Ai in the prepositions ' aig ' (' at ') and ' air ' (' on ' or 
' after ') is in most dialects sounded like ai in 

Vovs-els are nasal when in contact with m, mh, or n. 

Long a and long o before 1 and r>n are .soumled au 
and oil in most dialects. 


[ — in the following table stanils for ' equnls.'l 
The Consonants, except the lip-letters, b, f, m, p, are 
MUTABLE, having a hroap or asr.ENOER quality accord- 
ing as they are in contact with ukoao or slender 

With the exception of the liquids (1, n, r), the hiss 
(8), and the nasals (m, n), the Consonants in Gaelic are 
voiceless, and represent organ-positions rather than 
articulate sounds. The munnur of the nasals, however, 
passes into a succeeding consonant. 
b, p— Englisli p. The p is explodeut. When final 
after a short vowel the explosion or breathing 
precedes the p. 

g, c, BROAj> (that is, in contact with a, o, u)— k in 
'koran' ; sr.ENDEH (that is, in contact with e, i) 
— k in 'king' (k'ing). The C is explodent. 
When final the explosion or breathing precedes 
the c. 

d, t, KROAD— Knglish t, the point of the tongue being 
well dovni against the lower front gum ; .SLENDER 
—palatalised t, somewhat like t in the word 
'tune.' The position of the tongue is as with t 
liUOAD. The t is explodent. When final after a 
short vowel the explosion or breathing precedes 
the t. 

f, h, m— English f, h, m. 


1 initial. una.pimt^l, an.l 11 final hkoad-1 -^nndM 

with the point oi the i-ntfue well down a«ain«t 

the Uiwer front Runi. 
1 .nitinl. «,uwpirut«,l..m.l 11 final si.ENDER-ltAlian gl. 

It re»einI.le>U in 'million.' 
I a«pinite.l (Ih) UKO.vt. -^ack 1, an in ' hull.' 
1 a.Mpirate<l (lb) M.KM.fcK-front 1. as in ' hill.' 
n initial, una«pimteU ;in.l nn final bhoai.-U mounded 

with the point o( the mnjnie well down aga.nst 

the lower front K»m. 
n initial. una.M..raed, und nn final slknder- French 

gu. It reseml'len n in ' vineyard, 
n wpiraKfd (nh) iikoAD-back n. m in * nun.' 
n a-MpIrated (nh) si.EM.KK-front n. a^ in 'ninny.' 
r i» alwavH irilie^l. BKO*D it-Wk r. a- in 'run': 

si.F.Nf)KR it— front r. 
e im:.AU-« in '..ob' ; si.e.m.kk 8-8 in ' snrc • S i^ 

.,l.nt aft^r t-. th.- ri in this ca»e being asp.nit d 

un.l tlrerefore HÌknt. In the Gaelic word* ' «o 

(here) and ' sud ' (yonder). 8 has. the >wund of 8 m 

' sure.' 
bb. mh— Englirth v. 
Cb BROAO- Ch in 'loci, ; M.E>nKK ch-ch in the 

(Jennan ' ich.' 
dh eh. BROAM-RUtturalised g. reMwbling a bun. 

or g in the (ierman 'tage' ; SLRNDBR dh. gh- 

y in ' ye^ ' 
8h. th-KnRli»h h. Th i« silent in • thn ' (thou). 

chd chc 

bb dh, jrh. mb, final, are often »ery faintly heard. 

D after initial C. g. and m. in commonly sounded r. 
All (Jaelic worUi. are acc«ite<l on the (»ril .ylUble 
Where the accented term in compound words i.- not 

the flmt «yllal.lo ;i hyphen ii placed before it. 


a. adjective. 

julv. ailverb. 

art, article. 

coiiip. comparative. 

fiinip. pron. conipounil 

conj. conjunction, 
contr. conrr^cfion. 
dim. diminutive. 
Eng. English. 
f. feminine, 
ind. indicative, 
interj. interjection, 
in-eg. irregular. 
m. masculine. 
n. niiun. 

pers. pron. personal pro- 

pfx. prefix. 

pi. plural. 

poss. pron. possessive 

prep. pron. prepositional 

pret. lireterite. 

pron pronoun. 

rel. relative. 

<[ v. quod vide — which .se« 

s., subst. sub.stantive. 

."^'c Scotch, 

V. verb. 

The gi-ave and acute accents indicate long vowels 
(a, è, e, 1, f), o, ii). 

In nouns the nominative and genitive singular and 
the nominative plural arc given ; in adjectives the 
positive and comparative ; and in vt-rbs tlie imperative 
singular (.second per.son) and the inlinitive. 

The definitions are generally attached to the most 
correct spellings of the vocaldes, alternative fonns 
being also given or referred to, without definition. 

Single inverted commas (' ') are usfil to indicat« 
Englisk or specialised words. 



A, the sign of the vocative; "a dhuine," 
O man. 

A, pron. poss. his, her; "a n;hac,' his son; 
" a mac," her tson. 

A, pron. rel. who, that, dative an, 'n. 

A. prep., out of, used before consonants for 
ad, q.v. 

A, prep., for do : " dol a Ghlaschu." going 
to Glasgow. .So also before infinitives, 
past, and 8ome adverbial expres- 
sions, as " a rÌ3," " a rircadh," etc. 

A, ppep. in, to, in adverbial expre-ssions : 
"a stigh." "a mach," "a bho.s." "a 
nis," " a bhàn." See an. 

A, prep. from, in adv. exprea-iions : " a 
nail." "n nua«," "a nios." 

A', art. the: "a" bhuaidh," the victory. 

A', prep, at, with infinitive*; for ag, l)efore 

Abu, abachan. m. an abbot, abboti>. 

Abab! inter j. Pie ! fie! 

Abaich, V. ripen. 

AbaicK a. ripe; abaichead, f. ripeness. 

Abaid. -ean, n. f. an abbey. 

Abaideachd, f. an abbacy. 


2 ABA — ACH 

Abair, v. irreg. say, utter; pret. thuirt; 

fut. their; inf. ràdh; sub. theirinn. 
Abartachd, talkativeness; a. abartach. 
àbh, àibh, -an, m. a hand-net; s. tàbh. 
Abhacas, -ais, m. sport, irony; also àbhachd. 
Abhag, -aig, -an, m. and f. a terrier. 
Abhainn, aibhne, aibhnichean, f. a river. 

Also amhainn. 
àbhaiist, f. custom; a. àbhaisteach. 
Abhall, -aill, m. an apple tree, an orchard. 
Abhairsair, -ean, n.m. the Devil, 
àbhcaid, -e, -ean, f . sport, fun ; a. abhcaid- 

àbhcaideachd, f. sportiveness. 
Abhlan, -ain, -an, m. a wafer. 
Abkras, -ais, -an, m. spinning, flax, wool. 
Abheadh, -aidh, m. slackening sail. Al.'^) 

Abhgporag, -aig, f. the tripe or paunch of a 

cow. Also allsporag. 
Ablach, -aich, -ean, m. carrion, a pithless 

Abran, -ain, m. an oar-patch. 
Abstol, -oil, -an, m. an apostle. 
Aca, prou. with them. See agam. 
Aoaid, -e, -ean, f. a pain, stitch. 
Acain, -e, f. a sigh or moan; a. acaineach. 
Acair, acrach, acraichean, f. anchor. 
Acarachd, f. gentleness, mildness; a. acar- 

Acarsaid, f. a port, a harbour. 
Acastair, -ean, ?. an exle-tref 
Ach, conj. but, except. 

Achadh, -aidh, -aidhnean, m. a field, a piaiu. 
Achain, -e, -ean, f. prayer, supplication. 
Achanaich, -e, -ean, f. earnest prayer. 
Achd, -an, -annan, m. or f. a law, decree. 
Achlais, -e, -las, -ean, -an, f. the arm-pit. 

AchlA««i«h, T. pat uHfer the am. 
Aclila6«a. -ain, -an, f. a bundle uder the 

Achmhaiian, -ain, -an, m. a l e piwi f or aeold- 

AchwTiaiwnaich. t. rebuke, blame. 
Acrach, -aiche, a. hnjigrj, more hon^rr 
Acraich. t. moor, barbonr, cast anchor. 
Acrae. -aie, m. hiugvr; a. acrach. 
Acoinn.-e, f. hameos, tackle; a. acninoescb. 
Ad, aide, adaichean. f. a hat. 
Ad, contr. of ann do. ad laimh. ''^r ^rr- ^ . 

laimh ; a' d'. 
Adad ! interj. f. terror. 
Ada^, -Mg. -an, f. a shock of com, a l-ad- 

.Vda^ch, T. make shocks of com. 
.Vdamant, an adamant stone (daoimeaa) 
.vdha. -ice. iinean. f. tirer. 
Adhaltrach. or adhaltraiehe. m. an admherer. 
.\.dhaJtraf«. -ois. -an. m. or f. admlterj. 
Adharc. -airce. -ean, f. a horn ; a. adharc-rch. 
Vdharcan. m. a lapwing^. Also adhareap 
.Kdhart. -airt. -an, m. a pillov, p r o gr ea^ f'v- 

.\dhartach. -aiche, a. diligent, actire. 
Adhartan, -ain, m. a little pillow or bol - * 
-Vdhaatar. -air, -an, a halter. 
.\dhlac. -aic, m. and f. a borial. 
.\dhlaic. -te, adhlacadh. a.T. borr. inte* 
Ae. ▼■ hemUte. doabt. 
A?, m. hmitatioo. doabt; Mpeet. 
A|f, sijfn of the preii. part., a^ ^iri^h. ri-'-.-- 
A^ach. a. doubting^, hesitatinif. 
A^air, airt, radh. a.r. claim, crare. 
A.rallamh. m. a codTeraatioa. 
A rxm. a^rad, aigv, aire, a^aian, s^aibk. zc . 

proa. aif>mi) ia ay pr— >— ina, cftc 

Agarrach, -raich, m. a craver, a. ag-arrach. 

Agartafi, -ais^ m. claiming, craviug. 

hgh, high, m. joy, hapjnnese, luck; a. agh- 

Agh, aigbe, aighean, m. u hind, a ?tirk, a 

Aghach, a. bold, full of hinds or heifers. 
Aghaidh, f. the face or countenance. 
Aghanu, -ue, -annan, m. a pan. 
Aghastar, -air, m. horse's halter, 
àghinhorachd, f. prosperity, happiness. 
Agus or is, conj. and. 
Aha ! inter j. of surprise or wondor. 
Aibheil, eile, a. huge, prodigious. 
Aibheis, f. chaos, ocean, space; a. aibheds- 

Aibhistear, m. the devil. 
Aibhistearachd, f. devilishness, demonisni. 
Aibhlitir, f. the alphabet, also aibdil. 
Aibhsich, -te, -eadh, exaggerate, augment. 
Aioe, pron. at her; see agani. 
Aiceid, -eide, -can, f . a diseac^e : a. aiceid- 

àiceach, part; àicheadh, a. v. deny, refuse, 
aicheadh, m. a denial, a refusal. 
Aicheamhail, m. revenge; a. aicheammhail- 

Aideach, -dich, m. confession; iiideachadh. 
Aidich, -eachadh, aideaoh, a. v. confess, own. 
Aidmheil, -e, f. faith, religion, confession. 
Aidmheileach,,-aich, m. a confeesor. 
Aifrionn, -rinne, -rinn, -ean, mass. 
Aig, prop, at, near to; aig an tigh, at home. 
Aige, prep, with him, in his possession; 

(aig-e) ; see agam. 
àigeach, m. a young horse, a stallion. 
Aigeann, m. the deep; aigeal, m. the bottom. 
Aigeannach, -aiche, a. spirited, mettlesome. 

Aigeaiiii.ichd, f. .spiritedu<?«M, sprigbtlinesa. 
Aig'hear, -ir, f. glatlncsf, cLcerfiiliie.sK; a. 

Aighearachd, f. gladness, festivity. 
Aigileaii, -ein, -ean, m. a tassel, a toy; a. 

Aigne, or aigncadh, m. mind, spirit, temp<r. 
Ai! (contr. of amhuil), termination of 

adjectives, sometimes changed into eil, 

oil, nil. 
Ailbheag, -eig„ -an, f. an ear-ring; a. ailbh- 

Ailbheinn, f. a flint, a rock. Also ailbhinu, 

àilde, f. beauty; àilne, aildeachd; ailleachd. 
Aile, m. a mark, an impre.'sion. Also ail. 
Aileag. -cig. -an, f. hiccup, 
àileau, -ein, m. a green, a plain, a meado-vr. 
àilear, -eir. ni. a porch. 
Ailifi, -e. -ean, f. blemi.<«h, defect, faiiit. 
àill, f. the will . 

àiUe, f. beauty, prettiness; a. àiUeach. 
ìi'lleachd, f. beauty. 

aillead. -eid, m. a degree of beauty, beauty, 
hilleajr. -eig. -an. f. a jewel, a pretty woman, 
àilleaeaii. -ain, -an, m. a jewel, a pretty 

little person. 
Ailleairan, -ain, m. the root of the oar. 
àiUea.-^. m. will, pleasure, desire; àilpheas 
àilleasach. -aiche, a. fa.stidiou.s, proud, wil- 
àillea^achd. f. fasti diotusne.'js, wilfulneas. 
àillon)!, -ein, f. a wish, desire, a minion, 
àillidh. a. beautiful, fair, handsome. 
Ailm. -o, f. .in olm tree, a holm, a flint-stone, 

.^ -eig. f. a small elm-tree. 
Ailt. a. r<^ble. statelv. grand. 

$ AIL — AIN 

Ailt, f. the impression or mark of a; 
see athailt. 

Aim-, ain-, ann-, and an- are privative ^' ar- 

Aimheal, -eil, m. vexation. 

Aimhlean, -eine, a. narrow, tight (anu- 

Aimhleas, -eis, m. hurt, harm; a. aiinh- 

Aimhleasachd, f. unfortunateues.s, ruiiio'xs- 

Aimhreit, -e, f. strife, discord; a. aimlir^ it- 

Aimhreith, i. dstnrbance, discord. 

Aimhreitich, v. confuse, disorder. 

Aimideachd, f. foolishnesò; a. aimideach. 

Aimlisg, f. confusion. 

Aimrid, a. barren, unfruitful. Also aim- 

Aimsir, f. time; a. aimsireil, 

aia, -e, f. heat of the day, noon. 

Ainbheach, -eich, m. debt; (ain-fhiach). 

Ainbheirt, f. poverty, distress. 

Aiucheist, m. dilemma, perplexity; a. ain- 

Aindeoin, f. ag-ainst one's will, by force; a. 

Aindeonachd, f. reluctancy, force. 

Aineadas, -ais, m. vexation, .sadne-^-*. 

Aineamh, -imh, m. a blemish or flaw. 

Aineol, -eoil, m. a stranger, being a-stra.y or 
strange; a. aineolach. 

Aineolas, -ais, m. ignorance. 

Ainfheoil, -eola, f. proud flesh, corrupt flesh. 

Ainfhios, -a, m. ignorance; a. an-fhiosrach. 

Aingeachd, f. wickednei?8, malice. 

Aingeal, -il, ainglean, m. an angel, fire. 

Aingealach, f. numbness by cold, angelic. 

Aiugeallachd, f. malignity, malice; a. aia- 

Ainp'calta.s,, -ai%, f. malice, spite. 
Aingidh, a. wicked, perverse, 
àinich, f. i)antinp, brcathinof hard, 
àinich, V. pant, breitho with noise. 
Ainideach, -eiche, a. vexed, anjry. 
Ainiochd, f. cruelty; rather an-iochd, q.v. 
Ainleag, -eig. f. a swallow, ainleag-mara, a 

Ainleatrom, -uini, m. a great weight, a 

heavy burden. 
Ainm, ainme, ainmean, ainmeaiman. m. a 

Ainra-chlar. -:ur, -an, m. an index, a cata- 
Ainraeacha.-^, -ais, m. a mere name. 
Ainmealachd, f. celebrity, renown, fame 
Ainmeannach, f. a nominative, a nominator. 
Ainmcannaiche, m. a denominator. 
Ainmeil. -e, a. famous, celebrated. 
Ainmhido, m. a fool, an idiot, a beast. 
Ainmhidh, -e. -ean, m. a brute, a bea-<*t. 
Ainmicli,. -t*, -eachd, a. v. name, nominate. 
Ainmig. a. .<5pldoni, rare, .scarce 
Ainneamh. -oimhe, a. rare, scarce. 
Ainneanihachd, f. rarity, .•scarcity. 
Ainneart, -oirt, m. force, violence; a. nin- 

Ainnir. -e, f. a virgin, a maid; a. ainuiroo'-h. 
Ainnix, f. po\'<'rty, yant ; a. ainnl^oarh. 

Annineachd. f. jioverty, n©edine«<. 
Aiiugean, -ein. f. fright, terror: a. ainpgran- 

Ainniil. f. disorder. 
Ainie.-iH, -oi«, m. impetuosity, heat; a. ain- 


Ainteisteanari, -ais, m. bad testimony. 

Aiuteisteas, -eis, m. bad testimony. 

Aiutheas, -eis, m. great heat; aintbeasachd. 

Air, termination of noun.?, often changed 
into oir, eir, ir, and or. 

Air, prep, in, upon, of; air muin eich, on 
horseback; air leth, distinct. 

Air ais, adv. backward. 

air, V. number, count. 

Air adhart, adv. forward. 

Air chor, adv. so that, to the end that. 

aire, -e, -ean, f. an ark, a chest. 

Aire, -e, f. distrcfcs, strait; a. airceach, dis- 

Airceas, -eis, m. poverty, indigence. 

Airceil, -e, a. poor; airceasach. 

Air chioiiu, adv. upon that, to the end that. 

Aircleach, -eich, m. a cripple. 

àird and ard, a prefix denoting height. 

àird, àirde, àirdean, a quarter of the heavens. 

àird, f. preqiaration, activity. 

àirde, f. height, altitude. 

àirde-deas, the south. 

aird-an-ear, the west. 

àird-au-iar, the west. 

àirde-tuath, the north. 

àirdeil. -e, a. inveutiv<', artful, active. 

Aire, f. notice, attention. 

aireach, -ich, m. keeping cattle, a grazier. 

àireachas, ais, m. keeping cattle, a pastoral 

àireamh, f. niunber. [life. 

àireainhach, a numeral. 

Airgiod, -id, m. silver; a. airgiodach. 

àiridh, -ean, f. a ehealing, summer pasture. 

Airidh, f. worth, merit; a. airidh, worthy. 

Airleag, v. borrow, lend. 

Airleag, -eig, f. a jerk, a pull, a strait, a 

Airlca.-^, -eis, m. a pledge, earnest, arl&s. 

àirne, f. a nioe; also airueag. 

àimeacfa, a. valiant, stout. 

àirneun, pi. the reiiu>. 

àirnei.-', :. furniture. 

Air-neo, .ulv. else, otherwise. 

Air-soD, adv. for. 

Airsteal, f. weariness, heaviness; a. ainsneal. 

Airttbealacb, a. wearineas, dull. 

Ais, adv. backward. 

Aisde, out of her. See asam. 

Aisead, -eid, , m. deliverj'. 

Alseid, aiseadadb, v. bear, be delivered. 

ALseid, f. a dish, an aachet. 

Aiseag, -ig, m. a ferry. 

Aiaeal, -eil, in. anaxle-tree. 

Aisig. -te, aisigeadh, a. v. ferry over, restore. 

Aisling, -«, -ean, f. a dream, a vision; a. 

Aisne, alanean, f. a rib; a. aisneach, ribbed. 
Aisre, f. a path, an abode, aisridh. 
Ait, -e. a. glad, joyful. 
ait, or aite, .liteachan, m. a place, 
àiteaoh, -ich. agriculture, cultivation, 
àiteachan, -ai.i, m. a little place, 
àiteachas, -al- . m. cultivation, a colony. 
A'.teni, -eil, ni. a glimpse, a breeze, a bit, 

Aiteam. -«imh, thaw. 
Aitean, -eis, m. joy, gladness. 
Aith '^r ath, a prefix. e<{uivalent to re- or 

Aitheamh, -imb, f. a fathom. 
Aithghearr. brevity; a. short, brief. 
Aith-ghearr. -adh. v. cut again, shorten. 
Aithghearrndh, -aidh, m. an abbreviation. 
Aithinno. -can, m. a fire-brand, 
àithn. -eadh, àithne. v. command, order. 


Aithne, f. knowledge, acquaintance. 
Aithneacli, -ich, pi. aithnichean, a. a guest. 
Aithneachail, -e, a. discerning-, intelligent. 
Aithneachd, f. knowledge, discernment. 
Aithnich, -te, -eachadh, v. know; dh' 

aithninn, imp. subj. as dh' aithninn e, 

I would know him. 
Aithreachas, -ais, repentance, penance. 
Aithris, aithris, aithriseadh, a. v. tell, relate, 
aitich, -eachadh, v. cultivate, dwell, inhabit, 
aitidh, a. damp, moist. 
Aitioun, -inn, m. juniper. 
Aitreabh, -ibh, m. a building, houses; a. 

al, ail, m. brood, generation, 
àlach, -aich, m. brood, a set, a bank of oars, 
àlaich, V. bring forth, nourish. uurf?e. 
alainn, a. beautiful. 
Alia, a. wild, fierce. See allaidh. 
Allaban, -ain, m. wandering, aberration 
Allabharrach, a. savage, barbarian. 
Allabharrachd, f. barbarity, cruelty. 
Alla-cheò, m. troubled mist. 
Allaghloir, f. jargon, vain-glory, gibljerish. 
Allail, -e, a. famous, renowned. 
Allaidh, a. wild, savage; allanta. 
Allt, uillt, m. a brook, a rill; alltan. a. -mall 

All-tapadh, -aidh, m. a mishap. 
Aim, ailm, m. alum; v. aim, -te, -adh. 
A los, adv. and prep, to, in order to, about; 

los ar murt. 
Alp, -te, -adh, v. 'engraft, join. 
Alp, ailp, f. a large mountain. 
Alt, uilt, m. a joint, state, order; a. altach, 

full of joints. 
Altachadh, -aidh. m. jrracie, salutation; 


ALT— AMU 11 

Altaicb, -achadh, v. salute, more, stir. 

Altair, altrach, f. an altar. 

Altrum, V. nurse, foster. 

Altriunaich, -te, -achadh, v. uur-e, foster, 

Altruman, -ain, m. a nursling. 
Altrumas, -ais, m. nursing. 
àliunn, -e, a. fine, pretty. Better, alaiun. 
Am, pron. their; am fearg. their anger. 
Am, the article put before word-s begiusiing 

with b, p, f, and m. 
Am, contr. for :uin mo; am laidh; a'm. 
\m, interr. am beil thu sin? are you there? 
am, -a, -jnnan, m. time, season. 
A mach, adv. out, without. 
Amadan. -ain, m. a fool, an idiot: a. amad- 

Amadanachd, f. folly, foolLshncs.-^. 
Amaid, f. a foolish woman., f. confusion, calamity; di.ilect 

form of aimlisg. 
Amais, -aina«, v. aim, hit, find. 
Amal'xlh, -aidh, f. a stop, p. hindrance. 
Aniall, -all, m. a swingle-tree, a yoke. 
Aniar, -air, m. a trotigh. a channel. 
Ainas, -ais, m. hitting, niarkiii<;, ainiiii'r. 
Amh, or eimh, a. raw, crude: a. amhaidb. 
AiTihach. -aich. f. the neck; pi. nmhaichean. 
Amhain or nihain, adv. only. 
Anihainn : aimhne. aimhnichean. f. .; river. 

Better, abhainn, q.v. 
Amhairc, aniharc, v. look, behold. 
Amhaltas. -ai.s, m. vexation, anger; a. 

.\mhariis, -uL-^, m. doubt, su<»picion ; a. 

àmhuinn, -can. f. fiirn.ioe. oven. 

12 AMH— ANA 

Amhus, -iiis, m. a fool, an idiot. Also 

àmhghar, -air, m. anguish, distress; a. 

Amhlair, -ean, m. an idiot; amhlaireachd, 

Amhluidli, a. like, similar. 
Amhran, -ain, m. a song'. See òran. 
Amhsan, -ain, m. a solan goose : ausan. 
Amhuil, adv. as, like as. 
àmhuilt, -e, -ean, f . odd gesticulatiou ; a. 

Amlach, -aiche, a. curled, having ringlets. 
Amlag, -aig, f. a ciirl, a ringlet; a. amlag- 

àmraidh, f. a cupboard, aumrie. 
An-, ana-, negative or intensive prefix. 
An, a conj. interr. An tu th-ann? Is it 

An, prep, in : usually with " anu " preced- 
ing it, q.v. 
An, the art. the. 
Anabarr, m. excess; a. auabarrach ; ana- 

Anabas, -ais, m. unripeness; a. auaba^ach. 
Ana-bheus, -a, -an, immorality; a. ana- 

Ana-bhinrach, -aich, a centipede, a poisonous 

Ana-bith, a. extraordinary, huge. 
Ana-bias, -ai.s, m. a bad taste; a. ana-bla.sda. 
Anacail, anacladh, a. v. save, protect. 
Anacainnt. f. bad language; a. anacainnt- 

Anacaithcanih, m. spendthrift; a. anacaith- 

Anaceart, or ana-ceartas, m. injustice. 
Ana-ceist. f. difficulty, dilemma. 


Àu-cheartacb, -aiche, a. joco-se, witty. 
Ana-cleachdadh, -aidh, -aunan, m. a had 

Ana-cneasda, a. uucharitable, cruel. 
Ana-cneaeduchd, f. uncharitableness. 
Anacothrotn, -uim, in. inju.stice, injury. 
Ana-oothroniach, -aiclie, a. unjust, unfair. 
Ana-croideainh, -imh, m. infidelity. 
Ana-crcidmheach, m. an unbeliever, an 

Ana-criosd, m. antichrist. 
Ana-criastaidh, m. a pagan, a heathen. 
Ana-criowtalachd, f. infidelity; a. ana- 

Ana-cuibheas, -ais, m. excess; a. ana- 

Ana-ciirani, -aim, m. carelessness. 
Ana-gfaireas, -aie, m. inconvenience. 
Ana-gaire;isach, -aiche, inconvenient. 
Ana-geillidh, a. hug«, immense. Better, 

Ana-^hleus, m. unreadiness, unprepared. 
Anaghlonnach, a. famed for valour, brave. 
Ana-pfhna, or ana-j^hnas, m. a bad habit. 
Ana-{jnàthaich, -te, -achadh. v. misuse, 

Anail, -alach. f. breath, air, rest. 
An aimsir, -c, f. bad weather. 
Anainn, -c, f. the top of a wall. 
Anam, anma, annian, anmannau, m. a -oul, 

life, spirit. 
Anaman. -ain, m. a little soul. 
Anam-fhis, m. an expansive principle. 
Anam-fhsor, m. a vegetative soul. 
Anam-muthachail, m. a senmtivo .xoul. 
Anam-roiiMoiita, m. a rea.«H)nable -jouI; a. 

aninanta. lively. 

14 ANA — A>D 

Ana-mea'rarraciid, f. intemperauce, a. ana- 
measarra. Also ana-miosarra. 

Ana-mèinn, -e, f. frowardneas, p€rverseuees ; 
a. aua-mèiuneach. 

Ana-meinneachd, f., malicious- 

Ana-mianDj m. passion, lust, sensuality; a. 

An-aoibhinn, -e, a. unliappy; an-aobhach 

An-aoibhneas, -eis, m. unhappiness, woe. 

Auaiois, -e, f. non-age, minority. 

Auart, -airt, -an, m. linen; ajiaxt-hùird . 

Auasgair, a. excessive; anaegxachd, f. 

Auasta, a. stormy; ana^tachd. trouble, 

An ath-oidhch, f. to-morrow night. 

An-bheus, m. immorality; a. ana-bheu.sach. 
Also ana-bheus. 

Aubhnil, or ana-bhuil, f. misapplicaton, 
abuse, damage. 

An de, yesterday; bho'n de, two days ago. 

An deidh, an deis, adv. after, behind. 

An deidh laimhe, adv. afterwards, behind- 

An-deisealachd, f. unprovidedness. 

An-deiseil, -e, a. unprepared, not ready. 

Au-diadhachd, f. ungodliness; a. an-diadh- 
aidh. Also ain-diadhachd. 

An-dòcha^, -ais, m. despair; a. anu-dòchas- 
atch. Also 'ann-dòchas. 

An-dòigh, f. bad condition; a. an-doigheil. 
Also aiin-dòigh. 

An-diialachas, -ais, m. degeneracy. Also 

An-dùcha.s, -ais, m. degeneracy; ann-duchas- 
ach. Also ann-dvichas. 

AND — A.NS 15 

Au diu, < r au diugh, adv. to-daj. 

An dràMila, adv. now (an Iràth-tio); an 

An, ;ulv. two days hence. 
All L'arar.ll^, adv. three days hence. 
An-earbsa, f. mi^strust, a. an-earbsach. 
An-eibhinn, -e, a. uncomfortable; aji-cih- 

An-eifeachd, f. inefficacy; a. an-eifeachdach. 
Anfhaun, -a. weak, feeble; anfhannachd, 

Aufhannaich, -achadh, a. v. weaken, debili- 

Au-fLcilidh, a. inhospitable, surly. 
An-fhiachiul, -e, a. worthleriri, low, mean. 
Anfhios, m. ignorance; a. anfhiobrach. 
Aii-fhura-^, -ais, m. impatience; a. an- 

An-iochd, f. want of feeling; a. an-iochdar. 
A nioe, MÌ. up, up hither. 
A nil, or a uiee, adv. now. 
An-iùl, f. bad guidance, error, miei-rule. 
Aumhainn, -e, a. weak, wcaknce.s; n.f. 

anmhainneachd; v. anmhainnich, en- 

An-Tuhodh, m. disrespect. 
Annioch, -oiche, a. lato. 
Auniocb, -uich, m. evoniug. 
Annlamh, -aimh, -ean, f. misfortune. 

AnnlaocJi, -aoich, m. a weak or inferior hero. 

Also anlaoch. 
Anuluchd, f. overweight, a heavy load. Also 

Ann, prep. in. The prep, is " aun an." 

etytnfdojrically into in. Simple " an " 

is Miffici«Dt. 

16 ANN — ANU 

Ann, in him; annam, in me; annad, in thee, 

Ann, adv. there. 

Annalamh, -aidh, m. an age, or era. 

Annamh, a. rare, scarce. 

Annas, -ais, -an, m. novelty, rarity: a. ann- 

Annlann, -ainn, m. condiment, kitchen. 

Annrath, m. misfortune, distress. 

ànradh, -aidh, m. trouble, distress; a. 

An raoir, adv. last night. 

Ann-riadh, -reidh, m. usury. 

Aun-righ, m. a tyrant; ann-tighearnas, 

Anns, prep, in ; anns gach aite, everywhere. 

Annsa, m. or f. love, affection; annsachd, 
the beloved. 

Annsgairt, f. a loud shout; a. aunsgairteach. 

Ann-spiorad, -aid, m. a bad spirit, a demon. 

Anshocair, -e, f. pain, distress; a. an- 

Anntoil, f. against one's will. Also antoil. 

Anntrom, or antrom, m. overweight; a. ann- 

Anntromaich, -achadh, v. overload. 

Anntlachd, f. anger, rage. Also anutlachd. 

An trà, adv. when. 

An-tràthach, -aiche, a. unseasonable. 

An-tròcair, f. uncharitableness, merciless- 

An-trocrach, -aiche, a. merciless, unchari- 

An-truacantachd, f. want of feeling or com- 

Antruas, or anntruas, -ais, m. want of pity; 
a. antruacanta. 

An-uair, bad weather, a storm. 


A nuas, adv. down, downwiird. 

A null, or a uunu, adv. over. 

An iiraidh. adv. la^t year. 

Ao-, a privative equivalent to un- or in- ;n 
^obhach. -aiohe, a. joyful, cheerful; aobh- 

achd, gladness. 
Aobhar, -air, -an, m. cau.'^, reason; a. aobh- 

Aobharrach, m. a youth, a grown person. 
Aobhrann, -uinn, -uinuean, m. an ankle. 
Ao-coltach, a. unlike. 
Aodach, -aich, -aichean, m. clothe-i, dress, 

Aodaich, -te, -achadh. a. v. clothe, drees. 
Aod.-.nn. -ainn. -ann. m. ind f. the face, 

Ao-dion, m.; a. ao-dionach, leaky. 
Ao-dòchas, -ais, m. de.spair. 
Aop, aoio*. m. death, a <»^horit, a spectre. 
Aog:i«, -ais. m. the countenance, appearance. 

AIho aoffa«g. 
Aoghaire, -<'an, m. a shephrrd. a pastor. 
Aoghaireachd. f. tb<» office of a shepherd. 
Aopnaioh, n.v. become pale, wither, fade. 
Aognuidh. .t. pale, frightful. 
Aoibh, a. joyful, glad; a. aoibhneach. 
Aoibhinn, -e. a. joyful: aoibhinneach. 
Aoibluioas, -eis, m. gladnew. cheerfnlnenA. 
Aoigh. -ean. m. a guest. 
Aoigheachd. f. hospitality, beggary. 
Aoiph. f a filoawnnt or cheerful countenance. 
Aoiirheil, -e, a. frank, pleasant. 
Anicrhealarhd. f. frankno/ts. kindness. 
Aoine. f. a fiLit, Friday. 
Aoir, -eadh. v. satiri.«e. curse. 
Aoir, -e, -ean, f. a curse, a lampoon. 


Aoir, -e, -ean, m. bolt rope of a sail. 

Aaireadh, -eidh, m. cursing, eatirizinor. 

Aoireachas, -ais, f. satire. 

Aoirneagan, -ain, m. wallowing. 

Aois, -e, -ean, f. age. 

Aol, aoil, m. lime; aol gun bhathadh, qtiick- 

Aol, -te, -a<lb, v. lime, plast-er. [lime. 

Aolach. -aich, m. dung, manure . 

Aoladair, -ean, m. a plasterer. 

Aoladaireachd, f. plastering. 

Aolar, -aire, a. abounding with lime. 

Aolmann, -ainm, f. ointment. 

Aom, -te, -adh, v. incline, bend, bow; 

Aomadh, -aidh, m. inclination, declivity, 

Aon, a h-aon, a. one; aonar, alone. 
Aonacb, -aich, -aichean, m. a heath, a hill, 

a TT.arket. 
Aonach, -aich, m. galloping. 
AonacM. f. unity, concord, harmony. 
Aonaich, v. unite, reconcile. 
Aon-adharcach ,m. an unicorn. 
Aonais, f. want, without. 
Aonar, f. unity, alone-ness. 
Aonaran, -ain, m. a hermit, a solitary; a. 

Aonaranachd, f. solitude, loneliness. 
Aon-deug, or a h-aon-deug, a. eleven. Al>c> 

Aon-fhilte, a. single, one-fold; aou-fhilt- 

eachd, singleness. 
Aon-ghin, rather Aonaghin, m. only begotten, 
Aonragan, m. a solitary; a. aonraganach. 

Aonsgeulach. a. unanimous. 
Aonta, ni. a lease, a vote, an a>«sent : a. 


AON — ABA 19 

Aontaicb, -te, -achadh. a. v. consent, agrtn-. 
Aontacbivdh, -aidh, m. u coniient, a vote. 
Aontac'hd, f. accjuioticeuco, comient. 
Aon-toil, f. unanimity. 
Aorabh, m. constitution, frame. 
Aoradh, -aidh, m. worship, adoration. 
Aosar, -aÌTe. a. old; aoeda. 
Ao8-dàna. m. a poet. 

A'l.^-dknachd, f. the oflBce of a hard, bardii-tn. 
Anedachd. f oldness, old age; a. ao^da. 
Aotrom. -Tiime, a. light, not heavy; eutn lii. 
Aotromaich, -achadh. v. liphten. make lie! t, 

Aotroman. -ain, m. a bladder. 
Aotroma^'. -ai.s, m. lightnes.s, levity. 
Ap, -a. f. an ape, a mimic; apag, a littk- 

Aparan, -ain. pi. aparain. m. an apron. 
Aparsaig. -e, -ean, f. a knapsack. 
Ar. pron. our. 

ar. -te. v. ploueh, till, cultivate, 
ar. air. m. battle, .slaughter, field of bat'! . 
àra. àirnean. f. kidney; an da àra, the t\v<. 

àrach. -."ich, -aicbean, f. u field of battle 
àraeb, -aich. ni. rearing, nursing, raainlrn- 

àrprha". -ais. m. insurnnee; fear-àrscbais. 

an insurer, 
iirnieh. àraich, v. rear, bring up, educate 
iiraid, or hraidh, a. particular, special ; duin' 

Ar-a-mach, m rei>ollio?i. in.siirreotion. 
Aran. -ain. m bread, HU«t<>nance, livelib'-od. 
Aran-donii. or aran-mili*;. tringerbread. 
Aran-ooÌTe, oaten l>read 
Aran-«èrnn. barley broad. 
Ar-in-oruithneaohd, whenten bre.nd 

20 AKA — ARM 

Aran-seagail, rye bread. 
Aran-peasrach, pease bread. 
Aranach, -aiche, a. full of bread. 
Arannach-sreine, m. a bridle-rein. 
Araon, or maraon, adv. together, both. 
Arbhar, -air, m. corn; a. arbharach, full of 

Arbhuidh, a. auburn, brownish; orbhuidh. 
arc, or aire, f. cork; crann-àirce, a corktree, 
àrcan, -ain, m. cork, a little cork, 
ar-chu, m. a chained dog. 
àrd, a. high, lofty, sublime, 
àrd, or àirde, or àrda, -an, ni. a height, a 

hill, heaven, 
àrdaich, -te, -achadh, v. raise, elevate, 
àrd-aigneach, a. high-minded, magnanimous, 
àrd-aigne, m. magnanimity, bravery, 
àrdan, -ain, m. pride, anger; a. àrdanach, 
àrd-athair, m. a patriarch. [proud, 

ard-bhritheamh, -imh, ni. a .supreme judge. 
àrd-chomhairle, f. a supreme court. 
àrd-doru.s, m. a lintel of a door. 
àrd-ea;sbuig, m. an archbishop, 
ard-fhlath, m. a chief, a high or supreme 
àrd-iarla, m. a first earl. [lord, 

àrd-inbhe, f. a high post or situation, 
àrd-mhorair, m. a lord president, a chief 

àrd-ollamh, m. a first doctor, 
àrd-sgoil, f. a high school, a college, 
àrd-thriath, m. a supreme chief. 
Argumaid, -e, -ean, f. argument, 
arias, -ais, -an, m. and f. chimney. 
At leam, def. v. methinks. 
A ris, or rithist, adv. again. 
Arm, airm, pi. airm, armaibh, m. a weapon, 

Armach, -aiche, a. armed, warlike. 


Armachd, f. armour, arnw. 

Armaifh. -t*. -achadh. v. arm, put on 

Armadli. -aidh, m. oil or butter for anoint- 

inp wool. 
Annailt. -e. -ean, m. an enemy, a host; a. 

arm ai It-each. 
Arm-coi.-e. m. infantry. 
Arm-eilean. -ein, m. milit;iry discipline, 
àrmunn. -uinn, m. a hero, a warrior. 
àro6, -ois. m. an abode, a house, a habita- 
Arpae, -aip, f. a harpy, a ravenous animal; 

a. nrpapach. 
Arrabai). -ain, m. cjrief. sorrow; a. arraban- 

Arrabhaijr. -e. f. strife, contention; also 

Arrabhalach. -aich. m. a clown, a traitor. 
Arrach, -aich, m. dwarf a spectre. Better, 

Arrainjr. f. a utitch. convulsiong. 
Arral. -ail, m. insolence, Kauciness; a. 

Arraehloir, f. vain talk 
Arronta, a. bold, brave, intrepid, stout. 
Arsa, or oh. def. verb quoth; arsa mise, ars' 

efian, os osaii. 
krwadh, -aidh m. antiquity; àrsachd. 
krsaidh. a. nntif|ue. old; àrsair or artadnir, 

nn antirjuariaii. 
àntaireachd. f. :uitiqnaxianÌHm. 
Arsneal. -eil. m. sadness, heavinoss. See 

the mor«» reeular airsneal. 
Arsnealach, a. «ad. sorrowful 
Art. airt, f. a stone; tarruinjf-art, a load- 
Nruinn. -e. -^'an. f. n forest, bound.-!. 


As, prep, out of ; as an tigh. 

As, f. an ass; also asal. 

A's (improperly for agus or is), oonj. aiul. 

Asam, asad, a&, aisde, asainn, asaibh, asda, 

prep. corj. with the pers. pron. out of 

me, out of thee, etc. (as-mo). 
àsaig, -e, -ean, f. tools, apparatus; àsri:!n. 
Asair, -e, -ean, f. harness for horse. 
Asbhuan, -e, f. stubble. 
A-seall, -ail, m. loss; ascall earraicli; loss 

of cattle in spring. 
Ascaoin, -e, harsh, unkind (as-caoin). 
Ascaoin, -e, f. curse, an excommunication. 
Ascart, -airt, m. tow, coarse lint. 
Aigall, or asgailt, m. bosom, breast, arm- 
Aslach, f. prayer, supplication. ; I'it- 

Aslaich, a.v. pray, .supplicate. 
Asp, -a, -au, f. an asp, an adder. 
As-onair, f. dishonour, disrespect. 
Astair, V. niarcli, walk, go; astaraich. 
Astar, -air, m. a journey, a walk : astraiche, 

a traveller. 
A stigh, adv. in, in the house. 
As-ùr, adv. anew, afresh. 
At, m. a swelling, a protuberance. 
Atà, subst. verb am, art. is; see is. 
AtacL, -aich, m. a request. 
Ataich, a.v. intreat, request. 
Ataig, -e, -ean, f. a palisade, a stake. 
Atàim, suKst. verb I am; for " tha mi." 
Ataireachd, f. swelling, blustering. 
Ath, a. the next, again; an ath uair, Ihe 

next time, 
ath. -a, m. a ford; ath ua sùl, tiie comer 

of the eye. 
ath, f. a kiln; ath-aoil, u lime kiln. 
AtJi-, -aith-, prefix denoting "re." 

ATH— ATH 23 

Ath-aithns ath aithris, a.v. rejR-at, re- 
1 iia«h, -aich. ni. a .-.tranter, a champion, 
a giant. 

.-\lhach, aiche, a l>a.-<hful, inoUe-.t. 

Athadh, -aidh, m. ba-shfulnes:^, inode^tj. 

Athailt, -e, -ean, in. a mark, a ^car. an ìth- 
presfion. See aile. 

Athailteach, a. full of iicars. 

Athair, -ar, -raichean, m. a father. 

Athair-teile, m. a father-in-law. 

Atharail, -e, a. fatherly. 

Atliai.s, f. lei.>ure, eaae, a reproach. 

Athaiseach, -eiche, a. .slow, reproachful. 

Alhar, -air, ni. air, nicy, firmaJiient. 

Athnr, in. evU ■' iiHicucnce^. 

Atiiarrai.^-bhialaim, i. mimicry wth the 


Athar-eola^. in. aerumaucy. 
Athar-iiil, -iuil, f. aerology. 
Atharnach, -aich. f. .^econd cr(jp. 
Atharrach, a. strange, foreign, droll. 
Atharraoh, -aicii, m. another person, an 

Atharrachail, -e. a. chaugcuNe, variable. 
Atharr:iii"h, -te, -acliadh, a.v. cbaiige, alter, 

Atharrais. a.v. mimic, imitate. 
Ath-bharr, -a, m. a second crop. 
Ath-bhàs, m. a second death. 
Ath-bhpi>ohd, m. a second thought. 
Athbhpum. m. a second blow. 
Ath-bhoothaJch, -te, -ich.idh, v. revive, rp 

Ath-bhoothachail. -o, a. reviving, re-animat- 
Atli-bhliatlhna. f. next year. finij. 

Atli-bhlinchii, f. a second milk. 
Ath-bhrcith. f. a second birth, regeneration. 

24 ATH — ATH 

Ath-bhuail, -te, -ualadh, v. strike again. 
Athchanaich, f. prayer. See achanaicli. 
Ath-chasaid, f. a eecond complaint or charge. 
Atli-cheannaich, -te, ath-elieannach. a.v. 

Ath-chomain, -e. f. a second obligation or 

Ath-chomhairle, f. a second advice. 
Ath-chr\ith. m. a second form or appear- 
Ath-chiiinge, -can, f. petition. 
Ath-chùm. -te, -adh, a.v. reform, shape 

Ath-dhiol, -te, -adh, v. repay. 
Ath-fhàs, -ais. m. ."^econd growth or second 

Ath-ghearradh, -aidh, m. cutting aeain. an 

Ath-ghin, -t^e, -eadh, a.v. regenerate. 
Athghoirid, a. cross, short-tempered. 
Athghoirid, m. a short cut, a nearer road. 
Athlamh, rather, ealamh, a. ready, quick. 
Ath-làn, -ain, ni. second full. 
Ath-làn-mara, f. next tide. 
Ath-latha, m. next day. 
Ath-leasaich. -te. -achadh. v. reform, 

Ath-lion, -te, -adh, v. fill again, replenish. 
Ath-neartaich, -te, -achadh, v. recruit. 
Ath-nuadhaich, -te, -achadh, v. renew. 
Ath-oidhche, or an ath-oidhch. adv. next 

Ath-sgeul, -eòil, m. a second tale. 
Ath-theine, m. a .second fire. See aithinne. 
Ath-theòdh. -te, -adh, v. warm again. 
Ath-iiair, or an ath-uair, f. next time. 



B', for hv. the pret. of the verb is; b'e, it 

Ha, pi. t'f bo. a cow. 

Ha, a. ffolish, simple; spelt alf^o baoth. 
Ha ! interj.. or rather oba ! oba ! a lullaby. 
Haba^. -aig, -an, f. a tassel, a broom or 

Habagach, -aiche, a. full of tassels or 

Haban, -ain, m. a ta^^sel, a fringe; a baban- 
F<abhd, m. h quirk. [ach. 

Kabh-sgach, -aiciie, a. easily scared; babh- 

Habhsgairo. in. a " bladderskite." Ball- 

ràbhun. m. a bulwark, a fold for cattle. 
Bac, -aic, -an. m. a stop, a thole, a notch, 

a pit. 
Bac, -ail. bacadh, v. stop, hinder, forbid. 
H.acach, -aiihe, a. lame, cripple. 
Rioag, -aic f- a trip in wrestling. 
Racaid, -e. -an. f. a btioket for ashen or 

H:ican, -ain, -nnan. m. a balcony, a notch. 
Hach. m. dmi.kenneMs, riot (Baccbufi). 
Hach-thinneas, -eis, m. sickness occasioned 

by drink. 
Harhall, -.^lll. ni. a nhcpherd'." staff. 
Bichlach, -aiche, a. curled, full of curl*. 
R.ichlag. -ai?. f. a potato shoot: a. 1>ach- 

Hiul. -a. ni. .L tuft, a cluster: a. badnch. 
Hadap, -an, f. a small rlnst<»r: badan. 
Hadagjich. -aiche, n. full of tufts; badanach. 
liiifif, -a. m a baif. a scrip; a. bagach 

26 BAG -BAl 

Baafaid, or bagailt, -e, ean, m. a cluster of 

nuts ; a. bagaideach. 
Bagair, -airt, -radh, threaten, terrify; a. 

Bagarrr^chd, f. +!ireatening; a. baorach. 
Bàgh, f. a bay or harbour. 
Baehaire, m. a fool, an idiot; see baothaire. 
Baideal, -eil, -ean, m. a battlement, a tower; 

a. baidealach. 
Baidean. -eiu, -nan, m. a flock of sheep or 

goats; a. baideanach. 
Bàidh, f. kindness; a. baidheil; baidheaoh. 
Bàidse, m. a musician's fee. 
Bagan, -ain, m. a little bag; baigean. 
Baigeir, -ean, m. a beggar. 
Baigeireachd, f. beggary; a. bageireach. 
Bailbhe, f. mut«ness, dumbness; bailbli- 

Bailc, -e, -ean, f. a balk, a phnrp of rain; 

a. bailceaoh. 
Bailceauta, a. stout, strong; bailceach. 
Baile, -tean, m. a town, a \'illage, a farm 

Briile-genmhrnidh, a winter dwelling. 
Baile-raòid, a court town. 
Baile-mòr, a city, a town. 
Baile-puirt, a seaport. 

Bàilisdear. -ean, m. a blu.sterer, a babbler. 
Bàilisdeireachd, f. blustering. 
B';vill (bn àill), v;onkl ; b'aill learn, I would. 
Bàillidh. m. a magistrate; bàilleachd, office 

of a bailiff. 
Baiudeachd. f. female modesty; a. baiudidh. 
Brinen«>g, -aig, -an, f. a ferret. 
Bainidh, f. fury, rage, madness. 
Bninionn, a female; .see boirionn. 
Bainionnaobi^, ^. 'vliebrity. 
Bainis, bainiise, f. a wedding; better banais. 

H linne, m. mill:; bainno-blath, warm nùlk. 

Biinne-lom. skimmed mi!k. Vl.-o baiune- 

Bainne-binntichte, curdled milk. 

Rninne-jroirt. .-^our milk: a. b;ùmie.'.ch. 

Baintiehcariia, :i Ijdy. 

Baintifjhearnaclid, f. lady.ship; bai'itirrh- 

Bàir, -e. m r' path, a rood: a. jrame, eonl. 

Bkirich. f. lowing- of cattle. 

Bairlinu. f. a summons, a billow. 

Bàirnench, -ich, f. a limpet. 

Bai<4t, -te, -eadh, v. baptize. 

Baisteach. a Baptist. 

Baistidb, a. belonginet/> baptism : biii-roaoh. 

Bal.ich. -aioh, m. a boy. 

Balaohan, -ain, m. i little boy. 

Balaistt". m. ballast. 

Balbh, baiibhe, a. dumb, mute. 

Balbhan, -ain, a dumb person. 

Bale, bitilc, f. a b;»lk; calf of legf; a. baloach. 

Balcach, a. stout, strong'. 

BalfiT, builfj. pi. builtj. a baer: ■'ee bolor. 

Balt^ach, -aiche. a. full of bafirs: lM>Ig;ach. 

Balg'aich. -tc, -nch::dh, v. stow in a bag, 
swell out. 

Baleraire, -eun. m. a fox, disreputable per- 
son ; bolsfnire. 

Bal?am, m. a mouthful. 

Bal^n. -ain, m. a small buf^; u. balsfaiiach; 

Bale-l>eiPo, m. a furz. I>all. the ».ponEre 

Balffan-snùmlin. m. the nir bladder in ti'^hes. 

Baljran-ui-^tre, m. a water bubble. 

Balfir-chuMich. a. Itandy-leffced. 

Baljj-losjjTiinn, m. a mushroom. 

Bal{r-shai«:rhead, m. a (|Utvcr. 

28 BAL— BAN 

Bal?-sèididh, in. a pair of bellows. 

Ball, buill, m. a member, a limb, a tool, a 

Ballach, -aicbe, a. spotted, walled. 
Balla, -achan, m. a wall, a rampart. 
Ballaire, m. a cormorant. 
Ball-airm, m. a weapon. 
Ballan, -ain, m. a tub, a vat. 
Ballan-stiallacli. m. pillory used in the 

Ballart, -airt, m. noise, clamour ; a. ball- 

Ball-bùirt, tn. a laughing'-.stock ; or ball- 
fa naid. 
Balla-chrith, m. trembling, fear, terror. 
Ball-chiaiee, m. the sheet rope of a vessel. 
Ball-coi.^e, a football. 

Pall-dobhrnin, m. a knoll on the skin, a 
Ball-seirc, m. a beauty spot. [mole. 

Ballsgaire, m. a fool, or siddy person. 
Ball-toirmisg, m. a forbidden tool. 
Bait, built, pi. built, m. the welt of a 

shoe; a. baltach. 
Baltaich, -t^, -achadh, v. welt, belt, border. 
Ban, bàiue, a. white, pale, wan. 
Ban, ain. m. the left-hand-side of a furrow; 

dearjT, the right-hand-side of a furrow. 
Ban-, or bana-. a prefix (.signifying a 

Ban-aba. f. an abbe.s.s. 
Bnna-bharan. f. a baroness. 
Bana-bhard. f. a, poetess. 
Bana-bhuidseach, -ich, f. a witch. 
Bana-chnrnid, f. a female relation. 
Ban-chliamliuinn, f. a daughter-in-law. 
Bana-chòcaire, f. a female cook. 
Bana-chomlidhalta. f. a foster sister. 
Bann-(:<hrvm-"annch, f. a female companion. 


Bona-gboùttidh, f. a god-mother. 

Bauag, -aig, f. a liltlc woniau. 

Bknag. -aig, -an, grike. 

Baii-aibhuitear, or ban-<liabhol, f j^ >be 

Bànaich, -te, -uchadh, a. v. aud a. v. wbiteo, 

turn pale. 
Banail, -e. womauly, niodest. 
Banaib, baiuu<ie, -an, f. a wedding. 
Banal&s, -ais, f. female modesty; bausiachd. 
BaniUtruman, -aio, f. aur:iiug, banaltrum- 

Banaltrum, f. a nurse. 
Banachag, -aig, -an, f. a dairymaid. 
Bana-mhaighfltir, f. a mistreacj. 
Bana-mbarcus, f. a marcbioneaa. 
Bau.i-mhorair, f. a lady, a lord's wife. 
Bana-phrionnsa. f. a princeiw. 
Banuracb, -aicb, f. a dairymaid ; banaracbas, 

her office. 
Banao-tighe, f. bou&ewifery. 
Ban-cbeard, -eird, f. a female tinker. 
Bandaidb, a. womanisb. mode>;t : al$o 

Ban-dalta, f. a foeter daughter. 
Ban-dia. f. a goddess. 
Fan-diiic, f. a ducbeMi. 

Baii-draoi. f. a .sorcere^ut ; better ban-druidh. 
Ban-fbàidh, f. a prophetess. 
Baii-fbigheach, -iche. -ean, f. a weaTeresa. 
Ban-fbio>uiiche, f. a fortune-teller. 
Ban-fhiatb, f. a chieftaiuV wife. 
Bangaid,, -e. -ean, f. a banquet, a feast. 
Baii-gbai>geacb, f. a heroine. 
Ban-iarla, f. a oountesH. 
Ban-!oi(rh. f. a female doctor. 
Bann. )x>inne, m. a band, a bond, j girth, 

a binge. 

30 BAN — BAO 

Bannag:, -aig, -an, f. a New Tear's cake. 
Eaiiual, -ail, m. a crowd of women. 
Ban-uaomh, f. a female saint. 
Bann-dùirn, f. a wrist baud. 
Baun-lamJi, f. a cubit, a haudcufE. 
Bann-seilbhe, a deed of infeftment. 
Ban-ogha, f. a granddaiigliter. 
Ban-oglacli, -aich, -ean, or banolacli, f. a 

maid servant. 
Ban-oighre, f. an heiress. 
Ban-righinu, or Ban-righ, f. a queen. 
Ban-ridire, f. a baroness. 
Paii-sealgair. f. huntress. 
Ba::-seirbhiseach, a servant maid. 
Bausgal, -ail, -an, f. a female, a hussy. 
Ean-stiùbhard, f. a housekeeper. 
Bantracb, -aich, -ean, f. a widow; also 

Bantrachas, -ais, m. widowhood. 
Ban-tuathanach, f. a farmer's wife. 
Baobh, baoibh, -an, m. or f. a wizard, a 

hag; a. baobhail. 
Baobhachd, f. action of n hog or wizard; 

a. b:robhaidh. 
Baodhaiste, m. hardship, trouble. 
Baoghal, -ail, m. peril, danger; a. baogh- 

Bao-rhalta, a. simple, silly, foolish. 
Baois, f. concupiscence, lust; a. baoiseach, baoisgeadh. See boillsg. 
Baoth, -ithe, a. foolish, simple. 
Baothaire, m. a simpleton. 
Baothaireachd, f.' folly, .stupidity. 
Baothan. -ain, m. a blockhead. 
Baoth-bheu.s, -eusan, m. immorality; a. 

Banth-chleasaehd, f. immodest play. 
Baoth-shùgradh, m. profane jesting. 


BAO — BAK 81 

Baotli-smaoin. m. a foolish thought. 
Bara. or bara-roth, m. a whoeibarrow. 
Barail, -e, -aralach, -alaichcan, f. opinion. 

Baraille, -an, m. a barrel ; barailtc. 
BaraÌHH, -e, m. the herb borape. 
Baralaich. -achadh, v. euef-s. conjecture 
Baran. -ain, m. a baron. 
Baraiitaich, -:ichadh, v. warrant, a.-wiire. 
Bar.inta>i. -ais, -an, m. a warrant; a. 

Barbair, -ean, m. a barber; barbaireachd, 

his office, 
[{arbarra. a. barbarous, fierce. 
Bare, -a, -an, f. a boat. 

Bare, -adh, v. msh. bur«t forth; a. bàrcach. 
Bard, Vjàird, -a, or bàird, m. a bard or poet. 
Bàrdiichd, f. poetry, satire. 
Bàrdas, -ai«, m. poetry; a. bardail, bàrdarh. 
Bànran. -ain. m. a bargain. 
Bar:r.'-nnioh, -acbadh, v. bargain. 
RhrlafT, -«TÌer. -an, f. a rajf. a tatter; a. 

Piirlu.ith. vn. a term in pipe mu-nic. 
B.iriiiic, -eadh, v. summon, or warn. 
Bar|>u. -n, m. a cairn. 
Parr, -a. -an, m. the top, a point, a rroi. 

Hnrra, m. a court of justice, a bar 
irrac.nifi. f. pride, loud talk; a. barracaid- 

". irrach. -aich, m. branches of birch. 
Hnrrach. -aiche, a. heai)e<l t^ the t-op. 
Barrachaol, f. a pyramid. 
P.i'^-.ichd, more, overplus, superiority. 
Rirrnrhdail, -e. a. surpnMsing, luperior. 
Barrag. • -in, f. Ncum, froth, a. barrag- 

32 BAR — BAT 

Barraich, -achadh, v. heap up, excel. 
Barraichte, a. superior, lofty, excellent. 
Barramhais, f. au ornamental cornice; barr- 

Bàrraisg, -e, -eau, m. a boaster, a bragga- 
Barran, -ain, -an, m. the coping or the top 

of a wall, a ridge. 
Barrasach, -aiche, a. topped, excellent. 
Barr-dhias, -eis, f. the point or blade of a 

Barr-guchd, m. a blossom, a bloom. 
Barr-iall, -eill, f. a shoe-tie, a latchet. 
Barr-roc, or barra-staimh, m. the broad- 

bladed tangle. 
Bas, -aise, f. the bent side of a club, a 

Bas, boise, -an, f. the palm of the hand. 
Ba.s-bhualadh, m. clappng the hauda. 
Bas, bàis, m. death; a. bà^mhor, s. bas- 

Basaich, -achadh. v. die, expire. 
Bàsarm, -airm, m. a deadly weapon. 
Basbair, m. a fencer; basbaireachd, fencing. 
Basdal, -ail, m. glitter, .«how. -loise; a. 

Basgaid, -e, -ean, f. a basket: a. basgaid- 

Basganta, a. warbling, melodious. 
Bà-shruth, m. a calm stream. 
Baslach, or boslach, m. a handful. 
Basraich, f. clapping of hands in mourning. 
Bat, or bata, m. a staff or club: dim. bat- 

Bat, or bata, -aichean, m. a boat: bàda. 
Batailt, -e, -ean, f. a battle; baiteal, batail, 



Batair, in. a cudgellcr; bataireacbd, cud 

Bath, -adh, v. dr<>wu, 
Rathach , -aioh, -aicbean, f. a cow-hoiu>e; 

(bà-theach). sloth. 
Mathaih, m. the front, or forehead, auda- 
city; a. bathaiseacb, bold. 
Hathar, -air, iii. goods, inerchandi.-^e, wares. 
B'c (bu e), 3rd pens. sing. prct. uid. of the 

verb is, it was he. 
Beach, -a, -an, in. a bee; o. beachach. 
Beachd, m. notice, observation; bu beachd, 

f urcl_\ 
Beaclid-sniaoinich, v. reflect. 
Beachdaich, -achadh, v. observe, view. 
Beaohdaire, m. an observer. 
Ben<hdaidh, -e, a. certain, confident. 
Bcaohdaireachd. f. spying, observing; a. 

Be.idag, -aig, f. an impudent womau ; a. 

))eadaidh. petulant. 
Beadarraoh, -ache, a. fond, sportive. l)e- 

Beadradh, -aidh, m. fun, sport, play; a. 

Benor. liigha. a. little, siniUl. 
Beitgaicb, -.ichadh, v. diminish, lessen. 
Boniran, -ai, ni. a little. 
Beairteach. See beartach. 
Benlach, -aich, -aichean, ni. a di'file. a pane. 
Rrilaidh, m broom. 
Be.illtainn, f. May-day. 
Benn, beanntainn, beanailt. beanail. t. 

Bean, mnà, dnt. mnaoi, pi. mnai. or 

mnathan, f. a woman. 
Beaualteach, -iche, a. tangent. 



Beau-bainnse, a bride; bean-bhoclid, a poor 

Bean-bràtliair-athar, f. a paternal uncle'a 

Bean-bràthair-màtliar, maternal uncle's 

Bean-chiche, f. a wet-nurse. 

Bean-cliinnidh, f. a kinswoman. 

Bean-cliamhainn, f. a daughter, or sister- 

Bean-choimheadaclid, f. a waiting-maid. 

Bean-ghlùin, a midwife; bean-tighe, a 

Bean-xia.<al, f. lady. 

Beannach, or beanntach, a. full or hilk or 

Beannachd, f. a blessing, a compliment. 

Bannaich, -achadh, v. bless, salute. 

Beanntainn, -e, f. mint; beanntainn-digc, 
wild mint. 

Bean-òsda, f. an hostess. 

Beantag, -aig, -an, f. a corn-fai:. 

Beau-uasal, -ail, f. a lady, a gentlewoman. 

Bearach, -aich, m. a dogfish; also biorach. 

Beam, -eirn, -an, f. a gap, a breach; a. 

Beàrr, -adh, v. clip, crop, prune, shear. 

Bearradair, -ean, m. a barber, a shearer, a 

Bearradaireachd, f. clipping, shearing, 

Bearradh, -aidh, -aidhean, shearing, prun- 
ing, clipping; a mountain ridge. 

Bearrag, -aig, f. a razor. 

Bearraideach, -c, a. light, nimble, active. 

Beart. f . deed, engine ; see Ijeirt. 

Beartach. -aiche, a. rich, too much. 

Beartaich, -achadh, v. equip, harness, make 

UK A — RK<> ar> 

Ut'nthu, f. life, food, welcome; a. beathiiil. 

livfly, active. 
Ueathach, m. a beaut; <iee beuthach. 
Beutbaich. -achiwih, v. nourish, foster. 
Bcuthalai'hd, i. liveline^a. 
Beic, f. I fourtesy; dean beic, v. courtesy. 
Beiceis. f. hopping^, frisking". 
Bèipiieid. -ean, f. a bayonet. 
Beil. See ineil. 

Beilbheag-, -eig, -an, f. a oorn-poppy. 
Beileah, -ein, m. a little mouth. 
Beileanach, -aiche, a. garruloiu<, talkative. 
Beilleach, -eiche, a. bluhber-lipped. 
Bnille.uha^^, -aia, m. the deformity of a 

Bèilleag-. -eiof, -an, f. the outer coating "f a 

birch tree ; sp6ileap. 
Beinpt". -ean, f. a hank, a bench, a plank of 

a bed. Also beic. 
Beinn, -o, boanntan, f. a mountain, ;r 'ill. 
Beir, breith, beirsinn, pret. rug. irreg. v. 

take, hold, bear. 
Beirm. -e, f. barm, yeast, ferment. 
Beirt, -e, -ejui, f. a loom, a frame, a worl:. 

a burden. e<|uipment. 
Beirteach. Pee l)eartach. 
Beirteas. -is, m. riches; a. beirteach, rich. 
Boirtich, -eachadh, v. equip, yoke, prepare. 
B^ist, -e. -ean, f. a bea6-t, a wretch; n. 

bèÌMtei I . 
Bei.^teialachd, f. brutality, beaatlinesH. 
Beith. -e. m. or f. birch, a. beiiheach. 
Beithir. beathrarh, beathraichean, f. n K"^ .r. 

a thnndprlxilt. 
Boitir. -e, ;i. neat, tight, tidy. 
Bon, m. life, life-time; a. beothail. 
Beò. a. alive, living. 
Bc«V(iiri'^.id, or rather, nirgeod-beò, m. 



Beochan, -ain, m. a small fire ; beochan 

teine, a little fire. 
Beòcbanta, a. vigorous, lively ; beòchaut- 

achd, liveliness. 
Beò-ghrìosach, -aich, f. hot embertj. 
Beò-ìobairt, f. a living sacrifice. 
Eeòir, -e, f. ale, beer; beoir-chaol, small 

beer; beòir-laidir, strong beer. 
Beòladas, or beuladas, m. tradition. 
Beo-shlainte, f. lifetime, livelihood. 
Beothach, -aich, m. a bea^st. 
Beothachail, -e, a. lively, spirited: beothail. 
Beothaich, -achadh, v. kindle, animate, 

Beòthalachd, f. liveliness; beòchantaohd. 
Beuban, -ain, -an, m. anything mangled or 

Beubanachd, f. mangling, bruising, tearing. 
Beubanaich, -achadh, v. mangle, spoil. 
Beuc or biac, m. a roar, a shriek; a. 

Beucaich, or biacaich, f . a roaring, a yelling. 
Beucail, or biacail, a. roaring, shrieking. 
Beucaire, or biacaire, m. a roarer. 
Eeud, m. loss, harm, damage; a. beudach, 

Beudaich, -achadh, v. hxxrt, damage. 
Beul, o bial, m. the mouth, bèal. 
Beulach, or bialach, a. flattering, fawning. 
Beiilachas, or bialachas, f. flattery, artful 

Beulag, -aig, -an, f. a front tooth. 
Beulaibh, or bialaibh, m. face, front, 

Beul-aithxis, f. oral tradition. 
Beulan, or bialau, m. a little muth ; a. 

Beulanaich, -achadh, v. allure with words; 



Beul-àtha, or bial-atha, m. a ford. 
Beul-ohr;ibhaHh, di. lip-devotion, cant. 
Eeul-ehradh, m. lip love, flattery. 
Bpiil-maothain, m. the slot of the breast. 
Bf'ul-m«>r, m. the g^unwale f a boat. 
Beiii-ràdh, -àidh, m. speech, a phrase 
Boul-snnip. -e. rn. the flint socket of a gnu 

lock, the dop-head. 
Beiim. }>eiiraa, beuman, -annan, ni. a stroke, 

a cut, ,-1 taunt. 
Beum. -!idh, v. strike, taunt, reproach. 
Beum-^eeithe, m. the sound of a shield, an 

alarm, a challenpc. 
Beuni-*<leibhe, m. a mountain torrent. 
Benm-soluip, m. a beam of light. 
Feum-snl, m. the influence of malignant 

Beur. b^ire. m. a point, a pinnacle. 
Beuradair. -ean. m. a satiric ; benradair- 

earhd. Ratire. 
Beurla. f. the English language : a. beurlach. 
Petw. -B. -an, f r< moral qjiality, virtue, 

Bensarh. -a-che, a. virtuous, modest, well- 
Beufialarhd. f. eood behaviour; .-\. benAsil. 
Bcntail f. cattle, a cow. 
Bhàrr. or n bbJirr, adv. moreover. 
Phfcrr. prep . from, off. 
P' fhèarr (bu fhèarr). better, it were 

Phn. nret ind. of the v. bt. was; bha mi. I 

Phfiii. down, downward. 
Pheil. beil. verb nubtitantive, dependent 

Rho. nren. from. Ab«o o. 
Hhi. . .uiv 0,1 this «ido : nl-o n bho<«. 
Phnnm. etc 5Ve uam. etc 


Bhur, hhuT n-, adj. pron. your. 

Biadli, bidh, m. meat, food. 

Biadh, -tliadh, v. feed, fatten: also biivt'i; 

a. biadhta. 
Biadhtachd, f. hospitality; biathachd. 
Biadhtaiche, m. a hospitable person, i 

farmer; biataiche. 
Bian, bein, m. a skin. 

Biast, -eiste, -an, -ean, f. a beast; a. bia.stail. 
Biast, -adh, v. abuse, revile. 
Biastalachd, f. beastliness. 
Biast-dubh, f. an otter; beist-dubh. 
Bibh (for bithibh), be ye; see bi. 
Bicean, -ein, m. a single grain 
Biceir, -ean, m. a wooden dish, n ' liiggip.' 

a beaker. 
Bichionta, a. or adv., common, general, 

frequent; .see bitheanta. 
Bichiontas, -ais. m. the state of being cnm- 

Bid, -e, -ean, m. a shrill sound, as that of 

a bird; big. 
Bideag, -eig, f. a bit, a crumb. 
Bideau, -ein, )n. a point, a summit; a. 

Bidil, f. chirping, as of a bird or mice; 

Bidse, -eachan, f. a bitch, a whore; bids- 

eachd, Avhoredom. 
Big, pi. of beag. Na big, the little folks. 
Bile, -ean, f. rim, an edge, a lip, a. bileach. 
Bileag, -eig,- f. a blade, as of grass, the 

tongue; a. bileagach. 
Bileineach, f. sea-grass. 

Bilisteir, -ean, ra. a mean, beggarly fellow. 
Bilisteireachd, f . a mean hankering for food. 
Binid, -e. binde, -ean, f. rennet. 
Binn, -e, a. melodious, sweet, harnronious. 
Binn, -e, f. sentence, judgment. 


Binubheul, m. a sweet mouth, or vnice. 
Binndieh, -eachadh, v. curdle, coagulate. 
Biiineau, -ein, m. a pinnacle, a little conical 

Bini:eas, -eis, m. music, melody. 
Binnteach, -iche, a. coagulative. 
Biobull, uill, m. a Bible. 
Biod, -a, m. a pointed top; air choira-bioda, 

<m tiptoes. 
Biodach, a. little, small. 
Biodach, -aichc. a. sharp-pointed. 
Biodag, -aig, f. a dirk, a dagger; a. 

Biod-cheann, m. a pointed head. 
Biodh (for bitheadh), 3rd pers. imper. of the 

V. bi ; biodh iad, let them be. 
Biog, -a, -an, m. a chirp, a start; a. bingach. 
Bio^adh, -aidh, m. a starting, ;; paljntation. 
Bioganta, a. sharp, thrilling. 
Biogarra, a. mean, chtirlish; biogarrachd, 

Biolair, -e, f. wi.ter cresses; a. bi'^laireacìi. 
Biom (for bitheam), Lst pers. sirg. imper. 

V. bi, let me be. 
Bior. -a, -an, m. a thorn, a prickle; a. 

Bior, -adh, v. spur, sting, goad, gall. 
Biorach, -aich, -aichean, m. a heifer, a colt; 

a dogfish ; bearach. 
Biorachas, -ais, m. iwintedness, sharpness. 
Bioradh, -aidh, m. .stinging or stung. 
Bioraich, -achadh, v. .sharpen, make pointed. 
Bioraich, -e, -ean, m. a colt, a f'^al. 
Bioran, -ain, m. a little stick; a. bioranach. 
Biorchluas, f. a pointed ear, a listening ear. 
Biorchiuasach, -aiehe, a. sharp-eared. 
Bior-fhiacal, -la, m. a tooth-pick. 
Biorg, -adli. v. sting, tingle, gall. 
Biorgainn -e, f. a sharp lancinating ])ain. 


Biorganta, a. vexatious, galling; a. biorg- 

Biorraid, -e, -ean f. a hehnet; a. biorraid- 

Bior-ròstaidh, m. a spit; bior-ròàlaidb. 
Biorsadh, -aidb, m. eager desire, keen wish. 
Biorsamaid, -e, -ean, f. a balance, a steel- 
Biorsbiiil, f. a quick eye; a. biorshuileacb. 
Bior-suaois, m. the top of the stem of a 

Biosa (for bi tliusa), 2nd pers. sing, iinper. 

V. bi, be thou. 
Biotailt, -e, m. victuals; a. biotailteach. 
Birlinn, -e. -ean, f. a pleasure boat, a barge. 
Bith, f. life, being, existence; aou air bith, 

any one. 
Bith, -e. f. gum, glue, bird-lime, tar, pith. 
Bith, a. quiet, calm. 
Bith-. a prefix signifying always. 
Bith-bhuan, a. everlasting, perpetual. 
Bith-chùram . -aim, con.'^tant solicitude. 
Bitheanta. a. or adv. common, general, 

Bithis. f. a vice, a screw. 
Biùthaidh, m. a hero, a foe. 
Biiithas, -ais, m. fame, reputation. 
Blabaran, -ain m. a stammerer, a stutterer. 
Blabhdair, -e, -ean, m. a babbler. 
Blad, -aid, m. an open mouth or wide mouth. 
Bladaire, -ean, m. a babbler; bladaireachd. 

Bladh, -a, m. pith, fame, energy, .sense. 
Blad-shrònach, flat-nosed. 
Blagh. See bladh. 
Blais, blasadh, v. taste, try, sip. 
Blaisbheum, m. blasphemy; a. blais- bheuni- 

Blàitich, -eachadh, v. warm. 

ni,A — Br.K 41 

Blanndaidh, a. rotten, stale. 
Blaundar, -air, m. flattery. 
Blaodhan, -ain, m. the fawn's cry. 
Blaomadh. -aidh, m. a foolish excitement, a 

Blaomag. -aiof, f. a silly woman. 
Blaomaiie or blaoma«tair, a blusterer, a 

Blaomannach, -aiche, a. variable, fickle, 

Blàr, -air, m. a moss, a marsh, a plain, a 

field, 3 battle. 
Blàr, -aire, a. white-faced ; blàrasf, a white- 
faced cow. 
Blàran. -ain, m. a little moss or field. 
Blàr-mòna, m. a peat moss. 
Bias. See blàths. 
Bias, -ais, m. taste, relish; a. blasda, tasty, 

Blasachd, f. tasting; blasad, blasadh, 

Blasdaohd, f. sweetness; a. blasmhor, 

blasda, -sweet. 
Blàth. -a. m. a flower, a blossom, hue, 7uark. 
Blàth. blàitl.o. a. warm, kind. 
Blathach, -ai' h, f. buttermilk. 
Blathaich, -ai'iadh, v. warm, heat. 
Blàthan, -iiin, :n. a .small flower, or twig. 
Blà, a. kind of speech; blà- 

Blàth-fhleasg, f. a garhind or wreath of 

Blàth-obair, f. embroidery, needlework. 
Blàth-oibrich, -eachadh, v. embroider. 
Blàths, blàiths, m. warmth, heat. 
Bleid. -e, f. impertinence. cajolÌTier; a 

bleideil, bleideach. 
Bleidire, m. an impertinent fellow. 
Bleidireachd, f. impertinence, intrusion. 
Bleith, or boil, blcith, v. grind. 

42 BLE — Eu 

Bleith-gluiueacb, -eiche, a. in-kneed, knock- 

Bleogh^um:, bleoghanu v. milk. 

Bliadhna, -aichean, f. a year. 

Bliadlinach, -aiclie, m. a yearlius:, a year 

Bliadhuail, -e, a. yearly; bliadbnachail. 

Bliadhua-leum, a leap year. 

Blialam, -aim, m. confvised talk. 

Blian, -a, a. lean, in.sipid, meagre ; s. 
blianaeh, meagre flesh, a spent fi-sh. 

Blian, -ein, f. the groin, the flank. 

Blian, -adh, v. bask in the snn. 

Bliochd, f. milk; a. bliochdmhor, bliochd- 

Bliochdas, -ais, m. tendency to inilk. 

Bliochdmhorachd, f. milkiness 

Blobach, -aiche, a. blubber-lipped. 

Blobarp^n, or blabarau, m. a stammerer; 
blubach, stammering. 

Blocan, -ain. m. a small block; plocau. 

Bloigh, -e, bloigheaii, f. one-half, or part 
of anything. 

Bloiglieach, a. divisible; bloigheil. 

Bloighich, bloigheadh, v. divide, part. 

Bloinigeiii, m. a plump, fat child. 

Blòmas, -ais, m. ostentation, pomp; a. 

Blonag, -aig, f . fat, lard ; a. blonagach. 

Blosg, V. sound a horn or trumpet. 

Bo! bo! inter j. strange, wonderful! 

Bo, bo, boin, boine, pi. bà, bo, f. a cow. 
B6-bhainne, a milk-cow ; bo-sheasg, a 
cow not giving milk; bo-gheamraidh, 
a winter mart ; bo-laoigh, a cow in 
calf; bo-cheanionn, a white-faced cow; 
bo-dhruimioun, a white-bellied cow; 
bo-chiii-ionu, a white-footed cow; bo- 
mhaol, a hornless cow; bo-allaidh, a 

BOB — BUD 43 

Bobag, -aig, in. a boy, a chum; used mainly 

ill the vocative. 
Boban, -ain, m. a gallant, a coxc"mb; 

bobao, a godfather, a term of contempt, 

an a bhobain, a bhobagaiu. 
Pobli, -a, m. u fright. 
Bobhstair, -e, -ean, m. a lx)lster. 
Boc, buic, m. a buck, a he-goat, a roe-buck; 

a. bocach. 
EÒC, bòjadli, V. s'.vell, blister. 
Bòcam ort ! interj. a threat to children. 
Bòcnn, -anan, m. a pimple, a pustule. 
Bòcan, -aiu, m. a little buck; a. bocanach. 
Boc-earba, m. a roe-buck; boc-gaibhie, a 

lie-goat . 
Boch, m. glee, ecstasy, joy. 
Bochd, a. poor, needy; s. bochdaiuu, 

Bochdaiimich, -eadh, v. impoverish. 
Bochda.T, -ais, m. poverty; bochdainneachd, 
Boc-sa. See bogsa. 
Bòc-thona, f. a swelling wave; a. bòc- 

Bodach, -aich, m. an old churlish man, a 

spectre, a mutchkin. 
Bodachail, -e, a. chiirlish, lx)orish, inhos- 
Bodachan, -ain, m. a little old man; .s. 

Bodach-fleasgaich, m. au old bachelor. 
Bodach-ruadh, uaidh, m. a cod fish. 
Bodag, -aig, f. anger, rage; a. bodagach. 
Bodchrann. -oinn, m. a kind of crupper. 
Bodha, -chan, m. a sunken rock. 
Bodhag, -aig, f. a sea lailc. 
Bodhaig, -0, -can, f. the human body, a 

Bodhair, -radh, v. deafen. 
Bòdhan, -ain, ni. the ham or brecc' . 


Bodhar, biiidhre, a. deaf; bodhraoh. 
Bodhar-fhuaim, f. a hollow low sound. 
Bog, hwige, a. soft, tender. 
Bog, -adh. V. dip, steep, move, soften; 

Bogadaicl], -aiche, a. moving, shaking. 
Bogadan, -ain, m. a shaking or agitating. 
Bagadanaich, f. a continued shaking. 
Bogan, -ain, m. anything soft, a quagmire. 
Boganach, -aich, m. a soft fellow; bogan- 

achd, softness. 
Bog-chridheach, a. faint-hearted, cowardly. 
Bogha, -achan, m. a bow: chuir e bhogh' 

air lagh, he bent his bow; bogh'-froise, 

or bogh'-braoin, a rainbow; fear-bogha, 

an archer. 
Bogha-cath, m. a battle bow. 
Boghadaireachd, f. archery. 
B6-ghamhna, f. a farrow cow. 
Bogla<;h, -aich, f. a bog, a quagmire. 
Bogsa, -an, -achan, m. a coffer, a box. 
Bogus, -uis, f. a timber moth, a bug. 
Boicionn,-inn. m. a goat skin; a. boicneach. 
Boicnich, boicneachadh. v. skin. 
Boid. -e, -can, f. a vow. an oath: a. boid- 

Bòidheoch. bòidhche, a. pretty, fair, 

Bòidhchead. -id. f. beauty, a degree of 

Boidich. -eachadh, v. vow. promise, curse. 
Boile. f. madness-, fury; also boil. 
Bòilich. f. boasting, idle talk. 
Boillsg, -endh, v. shine, gleam, glitter. 
Boillsgeadh, -idh, m. orleaminT. glitteTin?. 
Boillsgean,. -ein, m. the focus or middle of 

a fire, the middle; buillsgean. 
Boineanta. a. mild, gentle. 
BoinDf, -ean. m. a drop, a current. 


Boiuneartaicb, f. isolated drops of rain; 

bainneartaich, baiiinealaich. 
Boineid, -e, -ean, f. aud m. a Ix^nuet; a. 

Boireanu, a. feminine, female; boireannach, 

a woman. 
Boiseag, -eig, -an, f. a slap with the hand, 

a handful. 
Boiseid, or rather baoi.seid, f. a .soldier's 

purse, a budget. 
Boiteag, -eig, -an, f. a worm, a bait. 
Boitean, -ein, -eanan, m. a bundle of hay 

or straw. 
Boiteauach, -aiche, f. full of wisps or 

Bol, -adh, V. smell, scent. 
Boladh, -aidh, m. smell, savour. 
Bolg, builg, m. abag; see balg; bolgan, 

Bolgam, -aim, m. a mouthful; see balgam. 
Bolg-solair, -e, m. magazine. 
Bolla, -achan m. a boll, a buoy. 
Bolt, m. a welt; see bait. 
Boltrach. -aiche, a. .smelling, scenting. 
Boltrachas, -ais, m. a scent bottle, a nose- 
Boltrachas, -ais, m. fragrance, perfumery. 
Bom, -a, m. a bomb; a. bomach, of or 

belonging to a bomb. 
Bonn, buinn, -an, buiun, m. a sole, a base, 

a coin. 
Bonnach, -aich, m. a cake; bannach. 
Bonnachan, -ain, m. a little cake. 
Bonn-crùin, a crown piece; thug e na 

buinn, he took to his heels: bonn-a-sè, 

a half-penny. 
Bonntach, -aich, f. the thickest part of a 

Borb, buirbe, a. fierce, wild, barbarous. 

46 BOR — BRA 

Borbachd, f. fierceness; a. borbarra, borbas. 
Borbhan, -ain, m. a low sound, small stones. 
Borbnaich, -achadh, v. grow angry, fester. 
Bore, -adh, v. swell, bud, blossom. 
Bòrcach, -aiche, a. swelling, .strutting. 
Bòrd, bùird, ni. a table, a plank; air bòrd, 

ou board. 
Borlanachd, f. comjjiilsory labour for a 

Bòrlum, -uim, m. a strip of arable land, a 

sudden flux. 
Borracha.s, -ais, blubber-lips, bullying; a 

Borras, -ais. m. a blubber-lip; a. borrasach. 
BoiTshiiileacli, -eiclie, a. large-eyed; ^. 

Borrghanta, a. turgid, swelling, fierce. 
Bos, boise, f . the palm of the hand ; see 

Bòsd, -a, m. pride, boasting; a. bòsdail. 
Bòsran, -ain, m. a small bos. 
Boslach, -aich, f. a handful; baslach. 
Bòt, or bòtainn, -an, f. a boot; a. bòtach, 

Botal, -ail, m. a bottle; see searrag; a. 

Botalaich, -achadh, v. bottle, put in a 

Botalair, -ean, m. a butler; see buidileir. 
Both, or bothan, m. a hut, a cottage, a 

Bothag, -aig. -au, f. a booth, a hut. a 

cottage; a. bothagach. 
Botrumaid, -e, -ean, f. a slovenly woman, ;. 

slut ; a. botrumaideach. 
Botul, -uil, -uil, bottle. 
Botus, -ui.s, m. a belly worm. 
Bra, or brath, brathan. f. a quern. 

BRA — BKA 47 

Biiihuiuih, 01- bralhd-cha?.^:!;, a. bow- 

Brach, -adh, v. ferment, malt. 

Brach. See brath. 

Brachan, -ain, m. anything rotten, leaven. 

Bra-clieò, :n. stupefaction; chaidh e na 
bhrà-cheò, he became stupid. 

Bradach. -aiche, a. thievish, stolen. 

Bradag, -aig, f. a thievish woman, m. 

Bradau, -;tin, m. a salmon, a swelling; a. 

Bràghad, -aid, m. the neck or throat. 

Braghadaich, f. crackling; a. braghadach. 

Bragh:ulh, -aidh, m. a noise, a burst. Also 

Biaice:u«, -eis, f. breakfast. 

Braich, -aoha, f. malt. 

Braid, -e, -ean, f. a horse'8 collar; bràghaid. 

Braid, -e, f. theft; luchd-braid, thieves. 

Braidseal, -eil, -an, m. a great fire, a bon- 

Braighd, -ean, m. a hostage, a captive. 

Bràighdeanas, -ais, m. bondage, slavery. 

Braighe, m. braes; as Braigh-Lochabar. 

Bràigheach, a. belonging to the braes, a 

Brailis, -e, f. the wort of ale or beer. 

Braini, -ivma, -annan, m. crepitus ventris; 
a. breimneach. 

Braisd, -o. -ean, f. a brooch; a. braisdeach., f. ardour, rashues-s; braiseachd. 

Braith-lin. -e, f. a linen sheet; rather plai- 

Bràithreacha.s, or braithrealachd, brother- 

Braniar ' -'!.h, ni. an awkward or clumsy 

Brau, -ain, m. the name of Fingal's dog. 

48 BRA — BRA 

Bran, -ain, ni. bran. 

Braug, -aing, m. a horse's collar. 

Braugach, -aiche, a. snarling, growling, 

Braugas, -ais, -an, m. an instrument for 

Braudaidh, f. brandy. 
Braudair, -ean, m. a gridiron; a. brand- 

Braoidhlich, f. a loud noise. 
Braoileag, -eig, -an, f. a whortle berry. 
Braoisg, f. a grimace, a grin; a. braoisg- 

Braoisgean, -ein, m. a grinning person; s. 

braoisgeineachd . 
Braon, braoin, m. a drop, warm inist; a. 

Braonan, -ain, m. an earth-nut: a. braon- 

Braouau-nan-con, ni. dog-carmillion. 
Bras, -aise, a. keen, hasty, rash. 
Bras-bhuinne, f. a torrent. 
Brat, -an, m. a veil, a covering. 
Bratach, -aich, -aichean, f. a flag, a banner. 
Bratag, -aig, -an, f. the rough or hairy 

Brat-gnùise, a veil; brat-bròin, a mort- 

Brath, -a, m. information, knowledge, 

Brath, -adh, v. betray, deceive. 
Brath, gu brath adv. for ever; brach. 
Brathadair, -ean, m. a betrayer, a great 

Bràthair, bràthar, braithre, -ean, m. a 

Brathair-bochd, m. a friar. 
Bràthair-cèile, m. a brother-in-law, brother 

of a spouse. 

BKA — BRE 49 

Bràthaireil, -e, a. brotherly. 
Brat-speillidh, a swaddling cloth; 

ùrlair, a carpet. 
Breab, -adh, v. kick, spuru, prance. 
Breabadaich, f. kicking, leaping, prancing. 
Breabadair, -ean, m. a weaver; breabadair- 

eachd, his trade. 
Breaban, -ain, m. a piece on the sole of a 

Breac, brie, m. a trout; a. breac, spotted. 
Breac, -adh, v. pick a millstone, speckle. 
Breac, or rather a' bhreac, f. the smallpox. 
Breacadh-sèanain, m. freckles on the skin; 

Breacag, -aig, -an, f. a cake, a scoue. 
Breacair, -ean, ni. a graver; breacaireachd, 

his trade. 
Breac-a-mhuiltein, m. a dappled sky. 
Breacau, -ain, -an, m. a Highland plaid, a 

tartan plaid. 
Breacanach, -aiche, a. plaided, dressed iu a 

tartan plaid. 
Breac-an-t-sil, m. a white and grey wagtail. 
Breac-dhearg, a. speckled with red. 
Breac-lion, -lin, m. a trout net. 
Breac-luirgneach, a. skin freckled. 
Breacnaich, -achadh, v. checker, make 

Breac-shith. f. livid spots on the .skin, hives. 
Breaman, -ain, -an, m the tail, the rump; 

a. breamanach. 
Breamais, -ais, m. mischief, mishap: a. 

Breamasachd, f. misfortune, mishap. 
Breath, f. a row, a layer, a stratum: 
Breathas, m. frenzy, infatuation. 
Breid, -e, -ean, m. a piece of cloth, womnn'B 

head dress, a kerchief. 


50 BRE — BKI 

Brèideacli, a. woman witli a head dress, 

Breidean, -ein, m. a small clout. 
Breidgheal, a. white-sailed. 
Breid-shoithichean, m. a dishclout. 
Breineag, -eig, f. a dirty or sulky woman. 
Brèinean, -ein, m. a sulky inhospitable man. 
Breisleach, -ich, f. raving, a delirium. 
Breislich, -eachadh, v. rave, talk nonsense. 
Breith, f. a judgment, a sentence. 
Breith, f. birth. See beir. 
Breith-air-eiginn, f. violence, force. 
Breith-buidheachais, f. thanksgiving. 
Breitheamh, rather britheamh, -imh, m. 

Breitheanas, -ais, judgment, sentence. 
Breith-là, m. a birthday. 
Breithnich, -eachadh, v. interpret, exp!;ùn, 

Breò, or breòth, v. rot, corrupt. 
Breòchaid, f. any fragile or brittle thii ;: 
Breòchdail, -ladh, v. patch, mend. 
Breòchdlair, -ean, m. a mender, a botcher. 
Breòite, a. frail, feeble; s. breòiteachd. 
Breug or briag, breige, f. a lie. 
Breugach, or briagach, a. lying, false. 
Breugadair, or briagadair, n. a liar. 
Breugadaireachd, or briagadaireachd, f. 

Breugag, or briagag, f. fib. 
Breugair, or briagair, -ean, m. liar. 
Breugnaich, qr briagnaich, v. belie, falsify, 

Breun, breine, a. nasty, putrid. 
Briagha, a. pretty, beautiful. 
Briaghachd, briaghad, f. beauty, finerv. 
Briathar, -air, briathran, m. a word, an 

Briathhrach, -aiche, a. wody, loquacio'.'.s. 


Briathrachan, -aiu, m. a vocabulary. 
Briathrachas, -ais, m. loquacity, g^arulity. 
Briathraich, -achadh, v. affirm, swear. 
Biiathrail, -e, a. verbal, verbose. 
Brib, -eadh, v. bribe, corrupt. 
Briceau, -ein, m. a small trout, a sprat. 
Ericean-beithe, m. a linnet, a species of 

Bildean, -eiu, m. a sea piet. 
Brideach, -ich, m. a dwarf; a. brideacliail. 
Brigh, f. sap, essence, juice, vigour, 

Brighich, V. strengthen, confirm. 
Brigi.-:, -e, -ean, f. a pair of breeches. 
Briodail, -&l, v. caress, flatter. 
Briodal, -ail, m. caresing, flattery; a 

Briodalachd, f. flattery, caressing; bri- dal- 

aiche, a caresser. 
Briog, -adh, v. prick, stab, thrust, restic'in. 
Briogacb, -aiche, a. mean, miserly. 
Briogaid, f. au elderl yor morose female. 
Briogaireachd, f. avarice; briogairo-, a 

Briogai.s See brigis. 
Brioghmhor, -oire, a. sappy. 
Brionglaid, -e, -ean, wrangling; a. briou- 

Brionn, i. prettiness; a. brionnach, pretty. 
Briounal, -ail, m. flattery, flirting, a. 

Brioniialachd, f. flattery, fawning. 
Brionndal, -ail, m. caressing; a brionn- 

dala( h. 
Brio;in-.-;liuil, -ula, -ean, f. a clear lively ovc. 
Briosg, -.idh, v. start, leap. 
Briosg. -a, a. brisk, quick, lively. 
Briostjadh, -aidh, -aidhean, m. a start, a 

]c::y ; briosg. 

62 BRI — BRO 

Briosgaid, -ean, f. a biscuit; a. briosgaid- 

Briosganta, or briosgarra, a. brisk; a. 

Briot, f. chit-chat, tattle; briotal. 
Brisgean, -ein, m. the root of the silver 

Brist, -eadh, v. break, fracture, become 

Bristeadh, m. breaking; a. bristeach. 
Britheamh, -imh, -nan, m. a judge; 

Broc, bruic, pi. bruic, m. a badger; a. 

brocach, speckled. 
Brocair, -ean, m. a fox-hunter: brocair- 

eachd, his trade. 
Brochail, -ladh, v. mangle, spoil. 
Brochan, -ain, m. porridge, gruel; a. 

Broclach, a bodger or fox's den; braclach. 
Brod, -uid, m. a lid, the best of anything, 

as brod duine. 
Brod, -adh, v. goad, sting, excite. 
Brodann, -ann, m. a goad, a prickle. 
Bròg, -òige, -an, f. a shoe; a. brògach; dim. 

Brog, -adh, v. spur, goad, urge. 
Brogach, -aich, m. a boy, a lad. 
Brògag, -aige, -an, f. a little shoe. 
Brogail, -e, a. stout, lively, active ; a. 

Broganach, -aich, m. a little boy. 
Bròg-na-cuthaig, m. wild violet. 
Broilein, m. the manyplies; a. broileincach. 
Broilleach, -ich, -ichean, m. the brea-t or 

Broineag, -eig, -an, f. a rag, a tatter; a. 

Bròinein, m. a poor or sorry person. 

BUO — BKU 53 

Broinndeargan, -ain, m. robiu red-breast, 

Broisg, brosgadh, v. excite, stir up, incite. 

Broit, -e, f. the bosom, the breast. 

Brolachan, -ain, m. aragged, naked person. 

Brolaich, f. incoheent talk, raving. 

Bròlainn, -ean, f. a meeting of currents or 

Brolasg, -aisg, m. garrulity, flattery. 

Brollach, -aich, m. a mess. 

Bromach, -aich, -aichean, m. a colt. 

Bròn, bròin, m. grief, sorrw; a. brònach. 

Br^nag, -aig, f. a poor sorry -woman. 

Bronnach, -aich, f. a girth, a belt. 

Bronnach, -aiche, a. swag bellied. 

Brosgal, -ail, m. flattery; a. brosglach. 

Brosglach, -aiche, a. lively, active, brisk. 

Brosnaich, -achadh, v. provoke, incite, en- 
courage; brosdaich. 

Brot, m. broth. 

Brot, -adh, v. feed, fatten, giuttonise. 

Brotaich, -tadh, v. thrive, grow fat. 

Broth, -a, m. the itch, an erruption on the 
skin, a lunar halo. 

Brothach, -aiche, a. scabbed, itchy. 

Brothag, -aig, f. the bosom. 

Brii, bronn, dat. broinn, pi. bronna, bronn- 
aichean, f. a belly. 

Bruach, -aich, -au, f. a bank, a brink; dim. 

Bniachaire, m. a hoverer, a lounger. 

Bruachaireachd, f. hovering about, loung- 

Bruadair, v. dream. 

Bruadar, -air. m. a dream, a reverie. 

Bruadaraiche, -ean, m. a dreamer. 

Bniaillean, -ein, m. vexation, confu.sion. 

Bruailleanoach, -iche, a. confoundinsr, vex- 

54 BRU — BRU 

Bruailleanachd, f. confusion, vexation. 

Bruan, -adli, v. break into small bits, 

Bruan, -ain, -an, f. a crumb, a bit, a morsel. 

Briianach, -aiche, a. crumbling'. 

Bruan achd, f. state of crumbling. 

Bruanag, -aig, f. a small bit, or crumb; a. 

Bruanan, -ain, m. a small morsel, or bit. 

Bruansgadh, -aidh, m. cruncliing, crushing. 

Bruansgal, -ail, f. a crasbing noise. 

Bruan-spealt, v. splinter, smash. 

Bruan-spealtadh, -aidh, m. splintering. 

Brucach, -aiche, a. spotted, speckled. 

Brucaich, v. make spotted, speckle. 

Bruchag, f. a leaky boat, a little dirty 

Brùchd, -a, -an, m. a belch, a rushing, a 
sally; sea-weed cast on the phore. 

Brùchd, -adh, v. rush, sally, burst out. 

Briichdail, f. belching, rifting. 

Briichd-ruadhain, m. belching from an over- 
loaded stomach; brùchd seilge. 

Biuchlag, -aig, f. a mean hovel, a bad boat. 

Bruch-shuil, f. a bird-eye; ?. bruch- 

Bru-chorcan, m. a sort of grass, stool-bent. 

Brugh, a fairy hillock. 

Brughan, -ain, m. crumbs, small frag- 

Bruich. See bruith. 

Bruichealachd, f. sultriness, warmth. 

Bruicheil, -e, a. sultry, hot. 

Bruid, -e, -ean, captivity, grief, anguish. 

Briiid, -ean, f. a beast, a brute; a. brùideil. 

Bruid, -eadh, v. stab, dig, stir up; bruidich. 

Brùideag, -eig, f. a little brute, or beast. 

Brùidealachd, f. brutality, beastliness. 

Bruideadh, -idh, m. a stab, a thrust. 

HRU — BUA 55 

Bruidliinu, -dime, f. talk, s])P."Ì! : a. 

Bruidil, V. stir up, dig. 
Brùill, -eadh, v. bruise, beat. 
Bruitli, V. boil, cool:; bniich. 
Brunsgal, -ail, f. a rumbling uoise. 
Brusg, -uisge, f. a crumb, a bit. 
Briith, -adh, v. bruise, crush. 
Bruth, -a, f. a cave; sith-bhruth, a fairy 

Bruthach, -aich, -aicliean, m. an ascent, a 

hill side. 
Bnithadair, -ean, m. a pestle, a bruiser. 
Bruthadh, -aidh, -ean, m. a bruise, crushing. 
Bruthainn, -e, -ean, f. sultry heat; a. 

Bruthaiste, mf. brose. 
Bruthan, -ain, m. crumbs, small fragments; 

Bu ! interj. to excite fear in children. 
Bu, pret. ind. of v. is, was; bu mhi, bu, tu, 

b'e. It was I, etc. 
Buar, buair, m. cattle. 
Buabhal, -ail, -an, m. a buffalo, unicorn, a 

Buachaille, -ean, m. a herd, a shepherd. 
Buachailleachd, f. herding; a. buachaill- 

Buachaillich, -cachd, v. herd, keep. 
Buachar, -air, m. cow dung. 
Buadhachas, -ais, m. gaining a victory, 

Buadhaich, -achadh, v. conquer, subdue. 
Buadhaiche, -can, m. a conqueror. 
Buadhail, -e, a. victorious; buadhmhor. 
Tinadlialachd, f. luck, prosperity. 
Buaghallan, -ain, m. ragweed, or ragwort. 
Buagharra, a. sulky, boi.sterous. 

66 BOA — BUA 

Buaic, -e, -eau, f. wick of a candle or lamp, 

dung for washing or bleaching, tallow. 
Buaicean, m. a little wick. 
Buaicean-iall, in. tallow to rub a thong for 

Buaidh, -e, -eau, f. virtue, victory, success; 

a. buadhach. 
Buaidh-fhacal, -ail, m. an adjective. 
Buaidh-ghàir, f. a shout of victory or 

Buaidh-ghuth, m. the voice or shout of 

Biiaidh-larach, m. a decisive victory. 
Buaigheal, -il, m. a cow-stall; buabhal. 
Buail, -adh, a.v. strike, beat, smite. 
Buaile, -tean, f. a fold for sheep or cattle. 
Buailteach, -iche, a. liable to, subject to. 
Buailteach, -ich, -ean, m. summer Ixioths or 

Buailtean, -ein, m. a flail or supple. 
Buailtear, m. a thrasher. 
Buain, buain, v. shear, cut, mow. 
Buaiue, f. continuance, durability, perse- 
Buair, -eadh, v. tempt, try, vex, provoke. 
Buaireadair, rean, m. a tempter, a disturber. 
Buaireadh, -idh, -idhean, m. a temptation, 

a trial. 
Buaireauta, a. tempting, trying; buaireas- 

Buaireas, -ei.?, m. tumult, ferment; buair- 

Buamastair, -ean, m. a sain boaster, a noisy 

Buamastaireachd, f. foolish boasting. 
Buan, buaine, a. lasting, durable. 
Buanaich, -achadh, v. last, persevere. 
Buanaiche, -ean, m. a shearer. 
Buanas, -ais, m. lasting, perseverance. 


Buan-cLuimhne, f. a retentive memory. 
Buau-mhaireannach, a. lasting, durable. 
Buan-mbaireannachd, f. durability. 
Buanuaciid, f. profit, advantage; a. buann- 

Buannaich, -achadh, v. gain, win, acquire. 
Buan^beas, v. persevere, stand steady. 
Buan-sheasamh, m. perseverance; a. buan- 

Buarach, -aich, -ean, f. a cow-fetter when 

Buarach-na-baoibhe, f. lamprey, an eel sup- 
posed to possess magical powers. 
Buath, buaith, f. rage, madness, fury. 
Buathadh, -aidh, m. a fit, fury; a. buathach. 
Biib, -a, m. a roar, a yell, a bellow; a. 

Bùban, -ain, m. a coxcomb; a. bùbanach. 
Bucaid, f. a pimple, a pustule, a bucket. 
Bucall, -aill, m. a buckle; a. bucallach. 
Buchaiiin, a. melodious, nestling; buchainn- 

Buchallach, a. nestling, melodious. 
Biichd, m. bulk, size; a. biicbdail. 
Buclaich, -achadh, v. buckle up, trim. 
Bucsa, m. boxwood; bugsa. 
Budagoc, m. a snipe. 
Budhag, -aig, f. a bundle of straw. 
Budhailt, -e, f. a recess in the wall, a small 

Buiceau, m. a little buck or roe; a. 

Buiceii, f. sporting like a buck; a. buic- 

Buideal. -eil, m. a cask, an anker. 
Buidealaich, f. a blaze of fire. 
Buidhe, a. yellow, lucky; is buidhc dhut, 

it i^ lucky for you, or it Is fortunate 

for vou. 


Buidheach, -ich, f. the jaundice. 
Buidheach, -iclie, a. thankful, content. 
Buidheachas, -ais, m. thanks, thanksgiving. 
Buidhead, -eid, f. yellowness. 
Buidiieag, -eig, i. a goldfinch, buttercup. 
Buideagan, -ain, ni. the yolk of an egg. 
Buidheag-bhuachair, the yellovf -hammer. 
Buidheann, buidhne, buidhniche.uv. f. a 

Euidhe-ruadh, a. of a bay colour, aiiburn 

Buidhinn, buidhne, f. gain, profit. 
Buidhinn, t. gain, get, acquire. 
Buidhueach, -iche, a. victorious, gainful, in 

Buidhneachd, f. successfulness, victorious- 

Buidhnich, -ea-chadh, v. arrange into com- 
Buidhre, f. deafness. 
Buidileir ,-ean, m. a butler; buidileireachd, 

his office. 
Buidseach, -ich, f. a witch; buidseachd, 

Buige, f . softness, humidity ; buiarervd. 
Buigean, m. a soft or effeminate fellow. 
Buiginn, -e, f. morass, marshy ground. 
Buigire, m. puffin. 

Buigleag, f. a bog, a quagmire, a coward. 
Buil, -e, f. use, effect, end. 
Buileach, a. and adv. whole, wholly, 

Buileann, -inn,' -an, f. a loaf; n. buil- 

Builg, -eadh, v. bubble, blister, play, as 

Builg, f. a distemper of cattle, gen. of bolg, 

a bag. 


Builgean, m. a little bag, pimple; a. builg- 

Builich, -eachadh, v. use, give, bestow. 
Buill-bheirt, m. tackle, instruments. 
Buille, m. or f. a blow, a stroke ; a. 

Builleachas, -ais, f. striking. 
Buille-choilleig, f. a stroke to a ball in 

shinty play. 
Buillsgean, -ein, ra. the centre or middle; 

Bumaileir, m. a bungler. 
Buin, buntainn, v. take away, belong to. 
Buinne, -achan, f. a cataract, a tide, a 

rapid current. 
Buinneach, -ich, f. the flux, looseness. 
Buinneag, -eig, f. a twig, a dockan, a naid. 
Bùir, bùireadh, biiirich, v. roar, bellcv,-. 
Buirbe, f. ferocity, barbarity; (borb). 
Buirbeachd, f. barbarity, savageness. 
Buirbean, m. a .savage, a cancer. 
Bùirdcasach, m. a burgess, a freenian. 
Biiire, m. a bellow, a roar, rutting; bùirich, 

Bùire.m, m. a little bellow; a. bùircauacli. 
Bìiiriche, m. a mattock, a hoe. 
Buiseal, -eil, -an, m. a bushel. 
Buisean, m. a little mouth; (bius). 
Buitseach f. -ich; witch. 
Buitscachd, f. witchcraft. 
Biila, m. a pot-suspender; bùlas. 
Bulasdair, -ean, m. a sloe, a bnllace, potato 

Bulg, builg, m. a belly, a lump; see b<Mg. 
Bulgach, a. convex, round, bulginsr. 
Bulla, m. a bowl, a ball. 
Bun buin, bunan m. a root, a stock, the 

mouth of a rivor: )nin-os-cionn, upside- 


Biinabha-s, -ais, m. an element, a buttock; 
a. bunabbasach. 

Bunach, a. of, or belonging to roots. 

Biinach, -aicb, m. coarse wool. 

Bimachas, -ais, m. foundation; bunacliar. 

Bunachasach, a. radical, fundamental. 

Biinaich, -achadh, v. found, establish. 

Bunailteach, -iche, a. firm, steady; bunait- 

Bunailteachd, f. firmness, steadiness; bun- 

Bunait, -e, -ean, f. a foundation, a basis. 

Bunamas, -ais, m. sense, solidity. 

Bunan, -ain, m. a little root. 

Bunanta, a. strong, firm, constant. 

Bunantachd, f. firmness, sturdiness. 

Bunasacb, -aiche, a. firm, stout. 

Bun-dubh, -uibh, that part of the root under 

Bunndaist, m. a fee; a grassum, a thrash- 

Bunnsach, -aich, a rod, a twig; bunnsag. 

Bunsaidh, a. firm, steady. 

Bunntam, -aim, f. solidity, firmness. 

Bunntamas, -ais, m. sense, solidity. 

Buntainn, f. dealing, belonging to, touch- 
ing, taking away. 

Buntata, m. a potato. 

Biirach, -aich, m. delving, digging. 

Burbau, -ain, m. wormwood; burmaid. 

Burbhuachaille, -ean, m. the bird northern 

Burgaid, -e, -ean, f. a purge, a dose of 

Burgaid, m. an awkward or noisy fellow. 

Burgaideach, a. clownish, awkward. 

Burgaidich, -eachadh, v. purge. 

Burn, bùirn, m. water; a. bùrnach. 


Bùrnlum, -aim, m. a flood, a downpour r 

Bunnaid, f. wormwood. 

Burraidh, -ean, m. a fool, a blockhead. 

Burral, -ail, m. a howl, a burst of ;^r;ef. 

Burralaich, f. crying, weeping; a. burral- 

Burras, -uis, m. a caterpillar; burrach. 

Burragadh, -aidh, m. a fit of rage. 

Burra^gaireachd, f. fury, rage, brutality. 

Burrghlas, -ais, f. a torrent of brutal r;.ge. 

Burrghlasach, a. brutally passionate. 

Bùrsacb, -aich, m. a stormy fellow a tor- 
rent of rain. 

Burt, bùirt, m. mockery, joking, ridicule. 

Bururas, -ais, m. a harsh or gurgling UDÌse. 

Bururasach, a. harsh, grating, purling. 

Bus, buis, m. the mouth or snout of a beast. 

Busach, -aiche, a. snouty, having a big 

Busag, -aig, f. a girl with thick lips, a blow 
on the lips. 

Bus-dubh, m. a black mouth or snout. 

Bus-iall, -eille, f. a muzzle. 

Buta, -achan, m. a young bird, luck-penny, 
' boot.' 

Bxitarrais, f. a confused mixture, hotch- 

Bùth, -a, pi. bùithean, bùthan, or bùth- 
annan, m. a shop, a tent, a booth. 

Buthainn, -e, f. long straw for thatch. 

Buthainnich, -eachadh, v. thrash, beat. 

Biithan, -ain, m. a small shop, or tent. 


C', contraction of cia. 

Cà, adv. contraction of c'ait, where. Ca 

bheil thu? Where are you? 
Cab, -adh, v. indent, notch, hack. 
Cab, caib, m. making a mouth in derision. 
Cabach, m. a toothless man; cabag, a tooth- 
less woman; a. cabach. 
Cabag, -aig, f. a cheese; a. càbagach. 
Cabaire, m. a tattler; a. babbler. 
Cabaireachd, f. prattling, tattling. 
Caball, -aill, -an, m. a cable. 
Cabar, -air, m. a stake, a rafter, a deer's 

horn; a. cabrach. 
Cabhag, -aig, f. hurry, haste; a. cabhagach. 
Cabhlath, -aich, f. a fleet, a navy. 
Càbhniich, f. sowans. 
Cabhsair, -ean, m. a street, a causeway. 
Cabhtair, -ean, m. an issue or drain in the 

Cabhuil, -ean, f. a sort of creel to catch fish. 
Càblaid, -e, f. turmoil, confusion. 
Cabrach, -aiche, a. having antlers, branchy. 
Cabstair, -ean, m. a curb, or bit, of a 

bridle; cabstar. 
Cac, -a, m. dirt, dung; a. cacach, cacail. 

Càch, pron. the rest. 
Cachaileith, f. a gate; cachlaidh. 
Cadadh, -aidh/m. hose-tartan. 
Cadal, -ail, m. sleep; a. cadalach. 
Cadalan, -ain, dim. a little sleep, a nap. 
Cadal-deilgneach, m. the pricking sense in 

a torpid limb. 
Cadaltachd, f. sleepiness, drowsiness. 
Cagailt, -e, -ean, a hearth. 
Cagainn, cagnadh, v. chew, gnaw. 


Cagar, -air, m. a whisper, a darling, a pet; 

dim. cagaran. 
Caibe, -eachan, m a spade. 
Caibeal, -eil, -an, m. a chapel, a buiyiug 

Caibheis, f. prattling, tittering. 
Caibideil, m. a chapter of a book. 
C'aidil, V. sleep, slumber, repose. 
Caidreach, a. kind, fricudly. 
Caidreachail, -e, a. familiar, friendly. 
Caidreamh, -imh, m. familiarity, friendship, 

vicinity; also caidreabh. 
Caidreamhacli, m. a familiar, a fiie'.id. 
C'aidrearahas, -ais, m. familiarity, intimacy. 
Caidrich, v. cherish; caidir. 
Caig, -e, f. a rush of conversatiou. 
Caigeann, -inn, f. a rough mountain pass. 
Caigeann, -inn, f. a couple, a brace. 
Caiguich, -neadh, v. couple together. 
Call, -e, f. vigour, strength, appetite. 
Cailbhe, -ean, m. a partition wall, a wattle. 
Cailc, -e, f. chalk; a. cailceach, chalky. 
Cailc, -eadh, v. chalk. 

Caileadair, -ean, m. a philosopher, a dervish. 
Càileanta, a. hard, firm. 
Caile, f. a quean, a hussy. 
Càileachd, f. energy, ability (cail). 
Càileachdach, a. strong, able, powerful. 
Caileag, -eig, -an, f. (dim. of caile), a little 

Cailc-bhalach, f. a romping girl, a tomboy. 
Cailean, -ein, -an, m. a husk, a prickle; 

Càileiginn, f. somewhat, something. 
Cailin, -e, f. a miss, a maid, a nymph. 
Cailis. -can, f. a chalice, a cup. 
Caill, call, V. lose, suffer, loss. 
Cailleach, -ich, cailleachaa, f. an old woman, 
a nun. 


Cailleachail, a. cowardly; cailleachanta. 
Cailleachas, -ais, f. the conduct of an old 

Cailleach-dhubh, f. a nun; cailleachas- 

diibh, state of a nun. 
Cailleach-oidhche, f. an owl. 
Cailleag. See Coilleag. 
Caillteacli, a. hurtful, ruinous. 
Caillteanach, -aich m. a eunuch. 
Caimdeal, -eil, m. j^rolixity, tediousness. 
Caime, f. crookedness, blindness of one eye. 
Caimean, -e, -ein, m. a mote; a. caimeanach. 
Caimleid, -e, f. camlet, a sort of worsted 

Cain, -eadh, v. scold, slander. 
Cain, -e, f. tribute, tax; a. càiueach. 
Cainb, -e, f. hemp, canvas. 
Cainb-aodach, -aich, m. sackcloth. 
Càineachd, f. taxation, taxing-. 
Caineal, -eil, m. cinnamon. 
Caingis, f. Whitsuntide, Pentecost. 
Càinich, -eachadh, v. impose a tax; (càin). 
Cainicheau, m. cotton-grass; canacli. 
Cainnt, -ean, f. speech, language; a. caiimt- 

Cainnteachl, f. talkativeness. 
Cainutear, -ean, m. a censurer, an orator, a 

Caintearachd, f. eloquence, oratory. 
Caiptin, m. a captain. 
Càir, a gum, a grin, foam of the sea. 
Cairb, -e, -ean, the bent ridge of a pack- 
Cairbh, -e, -ean, f. a carcase, a dead body. 
Cairbhinn, f. a carcase; a. cairbhinneach. 
Cairbhinneachd, f. slaughter, massacring. 
Cairbhist, -e, a load, personal service to a 

landlord, a flogging. 


Càird, -e, f. delay, respite, partiality, kind- 

Càirde, m. friendaliip, a relation; see caraid. 

Càirdeach, -iche, a. related, friendly. 

Càirdeachas, -ais, m. relation, friendliness. 

Càirdealachd, f. friendliness, kindness. 

Càirdeas, -is, m. friendship, relation-sliip. 

Ckirdeil, -e, a. friendly, kind, affectionate. 

Càirdicli, V. befriend. 

Caireachd, f. wrestlingf. 

Càirean, -ein, -ciueau, m. the gum of the 

Càireanach, a. hiiving gums. 

Cair-gheal, -ile, a. white-foaming, as a wave. 

Cairich, caradh, v. mend, lepair, place. 

Cairidh, -idhean, f. a wall in the sea to 
catch fish; a weir. 

Càirneach, rather carnach, f. stony ground. 

Cairt, -eadh, v. tan, as leather, bark, oak. 

Cairteag, -eig, f. a little cart. 

Cairteal, -eil, -an, m. a fourth !>art, a 

Cairtealan, m. quarters, lodgings. 

Cairtear, -ean, m. a carter, a waggoner. 

Cairtearachd, f. a carter's trade. 

Cinr-thalmhainn, -e, f. yarrow, milfoil. 

Cairtidh, a. swarthy, tawny. 

Cairt-iuil, f. a mariner's compass. 

Caisd, caisdeachd, v. listen, hearken. 

Caisdeachd, f. listening. 

Càise, m. cheese; a. caiseach. 

Caise, f. a ctirl of hair, shortness of temper. 

Caiseart, -eirt, f. shoes and hose; (cas- 

Caisean, m. any curled thing, dew-lap of 
cattle, a short-tempered man. 

Caisean-uchd, the breast .strip of a sheep. 

Caiseanach, a. short-tempered. 



Càisg or càsg, -a, f. Easter, Passover, a 

Caisg, ca^gadh, v. restrain, check, curb. 
Caibiall, -eill, m. a shoemakers strap. 
Caisil-chi-ò, f. a bier, a coffiu. 
Caisioun, a. white-footed. 
Caislich, caisleadh, v. soften, smooth, stir 

up, roiise. 
Caismeachd, f. alarm, Avarning, a hint, a 

marching tune. 
Caisnich, -eachadh, v. shake roughly, crush. 
Caisreag, -eig, -an, f. a curl, a ringlet; a. 

Caisrig, -eadh, v. consecrate. 
Caiste, a. twisted twined, curled. 
Caisteal, -eil, m. a castle. 
C'àit, or c'aite, adv. where. 
Càiteach, -ich, f. a winnowing sheet. 
Caiteag, -eig, -an, f. a fishing basket, a 

circle of straw ropes for holding grain, 

a small bit. 
Caitean, m. nap of cloth, a ruffled surface; 

a. caiteanach. 
Caith, -eamh, v. wear, spend, waste. 
Caitheamh, -imh, m. spending, consumption. 
Caitheamh-aimsire, m. sport, pastime. 
Caithe-beatha, f. moral conduct, behaviour, 

mode of living. 
Caithream, -im, m. f. joyful noise or shout. 
Caithreamaich, f. shouting; a. caithreamach. 
Caithreamaich, v. shout for joy. 
Caithris, f. watching, wakefulness. 
Caithris, caithris, v. watch, guard. 
Caithriseach, a. watching, attentive. 
Caithteach, a. prodigal. 
Caithteachas, -ais, m. prodigality. 
Caithtiche, m. a spendthrift. 
Cal, torpor. See ceal. 
Càl, càil, m. kail, cabbage, soup. 


Cala, -achau, -aichean, m. a harbour, a port. 
Caladair, -ean, m. a calendar. 
Calaich, -achadh, v. bring to port. 
Calanas, -ais, £. working of wool or flax. 
Calann, m. callosity, hardness of the skin. 
Calbh, cuilbh, or cailbh, m. a shoot, a twig, 

a head, a scalp. 
Calc, -adh. v. caulk, ram, cram. 
Calcaire, ra. a caulker, a rammer. 
Cal-ceanaun, m. cabbage or greens and 

potatoes boiled and mashed together. 
Cal-ceirsleach, m. cabbage. 
Calda, a. tame, domesticated. 
Calg, cuilg, m. an awn, a prickle, beard of 

corn . 
Calgach. -:iiche, a. bri.stly, full of awns. 
Calg-dhireach, a. direct, straight. 
Call, -a, m. loss, damage. 
Callaid, f. a lurking place, a hedge, a cap. 
Callaideach, a. hedged, fenced, wearing a 

Call-aimsire, m. losing time. 
Callanach, -aiche, a. noisy, clamorous. 
Callan, -ain, m. noise, din, hubbub. 
Callda, a. tame. 
Calldachd, f. loss, calamity. 
Calltuinn, -e, m. hazel. 

Calma, a. strong brave; calmail, calmarra. 
Calmachd, f. stoutness, courage. 
Caiman, -ain. m. a dove. 
Calraar, a kind of fish. 

Calmarra, a. brawny, well-made, powerful. 
Calpa, -an. -annan, m. the calf of the leg. 
Caipa, m. capital or principal lying at 

Calpa-na-tairnge, m. the halliards. 
Calpach or calpannach, a. stout-legged. 
Calluinn. -e, f. New Year's Day. 
Cam, cainie, a. crooked, one-eyed, biassed. 


Camachag, -aig, -an, f. a small bay. 

Camadh, m. a bend, a crook, a curve. 

Cama-dhubh, f. the arm or tliigh bone. 

Camag, -aig, -an, f. a curve, a crook, a 

Camagach, a. crooked, bending, curled. 

Camag-gbaraidh, f. the temple, side of the 
head; camag-ara. 

Caman, -ain, pi. camain, m. a shinty or club. 

Camauachd, f. shinty or golf-playing. 

Camas, -ais, m. a bay, a creek, a harbour. 

Camasach, a. full of bays. 

Cam-chasach, a. bow-legged. 

Camhal, -ail pi. camhail m. a camel. 

Camhanaich, f. the dawn, twilight. 

Cam-luirgneach, a. bow-legged. 

Camp, -a, -an, -annan, f. a camp. 

Campaich, -achadh, v. encamp. 

Campair, m. a camp master. 

Campax, -air, m anger, grief, sadness. 

Camparach, a. sad, vexed. 

Camshron, f. a crook nose or hook nose. 

Camshronach, a. hook-nosed. 

Cam-shuil, f. a sqxiint eye; a. cam-skuileach. 

Can, cantainn, cantail, v. say, rehearse, 

Cana, pi. canachan, m. a porpoise. 

Cauabhas, -ais, m. canvas. 

Cauach, -aich, f. or m. cotton grass, the 
herb cat's tail. 

Cànain, -e, -ean, f. a language, a tongue. 

Canastair, -ean, m. a canister. 

Cangairnich, -eachadh, v. suppurate, gan- 

Cangaraich, -achadh, v. fret, vex, agitate. 

Canglainn, f. angry words; a. can^laiun- 

Canglainneachd, f. turbulent words. 

Canna, -achan, m. a can, a cup. 

CAM — CAO 69 

Cannach. a. sweet, pretty. 
Cannach, -aich, m. sweet-willow, myrtle. 
Caiintair. m. a chanter, a singer. 
Canntaireachd, f. chanting, singing. 
Canran, -ain, m. contention, strife. 
Càuranach, f. murmuring, grumbling-. 
Canranaich, -achadh, v. contend, grumble. 
Caob, caoib, -an, m. a himp, a clod, a bite. 
Caob, -adh, v. clod, bite, strike. 
Caoch, caoiche, a. empty, shallow. 
Caochag. -aig, f. an empty nut. 
Caochail, caochladh, v. alter, change, 

Caochan. -ain, -an, m. a brook, a rivulet, 

whisky in its first process of distillation. 
Caochladh, -aidh, m. a change, an altera- 
Caochlaideach. a. inconstant, variable; 

Caochlaideachd, f. mutability, variation. 
Caog. -adh, v. wink, connive, aim by one 

Oaogach, -aiche, a. winking, squint-eyed. 
Caogad, -aid, a. fifty; caogadamh, the 

Caogsliuil, f. a winking eye, a squint-eye. 
Caogshui leach, a. winking, squint-eyed. 
Caoidh, -e, f. lamentation, weeping. 
Caoidh. caoidh, v. weep, mourn, bewail. 
Caoidh-chomhradh, f. mournful expressions. 
Caoidheach, a. mournfiil, wailing. 
Caoidhearan, -ain, m. a wailing, a mournful 

Caoidhenrnach, a. mournful, plaintive. 
Caoil. -can, m. twigs, wands. 
Caoile, leanness; caoilead. 
Caoilich. -eachadh, v. make slender, 

Caoimheach, -aich, m. a bedfellow, a friend. 


Caoimhueas. See coiblineas. 
Caoin, -eadh, weep, deplore, lauieut. 
Caoin, -e, a. kind, mild, gentle, dry. 
Caoin, f. right side of cloth; caoin is 

Caoineachas, -ais, m. mildness, rauqnillity. 
Caoinich, -eachadh, v. dry, season, soothe. 
Caoin-shuarach, a. indifferent, careless. 
Caointeach a. sad, sorrowful, moixrning. 
Caointeachan, -ain, m. a mourner. 
Caoir, -e, -ean, f. red-hot iron, a blaze of 

fire, phosphorescence. 
Caoireach, a. sparkling, blazing, flashing. 
Caoirgheal, a. bright, flaming. 
Caoir-lasair, f. a bright or sparkling flame. 
Caoirnean, -an, a globule or .sheep or goats' 

Caoir-sholuis, f. a gleaming light. 
Caoir-theine, f. a fire-brand. 
Caol, caoile, a. small, slender, lean. 
Caol, caoil, caoiltean, m. a strait, a sound, 

a firth, osiers. 
Caolan, -ain, -an, m. a gut, an entrail; a. 

Caol-an-droma, the small of the back ; caol- 

an-dùirn, the wrist. 
Caolas, -ais, -an, m. a firth, a strait. 
Caolchasach, a. having small legs. 
Caol-chomhnuidh, f. a narrow abode, a 

Caolchruth, m. a slender form : a. caol- 

Caol-dhearrsa, f. the name of a star. 
Cnol-mhala, a well-shaped eye-brow. 
Caolmhuingeach, a. narrow nianed. 
Caolshrath, m. a narrow strath or plain. 
Caomh, caoimh, m. a friend, kindness. 
Caomh, caomha, caoimhe, a. kind, gentle. 
Caomhach, -aich, m. a friend. 


Caomhachd, f. kinness, affection; caomh- 

Caomhag, -nig, f. a mild or kind woman. 
Caomhaich, -achadh, v. soothe, cherish, 

Caomhail, -e, a. mild, kind; caomhalach, 

Caomhain, -adli, v. .spare, save. 
Caomhalachd, f. kindness, mildness. 
Caorahan, -ain, m. a kind or friendly man. 
Caomhantachd, f. saving, sparing, frugality. 
Caomh-chridheach, a. kind-hearted. 
Caomhnach, -aiche, a. fugal. sparing; 

Caonnag, -aig, f . bustle, strife, a fight ; a. 

Caor, -a, -an, f. a rowan berry. 
Caora, caorach, dat. caora, pi. caoirich, 

caoraich, f. a sheep. 
Caora-fithich, f . a crow-berry ; caora-fiadhag, 

Caoran, -ain, m. a fragment of peat, an 

Caorann, -ainn, m. a rowan tree, rowa?. 
Caorann-cuthaich, m. a .species nf wild 

Caor-thalmhainne, a strawberry; suibhcag. 
Caothach,- aich, m. madness; ciithach. 
Capall, -aill, m. a mare. 
Capall-coille, m. the capercailzie, the wood 

Capall-lin, m. a lint beetle. 
Car, -aire, m. a friend, a relation; a. 

Car, prep, during. 
Car, cuir. m. a turn, a bend, a winding, a 

Caraibh, dat. pi. of car; an caraibh a 

cheile, in contact, in grips. 

72 CAR -CAR 

Carach, -aiche, a. ciiuning, sly, windiug^. 
Caraich, carachadh, caraclidainu, v. move, 

Caraid, -e, pi. càirdeau, m. a friend, a rela- 
Caraid, -e, -ean, f. a pair, a couple; a. 

Caraidich, -eacliadh, v. pair, couple. 
Càramh, m. condition, state. 
Carantas, m. friendship. 
Carbad, -aid, -an, m. a cliariot, a bier, a 

Carbadair, -ean, a charioteer, a driver. 
Carbh, cairbh, f. a galley. 
Carbhaidh, f. carraway. 
Carbhair, -ean, m. a carver, an engraver. 
Carbhaireachd, f. carving, mangling. 
Carblianach, -aich, m. a carp. 
Carcair, -e -ean, m. a prison, a sewer in a 

Carcais,, f. a carcase, a dead body. 
Card, -a, -an, f. a wool-card. 
Card, -adh, v. card wool, cotton, or flax. 
Cardair, -ean, m. a carder of wool, etc. 
Càrdaireachd, f. carding, the oflfice of card- 

Car-fhacal, -ail, m. a quibble, a pun. 
Car-f had aiche, m. a quibbler, a punster. 
Carghas, -uis, m. Lent. 
Carlag, -aig, -an, f. a lock of wool. 
Cam, cùirn, m. a horning; càrn-eaglais, 

Cam, -adh, v. heap, pile. 
Cam, cùirn, m, a heap of stones, a sledge, 

a cart. 
Ckrnach, -aich, m. hard, rocky ground. 
Càmag, -aig, -an, f. a sea-eel, a she terrier. 
Carnaid, f. a red colour. 
Càrnan. -ain, dim. a small heap of stones. 


Càrn-ciunihne, m. a monument. 

Carr, -a, a skin eruption, the curl in pota- 
toes, a rock. 

Carrachan, -ain m. a frog--fish. 

Carrag-h. -aigh, f. a rock, a pillar, a monu- 

Carraicean, -ein, -an, m. a knotty .stick, a 
thick man. 

Carraid. -e, f. a conflict, a fight, a strife. 

Carraideach, a. quarrelsome, boisterous. 

Carraig. cairge, f. a. rocky, full of cliffs. 

Carrai£rean, -ein, -ean, f. a knot in wood, 
the tangle, Irish moss. 

Carraigeanach, a. knotty, rocky. 

Carra-raeille, m. wild liquorice. 

Carran, -ain, m. a weed growing in corn. 

Carranachd, f. charity; carthannachd. 

Carran -creige, m. a sort of fish, a conger 

Cars, f. a plain, a fertile tract of country. 

Carshuil, f. a rolling eye. 

C ar-son, pron. why; ciod air son. 

Cart, cairt, pi. cairt, f. a quarter, one- 

Cart, -adh, v. muck, clean, cart; cairt. 

Cartan, -ain. m. a heath-mite. 

Car-tiiathal, -eil, m. a wrong turn, mishap. 

Cas, coise, -an, f. a leg, a foot, a handle, a 
shaft; a. casach. 

Cas, caise, a. .steep, curled, irritable. 

Cas, -adh, v. gnash, oppose, turn against. 

Cas, chise, càsan, m. a case, a difficulty, 

Casa-carrach, f. stilts; .see casa-corrach. 

Casach, -aich, f. tackle for a hook. 

Casad, -aid, m. a cousrh; casdaich; a. casad- 

Casadh. -aidh, m. grinning, gnashing, 

74 CAS — CAT 

Caea-feannaig, pi. crow's foot stitohiug. 

Casag, -aig, f. a long coat; a. casagach. 

Casaid, -e, -ean, f. an accusation, a com- 

Casaid, v. accuse, arraign. 

Caisaideach, a. complaining, accusing. 

Casaidich, -eachadh, v. accuse, arraign. 

Casaidiche, -ean, m. an accuser. 

Casan, -ain, pi. casain, m. a post or .stick 
in the inside of a wall, a treadle, a 
path; a. casanach. 

Casaodannach, a. having a wrinkled face. 

Cas-chiab, f. a curled lock; a. cas- 

Cas-choirbeil, f. a roof-couple, couple-legs. 

Cas-chrom, g. coise-cruime, d. cois-.?hruim, 
f. a crooked spade used in the High- 

Casd, casdaich, v. cough. 

Cas-dhireach, f. a straight spade; cas- 

Casgair, casgairt, casgradh, v. slay, mangle. 

Casgairt, f. slaughter. 

Casgrach, -aiche, a. mangling, slaying. 

Cas-maighich, f. the herb hare's foot. 

Casruisgte, a. barefooted. 

Castan, -ain, -an, f. a chestnut. 

Cat, cait, m. a cat. 

Cata, -an, m. a sheep-cote. 

Càtaich, -achadh, v. tame, domesticate. 

Catanach, a. hairy, rough ; one of the 
Cattan clan. 

Cat-fiadhaich, m. a wild cat. 

Cath, catha, -an, m. a fight, a striisrgle, a 

Cath, cathadh, v. fight, struggle. 

Cath, -a. càithe, f. chaff, seeds or husks; a. 

Catha, f. a difficult narrow pass. 


Cathach, a. fighting, also a warrior. 

Cathadh, -aidh, m. snow-droft. 

Catliadh-fairge, m. sea-droft. 

Cathag, -aig, -an, f. a daw, a jackdaw. 

Cathaich, -achadh, or cothachadh, v. fight, 

Cathair, cathrach, -raichean, f. a chair, a 
throne, a city. 

Cathair-breitheanais, f. a tribunal, a judg- 

Cathair-easbaig, f. an Episcoipal chair. 

Cathair-rioghall, f. a throne. 

Cathan, -ain, -an, m. a species of wild goose. 

Cathar, -air, m. a moss, a bog; a. ckth- 

Catharra, a. brave, strenuous. 

Catharra, a. militant; an creideamh cath- 
arra, the militant faith; also an 

Catharrachd, f. valour, bravery. 

Cathbhruich. See càbhruich. 

Cath-labhar, m. an inciting speech, loud 
and angry talk. 

Cat-luch, cait-luch, m. a mouse trap. 

Cat-luibh, f. cudwort. 

Cè? See cia. 

Cè, or cia, m. cream. 

Ce, m. the earth; cruinne-ce, globe of the 

Ceaba. See caibe. 

Cèabhar, -air, m. a slight breeze, slisrht 
intoxication; dim. cèabharan. 

Ceach ! interj. expressive of dislike. 

Ceachail, -ladh, v. dig, excavate. 

Ceacharra, a. cowardly, mean, sordid. 

Cead, ni. leave, permission. 

Ccadaich, -achadh, v. allow, permit. 

Ceadalach, -aiche, a. crazy, subject to flts of 


Oeadau, -aiu, -atij m. a lump, a burden, a 

lock of hair. 
Ceaird. or ciùird, or ceird, f. a trade, 

Ceal, -a, -an, m. stupor, stupidity. 
Cealach, aicli, m. the fireplace of a kiln. 
Cealg, c€ilg, f. deceit, hypocrisy; a. cealg- 

Cealgair, -eau, m. a deceiver, a hypocrite. 
Cealgaireachd, f. fraud, hypocrisy. 
Ceall, cill, f. a church, a burying-place, a 

Ceallair, m. the superior of a monastery, a 

cellarer, a talker; cealair. 
Cean, m. love, favour. 
Cean, or ceana, adv. v?hither. 
Ceanal, -ail, m. pleasantry, merriment; 

Ceanalta, a. genteel, polite, docile. 
Ceanaltachd, f. complaisance; ceanaltas. 
Ceangail, -gal, v. bind, tie, fetter. 
Ceano'al, -ail. m. a fetter, a tie; a. cc;ing- 

Ceangaltas, -ais, ni. obligation, tying; a. 

Ceanglaiche, m. a binder. 
Cean-ionn, -inn, a. white-faced. 
Ceann, cinn, m. a head, an end, a hilt, a 

top. a chief. 
Ceanna-bharr, m. a head-dress, a cap. a hat. 
Ceanna-bheirt. -ean, m. a head-covering, a 

Ceanna^bhiora'ch, a. conical, pointed at the 

Ceannabhrat. -ait, a head-dress, a canopy. 
Oeannach. -aich, m. hire, a reward, a price. 
Ceannachd. f. goods, merchandise. 
Ceann-adhairt, m. the head of a bed, a 



Ceannag, -aig, -an, f. a head-rig, a bottle 

of hay or straw. 
Ceann-aghaidh, f. the forehead, the face. 
Ceannaich, -ach, v. buy, purchase. 
Ceannaiche, -ean, m. a merchant, a trader. 
Ceann-aimsire, m. a date or era, fixed time. 
Ceannairc, -e, f. rebellion, sedition. 
Ceannairceas, -eis, m. sedition; a. ceann- 

Ceannaire, -ean, m. a driver, a goadsman. 
Ceannaire, m. a wedge to drive hoop*). 
Ceannaireachd, f. a goadsman'e office. 
Ceann-airm, m. a general. 
Ceann-aobhar, m. the first cause. 
Ceannaodach, m. a head dress. 
Ccanuard, -aird, m. a head, a chief or com- 
Ceann-àrd, -àirde, a. high-headed. 
Ceannardach, -aiche, a. imperious, haughty. 
Ceannardachd, f. imperiousness, arrogance. 
Ceannas, -ais, m. forwardness, imperious- 

Ccannasach, a authoritative, imperious. 
Ceannasachd, f. authoity, imperiousness 
Ceannas-feadhna, m. the sithation of the 

head of a clan. 
Ocannasg, -aisg, m. a hair-lace. 
Oeann-buidhne, m. a captain. 
Cc.\nn-oaol, m. the small end; ceaun-Grarbh, 

great end. 
Ccann-chathair, f. a metropolis. 
rVann-cinnidh, m. the head of a clan, a 

Ceann-còmhraidh, m. subject of a discourse. 
Ceann-cònspaid, m. the subject of a debate. 
Cc;inn-cideadh, m. a head dress. 
Coann-fàth, m. cause, reason. 
Ceann-feachd, m. a general; or ceann- 



Ceann-fìne, m. a cMeftain, head of a clan. 

Ceann-glialar, -air, m. dandruff. 

Ceann-ghlas, a. grey-headed. 

Ceann-ileach, m. a sword-hilt made in Islay. 

Ceann-iiiil, m. a guide. 

Ceannlaidir, a. obstinate; ceannlaidireachd, 

Ceann-litir, m. a capital letter. 

Ceann-mathain, f. the name of a star. 

Ceannsaich, -achadh, v. subdue, command. 

Ceannsal, -ail, m. command, authority. 

Ceannsalachd, f. command, authority. 

Ceannsgal, -ail, f. command, authority. 

Ceannsgalach, a. authoritative, command- 

Ceanu-sgriobhaidh, m. subject of writing, 
a motto. 

Oeann-sgur, m. an end, a period, a full stop. 

Ceann-simid, m. a tadpole. 

Ceann-sithe, a peace-maker. 

Ceann-suidhe, pi. cinn-shiiidhe, m. a presi- 

Ceann-tàla, m. a bard. 

Ceann-teagaisg, m. the subject of a sermon, 
a text. 

Ceann-tighe, or ceann-fine, m. head of a 

Ceann-tobhta, m. a wooden knee fixing a 
boat-bench, a beam-end. 

Ceann-uidhe, m. the end of a journey, a 
hospitable ^lan. 

Ceap, or ceapa, -an, m. a shoemaker's la-st, 
a trap, a block. 

Ceap, -adh, v. catch, stop, intercept. 

Ceapach, -aiche, a. full of lasts, or trunks 
of trees, a plot of land. 

Ceapag. -aig, f. a small turf, a sod, a block, 
an impromptu verse, a barrow wheel. 


Ceapaire, -ean, m. bread covered with butter 

ai.d cheese. 
Ceapau, -ain, m. a little last, or stock; a. 

Ceapanta, a. thick, strong. 
Cearb, cirb, f. a corner of cloth, a piece of 

cloth, a rag. 
Cearbach, -aiche, a. ragged, awkward, 

Cearbachd, f. awkwardness; cearbalachd. 
Cearbaiche, f. awkwardness, raggednesg. 
Cearbaire, m. an awkward person. 
Cearban, -ain, m. a sail-fish, a basking 

Cearbau-feoir, m. crowfoot. 
Cearc, circe, cearcan, f. a hen; a. cearcach. 
Cearcag-, -aig, f. a little hen. 
Cearcal, -ail, m. a hoop; a. cearclach. 
Cearc-fhrangach, f. a turkey hen. 
Cearc-fhraoich, f. a moor-fowl. 
Cearc-thomain, f. a partridge. 
Cèard, cèird, ciùird, m. a tinker. 
Cèardach, -aich, f. a forge, a smithy. 
Cèardachd, f. office of a tinker; a. ceardail. 
Cèardail. -e, a. of or belonging to a tinker. 
Ceardalachd, f. handicraft, ingenuity, 

Cèard-dubhan, -ain, m. a dung beetle. 
Ccarn, -a, -an, f. a corner, a region; a. 

Cearnabhan, -ain, m. a hornet, a beetle; 

Ceàrnag, -aig, f. a little corner; a ccaru- 

Cearnan, -ain, m. a square, a quadrangle. 
Cèarr. -a, ciorra, a. left, wrong, left-handed. 
Cearrach. -aiche, a. expert, clever, a 



Cearrag, -aig, -an, f. the left hand; ;». cearr- 

Cearr-lamhach, a. left-handed,, awkward. 
Ceart, a. right, just, proper. 
Ceart, ceirt, m. right, justice, propriety. 
Ceartachail, -e, a. rectifiable, reclaimable. 
Ceartachair, -ean, m. rectifier; ceartaiche. 
Ceartaich, -achadh, v. adjust, rectify. 
Ceartas, -ais, m. justice, equity. 
Ceart-bheirt, f. a good deed, a good turn. 
Ceart-bhreith, -e, f. a just judgment. 
Ceart-bhreitheach, a. righteous or just in 

Ceart-bhreitheanas, -ais, f. a just judgment. 
Ceart-sgriobhadh, -aidh, m. orthography. 
Ceas, -an, m. coarse, matted •wool; a. 

Ceasad, -aid, m. grumbling, complaining. 
Ceasadair, -ean, m. a grumbler: a ceas- 
ad ach. 
Ceasnaich, -achadh, v. question, examine. 
Ceathach, -aich, m. mist, fog. 
Ceathachail, -e, a. misty, foggy. 
Ceathairne, f. a party of men, stout men. 
Ceathairne-choille, f. freebooters, outlaws. 
Ceatharnach, -aich, m. a stout man, a 

Ceatharnachd, f. valour, heroism, ceath- 

Ceathramh, -aimh, m. a fourth part. 
Ceathramh, _ a. the fourth; an ceathramh, 

Ceathramhan, -ain, m. a cube, a quadrant. 
Ceathr:imhanach, a. resembling a quadrant. 
Ceathrar, m. and f. four persons. 
Ceidhe, -achan, m. a pier, a quay, the 

coulter-holder of a plough. 
Ceig, -e, ean, f. a lump, a bunch; a. 



Ceig, -tadii, v. kick, strike with the foot. 

Cei'jt-an, ni. a thick short man; a. ceigemi- 

Ceigeanachd, f. btjuatness. 

Ceil, ceiltinn, ceileadh, v. couceal, hide. 

Ceile, m. and f. a spouse, a husband. 
Athair-ceile, a father in-law. Le cheile, 
together. Bho cheile, asunder. As-a- 
cheile, (separated. Troi-cheile, in dis- 
order; etc., all adv. 

Ceileir, m. lively music, as of birds; ceil- 

Ceileir. -eadh, v. chirp, sing- like a bird. 

Ceileireach, a. chirping, musical. 

Ceilidh, -lidhean, f. visiting, sojourning. 

Ceillidh, e, a. wise, prudent; (ciall). 

Cein, -e, a. distant, far off; cein-thir, 
distant land. 

Ceir, -c. f. wax, a buttock, a deer'.s bnttock. 

Ceir. -eadh, v. wax, seal. 

Ceir-bheach, f. bees'-wax, the honeycomb. 

Ceir-chuachag, -aig, -an, f. a waxen cell, a 

Ceirdeach. a. having a trade, expert, dex- 

Ceireach, -eiche, a. waxy, full of wax; 

Ceirean. -ein, m. a plaster. 

Ceirgheal. -ile, a., white about the buttocks. 

Ceir-shcillein. f. bees' wax. 

Ceirsle, -ean, f. a clew of yarn; a. ceirsleach. 

Ceirsleag. -eig. f. a small clew; a. ceirsleag- 

Ceiralich, ceirsleachadh, v. form into clews. 

Cèis. -e, -ean, f. a case, a keeping place 

Ceis, -e, -ean, f. a creel, a basket, a hamper. 

Ceisdean, m. lover, sweetheart; also ceistcan. 



Cèist, -e, -ean, f. a question, a problem, a 

Ceisteil, -e, a. chaate, modest, of a good 

Ceisteir, -ean, m. a catechist. 
Ceistich, -ea<;hadli, v. question, examine. 
Ceitein, -e, m. tlie month of May ; a ceit- 

Ceiteineach, -aich, m. a coal-fish the secord 

Ceithir, a. f our; ceithir-chasach, four- 
Ceithir-chearuach, a. quadrangular. 
Ceithir-chearnaich, -achadh, v. square. 
Ceithir-deug, a. fourteen ; ceithir-diag. 
Ceithir-fiUte, a. fourfold; ceithir-fhillteach. 
Ceithir-oisneach, a. quadrangular. 
Ceithir-ramhach, a. four-oared, a boat of 

four oars. 
Ceithir-shlisneach, a. quadrilateral, four- 
Ceo, m. mist, fog; a. ceòthach, ceòthmhor. 
Ceòban, -ain, m. a small drizzling rain, a 

small bay; a. ceòbauach. 
Ceò-èideadh, m. a shroud or covering of 

Ceòl, ciùil, ceòil, m. music, melody; a. 

ceòlmhor, ceòlach. 
Ceòlradh, -aidh, f. the Muses. 
Ceòs, rather cias, ceòis, -an, m. the hip, 

Ceòsan, ain, m. light down of feathers. 
Ceòthaireachd, f. mistiness. 
Ceòthran, -ain, m. a slight drizzlin? rain. 
Ceòthranach, a. drizzling: ceòthranachd, 

drizzling rain. 
Ceud, rather ceud, a. the first, a hundied. 
Ceudach, a. centuple; ceudamh, the 



Ceiid-chathacii, of au hundred bi-.ttle.^, an 

epithet of Conn. 
Ceudfath, f. a sense, the senses. 
Ceudna, pron. the same. 
Cemn, -a, -an, -aunan, ni. a step, a path. 
Cenm, -adh, v. step, pace; ceumnaich. 
Ceumacb, -aiche, a. a stately gait ; ceuiiiail, 

Ceuni-iubhe, m. dignity, rank, promotion. 
Oeum-tui.■^lidh, m. a false step. 
Ceus, -adh, v. crucify, torture. 
Ceusach, a. crucifying, torturing. 
Ceusadair, -ean, m. a tormenter. 
Ceutach, -aiche, a. comely, elegant, graceful. 
Cha, chan, neg. adv. not; as cha bhuail mi; 

cha d' fhalbh mi; chan fhaighinn. 
Chaidh, pret. of the irreg. v. rach. 
Chaoidh, adv. forever; or a chaoidh. 
Chean, or cheana, adv. already. 
Chi, fut. of V. faic. 
Chiallach, f. voc. darling. 
Chianamh, adv. a little while ago. 
Chion, or cion, adv. want of; a.- cion 

Chionn, conj., for that reason. 
Chiteadli, pret. .sub. of the v. chi, niiirht be 

Cho, adv. so, as; as cho beo, so lively. 
Chuala, past of v. cluinn. 
Chuile, a. every, all; generally used thus, 

a chuile or h-uile. 
Chum, prep, to, for, in order to. 
Chunnaic, past of the v. faic. 
Cia, interrog. pron. who? what? 
Ciabh, -a, -an, f. a lock or ringlet of hair. 
Ciabhach, -aiche, a. full of locks of hair. 
Ciabhag, -aie, -an, f. p small lock; a. 

Ciabhag-choille, f. a wood-lark. 


Ciad, a. a hundred, the first; an ciadamh, 
the hundredth. 

Ciad-bhainne, m. first milk of a cow nfter 

Ciad-bhileach, -ich, f. the herb centaury. 

Ciad-fhaire, m. the dawn, first dawn of day. 

Ciad-fhas, -ais, m. first growth. 

Ciad-ghin, m. first born, firstlings. 

Ciadlomaidh, or a' clodlomaidh, breakfast. 

Ciad-mheas, m. first fruit. 

Ciall, ceille, f. reason, sense. Mo chiall, 
mj' darling. 

Ciallach, -aiche, a. judicious, prudent ; 
ciall ail. 

Ciallaich, -achadh, v. bring to reason; ex- 
plain, mean. 

Ciallan. -ain, m. a pet, a darling; a chiall- 
ain, my dear. 

Ciall-nàdair, f. natural sense. 

Ciamar, adv. how; cia mar. 

Oian, cein, a. long, tedious, remote, distant; 
an cein, at a distance, bho chein, from 

Cianail, -e, a. sad, melancholj' ; cianalaoh. 

Cianalas. -ais, m. sadness; cinalach. 

Ciar, ceire, a. dusky, dark, brown, swait'ny 

Ciar, -adh, v. become dark or gloomy; ciai- 

Ciarag, -aig, f. a little dark woma:i or 

Ciaran, -ain, m. a dark or swarthy man. 

Ciar-dubh, -uibhe, a. dark grey. 

Ciarshuil. m. a dark eye; a. ciarshuileach. 

Cias, ceòis, -an, m. hip, buttock; a. ciasac''. 

Ciata, m. an opinion or estimate of r1nir- 

Cintach, -aiche, a. elegant, becoming, fast- 

Cib. See ciob. 


Cibeir, -eau, m. a shepherd; cibeireachd, 

hitì trade; also oiobair. 
Cidhis, -e, -an, f. a mask, a vizor. 
Cidsin, kitchen CEng.). 
Cileag, -aig, f. a friiil old woman. 
Cilig, -e, -ean, m. cod in bad couditiou. 
Cill, -e, -tean, f. a cell, a grave, a church 

Cinn, -tinn, v. grow, increase; cinnich. 
Cinncach, -ich, m. nation. 
Cinneachadh, -aidh, m. growth: cinneachd- 

ainu. , 
Cinneadail, -ala, a. clannish; cinueadal- 

achd, clannishness. 
Cinneadh, -idh, m. a clan, a tribe. 
Cinneas -eis, m. growth; cinneasachd; a. 

Cinnscal, -eil, m. commencement, Jjegiu- 

Cinnt. -e, f. certainty; cinnteachd; a. 

Cinntealas, -ai.s, m. certainty, lussuraiice. 
Ciob, -a, f. a kind of grass, tow; a. ciobach. 
Ciobhal, -ail, pi. cibhiean, f. a jaw-bone, a 

door jamb; see giall. 
Cioch, ciche, f. a woman's brea-st, a pap, a 

nave of a wheel. 
Ciocharan, -ain, -an, m. a sucklinjr. an 

infant at the breast. 
Ciocharanachd, f. the condition of a suck- 
Cioch-bhrà[rad. -aid, f. the uvula: cinch- 

Cioch-shliigain, f. the muscular sac in the 

CiocTivs, -ais, m. hunger, longing; a. 

Ciod, interrog, pron. what? 


Ciogail, V. tickle; a. cioj^ailtrach, ticklish, 

difficult, dangerous. 
Ciom, -adh, v. comb, card wool. 
Ciomach, -aich, m. a prisoner, a alave, a 

Ciombal, -ail, m. cymbal. 
Cion, 111. want. 

Cion, -a, m. love, esteem; also cean. 
Cion-aire, f. want of attention, cion-eòlais, 

Cion-fàth, 111. occasion, cause, reason or 

ground for any 2iroceeding. 
Cionn, adv. reason, .sake; a chioun. 
Cionn, as cioun, prep, (old dative of ceaaa), 

Cionnas, adv. how. 
Cionta, -an, f. guilt, crime; a. ciontach, 

guilty, a culprit. 
Ciontaich, -achadh. v. transgress, be guilty. 
Ciora, or cireag, f. a pet lamb or slieej). 
Cioralta, a. cheerful. 
Ciorram, -aim, m. a hurt, a mishap; a. 

Ciosaich, -achadh, v. subdue, tire out, re- 
Ciosan, -ain, m. a basket, a box. 
Ciosnach, -aiche, a. tiresome; ciosnachail. 
Ciotach, -aiche, a. left-handed, awkward. 
Ciotachd, f. left-handednoss : ciotaiche. 
Ciotag, -aig, a left hand, a little plaid. 
Cipean, -ein, m. a peg, a pin for tying, a 

Cir, -eadh, v. comb; cnamh-cire, chewing 

the cud. 
Cire-fheòil, f. the flesh of a hen. 
Cirean, -ein, m. a cock's comb, a crest; a. 

Cìreas'. -oic", f. a little cn^b; a. cireagach. 


Ciridh. interj., the call addressed to a sheep 

f<i- ir^^at. 
Cir-mheala, f. a honeycomb. 
C'is, -e, -ean, f. a tax, a tribute; a. ciseach. 
Cireir, -ean, f. a tax-gatherer; ciseireachd, 

his trade. 
C'is-mhaor, m. a publican, a tax-gatherer. 
Ciste, -eachan, f. a chest, a coffer; dim. 

Cith, -e, -ean, ni. a heavy shower, rage; a. 

Cith-chatha, m. ardour for battle. 
Cithean, m. low crying, or bemoaning; a. 

Cithris-chaithris, f. confusion, tumult, 

Citsin. m. a kitchen; a. citsineach. 
Ciùcharan, -ain, m. a low-voiced plaint 
Ciùin, -e, a. meek, gentle, mild. 
Ciùin, -eadh, v. calm, pacify; ciuinich. 
Ciùine, f. mildness, meekness, calmness. 
Ciiiineas. -eis, m. calmness, meekness; 

Ciùrrteach, -niche, a. hurtful; ciiirrail. 
Ciùran, m. drizzling rain; a. ciùranach. 
Ciùrr, -adb, v. hurt, torture. 
Ciùrradair, -ean, m. tormentor. 
Ciùrradh, -aidh, m. a' hurt, a sore. 
Clab, -aib, m. an open or wide mouth ; a. 

Clabae. -aiìT. f- a garrulous female. 
Clabairo. -ean, m. n babbler; clabairachd, 

Claban. -ain. ra. the top of the head, a 

paddle, a rattle. 
Clabar. -air. -ean, m. a mill-clapper. 
Clàber. -air, m. mire. m\id. clay: n flfib- 

Clàbarachd, f. miriness, dirtiness. 


Clabastair, -ean, m. bawler, babbler. 
Clabog, -oig, -an, f. a orood bargain. 
Clach, cloiche, -an, f. a stone, a -stoie- 

Clach, -adh, v. stone, strike with .^to !es. 
Clachach, -aiche, a. stony. 
Clachair, -ean, m. a mason; clachaireachil. 

his trade. 
Clachan, -ain, m. a church, buxying-ground. 
Clacharan, -ain, ni. stepping stones; the 

bird stonechat. 
Clach-bhalg, -uilg, m. a rattle. 
Clacli-bhleith, f. a sharpening-stone. 
Clach-bhuadhach, f. a precious stone, a 

gem, a charm. 
Clach-cheangail, f. a key-stone. 
Clach-chinn, f. a stone at the head o*" a 

Clach-chnotainn, cnotag, f. a hollo.ved 

stone where corn is beaten from the 

husks, a mortar. 
Clach-chreatha, f. a brick. 
Clach-chriche, f. a march-stoue. 
Clach-chuimhneachain, f. a monnment. 
Clach-dhearg, f. keel. 
Clach-ghaireil, f. a sharpeniii? stone. 
Clach-iùil, f. a loadstone. 
Clach-leig, f. a precious stone. 
Clach-liobhaidh, f. a grind-stone. 
Clach-lionraith, f. a grind-stone. 
Clach-mheallain, f. a hall-stone. 
Clach-mhile, f. a mile-stone. 
Clach-mhnilinn, f. a mill-stone. 
C1ach-na-snl. f. the apple of the eye. 
Clachneart. f. a putting stone. 
Clach-oisinn, f. a corner stone. 
Clach-theine, f. a flint stone. 
Clach-thomhais, f. a weight, or weighing 



Clach-uasal, f. a precious stone. 

Clad, -a, -an, f. a wool-card, a inud-nci;iuer. 

Clad, -adh, v. card wool. 

Cladach, -aich, -aichean, m. the s ne, 

channel of a river. 
Cladan, or clabhdan, -ain, m. a bur 

(thistle), the prickly seed-case ol the 

Cladh, -a, m. spawn (sh), a burying-]>lace, 

a trench. 
Cladhach, -aich, m. digging. 
Cladhaich, cladhach, v. dig. 
Cladhaire, -ean, ra. a coward; a. chu'liair- 

earh, and cladharra. 
Cladh-dùdaidh, m. a roaring billow. 
Clag, clxiig, m. a bell; a. clagach. 
Clag, -adh, v. sound a bell. 
Clagan, -ain, m. a small bell; a. clagan icli. 
Claideag, -eig, -an, f . a lock or ringlet ; a. 

Claidheag, -eig, -an, f. the last handful of 

corn cut on the farm; inaigh 'ean- 

Claidheamh. -inili, pi. claidhean, :;; a 

siword . 
Claidheamh-caol, m. a small sword. 
Claidheanihair, m. swordsman, a fcncrr. 
Claidhoamhaireachd, f. awordsman-hi;i. 
Claidheamh-mor, ni. a broadsword 
Claidhean, -ean, m. a door-bolt. 
Claidreach, a. deafening, fatiguing. 
Claidrich, -eadh, v. deafen, tire, faticri'e. 
Claigeann, -inn, -gnean, m. a skull; a. 

Clais, -eadh, v. trench, furrow, ploucli 
Clais, -e, -ean, f. a furrow, a pit, a hnUfiw; 

a. claiseach. 
Claisdeaohd, f. hearing; claistin-;, ■ lais- 



Claisich, ->eadh, v. furrow, hollow, trencli. 

Clàiteachd, f. gentle rain. 

Clambar, -air, m. wrangling, uoLsy, disjiut- 

Clamhainu, m. sleet; a. clàmhainneacli 
ClamJian, -ain, m. a buzzard, a kite. 
Clàmhr. See clomhr. 
Clann, cloinne, pi. clainne, cloinn, claima, 

children, offspring. 
Clann, -a, -an, f. a lock of hair; a. clannach. 
Clannach, -aiche, a. prolific; a. clannail, 

Claoidh, f. mortification, pain, affliction. 
Claoidh, -eadh and claoidh, v. mortify, 

afflict, exhaust. 
Claoine, f. obliquity, squiutness; claoinead. 
Claon, -aoine, a. squint, inclining. 
Claon, -adh, v. incline, go aside, depart. 
Claonadh, -aidh, m. inclination, turning 

Claonaireachd, f. inclination, partiality. 
Claonbhàidh. -e, f. ])artiality, bias: a. 

claon bhaidheil. 
Claon-bhreith, -e, -ean, f. an unjust judg- 
ment, partiality. 
Claon-bhreitheach, a. partial, unjust. 
Claon-bhritheamh, m. a partial judge. 
Claon-shuil, -ula, -uilean, f. n .-.quint eye; 

a. claon-shiiileach. 
Clap, -adh, v. clap (Eng.). 
Clapail, f. flapping of wings; clapartaich. 
Clàr, -air, pi. clair, or claran, m. a stave, 

a troueh, a tablet. 
Clar, -air (^for clarsach), m .a harp. 
Clàr, -adh, v. maintain, declare ,m3ke 

believe, deceive. 
Clarach, -aiche, a. of or belonging to staves. 
Clarag, -aig, -an, f. a fore tooth, a broad 



C'ìàraidh, f. a wooden floor, a partition. 

Clar-ainm, -e, -ean, m. a catalogfue. 

Clàr-ainni, m. an index. 

CIar-a<Klainn, m. the front, the face. 

Clàr-buideil, m. the stave of a cask. 

Clar-chas, -oi<, ni. a splay-foot; a. clàr- 

Clàr-feòirue, ui. a chess or draught-board. 

Clàr-fuine, m. a kneading-trough, a baking- 

Clar-innsidh, m. an index. 

Clàr-iomairt, m. a chess or draught-board. 

Clàr-niìneachaidh m. a glossary. 

Clarsiich, -aich, f. a harp. 

Clarsair, -ean, ni. a harper, a minstrel. 

Clàrsaireachd, f. harping. 

Clàr-tomhai.-f, m. a scale, a measure. 

Clàr-uachdair, ra. a lid of a chest or trunk 

Clath-nàire. m. modesty, sense of shame. 

Cleachd, a nnglet, a fillet of wool; a. 

Cleachd, -adt. v. accustom, practise. 

Cleachdadh, c cleachdail, and cleachdte; a. 
accustemet!. habitual, full of ringlets 
of hair ^fr. m cleachd or clearc, hair). 

Cleachdadh, -ai'lh, -annan, -aidhean, cus- 
tom, habit. 

CleachdaÌTn:. -e, -ean, f. a custom, a habit. 

Cleamhnas, -ais, m. affinity, relation.ship. 

Clearc, -an, m. hair, a lock of hair. 

Cleas, -a, -an. m. a play, a trick, a feat. 

Cleasach, -aiche, a. playful, sportive, tricky. 

Cleasachd, f. play, sport, sleight of hnnd. 

Cleasaich. -achd, v. sport, play. 

rieasaiche, -ean, m. a juggler, a sta<Te 

CleaHauta, a. playful, frisky; cloasantndid, 

Cleatha, lu. a club, a cudgpl. 


Cleir, f. clergy; a. cleireach. 
Cleireach, -ich, m. a clerk, a writer. 
Cleireachd, f. clerkship; cleirsinneachd. 
Cleit, -e, -eau, f. a quill, a flake of s-;ow; 

a. cleiteach. 
Cloit, -e, f. a rocky eminence,, a sunken reef 

or ridge of rocks. 
C'leiteag, -eig, f. a little quill or flake of 

Cleith, -e, r. .; .atakc, a large stick, conceal- 
Cleith, V. hide, conceal. 
Cleitheach, -aiche, a. concealing, clan- 
Cleitheachd, f. concealment. 
Cleith-inntinu, f. dissimulation, mental 

Cleitinn, rather clitinn, f. a croft, a cow's 

grass; clitig, cleitig. 
Cleòc, -a, -an, -annan, m. a cloak, a mantle; 

a. cleòcach. 
Cleòcan, -ain, -an, m. a little cloak or 

mantle ; a. cleòcanach. 
Clì, clìth, f. vigour, strength; a. cli, left, 

clever. Lamh-chli, the left hand. An 

taobh-chli, the left side. 
Oliabh, cleibh, pi. cleibh, m. a creel, a 

cheese chest. 
Ciiablian, -ain, m. a small creel or chest; 

a. cliabhanach. 
Cliabhanach, -aiche, a. full of creels oi 

Cliabh-farsuinri, m. a broad chest or broa^^t. 
Cliadan, -ain, -an, m. a bur; a. cliadanach. 
Cliamhuinn, cleamhna, pi. cleamhnan. m. 

a son-in-law. 
Cliar, cleir, m. a poet, a brave man; a. 

cliar, brave. 

cu— (M 93 

Cliarac.'ias, -ais, m. or f. bardlsni. poetry, 

feats of valour. 
Cliaradh, -aidh, m. singing; cliaraiche, a 

Cliaraiche, -ean, m. a bard, a 3ong.ster. 
Cliatan, -ain, -an, m. a level spot of ground, 

a hand. 
Cliath, cleithe, f. a harrow, a hurdle, a 

worm, a set of oars, a body of fishers; 

pi. cliathan. 
Cliath, -adh, v. harrow, copulate. 
Cliath eisg, m. a shoal of fi^h. 
Cliathach, -aich, -aichean, f. the side of the 

Cliathag, -aig, -an, f. a small hurdle or 

Cliathair, -ean, m. a harrower. 
Cliath-chliata, f. a harrow. 
Cliatli-laimhe, f. a hand harrow. 
Cliath-luaidh, f. a fuller's hurdle or frame; 

cliath-ramh, f. a set of oars; cliath- 

pnite-duibhe, a worm. 
Clib. -eadh, v. stumble, slip awkwardly. 
Clib. -e, m. an excrescence. 
Clibeadh, -eidh, ra. a slipping or stumbling. 
Clibeag, -eig, -an, f. a trick, a wile, a filly. 
Clibealachd, f. clumsiness, awkwardness; a. 

Clibean, -ein, -ean, m. an excrescence, or 

Clibiste, -ean, m. an awkwtrd or unhandy 

Clibi>teach, a. unhandy, awkward. 
Cllchd, -e, -ean, f. an iron hook, a crook, a 

' cleek '; a. clichdeach. cunning, artful. 

('!;-lanihach, -tiche, a. left-handed. 
Clloiad, -,iid, f. lisping, stammering. 


Clip, -e, -ean, m. a bit of iishs flank or white 
leather usedfor bait. 

Clip, f. fraud, deceit; a. clipeil. 

Clip, -eadh, v. catch with a hook. 

Clipeach, -aiche, a. stammering. 

Clip-lamhachas, or clip-Iamhaiche, i. un- 

Clis, -e, a. quick, agile, nimble. 

Clisbeach, a. unsteady on the feet, apt to 

Clisbeachd, f. lameness, unsteadiness. 

Clisg, -eadh, v. start, startle, leap for fear. 

Clisgeach, a. apt to start, starting, timid. 

Clisgeachd, f. quickness, activity, iiimble- 

Clisgeadh, -idh, -idhean, m. a start, a 

Clisneach, -ich, f. the human body or 

Cliii, cliù, cliùtha, m. fame, reputation. 

Cliiic, f. frtud; a. cliiicach, artful, cunning. 

Clitic, -adh, V. repair, mend nets or .^hoes. 

Cliiicair, -ean, m. a mender of nets or shnes. 

Cliùcaireachd, f. the art of mending nets. 

Cliiid, -a, -an, m. a disabled hand, a stroke 
with the hand. 

Cliùdan, -ain, m. a little hand. 

Cliùmhor, -oire, a. renowned, famous; 

Cliùmhorachd, f. renown, celebrity. 

Cliùthaich, -achadh, v. praise, extol, cele- 
brate. • 

C1Ò, or cloth, dòtha, clòithean, m. home- 
made cloth, printing. 

Clobha, -a<;han ,m. a pair of tong.^^. 

Clobhsa, -achan, m. an entry, a close. 

Clòbhuail, -aladh, v. print, impress, -^tamp. 

Clòbhuailte, a. printed, impressed. 

Clòbhuailtear, -ean, m. a printer. 


Clòbhualadh, -aidh, m. printing. 
Clò-chadal, -ail, m. a clumber, a dozing. 
Clochar, -air, m. a wheezing in the throat. 
Clod, cluid, pi. clodan, cluid, m. a clol, a 

sod, a turf. 
Clod, -adh, v. clod, pelt with clods. 
Clodach, -aiche, a. full of clods. 
Clodaire, -ean, m. a pelter with ci'-db 
Clodaireachd, f. a pelting with clods. 
Clodan, -ain, -an, m. a little clod: a. clodan- 

Clod-cheann, -chinu, m. a dull, heavy head; 

a. clod-cheanntch. 
Clog, cluig, m. a clock, a bell ; see clag. 
Clogad, or clogaid, -ean, m. a helmet, a 

cone; a. clogaideach. 
Clog-mheur, m. the hour-hand of a dial- 
plate or clock. 
Clog-shnàthad, -aid, -an, f. the g-nomon of 

a dial. 
Cloichear, -eire, m. the rattle in the throat 

of dying persons. 
Cloichirean, rather clacharaii, in. the bird 

Clòilean, m. dim. of clò, a little web of cloth. 
Clòimh, -e, f. wool. 
Cloimh, -e, f. the itch, down. 
Clòimhdich, -eachadh, v. shrug the 

Clòimheach, a. woolly. 

Clòimheag, -eig, -an, f. a sort of >niall eel. 
Clòimhean, -ein, -ean, an icicle, a snot or 

Clòimhean-doruis, m. a bolt of a door. 
Clòimheinich, v. flutter, fall slowly as i^own 

or flakes. 
Cioimh-gharrain, f. down on birds. 
Cloimh neag, -eig, -an, f. a flake of snow. 
Clòinihneagach, a. flaky. 

96 CLO — CLU 

Clòimhteach, -ich, f. the down of yt i'..!|Df 

CloiSj -e, f. march-weed or ' horse-tail.' 
Clomhach, -aiche, a. itchy, scabbed. 
Clòmhr, -adh, v. .scratch by shrviggiug-; 

Clamhrachau, -aiu, m. a fledgliug. 
CIos, -adh, V. salm, be quiet. 
Closach, -aich, f. a carcase, a corpse. 
C'lò-suaine, f. slumber. 
Cloth, -adh, V. mitigate, restrain, calm. 
Cluain, -e, -ean, -tean, a green spot, a bower, 

Cluaiueag, -eig, -an, f. a little green field 

or lawn. 
Chiaineagach, a. full of lawns or fields. 
Chiainearachd, or cluainearas, f. deceit. 
Cluaineis, f. artifice, intrigue; a. chiain- 

Cluainteir, m. a cheat; cluainteireachd, hi.^ 

Cluaisean, -eiu, -ean, m. a shoe latchef ; a. 

Cluanag, -aig, f. t deceitful woman. 
Cluaran, -ain, -an, m. a thistle; a. cluaran- 

Cluas, cluaise, -an, f. the ear, the handle 

of a dish; a. cluasach. 
Cluasag, -aig, -an, f. a pillow, a pin- 
cushion ; a. cluasagach. 
Cluas-bhiorach, a. sharp-eared, pointed ears. 
Cluais-chiuil, f. a musical ear. 
Cluas-fhàinne, or cluas-fhail, an earring. 
Cluas-liath, the herb colt's foot; cluas-liich. 

the herb hawk's weed. 
CKid, clùid, -an or cluid, m. a clout, a rag; 

a. cliidach. 
Clùd, -clùdadh, v. clout, patch, mend: 



Clùdag-, rr clùdan, dim. a little clout; a. 

Clùdair. -O-in, m. a patcher, a botcher, a 

Cluich, -eaclid, v. play, gamble. 
Cluich, or cluicheachd ,f. playiug, sport, 

Cluigean, -ein, -can, m. anything hanging, 

an appendage. 
Cluigeanach, a. full of appendages or bells. 
Cluinn, cluinntinn, v. hear, listen. 
Cluintear, -ean, m. a hearer or listener. 
Cluinntearachd. f. hearing; cluinntinn. 
Cluip. 1. deceit; cluipeir, or cluipeadiir, 

Cluip. -eadh. v. deceive, cheat. 
Cluipeireichd, f. deception, fraud. 
Cluith. cl.nth, V. play, sport; cluich. 
Chutherich or cluitheil, a. playful, sportive. 
Cluitheag, -eig, -an, f. children's sport, a 

Cluithear. or cluitheadair, ra. a player. 
Clupaid. f. swollen throat in cattle 
Clù-nead, -nid, m. a warm or sheltered 
Clnthnich, -achadh, a. v. warm, cover. 
Cliithaich, -achadh, v. warm, cover. 
CUithmhor, -oire, a. cosy. 
Chithmhorachd, f. warmth, shelter. 
Cnac, -an, f. a sound, a fissure. 
Cnag, -aig, -an, f. a peg. a pin; a. cnagach. 
Cnag. -adh, v. crack; s. a snap of the 

fingers, knock. 
''•irvgaire, -ean, m. a knocker. 
Cnagar, -ain, m. a little pin or pesr. 
rniiinih. i-nhmha, -an. cnàinil'caii, ni. a 

bone; a. cnàmhach. 
rnaimh-bhristeach, m. the ossifrage. 



Cnaimh-glieadli, -eoidh, m. a fovi between a 

goose and a duck. 
Cnaimh-gheal, -ile, a. white-boned. 
Cnaimhseag, -eig, -an, f. the bearberry, a 

pimple on the face (a ' black-head '). 
Cnaimhseagach, -aiche, a. full of bear- 
berries, pimply. 
Cnamh, -adh, v. digest, corrode, chew, 

Cnàmhachd, f. wasting, consuming; a. 

Cnàmhag, -aig, -an, f. remains of straw 

eaten by cattle, refuse, the ' cracklings' 

of melted tallow. 
Cnàmhau, -ain, m. a gnawing pain, cor- 
roding words. 
Cnamhanach, -aiche, a. corroding, vexatious. 
Cnàmhlach, -aich, f. a skeleton, skin and 

Cnap, -aip, -an, m. a knob, a lump, a little 

Cnap, -adh, v. thump, knock, strike. 
Cnapach, -aiche, a. knobby, hilly, lumpy. 
Cnapadair, -ean, m. a thumper. 
Cnapag, -aig, -an, f. little stool or block, a 

shinty ball. 
Cnapaich, -achadh, v. gather into lumps. 
Cnapan, -ain, -an, m. a little lump, a little 

Cnapanach, -aiche, a. full of lumps or blocks. 
Cnaparra, a. thick, stout, strong. 
Cnap-starra, -aidh, m. an obstacle, a ball 

at the end of a spear for giving alarm. 
Cnatan, -ain, m. a cold, a cough: a. cnatam- 

Cnead, -a, -an f. a sigh, a moan : :^ cneadach. 
Cnead, -adh, -ail, v. sigh, moaiu;. 
Cjpeadh, or cneidh, -e, -ean, f. a wound, a 

sore; a. cneidheach. 


(Jneauih. fe'ce creamh. 

Cneap, -ip, m. a bead, a pebble, a button. 
Cneas, -a, -an, m. skin, the breast, form. 
Cneasaich, -achadh, v. shape, beautify. 
Cneasdachd, f. humanity, meekness; a. 

Cneas-gfheal, -ile, a. white-vskinned. 
Cneas-Chuchuilinn, m. the herb meadow- 
Cneasmhor, -oire, a. pretty, comely. 
Cneidsinii. m. tape. 
Cniadaich, -achadh, v. caress, stroke. 
Cniadaiche, or cniadaire, m. a caresser. 
Cnò, -mha, -mhan, f . a nut ; cnù ; a. 

Cnoc, -uic, -oic, cnocan, m. an eminence, a 

little hill. 
Cnocach, -aiche, a. hilly, rugged. 
Cnocaid, f. a woman's hair bound in a fillet. 
Cnocaire, -ean, m. a saunterer, a loiterer. 
Cnocaireachd, f. loitering on hills. 
Cnocan, -ain, -an, m. a small liill; a. 

Cnoc-faire, no cnoc-seallta, m. a watch-hill. 
Cnòd, -òid, -an, m. a patch or piece on a 

Cnòd, -adh, v. patch, mend; cnodaich. 
Cnòdach, a. industrious, clouted, patched. 
Cuòdan. See cnùdan. 
Cnò-frangach, f. a walnut. 
Cuò-gheanmnaidh, f. a chestnut. 
Cnomhag, -aig, -an, f. a big wilk: dim. 

Cnò-shàmhna, f. a halloweve nut. 
Cnot, -adh, v. unhusk corn. 
Cnotag, -aig, f. a hollow stone for unhusk- 

ing c^rn. 
Cnotal, -ail, m. lichens used in dyerng. 
Cnotal-coille, m. the lung-wort. 


Cno-tlialmJiainii, f. au earth-nut. 
Cnù. See cnò. 

Cnuao, -aic, -au, f. a lump, a head. 
Cnuacach, a.lumiDÌsh, shy, shrewd. 
Cnuacarra, a. deep, shrewd. 
Cuuas, -adh, v. chew, ponder, meditate. 
Cnuasachd, f. chewing, ruminating, ponder- 
Cnuasaich, achadh, v. chew, ponder. 
Cnuasaiche, m. a searcher; cnuasair, cniias- 

Cnuasmhcr, a. fruitful, fertile; cnuasach. 
Cnùdau, -ain, m. a gurnet. 
Cnuimh, -e, -ean, f. a worm, a maggot; dim. 

Cnuimlieagach, -aiche, a. wormy, maggoty. 
Cnuimh-fhiacal, f. toothache. 
Co, iuterrog. pron. who, which; as Co i\ 

CO i? 
Co, cho, conj. as; co math riut, or cho math 

Co-, com-, comh-, coimh-, cnu-, coin-, are 

prefixes of the same iiuijort as co:u-, 

con-, in English. 
Co-aigne, f. a similar turn of mind. 
Oo-aignea«h, a. having the same mind. 
Co-aimsireachd, f. concurrence of events. 
Co-aontaich, -achadh, v. acquiesce, agree. 
Cobhair, cobhrach, f. help, assistance. 
Cobhair, -bhradh, cobhair, v. help, assist. 
Cobban, -aiìi, -an, m. a coffer, a cbest, a • >a. 
Cobhanach', a. full of coffer.-; or boxes. 
Cobhar, -air, m. froth ,foarv, a. cobhrach. 
Cobhartach, -aich, m. booty, spoil. 
Cobharthach, -aich, m. a helper. 
Co-bheanailteach, -ich, a. co-tangent. 
Co-bhrighich, -achadh, v. consubstantiate. 
Coc, -adh, V. cock; as coc do bhoineid. 


C<)caire, -eun, ni. ;i cook; còcaireachd, cook- 

Cochull, -uill, m. a husk; a. cochallach. 

Cocheangail, -gal, v. bind together, tie, 

Co-cheangal, -ail, a. compact, a league, a 

Co-cheòl, -iuil, m. .i concert, a .symphony. 

Co-chomaun, -ainu, m. commuuio:;, society. 

Co-chomhairle, -ean, f. a consultation. 

Co-chomunn, -uinn, m. fellowship, com- 

Oo-chreutair, -ean, in. a fellow creature 

C'-chruinnich, -eachadh, v. collect, gather. 

C<^-chuing, -e, -ean, f. a conjugation. 

C^cshron, f. a cocked nose; a. cocshronach. 

Codaich, -tchadh, v. share, divide. 

C-1-dhùin, -ùnadh, v. conclude. 

'^'n-eignich, -eachadh, v. force, compel, 
-fharpuis, -e, -ean, f. rivalry. 
V'-fhoghlumaiche, -ean, m. a school-fellow. 

' i-fhreagairt, -radh, v. correspond. 

< ' ,-fhreagartas, -ai.s, m. correspondence, 

(V>-fhreagrach, -aiche, a. answering, corres- 
■ i-fhreagrachd, f. symmetry, conformity. 

v'o-fhulanga.s, -ais, m. sympathy, compassion. 

Co-fhurtaclid, f. comfort, consolation. 

Co-fhurtair, -ean, m. a comforter. 

fog, -adh, V. war, fight. 

fogach, a. warlike; cogail. 

fogadh, -aidh, -aidhean, m. war, fighting. 

Cogais, -e, -ean, f. conscience; a. co?»iseach. 

C'ogull, -uill, m. the herb cockle, tares; a. 

Cogar, -air. m. a whisper; a. c?garach. 

Cognrsaichc, m. a whi.sperer. 


Co-gheall, -adh, v. fulfil a promise or 

Co-ghleachd, f. a struggling, fighting 

Co-ghlòir. -e, f. equal glory, the same glory. 
Co-ghnè, f. a like or similar nature; a. oo- 

Co-ghuil, -al, V. condole, weep with. 
Cograich, f. whispering. 
Coibhneas, -eis, m. kindness; a. coibhneil. 
Coibhseachd, f. propriety, sufficiency; cuibh- 

easaclid; a. coibhseach. 
Ooiceig, f. trouble, hindrance. 
Coicheid. -e, f. doubt, suspicion; a. coich- 

Coidhea.s. See coingeis. 
Coidhirp, f. rivalry, competition, emulation; 

Coigil, -eadh, v. spare, save. 
Coig, a. five; an coigeamh, the fifth; cùig. 
Coig-deug, a. fifteen; an coigeamh-fear- 

deug, the fifteenth man. 
Coignear, m. and f. five persons; coigear. 
Coigreach. -ich, m. a stranger; a. foreign. 
Coigrich. f. strangers; a. coigreachail. 
Coig-shliosnach, a. a pentelateral. 
Coilbean, -ean, ni. a small rope for carrying 

a burden. 
Coilceadha, f. bed material? put under 

sheets or blankets. 
Coileach, -ich, m. a cock, a gush of water, 

the rapids in a stream. 
Coileachail, a. cock-like; coileachach, 

Coileachan. -ain, m. a little cock; a. 

CJoileach-coille, m. a woodcock. 
Coileach-dubh, m. a black cock. 
Ooileach-frangach, m. a turkev cock. 

001— coi 103 

Coileach-gaoith, m. a weather-cock. 
Coileach oidhche, m. an owl cock. 
Coileach-ruadh, m. a heath cock. 
CJoileach-tomain, m. a cock partridge. 
Còileag, -eig, -an, f. a cock of hay; a. 

Còileagaich, -achadh, v. gather into cocks. 
Coileid, -e, -ean, f. brawling, stir, noise. 
Coileir, -e, -ean, m. a collar, a neck, a lace. 
Coileireach, a. full of collars. 
Coilion, a, as many, how many; coimhlion. 
Coille, coilltean, f. a wood, a forest, a 

grove; coi 11. 
Coilleag, -eig, f. a cockle, a potato sprout, 

C'oilleagach, a. full of sprouts, musical; s. 

a song. 
Coilleannach, -aich, m. a poltroon, a truant. 
Coillteach, -ich, f. a wood, a forest. 
Coillteach or coillteachail, a. woody. 
Coilltear. -oir, -ean, m. a wood wanderer, a 

Coilltearachd, f. the state of a fugitive. 
Coimeas, -eis, m. equality, comparison. 
Coimeasacli, -aiche, a. co-equal. 
Coimeasaich, -achadh, v. perceive, compare; 

Coimh-. See also under co- and comh-. 
Coimhcheangal, -ail, m. a covenant, a 

treaty, an agreement. 
Coimheach. -ich, m. an alien, a stranger. 
Ooimhencl; . -iche, a. savage, shy, foreign, 

awful, terrible. 
Coimheafli:'-;. -ais, m. shyness, frowardnesf;. 
Coimhead, part, looking, observing; a 

Coimhead. v. look, see, behold, preserve. 
Coimhead.nrhd, f. attending, conveying. 

IQi coi — coi 

Coimheadaiche, -ean, m. an 'b-tiver, v 

Coimhearsnach, -aich, ui. a ncigLb-our. 

C!oimhearsaachd, f. neighbourhood. 

Coimheart, -a, or coimheartas, a conrparison. 

Coimhearta, a. equivalent, equal, s. a com- 

Coi-mheasg, or coi-uiheasgaich, -;.c':adh, v. 
mix, commipgle; coimeasg. 

Coimhicheas, -ais, m. alienated affection, 
dislike, revulsion. 

Coimhirp, f. rivalry, competition, emula- 
tion; coidhirp. 

Coimhleabach, -aich, f. or ir a bed com- 

Coimhlion, -adh, v. fu,fil, perform. 

Coimhliou, a. perfect, complete, as many 
as; coimhlionta. 

Coimhlionachd, f. perfection: coimhlio-i- 

Coimhliono', -inge, f. t race, a race-course. 

Coimhruith, f. a race, a run'.iing match. 

Coimhsheirm, -e, -eau, f. a concert, a choir. 

Coimhthional, -ail, m. a congregation. 

Coimpire. -ean, m. an equal, a match, i 

Coimrio-, -e, f. trouble, interruption, nn 

Coimseach, -iche, a. indifferent, careless. 

Coin-. See also under co- and comb-. 

Coin-chriche, f. gag-teeth. 

Coinean, -ein,- m. a rabbit; a. coineineach. 

Coingeis, a. indifferent, equally ready. 

Coingheall, -ill, m. a loan; a. coiiigheall'icb. 

Coinndean. -ein. m. a kit, a t^mall tub. 

Coinne, pi. coinneamhan, f. a meeting, a 
picnic party; coinneamh. 

Coinneach, -ich, f. mass or fog. 

Ooinneag, -aig, -an, f. a nest of wild bees. 

Coianeal, coinnle, cx)innlean f. a candle. 
Coinneal-bhàthadh, -aidh, m. a sigfn of ex- 
Coinneas, -is, f. a ferret; a. coiunea.-*ach. 
Coinnich, -eachadh, v. meet, oppose. 
C!oinnleacli, a. full of candles; coinnealach. 
Coinnleag-, -eig, -an, f. an oily .-urface of 

Coinnleag-ach, -aiclie, a. oily surfaced. 
Coinnlein, -ean, m. a .stalk of corn, a nostril; 

cuinnlein, cuinaein; a. 
Coinleir, -ean, m. a candlestick. 
Coinnseas, -eis, m. conscience. See oogais. 
Coinnspeach, -eich, pi. coinnspcich, m. a 

Co-iomlan, -aine, a. perfect, complete. 
Co-io!rlanachd, f. completeness, perfection. 
Co-ionann, a. alike, equal. 
Co-ionaunachd, f. equality identity. 
Coir, còrach, còraichean, f. right, justice, 

Coirbte, a. corrupt, perverse, wicked. 
Coirce, ra. oats; a. coirceach, coirceil. 
Coire, -eannan, f. a crime, a fault, harm. 
Coire, -eachan, m. a cauldron, a circular 

hollow among hills, kettle. 
Coireach, -eiche, a. faulty, hollow. 
Coireachd, f. culpability; a. coireach. 
Coireal. -eil, ra. coral; a. coirealach. 
Coireaman, -ain, m. coriander: .;. coiream- 

Coireau, -van, m. a little Iifllow; a 

Coirich, -eachadh, v. blame, rer«rrivp. rc])ri- 

Coirill, -ill, f. chirping of bird-; • nrill- 

Coirioi, -il, m. a carol. 
Coirneach, -ich, the kingfisher. 


Ooirnea], -nileir, -ean, in. a colonel in the 

Coirpilear, -ean m. a corporal. 
Coiseachd, f. walking, travelling. 
Ck)isicli, coiseachd, v. walk, travel. 
Ck)isiche, -ean, ni. a traveller, a walker, a 

Ck)isinn, c-osnadli, v. win, earn, gain. 
Còisir, còisreadh, -sre, -sri, f. a choir, a 

party of singers, attendants. 
CoLsridh, -e, f. infantry, a company on foot. 
Coisrig, -eadh, v. consecrate, bless. 
CJoit or coite, -eachan, f. a small boat. 
Coitcheaun, coitcheanta, a. common, 

genera] ; cochionta. 
Coitcheanta<!hd, f. community; coichiontas. 
Coitear, -ir, -ean, m. a cottar; coiteireachd, 

his office. 
Coitich, -each, -eachadh, v. press upon, urge. 
Coitidh, a. common, general. 
Col, -a, m. a sin, a stain, filth, incest; a. 

Colag, -aig, -an, f. a cutlet of meat, a collop, 

a small .steak. 
Colaisde, m. a college; a colaisdeach. 
Colanu, CT colunn, -ainne, -uinne, -an, f. 

the Vidy. 
Co-laoch. -aoich, pi. co-laoicli, m. a fellow- 
Colbh. c\nlbh, ra. a sceptre, a post; a. 

Co-leagte, a. parallel. 
Co-leasaich, -achadh. v. mend, make up, 

Colg, cuilg, m. a prickle, anger, fierceness. 
Colgach, -aiche, a. prickly, wild, fierce. 
Colgae, -aig, f. the forefinger. 
Colgaiche. f. wildness. 
Colgantachd, f. fierceness: colgarrachd. 


Colgantas, -ais, ni. wildness; a. colgarra. 

Collachd, f. lewdness; collaidhneachd. 

Collaid, -e, -ean, f. clamour, scolding, din. 

Coliaideac}), a. clamorous, noisy. 

Collaidh, a. carnal, lewd. 

Collnach, -;iche, a. incestuous. 

Colman. .See caiman. 

Colpacb, -aich, m. a heifer, a .steer, a colt. 

Coltach, -aiche, a. like, likely. 

Coltar, -air, m. a coulter, the plough iron 
that cuts the soil. 

Coltas, -ais, m. likeness, appearance. 

Com, cuim, m. the chest, the body. 

Coma, a. indifferent, not caring. 

Comaidh, f. eating together. 

Comain, -e, -eau, f. an obligation, a favour. 

Comair, -ean, a meeting or confluence of 

Comanaich, -achadh, v. communicate. 

Comanachadh, -aidh, m. taking the sacra- 
ment cf communion. 

Comanaicbe, -ean, m. a communicant. 

Comann, -ainn, m. company, association, 

Comannd. n. command, authority. 

Comanndair, -ean, m. a commander. 

Comaradh, -aidh, m. aid, assistance. 

Comraich, -e, f. protection, salutation com- 
pliniont ; comairc. 

Comraich, -a hadh, v. protect, assist. 

Comas, -ais, -.\n, m. ability, power. 

Comasach, -aiche, a. able, powerful, capable. 

Combaiste, -ean, m. a compass; a. com- 

Comhachai.', -aig, -an, f. an ov.I. 

Corahaide.; '.hd, f. conveying, attending. 

Comhaid:i(h, -eachadh, v. convey, attend. 

Còmhail. f. a meeting (còmhdhail). 

Comhai!to:-:chd, f. conveying. 


Comhaium, m. a surname, auiiiversary. 
Comhair, adv. iieadloug, opposite. 
Comhair, f. presence, view. 
Comhairc, f. an outcry, an ai^i.e-tl ,a lore- 

Co-mhairionn, a. equally lasting. 
Comhairle, -ean, f. advice or counsel, a 

council, a convocation. 
Comhairleach, -icb, -ichean, ni. a Louusellor, 

a councillor. 
Comhairlicii, -eachadh, v. advise, counsel. 
Comhairliche, -ean, m. a coun-sellor. 
Comlialta, -an, ni. a foster brother or sister. 
Comlialtas, -ais, m. the relation of fosterage. 
Conihan, -ain, m. a shrine. 
Comhaois, equal age, conteun>;rai7. 
Comhara or oomharadh, m. a n.ark, a sign, 

a token. 
Comharadh, -aidh, -aidhean, iii. ;v mark, a 

Comharaicli, -achadh, v. mark, remark. 
Comhart, -airt, -an, m. the barkinj of a dog. 
Comhartaich, e, f. barking. 
Comhdach, -aich, -aichean, m. clothing, 

Comhdaich, -achadh, v. clothe, cover, prove. 
Còmhhdhail, f. a meeting, luck, counsel, 

Comhla, -ach, -achan, f. a dfor frame, a 

door, a gate. 
Comhla, adv. together, at one time. 
Còmhlaich, -adh, -achdaiuu. v. meet, 

Còmhlan, -ain, -an, m. a companion, a hero, 

a comrade, a company. 
Comhlam, -a, -tn, m. a duel, a combat. 
Comhluadar, m.a conversation, fellowship. 
Comhuadh, -aidh, -aidhean, m. holp. assist- 

COM— COM 10* 

C'omhnui'l, -aird, -au, m. a plain, a level. 
Comhnuich, -aidh, v. dwell, inhabit. 
Comhiuiidh, -ean, f. a dwelling. 
Comhnuidh, rather tn conihuuidh, adv 

Comhradh, or comhra, f. conversation. 
Comhra? -aig, -an, m.f. a fifrht, a battle. 
Comhragach, a. warlike. 
Comhragair, -ean, m. a warrior. 
Comhraig, v. fight, combat. 
Comhraiteach, a. conversable. 
Comhra it iche, -ean, m. a conversable person. 
Comhstadh, m. an obligation, a favour; a. 

Comh-thi'^nal, m. a gathering cry, or 

Coinhthrornach, a. of equal weight, rich. 
CJompach, -aich, m. a companion, a match; 

Compai-tf, -ean, m. a compass. 
Compan:''. -ai.->, m. fellowship, society. 
Cuinhraic]'. f. sanctuary, protection, asylum. 
Comunr. -uinn, m. association, fellowship. 
Coratiiiuaich, -achadh, v. assooi itf, com- 
Conablach, -aich, -an, m. a mane-led body. 
Conablaic':, -achadh, v. mangle, lacerate. 
ConachajT. -aig, -an, f. a shell, a conch. 
Conachuil<^ag, -eig, f. a cort of fly. 
Gonadal, -til, m. conversation. 
Conair. -o. -ean, f. help, a crown, a set of 

Conalaich. -achadh, v. brandishing, swiug- 

Coiialtradh. -aidh, m. conversation; a. 

Conas. -ai=, m. .strife, quarrel: a. conasach. 
Conasg. -aisg, -an, m. whin.>i, furze; a. 



Condrachd, f. mischief, misha:'. an impre- 
Co-neartaich, -achadh, v. strengthen. 
CJonfhadh, -aidh, m. eagerness, impetuosity, 

Cònlan, -ain, au assembly, a conclave. 
Conn, cuinn, m. sense, reason: the frame, 

body; a hank-band. 
Connadh, -aidh, m. firewood, fuel. 
Còunlach, -aich, f. straw, .stubbl:-. 
Cònsachadh, -aidh, m. contention, dispute. 
Cònsaich, -achadh, v. contend, dispute. 
Cònspaid, f. dispute, stripe; a. cònspaid- 

Cònspaidiche, -ean, m. a disputant. 
Conn-speach, f. a wasp, a hornet. 
Consmunnach, -aiche, a. warlike, heroic. 
Cònspair, -ean, m. a disputant. 
Cònspuun, -uinn, m. a hero; cònsmunn. 
Contraigh, f. neap tide. 
Conuibhe, or conuiche, m. a hornet. 
C!o-oibrich, -eachadh, v. co-operate. 
Co-oibriche, -ean, m. a fellow-laix>urer. 
Co-oighre, -eachan, m. a co-heir. 
Co-oisiuneach, a. equi-angular. 
Co-olcas, -ais, m. malice, spleen 
Cop, -oip, -uip, m. froth, foam; a. copach. 
Cop, -adh, V. foam, pour out. 
Copag, -aig, f. the weed dock, docken; 

Co-pairt, f. partnership, participation. 
Co-pàirteach, -^che, a. participating. 
Co-pàirtich, -eicheadh, v. share, divide. 
Co-pàirtiche, -ean, m. a partner, a sharer. 
Copan, -ain, -an, m. the boss of a .shield, a 

ladle, a cup, the crown of the head. 
Copanach, -aiche, a. full of bosses, ladles, 

or cups. 
Copar, -air, m. copper, coppera?; a. coprach. 


Co-phòitear, -ean, m. a drinking companion. 
Co-phriosanach, -aich, m. a fellow prisoner. 
Cor, or coir, m. state, condition. 
Coram, -aim, m. a faction. 
Corb. -adh, v. corrupt, spoil, ruin. 
Core, -a, -an, m. a cork of a bottle. 
Core, cuirce, corcan, f. a knife, a sheath- 
Core, oats. See coirce. 
Còrcach, -aich, f. hemp. 
Corcag, -aig, -an, f. a little knife. 
Corcan, -ain, m. a little cork. 
Corcan-coille, m. a bullfinch. 
Corcur, -uir, ra. scarlet, purple. 
Cord, ciiird, f. a cord, a small rope. 
Cord, -adh, v. agree, accord. 
Còrdadh, -aidh, m. agreement, contract. 
Co-reir, f. construction, syntax. 
Còrlach. -aich, m. bran, the of grain. 
Corn, ciiirn, m. a drinking horn or cup; a. 

Còrnan, -ain, m. a little drink-horn; a. 

Còrnuil, -e, f. a retching, a vehement 

Co-roinn, -e, -ean, f. a dhare, a portion. 
Co-roinn, -eadh, v. share, divide. 
Coron, -oin, -an, m. a coronet, a chaplet, a 

Coronach, a. of or belonging to chapleta "r 

Coron-Mhoire, or conair-Mhoire, m. a 

rosary of Mary. 
Corp, -uirp, m. the body; corp-Chriosda. 

the eucharist. 
Corpach, a. corpulent; oorporra, corpanta. 
Corpan, -ain, -an, m. a little body; a. 

Cor^antachd, f. bulkineee; oorparrachd. 

Corporra, adv. bodily, corporeally. 
Corp-shna«ach, a. anatomical ; conp-shnas- 

Corp-.shna-aire, m. an anatomist ; corp- 

Còrr, -a, a. excellent, great; ii. odds, excess. 
Còrr, -a, -an, f. a heron, a craiie, a stork. 
Corra-bhai:, i. a stork; corra-ghlas, corra- 

Corra-bheinu, f. a steep hill. 
Corra-bioda, m. on tip-toes, keenness. 
Corrach, -aiche, a. steep, imsteady, pas- 
C<:>Tra-<'.hag'ailt, f. a salamander, moving 

Corra-chòsag, -aig, -an, f. a small iu.-^ect 

found in chinks, a cheslip. 
Corrag, -r.i^r, -an, f. a finger, the stilt of a 

CJorragaicli, -a«hadh, v. finger, handle. 
Corra^g-'n-P'^is. n\. good condition, primed; 

a. c^rra-ghleusaoh. 
Corra-?hritheach, f. a heron. 
Corra^meille, m. wild liquorice. 
Corra-ralieiir, m. an odd finger. 
Corran, -ain, m. a reaping hook, a jutting 
point of land into the sea, a point of a 
■weajx-n, a spear. 
Oorranat.h. -aiche, a. circular, barbed. 
Corranaich, f. a funeral cry. 
Gorran-.■^gathaidh, m. a pruning hook. 
Corra.-riobhach, f. a heron. 
Corra-.shioman, f. a thraw-crook. 
Corra-shiigan, f. a thraw-crook, an instru- 
ment for making straw ropes. 
Corruich, -e, f. anger, wrath; a. corruch. 
Corruil ,OT coirill. f. chirping- of birds. 
Oòrsa, -acMan, m. a ooast, a shore. 


Corsair, -ean, m. a cruiser; còraaireachd, 
his trade. 

Cos. See cas. 

Cos, còis, -an, m. a hole, a cavern ; a. 

Còaag, -aig, -an, f. a small hole; a. còsag* 

Coejamhlachd, f. a similitude, a parable. 

Coeamhlaich, -achadh, v. compare, likeu. 

Co-samhuil, a. like. 

Còsan, -ain, -an, m. a small hole; a. oòsan- 

Coed, m. cost, expense. 

Ooed, V. spend, waste. 

Cosdail, -e, a. expensive. 

Co.sdas, -ais, m. cost, expense. 

Cose. See cosd. 

Cosgarrach, -aich, m. a kite, a slaughterer. 

Co-8goileir, -ean, m. a fellov.-SLÌiolar. 

Co-shamhJach, -aiche, a. oomparative. 

Co-shamhlaich, -achadh, v. oompare. 

Co-shea.'^amh, -ainih, m. constancy, oonsist- 

Cp-sheirbhis, -e, -ean, f. joint service. 

Co-sheirbhiseach, -ich, m. a fellow-servant. 

CJo-sheirm, -e, f. harmony. 

Co-sheòd, -eòid, m. a fellow companion. 

Co-shin, -eadh, v. stretch, parallel. 

Co-shinteachan, -ain, -an, m. a parallelo- 

Co-shiorruidh, a. co-eternal. 

Co^shlisneach, a. equilateral, of equal aides. 

Co-.shnaim, -e, m. knitting together, union. 

Co-shoillse. -ean, f. a constellation. 

Co-shreap. f. rivalry, contention. 

Co-shùgradh, -aidh, m. sporting together. 

C<vshuidho, f. sitting together. 

Oo-shuirghe, f. rivalship in love. 



Co-shuirghiche, -ean, m. a rival iu love. 
Co-shusbainteach, a. consubetantial, of the 

same substance. 
Coslas, -aiis, m. likeness, resemblance, ap- 
pearance; a. coslach, cosmluiil. 
Cosmail, -e, f. rubbish; a. oosmaileach. 
Cosnach, -aich, m. a labourer; oosnaicbe. 
Cosnadh, -aidh, m. labour, work. 
Còs-shruth, -e, -an, m. a stream undw- 

Cos-stòl, -a, m. a footstool. 
Còta, -aichean, m. a coat; a. còtaoh. 
Còta-bàn, -ain, m. a flannel petticoat, a 

Cota-bhioran, -ain, m. a knitted petticoat. 
Còtaich, -acliadh, v. coat, cover with a coat- 
Còta-mor, ni. a big coat, a surfcout. 
Còtan, -ain, -an, m. a little ooat; a. 

CJotan, -ain, m. ootton. 

CJothaich, -achadh, v. labour, work, strive. 
Cothan, -ain, m. froth, foam; a. cothanach. 
Cothanachd, f. frothiness. 
Cothar, -air, f. a coffer. 
Co-thàthaich, -achadh, v. join, solder. 
Co-thruas, -ais, m. compassion, sympathy. 
Cothlaim, -adh, v. mix together : (tlam). 
Cothlamadh, m. a mixture; a. w>thlamach. 
CSothrom, -uim, m. equilibrium, f airplay, 

Cothromach, -aiche, a. wealthy, just, honeet. 
Cothromaioh, -achadh, v. weigh, measiu'e. 
Cothromaiche, -ean, m. a weight, a weigher. 
Co-uileannach, a. equi-angular. 
Cràbhachd, f. devoutnees, devotion. 
Cràbhadh, -aidh, m. devotion, piety; a. 

Crabhaichean, pi. small articles, small 



Crac, f. a crack, a fissure. 
Oacaire, -ean, in. a talker. 
Cracaireachd, f. conversation, a chat. 
Cradh, -aidh, m. pain, angui.~li; a. crait- 

Cra-dhearg, a. biood-red. 
Cradh-lot, m. torment, agouy. 
Crag, or cròg, f . a paw, a hand ; li. cragach. 
Cragair, cràgairt, v. handle awkwardly. 
Cràgaire, -ean, m. a handler; cràgaireachd, 

hi.^ trade. 
Cràg-chasach, a. in-footed. 
Crà-gheadh, -eoidh, ni. aheldrakt. duck. 
Craiceann, -inn, -cnean, m. a, skin: a. 

Craidh, cradh, v. torment, paiu, gall. 
Craidhleag, -eig, -an, f. a skull, a basket, 

a creel. 
Craidhneach, -ich, -ichean, f. any lean 

thing, a skeleton. 

Craidneag, -eig, -an, f. a bit of dried peat. 

Craidneagach, a. full of peat fragments. 

Craidhnich, -eadh, v. make lean, grow lean, 

Cràigeau, -ein, -ean, m. a splay-footed per- 
son, a frog. 

Cràigeiueachd, f. splay-footeduesi^. 

Craimhinn, -e, m. a cancer. 

Grain, -e, -lean, f. a sow. a piir; »■ 

CrainnteiMihd, f. dryness, witheredue«f;. 

Crainntidh, -e, a. withered, parched, dry. 

Cràitcach, -iche, a. painful. 

Craitcag, -eig, f. a niggard woman. 

Cra-leaba, f. a bier, a hearse. 

Crauib, -aimb, f. a cramp-iron; crambach. 

C5ramb, -adh, v. squeeze, grip, press. 

Crambaid, -eau, f. the metal jwint of a 
scabbard, a crampit. 


Cramh, rather Cnàmh, which see. 
Cràmhan, -ain, m. continued scolding or 

Ciannj -C)inn, -ainn, pi. croinn, m. a plough, 
a tree, a bolt, a mast. 

Crann, -adh, v. bolt, decay, wither. 

Crannach, -aiche, a. full of masts or trees. 

Cranuachan, -ain, m. a churn. 

Cranuachu, -oin, m. a lap-dog. 

Crannadh, -aidh, m. decaying, withering. 

Crannag, -aig, -an, f. a pulpit, the cross- 
trees of a ship. 

Ciannaich, -achadh, v. bolt. 

Crann-arain, pi. croinn-araiu, m. a plough. 

Crann-arcain, m. a cork tree. 

Crann-ceusaidh, m. a cross, a crucifix. 

Crannchar, -air, -an, m. a lot, chance, for- 

Cranndaidh, a. frail, withered, dry. 

Crann-deilbhe, m. a warping-frame. 

Crann-deiridh, m. a mizzen mast. 

Crann-doruis, croinn-dhoruis, m. a door bolt. 

Crann-fige, m. a fig tree; craun-figis. 

Crann-fiona, croinn-fhiona, m. a vine. 

Crann-fuine, m. a baker's rolling pin. 

Crannlach, -aich, f. boughs, branches, a 

Crann- laoicionn, m. a false calf, a tulchan 

Crann-meadhoin, m. the main mast of a 
ship . 

Crann-ola, m. an olive tree. 

Crann-ristil, m. a cutting plough (craun- 

Crann-sgòid, m. a boom of a sliip. 

Crann-.*ipreòid, m. bow-sprit of a ship. 

Crann-tabhnill, croinn-thabhaill, ni. a sling. 

Cranntachan, -ain, m. a churn-piston. 

Crann-tachrais, m. a winding wheel, a reel. 


Crauii-tùraidh, m. an alarmiiig: beam, the 

fiery cross. 
Cranntarrann, f. a wooden joining piu, a 

Crann-teannachaidh, m. a bookbinder's 

Crann-togalach, m. a crane. 
Crann-toisich, m. a foremast of a ship. 
Craobh, craoibhe, -an, f . a tree ; a. 

Craobh, f. the foam or bell of liquor. 
Craobhachd, f. nervousness, tenderness. 
Craobhag, -aig, -an, f. a small tree; a. 

Craobhaidh, a. nervous, tender. 
Craobh-cho.sgair, f. a laurel, a laurel tree. 
Craobh-dbearg, a. red streaming. 
Craobh-ghinealaich, f. a genealogical tree. 
Craobhsgaoil, -eadh, v. ramify, propagate, 

Craobh-sgaoilteach, a. ramifvine, propaga- 

Craoiseach, -ich, f. a spear. 
Craoisean, -ein, -ean, m. a glutton; cra<">8- 

aire ; a. craosach. 
Craos, craois, m. a maw, a large mouth, 

Craosachd, f. gluttony; craoisiiireachd. -aich, f. a spear. 
Cràsgach, a. crosswise, contrariwise, 

clumsy, slow. 
Cràsgan, -ain, -an, m. anything '^f a cruci- 
form shape. 
Crath. -adh, v. shake, quiver, tremble, 

Crathach. -aiche, a. shakin::. waving; 

Crathadh. -aidh, m. a -^hake. tremlding. 
Ore, f. clay. 


Creach. creiche, creachau, f. jihinder, spoil, 

Creach, -adh, v. plunder, rob, pillage. 
Creachach, a. plundering; cieacliadair, a 

Creachadaireachd, f. plundering-, robbing. 
Creacban, -ain, -an, m. a scallop shell, a 

rock; crea^chann. 
Creag, creige, -an, f. a rock; a. creagach. 
Creagag, -aig, -an, f. a rock-jierch; a. 

Creagan, -ain, ni. a little rock; a. creagan- 

Creamh, rather cneamh, -e, m. -wild garlic. 
Crèamhach, -aich, m. a crow, a rook. 
Creamhachd, -a, -an, stock, a stump. 
Creanaich. See criothnaich. 
Creapall, -aill, m. a let or hindrance. 
Creathach, -aich, f. brushwood for fuel. 
Creathall, -lach, -aichean, f. a cradle. 
Creathall, -aill, f. a lamprey. 
Creic, creic, v. sell, dispose of. 
Creid, -sinn, v. believe, give credit to. 
Creideamh, -imh, m. a belief, a creed. 
Creideas, -eis, m. credit, esteem; a. creid- 

Creidhnieadh-cire, f. chewing- the cud. 
Creidmheach, -ich, pi. creidmhich, m. a 

Creim, -eadh, v. chew, gnaw; cneidhm. 
Creimneach, -eiche, a. knotty, rough. 
Crein, -eachdainn, v. suffer for, pay dearlj 

Creis, -e, f. grease, fat; a. creiseach. 
Creis, -eadh, v. grease. 
Oeithleag, -eig, -an, f. a gad fly; a. crcith- 

Creonadh, -aidh, m. paining, torturing. 

CRE— CBI 11^ 

Creubh, -eibh, -an, m.f. a body, a; 

dim. creubhag. 
Creubhach, -aich, f. brushwood, firewood. 
Creubhachan, -ain, m. a sort of pudding. 
Creubhaidh, -e, a. physically weak, in weak 

Creuchd, -an, f. a wound, a hurt; a. 

Creud, or c'rud, interrog. pron. what? 
Creud, -a, -an, f. a creed, a belief. 
Creutair, -ean, m. a creature, a being, a 

Criath. See ore. 
Criathair, -thradh, v. sift, examine; 

Criathar. -air, -ran, m. a sieve; a. 

Cridhe, -eachan, m. the heart; a. cridheil. 
Cridhealas, -ais, m. hilarity, cridhealachd. 
Cridhean, m. a gallant favourite. 
Crileag, -c-;,' ,f. a small sprinkling, a few 

Crilean, -ein, m. a small creel. 
Crine, f . niggardliness, rottenness ; crin- 

Crinean, -ein, m. a miser; f. crineachd. 
Criooh, cTÌche, crìochan, f. end, march, 

Criochadair, -ean, m. a borderer. 
Criochnaich. -achadh, v. finish, conclude, 

expire . 
Criochnaicho, m. a finisher. 
Criogag, -aig, f. a very slight knock. 
Oriom. -adh, v. pick, bite, nip, pinch. 
Criomag, -aig, -an. f. a smnll bit; a. 

Criomagaich, -aohadh, v. crumble. 
Criomaire, -ean, m. a picker, uibblcr. 
Crioman, -ain, -an, m. a small bit. 


Crìou, crìne, a. little, meau. 

Crìon, V. rot, decay, wither; crionaicb. 

Crionach, -aich, f. a rotten tree, brushwood, 
a term of contempt. 

Crionach, -aich, f. brushwood, firewood. 

Crion-mhiol, -a, -an, f. a wood-louse. 

Crionna, or crionnda, a. prudent, parsi- 

Crionnachd, f. prudence, peuuriousne.'=s. 

Crionntag, -aig, f. a sorry or parsimonious 

Criopag, -aig, f. a wrinkle, a clew of yarn. 

Crios, -a, -an, m. a belt, a zone; a. criosach. 

Criosaich, -achadh, v. belt, gird. bind. 

Criosadair, -ean, m. one that belts, a belt- 

Criosan, -ain, -an, m. a small belt; a. 

Criosd, or Criosda, m. Christ, our Saviour. 

Criosdachd, f. Christianity, Christendom. 

Criosdaidh, -e, -ean, m. a Christian. 

Criosdail, e, a. Christian, Christian-like. 

Criosdalachd, f. Christian behaviour. 

Crioe-guaille, m. a shoulder belt. 

Crioslaich, -achadh, v. gird, bind. 

Crios-meadhoin an t-saoghail. m. the 

Crios-na-greine, or grian-chrio.^. m. the 

Criostal, -ail, m. crystal; a. criostalach. 

Criothnaich, -achadh, v. shake, quiver, 

Cripleach, -icb, m. a cripple. 

Cripleachd, f. lameness, decrepitude. 

Criplich, -eachadh, v. make lame, cripjile. 

Critheann, -inn, m. an aspen tree (crith). 

Crith-thalmhainn, f. an earthquake. 

Crìsgean-cràisgean, or orùisgean-cràisgean, 
m. a starfish; (?) crosgan-crasgan. 


Ciith, -e, -ean, f. trembling, ijuaking; a. 

Crith, crith, v. tremble, quake. 
Crith-cheòl, -iuil, f. musical notes or trills. 
Critheanaich, f. trembling, paralysis. 
Crith-ghalar, -air, m. the palsy or ague; 

a' chrith. 
Crithich, -eachadh, v. tremble, quake. 
Crith-lamh, f. a trembliug baud. 
Crith-lamhach, a. having trembliug hands. 
Crith-lamhachd, f. tremor of hands. 
Crith-reothadh, -aidh, m. hoar frost. 
Crò, cròtha, croithean, m. a sheep cot, a 

hut, a fold, a needle's eye. 
Croc, cròic, -an, f. a deer's horn : a. cròcach. 
Cròcach, -aich, f. a spiked contrivance to 

prevent calves from sucking. 
Cròcan, -ain, -an, m. a hook, a crook. 
Cròc-cheanuach, a. antlered, having horns. 
Cròch, -òich, m. safEron, red. 
Oroch, -adh, v. hang, susjiend. 
Crochadair, -ean, m. a hangmau. 
Crochadaireachd, f. the busine-s of a hang- 
Crochadan, -ain, -an, m. a pendulum. 
Crochaire, -ean, m. a rogue. 
Crochbhrat. -ait, -an, m. a hanging tapestry. 
Crodh, cruidh, ni. cattle. 
Cròdha, -òidhe, a. stout, valorous. 
Crodhau, -ain, -an, m. a parted or divided 

Crodhanach, a. having divided hoofs. 
Crò-dhearg, -eirge, a. blood-red. 
Cròg, -òige, -an, f. a hand, a paw; a., oròg- 

Crog, -a, -achan, m. an earthen ve*-el, a jar. 
Crog, -a, -aichean, f. an aged ewe. 
Crogach, -aiche, a. full of jar- '^r earthen 



Crògairo, -ean, m. one who handles 

Crògaireachd, f. handliug awkwardly. 
Crogan, -ain, -an, m. a dish, a jar, a shrunk 

person, a twisted and shrivelled branch. 
Croganach, a. full of jars, shrunk, withered. 
Cròglach, -aich, m. a handful. 
Crògnaich, -nachadh, v. handle clumsily. 
Cròic, f. the bell or foam on the top of 

liquor; antlei's. 
Cròiceach, a. rising into foam, branchy. 
Croich, -e, -eau, f. a gallows, a gibbet. 
Croidhleag, -eig, f. a basket, a small creel. 
Cròileagan, -ain, m. a ring or circle of 

people or children. 
Cròilean, -ein, -ean, m. a little fold or 

Crois, -e. -ean, f. a cross, a mishap, a hank- 
Crois, -eadh, v. wind yard, reel. 
Crois-bhogha, m. a cross-bow. 
Crois-Chriosda, f. the Cross of Christ. 
Croiseag. -eig, f. a little cross. 
Crois-iarna, f. a hand-reel. 
Croislin, -e, -ean, f. a diameter; a. crois- 

Crois-tàra. or crois-tàraidh, f. a sign of 

alarm, the fiery cross. 
Crois-thachTais, f. a winding reel. 
Croit, -e, -ean, f. a hump upon the ba<?k, a 

back, a croft, a hill. 
Croiteag, -eig,' -ean, f. a little back, or 

croft, or eminence. 
Croitear. -eir, -ean, m. a crofter; croiteir- 

eachd, his trade. 
Crom, cruime, a. crooked, not straight. 
Crom, cniim, m. a circle, a ridge of hills. 
Cro, -adh, v. bend, stoop, bow. 

CRO— CRO 12^ 

Croniacha,s, f. a bandy leg: a. crom- 

Cromadh, -aidh, m. bending, bowing, a mid- 
finger? length. 

Cromag, -aig, -an, f. a hook, a clip, a clasp. 

Cromagach, -aiche, a. full of hooks or clasps. 

Crom-aLsne, -ean, m. the little rib. 

Croman-lòin, m. a snipe. 

Croman-luatha, m. a rake for ashes. 

Croman-luch, m. a kite. 

Crom-cheannach, a. bent-headed. 

Crom-ghluineach, a. in-kneed. 

Crom-ghobach, a. curve-billed. 

Crom-leac, f. an inclined stone, a druidical 

CSrom-shlinneineach, a. bent shouldered. 

Crom-shrònach, a. hook nosed. 

Cromshuileach, a. bent eyed. 

Cron, -oin, m. a fault, harm .blame; a. 

Cronaich. -achadh. v. blame, reprove. 

Cronalaohd, f. hurtfulncss, harm. 

Crònan, -ain m. a dull note, humming 

Crònanach, a. buzzing, humming, purling. 

Crònanaich, f. humming, murmuring. 

Cron-seanchais, m. an error in words. 

Cron-sgTÌobhaidh, m. a mistake in writing. 

Cros, -adh, v. hinder, forbid, cross. 

Crosach, -aiciie, a. thwarting, crossing. 

Crosadh, -aidh, m. hindrance, obstruction. 

Crosan, -ain, i<.\. a peevish man. 

Orosdachd, f. ill nature, peevishness; a. 

Croadan. -ain, m. a peevish fellow. 

Crosg, croisg, m. a cross; crasg. 

Cros-nhui leach, a. squint-eyed. 

Crotacl). -aiche, a. hump-backed. 

Crotachd, f. hump-backeduess. unevenness. 


Crotag, -aig, f- a crooked woman, a six- 
Crotaiche, f. hump-backedness, gibbosity. 
Crotal. See cnotal. 
Crotal-coille. See cnotal-coille. 
Cròth, -adh, v. house, gather in, pen, fold. 
Cruac. See cnuac. 
Cruach, -aiche, -an, f. a stack, a heap, a 

hill; dim. cruachan. 
Cruach, -adh, v. heap, stack, pile. 
Cruachag, -aig, -an, f. a small stack. 
Cruachann, -ainn, f. the haunch. 
Cruadal, -ail, m. hardiness, vigour, valour, 

distress, hardship. 
Cruadalach, -aiche, a. hardy, brave, patient, 

Cruadalachd, f. hardihood, firmne>ss. 
Cruadhaich, -achadh, v. harden, dry. 
Cruadhlach, -aich, m.f. hard >to;iy ground; 

Cruaidh, -dhach, f. steel, a stone anchor. 
Cruaidh, -e, a. hard, painful, scarce. 
Cruaidh-bheum, m. a severe or hard stroke. 
Cruaidh-chas, m. a hard case, distress, 

Cruaidh-cheangal, -ail, m. a hard bond or 

Cruaidh-cheist, -e, -ean, f. a hard question. 
Cruaidh-chuing, f. a hard yoke, bondage, 

■Cruaidh-chiiis, f. a hard case, a great difB- 

Cruaidh-fhortan, -ain, -an, m. misfortune. 
Cruaidh-fhortanach, a. unfortunate. 
Cruaidh-ghleachd, m. a hard fight or 

Cruaidh-reothadh, -aidh, m. hard frost. 
Cruaidh-ruith, m. swift running, a race. 
Cruaidh-shnaim, ra. a hard knot. 

CRU — CRU 126- 

Cruaidh-theinn, £. severe affliction or trial, 

straitfc, distress. 
Cruaths, or cruathas, m. hardness, severity, 

rigour; cruas. 
Criib, -adh, v. crouch, squat. 
Crùbach, -aiche, a. lame, cripple. 
Criibag, -aig, -an, a sort of crab, a lame 

C'rùbaiche, f. lameness. 

Criibain, -anadh, crùban, v. crouch, creep. 
Criiban, -ain, m. a crouching attitude, a 

crab; a. crvibanach. 
I rùban-coille, m. a tortoise. 
C'rubh, -a, -an, m. a horse's hoof, a claw; a. 

Crudh, -idheadh, v. shoe a horse, hoop a 

cart wheel. 
Crudha, -idhean, m. a horse-shoe, an iron 

heel, the hoop of a cart wheel; crudh. 
Cruidean, m. the king-fisher. 
Cruidheach, a. shod; cruidhte. 
Cruiiiie, or cruimead, f. crookedness, a bend. 
Oruimh, -e, f. a worm, a maggot. 
Cruinn, -•'. a. round, circular, compact, 

neat, assembled. 
Cruinne, f. roundness; an cruinne-ce, the 

globe ■ f the earth. 
Cruinnead, -eid, f. roundness, circularity. 
Cruinneag, -eig, -an, f. a neat, smart g^I. 
Cruinneil. a. economical, careful, .saving. 
Cruinneineach, -ich, m. any round thing, a 

stout boy. 
Cruinne-thoinhas, -ais, m. geometry. 
Cruinnich,, -eachadh, v. gather, collect. 
Cruinniche. -ean, m. a gatherer, a collector. 
Cruinn-leum, -eim, -an, -annan, f. a stand- 

iur jump, or leum-chruinu. 
Crùisgean. -ein, m. an oil lamp; a. 

,128 CRC — CRU 

■Crùisle, -ean, -ichean, f. a vault of a 
church, a mausoleum. 

Cruit, -e, -ean, f. a harp, a violin, a bent 
back, a hump. 

Cruit-chiuil, f. a musical instrum.ent. 

Cruiteag, -eig, -an, f. a little harp or violin. 

Cruitealachd, f. pleasantness; a. cruiteil. 

Cruitear, -eir, -ean, m. a harper, a fiddler. 

Cruiteireachd, f. the performance of a 

Cruitheachd, f. form, complexion, the 

Cruithear, -eir, -eau, m. a creator. 

Cruithneach, -ich, m. a Pict. 

Cruithneachd, m. wheat. 

Crùlaist, -e, -ean, m. a rocky hill. 

Crumag", -aig, f. the plant skirret. 

Oruman, -ain, m. the hip-bone, a bent sur- 
gical instrument. 

Ci'ùn, -iiin, -ùintean, m. a crown, a garland, 
a crown piece. 

Crùn, -adli, v. crown. 

CJrvinadh, -aidh, m. crowning. 

Crùn-easbaig, m. a mitre. 

Crun-luath, m. a qixick measure in pipe 

Criin sgcithe, m. the boss of a shield. 

Crup, -adh, crouch, squat, bend. 

Crup, -adh, crouch, squat, bend. 

Crupadh-feithe, m. a spasm. 

Cruth, -a, -an, -annan, m. a form, a figure. 

Cruthach, -aiche, a. full of forms or shapes. 

Cruthachadh, -aidh, m. the creation. 

Cruthadair, m. a creator. 

Cruthaich, -achadh, v. create, form. 

Cruthail, -e, a. shapely, elegant. 

Cruthalachd, f. comeliness, shapeliness. 

■Cruth-atharrachadh, -aidh, m. transfigura- 


Cruth-atharraich, -adh, v. transfigure. 
Cruth-chaochail, -ladh, v. metamorphose. 
Cruth-chaoehlaideach, a. changing forms. 
Cruthlach, or cruUsach, m.f. a large 

cliu)i.-y person. 
CÙ, coin, dat. cù, voc. choin, pi. coin, gen. 

con, m. a dog. 
Cuach, -aich, -an, f. a cup, a [inil, a curl, 

a cuckoo, a cap. 
Cuach, -adh, v. fold, plait, curl. 
Cuachach, -aiche, a. full of paiLs, plaits, or 

Cuachag, -aig, -an, f. a little plait, curl, or 

Cuach-bhleoghain, f. a milking pail. 
Cuach-phadraig, f. the herb plantain. 
Cuag, -uaig, -an, f. an awkward curve or 

Cuagach, -aiche, a. awkwardly bent, curved. 
Chiagaire, -ean, m. an awkward clump- 
footed man. 
Cuagaireachd, f. clumsiness, awkwardness. 
Cuaichean, -ein, m. a seam, a curl, a nest; 

a. cuaicheamach. 
Cuaichuich, -eachadh, v. plait, curl. 
Cuaigean, -ein, -ean, m. a splay-footed man. 
Cuailean, -ein, -ean, m. a lock or curl of 

hair; hair; a. cuaileanach. 
Cuaille, -eachan, m. a large club or baton, 

a cudgel. 
Cuain, -e, f. litter of whelps. 
Cuairsg, -eadh, v. roll, wrap up, twist. 
Cuairsgeach, a. coiled, rolled; a. cuarsgag- 

Cuairagean, m. a wrapper, an envelope, the 

felloe of a wheel. 
Cuairt, -e, -ean, f. a round, a circuit, a tour, 

a circle. 
Cuairteach, -iche, a. round, circuitous. 


Cuairtear, -eir, -ean, a tourist, a sojourner. 
Cuairt-ghaoth, f. a whirlwind, an eddying 

Cuairticii, -eachadh, v. surround; cuartaich. 
Cual, cuail, cuailtean, f. a burden. 
Cuala and chuala, pret. of the v. cluinn. 
Cualach, -aich, -aichean, m. a great burden 

of sticks. 
Cualag, -aig, -an, f. a little burden. 
Cuallach, -aich, f. a corporation, a society. 

a family. 
Cuallaich, -ach, v. herd, tend cattle. 
Cuan, cuain, pi. cuantan, cuaintean. m. the 

Cuanal, or cuanual, -ail, m. a company, a 

choir, '. band of singers. 
Cuanua, ov cuannmhor, a. handsome, fine, 

Cuanta, a. able, robust. 

Cuantach. -aich, m. a sea-faring man, sea- 
Guar, -adh, v. torment ,feel sorely. 
Cuaran, -ain, -an, m. a shoe made of un- 

tanned hide, a covering for an injured 

finger or toe. 
Cuaranach. a. wearing untanned shoes or 

Cuarsgag. -aig, a curve, a circle. 
Cuartach, -aich, f. a fever. 
Cuartag, -ig, -an, f. a little circle, a bird's 

nest, a small whirlpool. 
Cuartagach, a. eddying, whirling, circular. 
Cuartalan, -ain, -an, m. a circuit, a cir- 
cuitous route. 
Cuartan, -ain, -an, m. a maze, a labyrinth. 
Cub, -adh, V. crouch, bend, coop. 
Cub, -ùib, -an, f. a pannier, a box-cart. So. 

a coup-cart; ciip. 
Cuba, f. a bed, a coop. 


Ciibaid, -e, -ean, f. a pulpit; cùbaidh. 
Cùbair, -ean, m. a cooper; cùbaireachd, his 

Cubhag, -aig -an, f. the cuckoo; cuach, 

Cubhaidh, -e, a. fit, seemly. 
Cùbhrag, -aig, -an, f. an infant's flannel 

Ciibhraidh, -e, a. fragrant, of a fine smell. 
Ciibhraidheachd, f. fragrance. 
Cùbhraig, -ean, f. a coverlet, a cover. 
Cùbhrainn, f. strong woollen cloth, plaiding. 
Cudainn, -e, -ean, f. a young coal-fiah, a 

cutty ; cudag. 
Cudainn, -e, -ean, f. alarge tub; a. ciidainn- 

Cii-doun, au otter; see biast-dubh. 
Cudrom, -uim, m. weigiit, ai.-o cudthrom, 

a. cudxomach. 
Cii-eunaich, m. a pointer. 
Cugainn, -e, -ean, m. rich milk, a delicacy. 
Cugallach, a. precarious. 
Cuibheas, -eis, m. enough, competency. 
Oiiibheasaeh, a. middling, tolerable. 
Cuibhle, dat. cuibhlidh, pi. cuibhleachan, 

f. a wheel; also cuibheall, cuibhill. 
Cuibhlicb, -eachadh, v. wheel, turn round. 
Cuibhne, pi. -ean, -ichean, f. an antler of a 

Cuibhreach, -ich, -ichean, f. a bond, a chain. 
Cuibhrich, -eachadh, v. bind, fetter. 
Chiibhrig, -e, -ean, f. a lid, a cover, a 

coverlet; a. cuibhrigeach. 
Cuibhxig, -eadh, v. cover. 
Cuibhrionn, -inn, -can, f. a share, a portion. 
Cuicheanachd, f. hob-nobbing. 
Cuid, codach, codaichean, f. some, means, 
portion, lodgings (quarters). 



Cuideachail, -e, a. aiding, supporting. 
Cuideachd, adv. together, also, too. 
Cuideachd, or cuideachda, f. company, 

Cuideachdail, -e, a. social, helpful. 
Cuideag, -eig, -an, f. small effects, a share. 
Cuideal, cuidealas, -eil, -ais, m. pride, con- 
ceit; a. cuideil. 
Cuide-rium, -riut, -ris, -ritlie, -ruiun, 

-ruibh, prep, with me, etc.; cuide-ri- 

cheile, with each other. 
Cuidhtich, -eachadh, v. quit, leave off, 

Cuidich, -eachadh, v. help, support. 
Cuidiche, -ean, m. a helper, an assistant. 
Cuidreach, a. powerful, strong, corrobora- 
Cuid-roinn, f. a share, a portion, a lot. 
Cuifean, -ein, -ean, m. wadding of a gun. 
Cuigeal, -eil, -ach, -an, f. a distaff; a. 

Cùil, -e, ciiiltean, f. a nook, a corner; a. 

Cuilbheart, -eirt, -ean, -an, f. a wile, a 

trick; a. cuilbheartach. 
Ouilbheartachd, f. wiliness, trickiness. 
Cuilbhear, -eir, -ean, m. a gun or fowling 

Cuilbheireach, a. having guns. 
Cuilc, -e, -ean, f. a reed; a. cuilceaeh. 
Cuilcearnach, -aich, f. a place where reeds 

Cuile, -ich, -ichean, f. a cellar, a store, 

Cuileag, -eig, an, f. a fly, a fishing fly. 
Cuileagach, -aiche, a. full of flies. 
Cuileagan, -ain, m. a private feast. 
Cuilean, -ein, m. a whelp, a puppy, a 



Cuileann, -inn, m. holly; a. cuilcannach. 

Cuilgean, -ein, -ean, m. an awn of corn, a 
])rickle; a. cuilgeanach. See ealg. 

Cuilidh, lean, f. a cellar. 

Cuilm, -e, -ean,f. a feast, a banquet; al^^o 

Cùilteach, -ich, m. a Culdee, a skulker. 

C'uime, adv. why, for what. 

Cuimean, -ein, f. the plant cummin. 

Cuimhne, f. memory; a. cuimhneach, mind- 

Cuimhneachail, -e, a. mindful, remembering. 

Cuimhneachair, -ean, m. a recorder, a 

Cuimbneachan, -ain, m. a memorial, a keep- 

Cuinihnich, -eachadh, v. remember. 

Cuimhniche, -ean, m. a remembrancer, a 

Cuimir, -e, a. neat, tidy, elegant. 

Cuimireachd, f. neatness, symmetry. 

Cuimrig, -e, -ean, f. hindrance, obstacle. 

Ouimrig, -eadh, v. hinder, restrain. 

Cuimrigeach, a. difficult, full of obstacles. 

Cuimse, -ean, f. aim, measure; a. cuimseach. 

Cuim.sich, eachadh, v. aim, hit, point. 

Cuimte, a. tight, neat, well-.^haped. 

Cuin, adv. when, at what time. 

Cuing, -e, -ean, f. a yoke, a restraint, a 

Cuing-analach, f. shortness of breath, 

Cuinge. f. narrowness; cuingead. 

Cuingich, -eachadh, v. straiten, hamper, 

Cùinn, -eadh, v. coin, shape, form. 

Ciiinneadh, -idh, m. a coin; a. cùinneaoh. 

Cuinneag, -eig, -an, f. a bucket, a stoup. a 


Cuinneaii, -ein, -ean, ru. a nostril; a. 

Cuinnlean, -ein, -ean, m. a stalk of corn, a 

Cuinnleanach, a. full of stalks. 

Cuinn.9e, -ean, f. a quince; a. cuiunseach. 

Cuinnsear, -eir, -ean, m. a dagger or sword. 

Cuinnsearach, a. armed with daggers. 

Cuip, -e, -an, -eachan, f. a whip; a cuipeach. 

Cuip, -eadh, v. whip, flog. 

Cuir, cur, v. put, sow, send. 

Cuir an aghaidh, oppose. Cuir an neo- 
phris, despise. Cuir an ceill, declare, 
describe. Cuir air chill, abrogate, 
discard. Cuir suas leis, bear with. 
Cuir as da, destroy him. Cuir air falbh, 
send away. Cuir dragh,. trouble. Cuir 
dail, delay. Cuir ris, apply. Cuir 
romhad, resolve. 

Cuireadh, -idh, m. a ninvitation. 

Cfuireid, -e, -ean, f. a trick, a turn; a. 

Cuirean, -ein, -ean, m. a little turn; a. cuir- 

Cuiridh, m. a hero. See curaidh. 

Cuirm, -e, -ean, -eannan, f. a feast, a 

Cùirneachadh, -aidh, m. a covering. 

Cùirnean, -ein, -ean, m. small heep of stones, 
a drop, a pin-head. 

Cùirneanach, a. full of heaps of stones; or 

Cùirnich, -eachadh, v. cover, conceal. 

Cliirt, -e, -ean, {. honour, a court. 

Ciiirtea*, -eis, f. courtesy, urbanity, polite- 

Ciiirteil, -e. a. courtly, polite; a. ciiirt- 

Cùirtean, -ein, ni. a curtain. 


Cùirtear, -eir, m. a courtier. 
Cùirtearacbd, f. couillinetìs; ciartealac'id. 
Cùirteiseachd, f. politeness, courtesy. 
Cuis, -ean, f. a narrow sea-stream, a vein. 
C'nis, -e. -ean, f. an affair, a cau.-c, a dubject. 
Cuiseag, -eig, -an, f. a stalk of a weed; a' 

chuiseag ruadh, ragwort. 
Cuiseagaeh, a. full of stalks or ttems. 
Cviisire, -ean, m. a casuist. 
Cùis-lagha, a law suit. Ciiis-ghearain, a 

cause of complaint. Cùis-bhroin, a 

■subject of sorrow. Cùi.s-dbitidh, a 

cause of condemnation. 
Cuisle, -ean, f. a vein, an artery; a. 

Cuisleag, -eig, -an, f. a little vein; a. 

Cuisle-nilior, f. an artery, a great artery. 
Cuithe, -cachan, f. a wreath of inow; a. 

Cùl, cùil, m. the back; air mo chiil, at my 

Cùlag, -aig, -an, f. a back-tootli. a turf; a. 

Cùlaibh, m. the back, the back jiaits. 
Culaidh, -e, -ean, f. a dress, dres-i material, 

tools, fatness, subject or object, a boat; 

a. culach, fat, plump. 
Ciilaist, -e, -ean, f. a recess, a wall-press. 
Ciilan, -ain, m. a crust, tresses, iaair. 
Ciilanach, a. behind, coming behind. 
Cularan, -ain, -an, m. a cucumber. 
Cùl-bheum, -eim, m. a back-stroke. 
Cùl-chàin. -eadh, a. v. backbite, slander. 
Ciil-chainoadh, -ide, m. backbiting. 
Cnlchainnt, -e, f. backbiting, calumny. 
Culchainnteach, a. backbiting, .slanderous. 
C'ùlchainntear, -eir, -ean, m. » .-lauderer. 
Cùl-cheumnaich, -nachadh, v. go backwards. 


Cùl-choimbead, -id, m. a retrospect. 

Cùldaieh, -e, m. a back house, a cellar. 

Cullach, -aicli, m. a boar. 

Chil-raonaidii, m. a goalkeeper. 

Cùl-shleamhnaich, -achadh, v. backslide. 

Cùl-shleacihnaiche, -can, m. a backslider. 

Cùl-taic, -e, m. a support, a backing. 

Ou-luirge, a blood-hound. 

Cum, -ail, T. hold, keep, restrain. 

Cuma, f . a shape, a form, a figure ; cumadh. 

Cumachd, f. See cuma; a. cumachdail, 

Cumadair, -ean, m. a shaper, a former, a 

Cumadaireachd, f. framing, forming. 
Cumadalachd, f. symmetry, shapeliness. 
Cumail, -alach, f. a holding, a keeping, a 

Cumaltachd, f. tenaciousness; cumailteachd. 
Cuman, -ain, pi. cumain, m. a cogue, a pail. 
Cumanta, a. common, general. 
Cumantachd, f. commonalty; cumantas. 
Cumasg, -aisg, f. tumult; a. cumasgach. 
Cumha, f. a dirge, a mourning, a condition, 

a bribe. 
Cumhachag, an owl. See comhachag. 
Cumhachd, f. power, virtue; a. cumhachd- 

Cumhachdair, -ean, m. a commissioner. 
Cumhaing, -angadh, v. straiten, make 

Cumhaingich, -eachadh, v. straiten. 
Cumhaun, cuingè, a. narrow, strait; 

Cumhann, -ainn, m. a strait, a defile. 
Cumhnant, -aint, -an, m. a covenant, a 

Cumhnantach, a. pactional: cumlinantail. 
Cumhnantaich, -achadh, v. bargain. 


Cùmhradh, -aidh, m. a good bargain. 

Cumraig, -eadh, v. impede; cuimrig. 

Cuabhail, -e, f. sense, wit. 

Cunbhalacb, a. steady, regular. 

Cunbhalas, -ais, m. sense, judgment; cun- 

Cungaidb, -e, -ean, f. a tool, an instrument, 
material, medicine. 

Cungaisicb, -eachadh, v. provide witb tools, 

Cunglach, -aich, m. a narrow pass, a defile. 

Cunnarach, -aicb, m. a good bargain. 

Cunnart, -airt, -an, m. danger, risk; a. 

C5ùnnradh, or cùnradh, -aidh, m. a good 
bargain; cùmhradh. 

Cunnt, -adh, t. count, number. 

Cunntair, -ean, m. a counter, an arith- 

Cunntaireachd, f. counting, reckoning, num- 

Cunntas, -ais, m. counting; a. cunntasach. 

Cimnuil, -e, -ean, f. an objection, a check; 
a. cunnuileach. 

Cunnuilidi, -eachadh, v. object, wrangle. 

Clip. See ciib. 

Cupa, -achan, -aichean, m. a cup; a. cupach. 

Cupair, -ean, m. a cup-bearer; cupaireachd, 
his trade. 

Cupan, -ain, -an, m. a little cup; a. cup- 

Cupal, -ail. aichean, m. a couple, a pair. 

Cuplaich. -achadh v. couple, join. 

Caplach, -.liche, a. full of couiples or pairs. 

Cur, f. a jilacing, sowing; m. power. 

Curach. -;iich, -aichean, m. a boat covered 
with hides. 

Curaidh, -can, m. a hero. 


Cùraiun, -e, -ean, f. coarse .vooilen cloth, 

plaidingf, a coverlet. 
Cùrainnich, -eachadh, v. cover, as a table. 
Cùrain, -aim, m. care, anxiety, solicitude. 
Cùramachd, f. care, solicitude: a. tùramacli. 
Curantachd, f. bravery, courage; a. curauta. 
Ciirr, -a, -an, m. a heron. 
Currac, -aic, -aicean, m. a mutch, or cap. 
Curracag, -aig, -an, f. a cock of hay, a 

bubble, a lapwing, a sandpiper. 
Curracagach, a. full of cocks or bubbles. 
Currac-na-cuthaige, m. a bell-flower, or blue- 
Curraiceach, a. full of caps. 
Curran, -ain, -an, m. a carrot, p.Miuiers for 

a horse. 
Curranach, a. full of carrots or panniers. 
Currasan, -ain, -an, m. a large deep vessel, 

a pail. 
Currtha, n. exhausted, wearied: cuirte. 
Ciirsa, m. a course, a route, a row; a. 

Cùrsachd, f. coursing, travei^^ing. 
Cùrsaich, -achadh, v. course, arrange in 

Oùrsair, -ean, m. a courser, a racer; cùrsan. 
Cìirsaireachd, f. coursing; a. cùrsaireach, 

Curta, a. infamous, shocking, rank. 
CiLS, m. a great quantity, too much. 
Cusag, -aig, f. wild mustard; a. cusagach. 
Cuspa, -an, f. a callosity ou the heel; a. 

Cuspair, -ean, m. an object, a mark, a 

Cuspaireachd, f. archery, shooting at the 

Cuspairicli, -eachadh, v. shoot at a mark. 


Cuspairiche, -ean, ni. a marksman, an 

Cuspann, -ainn, -an, m. a tax, ciu-tom. 
Cut, -adh, V. gut as fish, dock, shorten. 
Cuta, -chan, m. a short leg, a cut of yarn; 

a. cutach. 
Cutag, -aig, -an, f. a little dumpy girl, a 

short spoon, a cutty-pipe. 
Cutaich, -achadh, v. shorten, dock, curtail. 
Cuthach, -aich , m. madness, fury, rage. 
Cuthag, -aig, an, f. a cuckoo; a. cuthagach. 
Cutharlan, -ain, m. an earth-nut. an onion. 


D', contr. for do, the poss. pr'n.: also 
verbal particle, before words beginning 
with a vowel, or f. as cha d'ei.-d, cha 

D' is often changed into t'; as t'athair, for 

Da, a. two; as da mhart, two cows. 

Da, prep, pron., to him. 

Dabhach, -aich, -aichean, f. a large vat, a 
portion of land. 

Da-bheathach, -aich, m. an amphibious 

Dachaidb. -ean, f. ;i home; adv. home, home- 

Dk-chcannach, a. having two head«. bicipi- 

Da-chosach, a. two-footed, a biped; rather 

Dà-chruthach, a. having two forms, 

Dad, m. any thing, aught; din. dadam, 

Dadamunn, -inn, m. a mote; a. dadam- 


Dadiim. -uini, m. a mote, an atom; a. 

Da-fkaobkrach, a. two-edged. 
Da-fhiaclach, a. haviug two teeth, bidental. 
Dag, or daga, daige, dagan, dagaichean, m. 

a pistol; a. dagach. 
Daga-diollaid, m. a hostler; daga-dialta. 
Daibhreas, -eis, m. poverty; a. daibhir, 

opposed to saoibhir. 
Daichealachd, f. stateliness, gracefulness. 
Daicheil, -e, a. genteel, seductive, trim. 
Daidean or daididh, m. papa. 
Daigeil, -eala, a. firm, strong. 
Dail, dalach, dailthean, f. a field, a plain; 

a. dailtheach. 
Dail, -ach, -aichean, f. delay, a meeting; a. 

Dail. -e, -ean, f. a wooden collar for cattle. 
Daileag, -eig, -an, f. a small field; a. dail- 

Dàilich. -eachadh, v. delay, defer, linger. 
Daille, f. blindness. Better doille. 
Dàimh, f. relationship, affinity; a. daimh-l 

Dàimh, m. guests, strangers. 
Daimheach, -ich, ra. a relation, a friend. 
Dàimhealachd, relationship, kindness; aJ 

Daingeann, daingne, daingnean, m. a fort| 

or castle. 
Daingean, daingne, a. firm, straight. 
DaingneacB, -ich, -ichean, m. a fort, a] 

Daingneachas, -ais, m. firmness, .surety. 
Daingneachd, f. strength, firmness. 
Daingnich, -eachadh; v. strengthen, fortify, I 

Dair, -eadh, v. rut, as cattle, etc. 
Dàir, dàra, f. the pairing of cattle. 


Dairireach, -ich, f. a shot. 

Dairirich, f. a loud rattling noise. 

Dais, -e, -ean, -eachan, f. a mow of corn; a. 

Dàite, a. singed, burned. 
Daite, a. c<^>loured; daiteach, much coloured. 
Daithead, f. a diet. 
Dala. See dara. 
Dall, -oilJe, a. blind, ignorant, obscure, 

dark . 
Dallabhiat, -an, m. a blinding bandage. 
Dallachrar, -ain, m. ignorance, blindness. 
Dalla-chreideamh, m. blind faith. 
Dallag, -aige, -an, f. a shrew mouse, a kind 

of fish, a blind creature; a. dallagach. 
Dalian, -ain, -an, m. a corn-fan; dallanacb. 
Dallanach, -aich, f. complete inebriation 

Dallan-dà, m. a game, viz., blind man's buff. 
Dallaran. -ain, -an, m. a blind person. 
Dallaran.uhd, f. blindness, groping in 

Dall-cheo, m. dark or thick mist. 
Dall-inntinneach, a. dark-minded, blind. 
Dall-oidhche, f. a dark night. 
Dall-shiiil, f. a blind or dim eye. 
Dalma, a. forward, bold. 
Dalmachd, f. audacity, temerity, boldness. 
Dalta, -acha i. -an, a foster child ; a. daltach. 
Dam, -aim, - vn, m. a mill dam. 
Dàmai.s, draughts; bord-damais, a draught- 
Damh, -aimh, pi. daimh, m. an ox, a stag, 

sticks of a harrow. 
Damhach. -aicho, a. of or belonging to oxen, 

or states. 
Dàmbair. -e, f. the rutting of deer; a. 

da mhai reach. 
Danihaii-allaidh, -ain-allaidh, ni. a spider. 

140 DAM — DAO 

Damhasg or dabhasg. See datiiais. 
Damnadh, -aidh, m. condemnation, cursing. 
Dan, àin, pi. dain, dàintean. m. a poem, 

fate, a song. 
Dana, a. bold, audacious, pre^umjjtuous. 
Dànachd, f. poetry, boldness, pjesumption. 
Danadas, -ais, m. presumption, audacity. 
Danaicb, -achadh, v. dare, venture. 
Daunarra, a. bold, presumptuous. 
Dannarracbd, f. presumption, boldness, 

Danns, -adh, v. dance; m. a dance. 
Dannsair, -ean, ni. a dancer, danusaireachd, 

his trade. 
Dao, a. obstinate. 

Daobhaidh, a. perverse, wicked, malicious. 
Daoi, a. Tvicked, foolish; also a wicked man. 
Daoifhearachd, f. wickedness, fraud, deceit. 
Daoimean, -ein, a diamond. 
Daoine, pi. of duine. 
Daol, -aoil, f. a beetle; a. daolagach. 
Daolag, -aige, -an, f. a little beetle, a miser; 

a. daolagach. 
Daolaire, -ean, m. a miser, a iif^an, selfish 

Daolaireachd, f. meanness, nurrownes6, 

Daonua, or daouda, a. hun an, humane, 

Daonnachd, f. humanity, kindneso, charity. 
Daonuachdach, a. charitable humane; 

Daouuan, adv. always, continually. 
Daor-, an intensive prefix. 
Daor, daoire, a. dear, costly, slavish. 
Daorach, -aich, f. druukennefo. 
Daoraich, -iioradh, v. make dearer. 
Daoranach, -aich, m. a slave. 


Daor-bbodach, -aich, m. a churl, au old 

Daor-eioreantas, -ais, f. aboolute necessity. 
Diiormunn, -uinn, m. a niggard, a raiser. 
Daorsa, f. bondage, captivity; daorsainn. 
Da-pheigbinn, m. a certain coin, two pennies 

Dara, or darna, a. the second, cither of two. 
Darach, -ciich, m. oak timber; darag, an oak 

Dararaeh. Sete dairireach. 
Darcan, -ain, m. an acorn, a pine-cone, a 

Dasachd, 1. wildness, fury; a. dasannach, 

Dàsan, jirep. pron., i.e., do esàu, to him. 
Dasannach, a. cunning, wily, presumptuous. 
Diith. -adh, v. singe. 
Dath, -a, daithean, -an, m. colour; a. dath- 

ach, dathail. 
Dath, V. I rtlour, dye, tinge. 
Dathadair, -ean, m. a dyer; dathadaireachd, 

hie trade. 
Dathai.^;. -o, -ean, f. a fallow deer; dathaa. 
Dc, intemig. pron. what? De b'àill leat? 

What do you want? 
De or an de, adv. yesterday. 
De, prep. of. 

Dèabh, -adh, v. drain, dry up, shrink. 
Dèabhadb, -aidh, ra. shrinking, drawing. 
Deacaid, -e, -ean, f. a jacket, a waistcoat. 
Deacair, -e, a. hard, difficult, sad, sorrowful. 
Deacaireachd, f. difficulty, sadness; 

Deachaidh. See rach. 
Deachamh, -aimh, -ean, m. a tithe, a tenth 

Urnohd, -. dh, v. dictate, indite; deachd- 


142 DBA— DEA 

Deaclidair, or deachadair, -ean. m. a dic- 
Deachdaiieachd, or deaclidadaireachd, f. 

Deachmhaich, -achadh, v. tithe, collect 

Deadhan, -ain, m. a dean, a deacon. 
Deagh, a. good, excellent. 
Deagh-ainm, m. a good name. 
Deagh-bheachd, m. a good intention. 
Deagh-bheirt, f. a good deed. 
Deagh-bheus, m. good manners. 
Deagh-bhlas, m. good taste. 
Deagh-bhiiil, f. good disposal. 
Deagh-ghean, m. good humour, goodvill 
Deagh-labhairt, f. eloquence. 
D^agh-mhisneach, f. good courage. 
Deagh-thoil, f. goodwill. 
Deagh-thuigse, f. a good understanding. 
Deal, -a, a. relative, friendly : mo dheala 

charaid, my true friend. 
Deal, -a, -achau, f. a leech; also geal. 
Deala, oomp. of deal, of a nearer kindred. 
Dealaich, -achadh, v. separate, divide, 

Dealaidh, a. relative, friendly, more related. 
Dealaidheachd, f. kindred, relationship, 

Dealan, -ain, -an, m. lighning, a bar of a 

door; a. dealanach. 
Dealanach, -aich, m. lightning. 
Dealan-de,- m. a fiery circle made with a 

Dealau-dc, f. a butterfly, rather dearbad- 

Dealan-doruis, m. a bar of a door. 
Dealann, -ainn. See deileann. 
Dealas, -ais, zeal, loyalty. 

DEA— DKA 143 

Dealbh, -a, -an, -annan, m. a picture, a 

figure, an image. 
Dealbh, -aclh, v. form, figure; dealbhaich. 
Dealbhach, -aiche, a. shapely, hajidsome, 

Dealbhadair, -airean, m. a painter; dealbh- 

adaireachd, his trade. 
Dealbhadan, -ain, -an, m. a mould, a frame. 
Dealbhadh, -aidh, m. planning, forming, 

Dealbhaich, -achadh, v. shape, form, figure. 
Dealbh-chlmich, -e, -ean, m. a play, a stage 

play, a drama. 
Dealbh-chluicheadair, -ean, m. a stage 

player, an actor. 
Deal-each, -eich, f. a horse-leech. 
Dealg, -eilg, -an, m.f. a pin, a prickle, a 

knitting needle; a. dealgach 
Dealgan, -ain, -an, m. a little pin. a spindle; 

a. dealganach. 
Dealradh, -aidh, m. a gleam, brightness; a. 

Dealraich, -radh, v. shine, gleam, brighten. 
Dealt, -a, -an, m.f. dew; a. dealtach, dealt- 

mhor, dealtrach. 
Dealtraich, -radh, v. gild, varnish, be-drop. 
Doamhan, -ain, ra. a demon, a devil; a. 

Dpamha.s, or deimheis, m.f. sheep shears. 
Dean, -amh, v. do, make. 
Deanadach, a. thrifty, industrious, diligent. 
Deanadas, -ais, m. industry, activity, be- 
haviour, doings. 
Deann, -a, -an, f. haste, velocity, a small 

quantity, as of meal. 
Deanna, dat. deannaibh, f. pi. breathless 

haste ; deanna-nam-boun, as fa^t as feet 

oan carry. 

144 DBA — DEA 

Deannag, -aig, -an, f. a little quantity, a« 

of meal; a. deannagacli. 
Deannal, -ail, -an, m. a conflict, an onset. 
Deannaii, -ain, -an, m. See deannag. 
Deannruith, f. running full speed. 
Deanntag, -aig, -an, m. a nettle; a. deannt- 

Dear, pi. deoir, m. a tear; deur; a. 

Dèarail, -e, a. poor, feeble, dependent. 
Dearbadan-de, m. a butterfly; (cearban-de). 
Dearbh, or gu dearbh, adv. indeed, for cer- 
Dearbh, -adh, . prove, confirm, try. 
Dearbhachd, f. proof, testimony; dearbh- 

Dearbhadli, -aidh, -ean, m. a proof; a. 

Dearbhaicli, -achadh, v. prove, confirm. 
Dearbhan, -ain, -an, m. an axiom, xa 

Dearbhas, -ais, -an, m. a proof. 
Dearbh -bheachd, m. full aim, full notice, 

Dearbh-bhràthair, m. a full brother. 
Dearbh-bluiathar, -air, -ran, m. au axiom. 
Dearbh-chinnte, or dearb-chinnteas, full 

Dearbh-chinnteach, a. full sure, or certain. 
Dearbhte, a. proved, tried. 
Dearc, -an, f. a berry, a lizard; a. dearcach. 
Dearc, -acjh, v. look narrowly, observe. 
Dearcag, -aig, -an, f. a small berry; a. 

Dearc-aitinn, f. a juniper berry. 
Dearc-dharaich, an acorn. 
Dearc-fhiona, f. a grpae. 
Dearc-fhrangach, f. a currant. 
Dearc-luachrach, f. a lizard. 


Dearcnaich, -nachadh, v. view, minutely 

Dearc-ola, f. an olive. 

Dearg, deirge, a. red, violet, impetuous. 
Dearg, -adh, v. make red, plough, make an 

Dearg, -eirg, m. a red deer, ploughed land, 

a single fish. 
Deargan, -ain, m. a red. spot, crimson, 

Dearganach, -aich, m. a red-coat, a soldier. 
Deargan-allt, m. a kestrel-hawk. 
Deargann, -ainn, -an f. a flea; a. dearg- 

Dearg-fhraoich, m. a goldfinch. 
Deargshuii, f. a red or bloody eye; a. dearg- 

Deàr-làn, :n. a complete fill; a. deàr-làn, 

Dearmad, -aid, -an, m. an omission; a. 

Dearmadachd, f. omission, carelessnescs. 
Dearmaid, -ad, -eadh, v. omit, neglect. 
Dearmail, -e, -ean, f. solicitude, worldli- 

Dearmaile;ub, a. anxious, worldly. 
Dearna, -aichean, f. the palm of the hand. 
Dearnadair, -ean, m. a palmiat. 
Dearnadaireachd, f. palmistry, chiromancy. 
Deàrnagan, -ain, -an, m. a cake made by 

the hand. 
Deàrnan, -ain, m. a shoemaker's waxed 

Dearrasau, -ain, m. the noise of crackling, 

buzzing, rustling; dearrasauaich. 
Deàrrs, -adh, v. shine, gleam. 
Dearrsach, -aiche, a. bright, radiant; 




Deàrrsaich, -acliadli, v. shine. 

Deàrrsg, or deàrrsgnaicli, v. poiisli. 

Deas, -eise, f. the south, the right side. 

Deas, -eise, a. ready, prepared; deasal. 

Deasach, -aich, m. a south countryman. 

Deasachadh, -aidh, m. baking, preparing. 

Deasad, -aid, m. readiness, appo^iteuess. 

Deasadan, -ain, m. a common-place book. 

Deasaich, -achadh, v. prepare, dress, cook. 

Deasbair, -e, -ean, m. a disputant; deas- 
baireachd, disputation, debate, confer- 

Deasbud, m. a dispute, a debate, a confer- 

Deas-chainnt, -e, -ean, f. eloquence; a. deas- 

Deas-fhacal, -ail, m. a ready word, a smart 

Deasgainn, -e, -ean, f. rennet; a. deas- 

Deas-ghnàth, m. a ceremony; a. deas- 

Deas-ghnàthachd, f. ceremony. 

Deas-labhairt, f. eloquence, address: a. dea.s- 

Deas-lamh, -aimh, f. the right hand; a. deas- 

Dea-smaireas, -is, or deasmaireachd, f. curi- 

Deathach, -aich, f. smoke, a. deathachail, 

Deat, -a, f. an unshorn year-old sheep or 

Deatacb. See deathach. 

Deatam, -aim, m. anxiety, ea^rerness; a. 

Dee, pi. gods. Better diathan. 

Deibhleid, -e, -ean, f. an awkward or un- 
handy person. 


Dèibhleideachd, f. awkwardness, inability, 

Deic, -e, a. convenient, fit; as cha deic, it is 

not fit. 
Deich, a. ten; an deicheamh, the tenth. 
Deichmhich, -eachadh, v. decimate, tithe. 

Deichnear, m. and f. ten per.sous. 

Deic-shlisneach, -iche, -ean, m. a decagon. 

Deich-thaobhach, -aich, -aichean, m. a ten- 
sided figure. 

Deideadh, -idh, m. the toothache; deide. 

Deideag, -eig, an, f. a present, u pebble, a 
darling oue, a gift. 

Deidh, -e, f. love, wish, desire; adv. after; 
a. deidheil. 

Deidhinn, or mii dheidhinn, prep, concern- 
ing, of. 

Deidh-laimh, adv. after hand, afterwards. 

Deifir, -e, f. haste, speed; a. deifireach. 

Deifricli, -eadh, v. hasten, hurry. 

Deigh, -c, -eau, -eannan, -eachau, f. ice; a. 

Deighlean, -ein, -an, m. a quire of paper. 

Deil. See dil. 

Deil, -e, -ean, f. a turner's latl.e. a sharp 
iron rod, an axle. 

Deilbh, -e, -ean, f. a web, forming; deil- 

Deilbh, -eadh, v. frame, form, warp; deil- 

Deilbheun, -ein, -ean, f. a little image or 

D'eile, adv. what else; i.e., de-eile. 

Deile, -eachan, a deal; deileadair, a sawyer, 
a turner. 

Dèileadaireachd, f. the busine.-s of a ^awye^ 
or turner. 

Dèileag, -eig, -an, f. a little deal; a. deil- 


Deileann, -inn, m. loud, sharp barking. 
Deilgne, pi. thorns, prickles; a. deilgneach ; 

cadal-deilgneach, the prickly sensation 

in a numbed limb. 
Deilich, -eadh, v. separate, depart; deal- 

Deilig, -eadh, v. deal, treat with. 
Deillseag, -eig, -an, f. a slap with the open 

Deiltreadh, -aidh, m. gilding; a. deiltreach. 
Deimhinn, adv. indeed, verily, truly. 
Deimhinneachd, f. certainty. 
Deimhnich, -eadh, v. verify, prove. 
Deine, f. eagerness, keenness; (dian.) 
Deineachd, f. keenness, eagerness; a. dein- 

Deir, v. def. say. 

Deirc, -e, -ean, f. alms; a. deirceach, poor. 
Deirceag, -eig, f. a penurious woman. 
De'rcear, -eir, -ean, m. an almoner, deircire. 
Deire, or deireadh, -idh, -idhean, m. an end 

the .stern of a ship, the hind part of any 

thing, at last. 
Deireannach, -aiche, a. last, hindmost, late. 
Deireas, -eis, -an, m. defect, hurt, loss; a. 

Deirge. deirgead, f. redness. 
Deis, or an deis, adv. after, afterwards. 
Deisciobul, -uil, pi. deisciobuil, m. a 

Deis-de, f. a sanctuary, a place of safety; 

inter j. halt ! 
Deise, f. a suit of clothes. 
Deiseag. See deillseag. 
Deisealachd, f. readiness; deasalas, 

Deisealan, -ain, -an, m. a box on the ear. 

DII— DEU 149 

Deiseaiach, -aiche, a. sunnj, haviag a 

oouthern exposure, conrenieut, haudy; 

deisear, deisreach. 
DeLseal, a. towards the south, ready; deis- 

Deisg, -eadh, v. crack, split, dry up. 
Deisinn, -e, f. abhorrence, dicgust; a. deis- 

Deo, m.f. breath, air, life, a ray of Light. 
Deoch, dibhe, -an, f. drink. Liquor, 
i.-e.'ch, -a, -annan, f. a drink, a dram. 
Deoch-an-doruis, f. a parting cup. 
Deoch-slainte, f. a health, a toast. 
Deoghail, -al, v. suck, as infants. 
Deò-grèine, m.f. a sunbeam, Fionn's 

Deòin, -e, f. will, accord, assent; a. 

Deòiridh, m. a poor or desolate creature. 
Deònaich, -achacLh, v. vouchsafe, grant. 
Deòntachd. f. willingness; deòntjL:. 
Deòraich, -achadh, v. banish, expel. 
Deòthas, -ais, m. eagerness; a. deòthasach. 
De-teothadh, -an, f. hemlock; a. de- 

Deth, prep, off him. 

De-theine, f. a heated boring-iron; deith. 
De-tiach, f. the epiglottia, the weasand, the 

gullet ; i-tiach. 
Deubh, -adh, v. shrink, dry up, wither. 
Deubhann, -ainn, -an, f. a fetter for a horse. 
Deuchainn. -ean, f. trial, trouble, proof. 
Deud, m. the teeth, a set of teeth; deudach. 
Deudach, -aiche, -aichean, m. the teeth; a. 

Deud-gheal, a. white-toothed. 
Deug, or diag, a. ten, a h-aon-ieu?; eleven. 
Deur, or diar, deoir, pi. deoir, ni. a tear; a. 


150 DEU — DIA 

Deuraci),, -aiclie, f. pain caused by a blow, 

Deuishuil, f. a weeping eye; a. deurshuil- 

Dh', for do; also sign of the preter. before a 

vowel, or fh, as dh' eisd mi, I listened, 

dh' fhalbh mi, I went. 
Dhà, or a dha, a. two. 
Dlia, prep, conjoined with the pers. pron. 

to him. 
Bhachaidh or dachaidh, adv. home. 
Dh' aiudeoin, adv. in spite of. 
Dhi, dhise, prep, conjoined with the pers. 

pron. to her. 
Dhiom, dbiot, dhith, dheth, dhiuu, dhibh, 

dhiii, comp. i^rep. off me, off you, i.e., 

de mi, &c. 
Dhomh, dhut, dha, dhi, dliuinu, dhuibh, 

dhoibh, cocp. prep, to mc, to you, &c., 

i.e., do mi. 
Di, or dia, m. a day, as Di-luain, Monday; 

Di-mairt, Tuesday; Di-ciadain, Wed- 
nesday; Dior-daoin, Thursday; Di-h- 

aoiue, Friday; Di-sathuirne, Saturday; 

Di-dòmhnaich, Sunday. 
Dia, God, g. De or Dhe; pi. diathan. 
Dia-bheum, -eim, jii. blasphemy; a. dia- 

Diabhlachd, diabhlaidheachd. f. devilish- 

Diabhul. -uil,' -bhlau, m. a devil; a. 

Diachuinn. See dèuchainn. 
Diadhachd, o-odhcad, theology, religion. 
Diadhaich, -achadh, v. deify. 
Diadhaidh, -e, a. godly, pious. 
Diadbnidheachd. f. piety, godline--s. 
Diadhaii. -eau, m. a divine; diadhaireaclid, 




Diadhalachd, f. g-odlinese, piety. 
Dia-dhuiiie, in. a God man, Christ. 
Diallaid. See diollaid. 

Dialtao-. -aig, -an, f. a bat; a. dialtagach. 
Dian, deine, a. keen, quick, vehement. 
Dian-achanaich, f. earnest supplication or 

Dianas, -ais, m. vehemence, eagerness. 
Dian-losg;ulh, m. violent burning. 
Dian-ruagadh, ra. close pursuit. 
Dian-ruitli, f. running at full speed. 
Dian-shruth, m. a rapid stream. 
Dian-theas, m. intense heat. 
Dias, deii?, -an, f. an ear of corn, the bli'de 

of a sword. 
Diasach. -aiche, a. full of blades, or ears of 

Diasag. -aig, -an, f. a little blade or ear of 

Dibheiuh, -a, -an, m. an ant. 
Dibh-fheanr, -eirg, f. vengeance, indigna- 
tion, wrath. 
Dibir, -radh, dibirt, v. forsake, abandon. 
Dibirt, f. abandonment. 
Diblidh. a. vile, low, mean; dibleachd, vile- 

Dibrigh, -e. f. contempt, disrespect, 
nicheall, -ill, m. endeavour, diligence; a. 

Did, or dideag, f. a peep; a. dideagach, 

Didean. -ran. -an. m. protection, a fort. 
Dideinich, -eachadh, v. protect, defend; 

Didneadh, -idh, ni. protection; from didinn. 
Difir, f. difference. 
Dig, disre, -can, f. a ditch, a dyke; a. 



Dìgear, -eir, -ean, m. a ditcher; digearachd, 

his business. 
Dil, -e, a. keen, closCj careful, constant. 
Dile, f. heavy rain a deluge; a. dileach; 

Dileab, -eib, -an, f. a legacy; dileabach, a 

Dileabaiche, -ean, m. a testator. 
Dileag, -eig, -an, f. a blossom, a flower; a. 

Dileag, -eig, -an, f. a small quantity of 

liquor, a drop; a. dileagach. 
Dileant, -a, a. deep, profound, rainy. 
Dileas, dilse, a. related, faithful. 
Dilinn, a. endless, forever. 
Dilleachdan, -ain, -an, m. an orphan ; a. 

Dilse, -ean, m. relationship, fidelity, friend- 
Dilseachd, f. relationship, friendship, faith- 
Dimeas, m. contempt, disrespect; a. di- 

Di-mill, -eadh, v. destroy. 
Dimillteach, -ich, m. a cow or horse that 

breaks through fences. 
Di-neart, -eirt, m. want of stresgth, 

Dinn, or dhinn, oomp. pron. See dhiom. 
Dinn, -eadh, v. press, cram, force down. 
Dinneadh, -idh, m. pressing. 
Diochuimhn, f. forgetfulness ; a. dioch- 

Dinuear, dinnearach, -earau, -aichean, f. a 

Dinneir, -ean, m. a presser, a wedge. 
Dinnsear, m. ginger; a. dinsearach. 
Diobhail, -e, f. loss, want. 
Diobair, v. forsake, abandon. 


Dìobhair, dìobhairt, v. vomit, throw up. 
Diocail, -ladh, v. lower, extinguish, assuage. 
Diochd, a. small. 
Diochuimhne, f. forgetfulue^s ; a dioch- 

Diochuimhnich, -eachadh, v. forget. 
Diod, f. a small drop; dim. diodag. 
Diog, -a, m. a syllable, life, breath. 
Diogailt, -ailt, -ladh, r. tickle. 
Diogailt, -e, f tickling; diogladh; a. diog- 

ailteach, dioglach. 
Diogan, -ain, m. revenge, spite; a. diog- 

Dioghail, -al, v. avenge, retaliate. 
Dioghaltas, -ais, m. vengeance, punishment. 
Dioghlaim, -adh, v. glean, cull; diolam, 

Did, -adh, v. pay, satisfy. 
Dioladair, -ean, m. a payer. 
Dioladh, -aidh, m. paying. 
Diolaid. See diollaid. 
Diolain, -e, a. bastard, illegitimate. 
Diol-dcirc, -e, -ean, m. a beggar, an object 

of charity. 
Diollaid, -e, -ean, f. a saddle; a. diollaid- 

tach, diolldair, -ean, m. a saddler. 
Diomain, -e, a. not lasting, transitory. 
Diomb, m. hatred, disdain, dislike; diumb. 
Diombach, -aiche, a. displease, angry; 

Diomhain, -e, a. lazy, idle, in vaiu. 
Diomhair, -e, a. secret, private. 
Diomhairich, -eachadh, v. secrete, hide. 
Dìomhanas, -ais, m. idleness, laziness. 
Dioniol, -adh, v. dispraise, vilify, disparage. 
Diomoladh, -aidh, m. a dispraising, vilify- 
Diomolair, m. a dispraiser or disparager. 
Dion, -a, m. protection, shelter. 


Dìonach, -aiche, a. sheltered, water-tight. 
Dìonacuadh, or dìonachas, m. shelter, 

Dionadair, -ean, m. a protector, a defender. 
Dionadh, -aidh, m. protecting, sheltering. 
Dionag, -aig, -an, i. a two-year-old sheep or 

goat, dinmont. 
Dionaich, -achadh, v. make water-tight, 

Diong, -adh, v. effect, match, concur, equal. 
Diongadh, -aidh, m. effecting, concurring; 

a. diongach. 
DiongniJiail, or diongmhalta, a. perfect, 

Diongmhaltas, -ais, m. i>erfectnes8, 

Diorras, or diorras, -ais, m. obstinacy, stub- 
bornness, persistency. 
Diosg, a. barren, dry. See seasg. 
Diosg, m. any quantity of water, or licjiior 

in a dish. 
Diosgan, -ain, ni. a creaking noise; diosg- 

Diet, -a, an, f. a meal of meat; diot-mhor, 

Dir, -eadh, v. ascend. 
Direach. -iche, a. straight, perpendiciilar, 
Direachau, -ain, -an, m. a perpendicular. 
Dxrich, -eachadh, v. make straight, 

Diricli, -eadh, v. ascend, mount; dir. 
Dis, -e, a. delicate in bearing cold, tender. 
Disneaii. or disne, -ein, -ean. m. a die, a 

cube : a. disneach. 
Disnean, -ein, -ean, m. a dice-box. 
Dit, -eadh, v. condemn, reproach, rebuke. 
Diteadh, -idh, m. condemnation, sentencing. 
Dith, -eadh, v. die, perish, wither away. 

DIT— DLB 155 

Dith, -e, f. want, deficiency, defect; di-. 
Dith-bith, f. annihilation; dith-bith ort ! 

(an imprecation). 
Di-chuimhne, or diochuimhne, f. forgetful- 

Dithean, -ein, -ean, m. the wild marigold; 

a. ditheanach. 
Dithich, -eachadh, v. destroy, die, perish. 
Dithis, a. two persons, a pair. 
DithreaUh, -eibh, f. a desert. 
Dithre;i)'hach, -aiche, pi. -aich, m. a hermit. 
Diù, f. v..-rth, value. 
Diù, m. the refuse of any thing, the worst; 

Diu, or diugh, and an diu, or an diugh, 

adv. to-day. 
Diiibhail, -alach, -ean, -alaichean. loss, 

Diùbhair. See diùbhras. 
Diùbhnlacb, -aiche, a. hurtful. 
Diiibhras, -ais, m. a difference: a. diùbhr- 

Dine -a, the pip in fowls. 
Diiic, -an, m. a duke; a. diùcail. 
Diìidan. -ain, m. a giddy person, giddiness. 
Diug, intPTJ. a cry to gather hens. 
Diùid. -e, -ean, m. an awkward, spiritless 

per^o)', silliness. 
Diiiideachd, f. silliness, bashfulness; a. 

diùifHiHi. bashful. 
Oiiilnach. -. ich, m. a hero; diùlnas, 

Diiilt, -adh, V. refuse. 
Diultadh. -aidh, -aidhean, m. a refusal. 
Diùmb, -;', vn. hatred, displeasure. 
Diiimbach. -aiche, a. wroth, displeased, 

DIeas. -;iri, m. duty, oflBce ; a. dlca.sail, duti- 


Dleas, -adhj v. merit, deserve. 
Dleasnas, -ais, m. duty; a. dleasnacb. 
Dlighe, f. duty, law, ordinance, due; a. 

Dligheachas, -ais, m. duty, right; a. dligh- 

Dlighear, -eir, -ean, m. a lawyer, a creditor. 
D1Ò, or dlòth, f. a handful of corn; a. 

Dlù, or dlùth, dluithe; a. nigh, near. 
Dluigheil, -eala, a. thrifty, neat, active. 
Dlùitheachd, f. nearness, closeness. 
Dlù-lean, -ail, -tainn, v. pursue closely. 
Dlùthadh, -aidh, m. a joining, approach- 
ing, warping. 
Dliithaich, -achadh, v. approach, draw 

near, warp. 
Dlùths, dlùiths, f. nearness, closeness. 
Dlùth, -a, m. the warp of a web. 
Do, prep. to. 
Do, sign of the preterite, as do bhuail, did 

Do, poss, pron. thy, thine; do lamh, your 

Do-, a negative particle, as, do-dhèante, 

Dòbhaidh, -e, a. dreadful, awful. 
Dobhar-lus, -uis, m. water-cress, an aquatic 

Dò-bheirt, -ean, f. a bad deed, wickedness, 

vice. . 
Dò-bheirteach, a. wicked, malicious, vicious. 
Dò-bhliadhuach, -aich, m. a bea;?t two years 

Dòbhran, -ain, m. an otter; a. dòbhranach, 

shy, distant. 
Do-bhrigh, adv. for, because. 
Do-bhròn, -oin, great grief; a. do-bhrònach. 
Docair, -e, a, hard, grievous. 


Docha, 1 preferable, more dear; comp. of 

Docha, a. comp. more likely, more prob- 

Dochainu, -eachadh, dochuadh, v. hurt, 

Dochair, -e, -ean, f. hurt, harm. 

Dochaireach, -iche, a. hurtful; also doch- 

Dochartas, -ais, m. sickneas; a. dochartach. 

Dòchas, -ai.s, m. hope, confidence; a. dòch- 

Do-chasgadb, -aidh, a. unmanageable, uu- 

Do-cheannail, -e, a. untameable. 

Do-chiosiiaichte, a. invincible. 

Do-chlaoidhte, a. indefatigable. 

Do-chombiiirlichte, a. incorrigible, inadvis- 

Dochrach, -aiche, a. wrong, hurtful; doch 

Dcm!, m. a tantrum, a huff; a. dodach. 

Do, prep. to. 

Do-fhaic<;;.:ieach, a. hard to be seen, 


Do-fhulangach, a. intolerable. 

Dog, -a, ni. a bit, a chump. 

Dogan, -ain, m. a stot, a steer. 

Dògan, m. a sort of oath (" dog-on-it "). 

Dògha, or !neacan-dogha, a burdock. 

Do-ghuàth, .wlv. always; also a ghnath. 

Doicheall, -eill, m. inhospitableness, refus- 

Doicheallach. -aiche, a. inhospitable, 

bold, -e, -ean, f. the hand; a. dòideach, 
handed, strong. 

Dòid, f. .1 »raall farm, a croft. 

Doideag, -ciz. -an, f. a witch. 


Dòid-gheal, -ile, a. white-handed. 

Dòigh, -e, -ean, f. way, method, ;5tate; a. 

Dòighealachd, f. methodicalness, adjust- 

Doileas, -eis, m. injury; a. doilea.sach. 

Doilgheas, -eis, m. sori'ow, vexation; a. 

Doilich. See duilich. 

Doille, f. blindness. See dall. 

Doilleir, -e, a. dark, obscure; dcilleaiachd, 
darkness, obscurity. 

Doimeag, -eig, f. a slattern; a. doimeagach. 

Doimh, -e, a. gross, unshapely, vexiiiij; 

Doimheamh, -eimhe, a. vexed, grieved, sad. 

Doimheadas, -ais, m. grief, vexation. 

Doimhne, f. the deep, the sea, depth; 

Doimhnich, -eachadh, v. deepen, make, 

Doineann, -inn, f. a storm, a tempest. 

Doineannach, -aiche, tempestuous, stormy. 

Do-inuse, a. unutterable, inexpressible. 

Do-iomcharach, a. intolerable. 

Doirbeag, -eig, -an, f. a small fish, a 

Doirbh, -e, a. rough, jieevish, hard, difficult. 

Doirbheadas, doirbhead, or doirbhe, rough- 

Doirbheag, -eig, -an, f. a peevish woman. 

Doirbhean, -ein, -an, m. a churl. 

Doirbheanachd, doirbheas, churl ishuess. 

Doire, -eachan, m. a grove, a thicket; a 

Dòirlinu, -e, -ean, f. an i.sthmus; a. doir- 

Doimeag, -eig, -an, f. a round stone that 
fills the fist, the handle of an oar. 


Dòirneagach, -aiche, a. full of round stones. 

Dòirt, dòrtadh, v. spill, shed, rush out. 

Doirte, pret. part, spilled; a. dòirteach, 

Dòite, a. singed. See dàite. 

Dol, V. going. See rach. 

Do-labhairt, or do-labhrach; a. unspeak- 

Dòlach, a. destructive, grievous. 

Dolaidh, f. harm, loss, damage; a. dolach. 

Do-lamhacli, or dà-lamhach, a. u.sing both 
hands equally. 

Dòla^i, -i'is, -an, m. v/oe, grief, pain; a. 

Dòlasachd, f. torment, paia, sadness. 

Dò-lasair, -srach, -sraichean, f. a destruc- 
tive flame. 

Do-leiLs, rather doileas, -eis, ni. mischief, 

Do-leasaichte, a. irreparable, incurable. 

Do-leigheasach, a. irremediable; do- 

Do-leirsiiineach, a. invisible. 

Doltrani, -uim, ni. gloom, terror, anguish. 

Dòlum, -uim, m. murmuring, wretchedness; 
a. dolumach. 

Domail, -e, m. hurt, harm. 

Dom, -uim, m. gall. 

Domblas. -ais, m. gall, bile, choler. anger. 

Domblas-aighe, m. the gall bladder. 

Domblas.ichd, f. bitterness, choler; a. 

Diimhail, -la, a. thick, bulky, corpulent. 

Domhain, -oimhne. a. deep, profound. 

Domhain, -ain, m. the universe, the world. 

Domhladas, -ais, m. thickness, bulk. 

D"rahlaich. -achadh, v. thicken, crowd. 

Dùmhnach. -aich, m. Sunday. 

Do-mhùinte, a. untractable, unlearned. 

160 DOX — DOR 

Don, a, m. evil, want, badness; a. dona. 

Donad, -aid, m. badness, and donadas. 

Donas, -ais, -an, m. the devil, mischief, 

Dònaean, -ain, -an, m. a little devil, or 

Dougaidb, -e, a. moist, humid. 

Donu, duinne, a. brown, surly. 

Donn, -adh, make brown, grow brown, 
singe; donnaich. 

Donnag, -aig, -an, f. a small brown fish. 

Donnal, -ail, -an, m. the barking or howl- 
ing of a dog 

Donnalaich, m. barking, howling. 

Donnalaich, -aladh, v. howl. 

Dòrainn, -e, f. pain, torment; a. dòraiun- 

Dòrainneachd, f. torment. 

Dòraman, -ain, m. a hermit, a morose man; 
a. dòramanach. 

Do-rann.^uichte, a. inscrutable, unsearch- 

Dorbh, -oirbh, -uirbh, m. a hand line for 
fishing. See drobha. 

Dorcha, duirche, a. dark, black. 

Dorchadas, -ais, m. darkness, mysterious- 

Dorchaich, -achadh, v. darken, grow dark. 

Do-reir, a-reir, prep, according to. 

Do- reiteachadh, a. irreconcilable, implac- 

Do-reiteachas, -as, m. irreconcilableness. 

Dò-riarachàdh, a. insatiable, ungovernable. 

Dòrlach, -aich, m. a handful, a quiver of 

Dòrn, -ùirn, pi. dùirn, m. a fist, a blow 
with the fist, a hilt. 

Dòrn, -adh, v. thump with the fists. 

Dòrnach, -aiche, a. of or belonging to fists. 


Dòrnadh, -aidh, m. a thumping with the 

Dòmag, -aig, f. a gauntlet, a glove. 
Dòrnan, -ain, -an, m. a little fist; a. dòr- 

Dòrn-gheal, -ile, a. white-handed. 
Do-coinnte, a. indivisible. 
Dorro, comp. of duilich. 
Dorradas, ais, m. difficulty, hardship. 
Dorran, -ain, -an m. vexation, anger; a. 

Dorranaich, -achadh, v. vex, grieve. 
Dorsair, -ean, m. a doorkeeper, a porter; 

doTsaireachd, his trade. 
Dorus, -uis, -ean, m. a door, an opening, a 

Doru.«-lùdhainn, or -ludhaidh, m. a folding 

Dos, -oi.~, -an, m. a bush, a tuft, a fore- 
lock, a plume. 
Dos, -uis, m. a hunter's horn, the drone of 

the bappipe. 
Doiach. a. full of tufts or bushes. 
Dosan, -ain, an, m. a little tuft, a topee; 

a. doE^acach. 
Dosgach, -aiche, a. unfortunate; dosgainn- 

Dosgaidh, -a, -dhean, f. a misfortune. 
Da-igainn, -ean, f. a misfortune. 
Do-sgarraidh, a. inseparable. 
Do-3gfTÙdaidh, -aidhe, a. unsearchable. 
Do-sheachnach, -aiche, a. inevitable. 
Do-smachdach, -aiche, a. ungovernable. 
Dosrach. -aiche, a. bushy, branchy. 
Dosraich. -o, f. luxuriousness of tufts or 

Doth, dotbadh, v. singe, scorch, burn. 



Dothadh, -aidh, m. siugeing, sl iLhiug; a. 

Drabach, -aiche, a. dirty, nasty. 
Drabag, -aig, -an, f. a dirty woman; ui. 

Drabasda, a. obscene, filthy. 
Drabasdachd, f. obscenity of language. 
I>rabliacli, -aiche, a. divergin-. fissured, 

Drabliag, -aig, -an, f. dregs; a. drabhagach. 
Drabhas, -ais, -an, m. dirtiness, foul 

Drabhasach, -aiche, a. dirty, foul. 
Drac, dràic, -an, m. a drake; a. dracach. 
Dragh, -e, m. annoyance, trouble; a. 

Dragh, draghadh, v. drag, pull, tug, draw. 
Draghalachd, f. troublesomeness. a. dragh- 

Draghair, -ean, m. a puller, a dru/Wer. 
Draghaireachd, f. drawing, pulling. 
Dragon, or dreugon, -oin, -an, m. a dragon, 

a paper kite. 
Dràichd, f. a slattern; a. dràichdeil. 
Draighlichd, f. a trollop, a draggle-tail. 
Dram, -a, -aunan, -an, m. a dran; ; a. dram- 

Drannadh, -aidh, -aidhean, m. grinning. 
Drannd, -a, -an, f. a syllable, a word; 

Dranndail, -e, f. grumbling, snarling. 
Dranndan, .-ain, m. a hum, humming, 

growling, snarling. 
Dranndanach, a. humming, murmuring, 

Dranndanaich, or dranndanachd. f. hum- 
ming, grumbling. 
Draoi, -thean, m. a magician, a druid. See 



Draoin, f. a grin. See drein. 
Draoitheachd, f. sorcery; a. dr.;oitheach. 
Draolainn, -e, f. any thinir drawling, 

Draosdachd, f. obscene words; a. drao.sda. 
Draoddail, -aille, a. obscene, smutty. 
Drasda, adv. now; an dràsd. 
Dràthais, -e, -ean, f. a pair of drawers. 
Dreach, -adh, v. figure, shape, delineate, 

Dreach, -a, -an, m. appearance, figure; a. 

Dxeachadau, -ain, -an, m. a mould; a. 

Dreachalachd, f. comliness; a. dreachmhor. 
Dreachd, or driachd, m. office, occupation. 
Dreag, -eig, -an, f. a meteor. 
Dreall, -ill, m. a door bar; a. dreallach. 
Dreallag, -aig, -an, f. a swinging rope for 

Dreallan-doininn, m. the stormy-petrel. 
Dream, m. people, a distorted mouth. 
Dreamach, -aiche, a. grinninsr. snarling, 

Drcamachd, f. peevishness; dreamaiche. 
Drearaag, -aig, -an. f. a peevish woman. 
Dreamasgal, -ail, m. a heterogenous mass. 
Dream-chraos, -aois, m. a distorted mouth. 
Drpanilaiuu, -c, f. .snarling, grumbling. 
Dreamlainneach, -aiche, a. peevish, morose. 
Dreangan, -ain, m. a snarler; a. dreangan- 

Dreas, dris, -ean, m. a briar, a thorn, a 

bramble; dris. 
Dreathan, -ain, m. a wren; dreathan-donn. 
Dreimire, m. a ladder. 
Drein, -e, -ean, f. a grin; a. dreineach. 
Drèineag, -eig, f. a grinning female. 


DreingeÌQj m. a peevish, fretful, discou- 

tented person. 
Dreòchdam, -aim, m. the crying of deer. 
Dreòlan, -ain, -an, m. a wren, a dwarf. 
Dreòs, -eois, m. a blaze; a. dreòsach. 
Driachan, -ain, m. plodding, drudgery. 
Driachanachd, f. plodding, botching; a. 

Driamlach, -aich, -aichean, f. a fishing line, 

a tall, ill-formed fellow. 
Dril -e, f. a shining drop, a spark; a. dril- 

Drileanach, a. shining, sparkling. 
Drilsean, -ein, m. a rush-wick, the core of 

a rush. 
Driodar, -air, m. lees, dregs; a. driodarach. 
Driod-fhortan, -ain, m. mishap; a. driod- 

Driog, -a, -an, m. a drop; a. driogach, 

dropping slowly. 
Driogachd, f. distillation. 
Driogaire, -ean, m. a distiller. 
Driongan, -ain, m. .slowness; a. driongan- 

Drionganachd, f. slowness, tardiness. 
Driopai], -e, a. hurried, dripeil. 
Drip, -e, f. hurry, haste. 
Dris, -e, -ean, f. a thorn, a brier; a. dris- 

Driseag, -eig, -an, f. a little thorn; a. 

Drisearnach, -aich, f. a place where thrrns 

Drithleann, -ainn, m. a sparkle; a. drith- 

Driùchd. See druchd. 
Driug, -a, -an, f. a meteor, rather dreag. 
Dròbh, -òibh, -an, m. a drove of cattle; a. 


DRO-DBO 165 

Drobha, or drogha, f. a hand fishing-liue. 

Dròbhair, -ean, m. a drover; dròbhairenchd, 
his trade. 

Droch, a. bad, wicked, evil. 

Droch-abhaiet, a bad custom. 

Drochaid, -e, -ean, f. a bridge. 

Drochaideach, a. full of bridges. 

Droch-ainm, m. a bad name. 

Droch-bharail, f. a bad opinion. 

Droch-bhàs, m. a bad death; used as an 

Droch-bheart, f. a bad deed, evil, wicked- 

Droch-bheulach, a. foul-mouthed. 

Droch-bheus, m. bad behaviour. 

Droch-bhuil, f. an improper disposal. 

Droch-caidreamh, m. evil communication. 

Droch-cainnt, -e, f. bad language, swearing. 

Drocli-coniliairle, f. bad advice. 

Droch-cònihail, f. a bad-omeued meeting; 
used as an imprecation. 

Droch-cuimhneachan, m. a Litter remem- 

Droch-dhiol, m. bad treatment ; u.-^ed as an 

Droch-fhacal, m. a bad word. 

Droch-ghuidhe, m. a curse, an evil wish. 

Droch-iomradh, m. an evil report. 

Droch-mheas, ra. a bad opinion, disregard. 

Droch-mhèinn, f. ill-will, malice. 

Droch-mheinneach, a. malicious. 

Droch-mhisneach, f. pusillanimity. 

Droch-uò.-iach, a. immoral. 

Droch-obair, f. bad work, a bad. job. 

Droch-riaghladh, m. bad management. 

Droch-rùn, m. ill-will, malice. 

Droch-sgeul, m. a bad account or rejjort. 

Droch-shùil, f. an evil eye. 

Droch-spiorad, m. nn evil spirit. 


Uroch-theanga, f. a bad tongue. 

Drocli-thiiairisgeul, m. an evil report. 

Droch-thuarr, m. a bad appearance. 

Drochuair, -e, f. an evil hour. 

Drog, m. a land-swell. 

Drogaid, -e, -ean, f. drugget, cloth of linen 

and wool. 
Droich, m. a dwarf; dim. droicheau, droich- 

Droigheanii, -inn, -nean, m. a thorn. 
Droighneach, -ich, f. a heap of thorns or 

Droighnean, -eiu, m. a thorny place. 
Droineach, -iche, a. ragged. 
Droing, -e, m. people, folk, persons; drong. 
Droinip. -e, f. canvas, sails, tackle, a rag. 
Drola, -achan, f. a pot-hook; a. drolach. 
Drolabhais, -e, -ean, f. unnecessary lumber. 
Drolabhan, -ain, m. a good-for-nothing 

fellow, a trifler. 
Drolag, -aig, -an, f. a chain-link, a swing. 
Droll, -uill, -an, m. a door bar, a tail, a 

Drollaire, -ean, m. a sluggard; drollair- 

eaclid, hie trade. 
Droniau, -ain, -an, m. a little hill of emin- 
ence, the elder or boortreo. 
Dromanach, -aiche, a. full of eminences. 
Drong. See droing. 
Drongair, -ean, m. a drunkard; drongair- 

eachd, his trade. 
Ih-onn, -uinYi, f. the rump, the back; a. 

Dronnag, -aig, -an, f. a small height, or 

Dronnagaeh, -aiche, a. full of heights, or 

Dronnagach, -aich, f. muddy wat^r, lees; 



Druaip, -i, f. l€€s, drega: a. druaipeil. 
Druaipear, -«ir, -ean, m. a tippler; druaip- 

earachd, his trade. 
Drixb, f. a wink, as of sleep; a. driibanta, 

Drùbag, -aig, -an, f. a little mouthful of 

Driib-shuikacL, a. sleepy-eyed. 
Drùchd, m. dew; a. driichdail. 
Drùdh, or drùidh, drùdhadh, v. penetrate, 

ooze, drain, impress. 
Drùdhadh, -aidh, m. penetrating, oozing. 
Drudhafr, -aig, -an, f. a small drop, a dram. 
Drùgaire, m. a drudge, a mean .swiller. 
Druid, -eadli, v. shut closely, advance, join. 
Druid, -e, -ean, f. a starling; dim. druideag. 
Drùidh, -e, -ean, m. a druid, a magician, a 

morose person. 
Drùidheil, -e, a. penetrating, driiidhteach. 
Drùigh. See drùdh. 
Druira, droraa, dromannan, m. a back, a 

hill, a roof, a keel. 
Druimionn, a white-backed. 
Druimneach, a. full of eminenros, or backs, 

ridged, burrowed. 
Druinntan, -ean, m. a little back: a. driiinn- 

eanaf h. 
Drùi.s, -e, f. hist, perspiration; a. drùiseil, 

Drùisealachd, f. lewdness, perspiration. 
Drùieear. -fir, -ean, m. a fornicator, driiis- 

Drama, -arhan, -aichean, f. a drum ; a. 

Dnimair, -"an, m. a drummer: drumair- 

eachd. his trade. 
Druman. m the elder or boortree, a little 

168 DRU — DDE 

Drumauach, -aich, f. the ridge-baud of a 

cart, the rigwuddy. 
DÙ, a. meet, proper, just, hereditary. 
Duaiclineachd, f. ugliness, horridness. 
Duaichnich, -eachadli, v. make xiglj, dis- 
Diiaichnidh, -e, a. ugly, horrid, gloomy. 
Duaidh, -e, -ean, f. a horrid eocene, a battle. 
Duairc, f . a vice, a rude, uncivil per.son ; 

a. duairceach. 
Duals, -«, -ean, f . a reward, a prize ; a. 

Dual, duail, dualan, f. a plait, a lock of 

Dual, m. an hereditary quality. 
Dual, -adh, v. plait, fold, link. 
Dualach, a. fuU of plaits or locks, tortuous, 

Dioalachas, -ais, m. hereditary disposititii. 
Dualadair, -ean, m. a plaiter. dualadair- 

eachd, his trade. 
Dualan, -ain, -an, m. a small lock; a dual- 

Duan, -uain, pi. duain, m. a song, a poem, 

or ode. 
Duanach, a. of or belonging to odes or 

Duanag, -aig, -an, f. a little song; a. 

Duanaire, -ean, m. a songster, a bard. 
Duanaireachd, f. chanting, ihyiniug. 
Duarman, -ain, -an, a murmur; a. 

Duarmanaich, f. murmuring, grumbliug. 
Diibail, -ladh, v. double. 
Dùbailte, a. double. 

Dùbailteachd, f. dissimulation, duplicity. 
Dubh, duibhe, a. black, dark; s. dubh, ink. 
Dubh, duibhe, v. blacken^ blot out. 


Dubhach, -aiche, a. sad, sorrowful, melan- 
Dubhachas, -ais, m. grief, sorrow. 
Dubhag, -aig, -an, f. a deep or dark pool. 
Diibhagan, -ain, m. the deepest part, the 

pupil of the eye. 
Dubhailc, -e, -ean, f. a vice; a. dubhailc- 

each, vicious. 
Dubhailteach, -iche, a. sorrovrful, isad; s. 

Dubhairidh, f. a dowry. 
Dubhairt, pret. of abair, said, ratlier 

Diibhan, -ain, m. a fishing hook, a claw; a. 

Dubhar, -air, m. a shade, darkuess; a. 

Dubharacbd, f. shade, 
Diibh-bhlianach, -aich, f. meagre or lean 

Dubh-bhreac, bhric, m. a black trout, a 

large trout. 
Dubh-bhruu, -ain, m. deep -orrow; a. 

Dubh-chaile, -ean, f. a scullion, a girl of 

low situation. 
Dubh-chasach, a species of fer;. . 
Dubh-chlein, -e, -can, f. the flank, the 

8[)!een; dubh-liath, loch-blileir. 
Dùbhdan, -ain, m. smoke, smothered flame, 

straw ashes. 
Dubh-dhonn. -uiune, a dark brown. 
Dubh-fhacal, -ail, m. a parable, a riddle, 

a dark word. 
Dubh-ghalar, -air, m. a di-sease iu cattle. 
Dubh-ghall, -aill, m. a real Lowlander. 
Dubh-ghlaic, f. a dark valley. 
Dubh-ghrhin, -e, f. extreme di-!rii-=t 


Dubh-là, m. a day of trial or temptation, a 

dark day. 
Dùbhlachd, or dùlachd, or dùldachdy 

winter, a storm. 
Dubhlaidh, -e, a. gloomy, wintry. 
Dubhlan, -ain, m. a defiance, a challenge. 
Dubhlanachd, .-;. defiance; a. dubhlanach. 
Dubhlauaich, -achadh, v. defy, cballenge. 
Dubh-liatli, -a, f. the spleen. 
Dubh-liath, -eithe, a. dark grey. 
Dubhlosgadh, -aidh, m. great burning. 
Dubh-neul, -eoil, m. a dark cloud. 
Dubh-ogha, m. the great grandson's grand- 
Dùbhra. or duibhre, or dùbhradh, m. 

shade, darkness; a. dùbhrach. 
Dubh-rnadh, -iiaidhe, a. dark red. 
Dubh-shuileach, -iche, a. black eyed. 
Diiblaich, -achadh, v. double. 
Diichas. See dùthchas. 
Dud, m. a lump. 
Dud, dùid, m. a word, a sound; rather 

Dùdach, -aich, -ean, f. a sounding horn. 
Diidag, -aig, -an f. a little sounding horn. 
Dùdaire, -ean, m. a trumpeter. 
Dùdaireachd, f. the noise of horns or 

Dùdan, -ain, m. dust, as mill dust, &c. 
Dù-dhearg, -eirge, a deep red. 
Dùdlachd. See dùbhlachd. 
Dùghlap. -aise, a. dark grey. 
Diighorn], -uirme, a. dark blue. 
Duibh, prep, conjoined with ]ier<. pion. to 

you. i.e., do-sibh. 
Duibhe, f. blackness, compr. of dubh. 
Duibh-leum, f. a wild leap. 
Duibhre, f. darkness, shade; duibhreaa. 
Duibh-ruith, f. furious running. 


Dùil, -e, -ean, f. hope, expectation, aa 

Dùile, f. a joor, weak per.son ; dim. dùileag. 

Dùileach, -iche, a. elemental. 

Duileasg, -i-ig, m. dilse, tangle. 

Uuilghe, duilgheadas, or duilichiun, sad- 
ness, grief, difficulty. 

Dnilich, -Ighe, or dorra, a. difficult, sad, 

Dìiilinn, pi. the elements, or dùiliunean. 

Duille, -ean, f. a sheath, a leaf. 

Duilleach, -ich, m. foliage. 

Duilleag, -cig, -ea|n, f. a little leaf; a. 

Duilleag-bhaite, f. the white water-lily. 

Duillich, -eachadh, v. sprout, put forth 

Diiin, -adh, v. shut, close. 

Duine, pi. daoine, m. a man; a. duineil, 

Duineachan, -ain, m. a little man, a 

Duinealas, duineadas, duinealachd, manli- 

Duirc, m. a pine cone, an acorn ; dim. 

Dùire, dùiread, f. ob-stinacy. See dùr. 

Duiseal, -ei), m. a whip. 

Dùiseal, -eil. ni. a slumber, drowsiness. 

Diiisealan, ] 1. pretences, di&'-iiiuilation. 

Diiisg, dÙ8g;..lh, v. awake, rouse. 

Uula, -achan, f. a noose, a loop, a swivel; 
a. diil.:cb. 

Dùlach, dùlaclid, dùldachd, winter, gloom. 

Dìildaich, -acliadh, v. darken, make 

Dùldaidli, -e, a. wintry, gloomy. 

Dùmhail, -la, a. bulky, thronged. 


Dùmhladas, -ais, m. bulk, thickness, a 

Dumlilaicli, -achadh, v. crowd, increase in 

Diin, -uin, m. a beap, a bill, a fort ; dim. 

diinan; a. diinacb. 
Dùnadb, -aidb, m. a termiuation, a closing. 
Dunaidb, -acb, f. misfortune, woe, disaster. 
Diinan, -ain, m. a duugbill. 
Dunt, m. a tbump, a soft blow, a tbud. 
Buntag, -aig, f. a plump little article or 

Diir, -uire, a. stubborn, obstinate. 
Dùracbd, f. earnestness, good-will, luck- 
Dùrachdacb, -aiche, a. earnest. 
Dùradan, -ain, -an, m. a mote, .in atom; 

a. dùradanacb. 
DiÌTaig, -againn, -aigeadh, a. wish, desire. 
Dù.ranta, a. stiff, obstinate. 
Dùrantachd, f. obstinacy, stiffue.*s. 
Dùr-bhodach, -aich, m. a stiff old man. 
Dure, m. a lump, a shapeless piece; dim. 

Dujcais, -e, -eaai, f. pincers, nippers; a. 

Diir-chluasach, a. hard of hearing. 
Dùr-chridheach, a. hard-hearted. 
Diird, diiird, m. a word, a syllable, a sound. 
Diirdail, or dùrdanaich, the blackcock's 

note, murmuring. 
Dùrdan, -ain, m. a humming noise, a mote, 

an atom; a. dùrdanach. 
Durganta, a. surly, grumbling. 
Dùrlus, -uis, m. water-cress. 
Durrag, -aig, -an, f. a worm, a maggot; a. 

Durrghail, e, f. the cooing of a dove, or 


DIR — lAC 173 

Dursauu, -aiuu, -an, m. mishup, uulucki- 

Due, -uis, m. dust; a. dustach, dustail. 
Dusan, -aiu, -an, m. a dozen; a. diLsanach. 
Duslach, or duslainn, m. dust; a. duslach- 

ail, duslainneach. 
Dùth, or dù, -e, a. natural, hereditary. 

See dù. 
Dùthaich, cha, -channan, f. a country, a 

district; a. diithchail. 
Diithchas, -ais, m. place of one's birth, 

heredity, diithchasachd ; a. dùthchas- 

Dùthrachd, m. earnestness, good-wish, dili- 
gence; dùrachd; a. dùthrachdach. 

E, per.'?, pron. he, him, or it. 

èa-, eag-, ei-, eu-, a negative prefix. 

Eabair, -radh, v. besmear, daiib with mud. 

Eabar, -air, m. mud, mire; a. eabrach. 

Eabon, -oin, m. ebony; a. eabonach. 

Eabur, -nir, m. ivory; a. eaburach. 

Eacli, eich, pi. eich, dat. eachaibh, m. a 

horse; a. eachach. 
Eachalachd, f. brutality; a. eachail. 
Eachan, -.liu, -an, m. a smooth cockle, a 

little horse, a winding horse; a. each- 

Each-chir. -o, -ean, f. a horse-comb. 
Eachdaireathd, f. history, chronicle. 
Eachdar;i>i. -ain, m. a pen for strayed 

Eachdraiche, -e, -ean, m. an historian. 
Eachdraidh, -e, -ean, f. history, a chronicle, 

a rip-ma-role. 
Eachdranach, m. a foreigner. 


EacMair, m. an hostler, a brutlsli fellow. 
Each-leigh, -e, -ean, m. a farrier. 
Each-leigheas, -is, m. tlie veterinary art. 
Eachraidh, m. coll., horses, cavalry, a istud 

of horses. 
Eachrais, -e, f. coufusiou, bustle; a. 

ead, m. jealousy, zeal; a. eadmhor. 
Eadar, prep, between, betwixt. 
Eadarainn, eadaraibh, eatorra, prep, with 

pers. pron. between us, &c. 
Eadar-cliur, -uir, f. au interjection. 
Eadar-dhà-lionn, adv. between sinking nid 

Eadar-dhealachadh, -aidh, m. a distinction, 

a difference. 
Eadar-dhealaich, -achadh, v. distingiiish, 

Eadar-ghearradh, -aidh, m. a separation, a 

Eadar-ghuidhe, m. intercession. 
Eadar-ghiiidhear, -ean, m. an intercessor. 
Eadar-mheadhouaireachd, f. mediation. 
Eadar-nihinich, -eachadh, v. interpret, 

Eadar-mheadhonaireachd, f. mediation. 
Eadar-mhinichear, or earar-mhiniche, m. 

an interpreter. 
Eadar-sgarachdainn, -e, -ean, f. a separa- 
tion or divorce. 
Eadar-sgaradh, -aidh, f. a separation, a 

divorce. ■ 
Eadai-shoillse, f. the twilight; a. eadar- 

Eadar-shoillsich, -eachadh, v. glimmer, 

shine between. 
Eadar-theaugachadh, -aidh, m. interpreta- 
tion, version. 

EAD — EAL 175 

Eadar-theangachd, f. interpretation, 

Eadar-tlieangaich, -achadh, v. translate, 

Eadar-theangair, m. an interpreter. 
Eadar-theangaireachd, f. interpretation, 

Eadh, adv. yes, yea, so; as, an eadh? is it 

Eadhon, adv. to wit, namely, even. 
Eadradh, -aidh, m. milking time. 
Eadraig, -inn, v. interpose, separate. 
Eag, -eig, -an, f. a nick, a hack, a notch; 

a. easfach. 
Eagaich, -achadh, v. notch, hack, mark 

with iiotches. 
Eagal, -ail, m. fear, fright; a. eaglach. 
Eagar, -air, m. order, a class, a row; a. 

Eagaraich, -achadh, v. set in order, digest. 
Eagarra, a. exact, precise, methodical. 
Eaglais, -e, -ean, f. a church; a. eaglais- 

each, eaglaiseil. 
èagmhais. See eugmhais. 
Eagnachd, f. wisdom, prudence: also 

Eagnaidli, or eagnaidheach. a. wise 

Eagnaidheachd, f. wisdom, prudenre, exact- 
Eàirlig, -ean, f. want, poverty. 
Eàirlinn, -san, f. keel, bottom, end. 
Eàirneis. See àirneis. 
Eala, -achan, f. a swan; a. ealach. 
Ealachainu, -e, -ean, f. a ."stand to lay a 

gun upon, an armoury. 
Ealag, -aig, -an, f. a little swan, a block; 

a. ealagach. 
èalaidb, -ladh, v. creep; ialaidh. 

176 KAL — KAN 

Ealaidh, -e, -ean, f. an ode, a song, miisic, 

Ealaia, -e, -ean, f. art, science, skill; a. 

Ealaineach, -iche, a. musical, ingenious; 

Eaiamb, -aimhe, a. quick, nimble. 

Ealantas, -ais, m. art, readiness; also 

Ealbh, m. a bit, a tittle. 

Ealbhuidb, -e, -ean, St John's wort. 

Eallacb, -aich, pi. -an, -aicheau, m. f a 

Eallachail, -e, a. burdensome, heavy, cum- 

Eallsg, f. a àcolding female, a termagant; 
a. eallsgail. 

Ealt, or ealta, pi. ealtan, f. a covey of birds. 

Ealtaiiin, -e, -ean, f. birds, a flock of birds. 

Ealtainn, e, -ean, f. a razor; a. ealtainn- 

ean, eòin, m. a bird, a chick; euu, ian. 

Eanach, -aich, m. dandriff, scurf, down. 

Eanach, -aich, m. praise, renown. 

Eanachainn, -e, -ean, m. the brain; a. 

Eaubhruich, f. flesh soup. 

Eang, -a, f. foot, footstep, track, a point 
of land, a skirt, a corner, a small por- 
tion; a. eangach, nimble-footed. 

Eangach, -aich, -an, f. a snare, a fetter, 

Eangarractd, f . swiftness, agility ; a. 

Eangbhaidh, -e, a. high-mettled, hard to 

Eanghlais, f. gruel, milk-and-water, wish- 

Eangladh, -aidh, m. entanglement. 

■AN— MAR 177 

Ean-giiobiirag. See eun-ghobhrag. 
Eanntag, -ean, f. nettles; deanntag, 

Eanraich, -e, -ean, f. flesh soup. 
Ear, f. tiie east, easterly, eastward. 
Earail, -aJach, -aichean, f. an exhortation. 
Earailte.K-h, -iche, a. exhorting, provident, 

Earal, -ail, m. provision, caution; a. 

Earalaich, -achadh, v. exhort, caution. 
Earalaiche, -ean, m. an exhorter. 
Earalas, -ais, m. provision, caution; a. 

Earair, earnradh, v. parch or dry corn. 
Earar, i.e. aji earar, adv. the day after 

Earar;M.s, adv. the second day after 

i:^ira.said, -e, -ean, f. a woman's plaid or 

Earb, -sadh, v. trust, hope, confide. 
Earb, -an, -aichean, f. a roe; a. earbacb. 
Earbag, -aig, -ean, f. a little roe; a. ear- 

Earball, -w.U. ra. a tail; a. earballach. 
Earbsa, f. hope, confidence; a. earbsach. 
Earbsalachd, f. confidence, trust; a. earb- 

Earchail, -aill, m. loss of cattle; a. ear- 

Eàrlaid, -e, -ean, f. dependence, expecta- 
tion, land. 
Eàrlas, -a;s, m. an earnest, an earnest 

Earnach, -aich, f. a disease in cattle. 
Eàrr. -a. -an, m. the tail of a fish, a bottom, 
an end. 



Eàrrach, -aich, m. the chimb of a tub or 

Earrach, -aich, m. the spring. 
Earradh, -aidh, -aidhean, m. dress, cloth- 
Earra-dhiis, f. the dog-rose. 
Earra-dhubh, -uibh, m. the wane of the 

Earraghloir, f. bold or taunting laugu^e, 

Earraid, -ean, m. a kings messenger or 

Earraideach, -iche, a. of or belonging to 

Earraig, -e, -ean, f. a shift; a. earraigeach. 
Earrann, -aiiiu, -an, f.m. a share, a portion. 
Earrannaicb, -achadh, v. share, divide, 

Earrannaiche, -ean, ni. a divider, u, sharer. 
Earras, -aia, -an, m. riches, care; a. 

Earr-gheal, -ile, -an, f. the bird pygarg. 
Earr-ghobhlach, a. fork-tailed. 
Earr-ite, -ean, f. a tail feather; a. earr- 

Earr-thalmhainn, f. yarrow, milfoil. 
Eas-, a negative prefix. 
Eas, -a, -an, m. a waterfall. 
Easach, -aich, m. water-gruel. 
Easag, -aig, -an, f. a pheasant, a squirrel; 

a. easagach. 
Easan, -ain, -an, m. a little cascade, thin 

Easaouta, f. dissension, disagreement; a. 

Easaontachd, or easaonachd, f disagree- 
ment, dissent. 
Easaontaich, -achadh, v. diaegree, discord. 
Easaontas, -ais, m. disobedience, tr&spaes. 


Easaraicb, i. boiling of a pool, ebullition, 

Easar-chasaiu, m. a thoroughfare. 
Eaobaloid, f. absolution. 
Easbhuidh, -e, f. want, defect, need. 
Easbhuidheach, a. wanting, deficient. 
Eaabuig, -ean, m. a bishop; a. easbuigeach. 
Easbuigeachd, f. episcopacy, a bishopric. 
Eascairdeas, -eis, m. enmity; a. enscaiid- 

Eascaraid, -cairdean, m. an adAersary. 
Easg, -a, -an, m. a ditch, a feu. 
Easgaid, -e, -ean, f . a hough, a thigh ; a. 

èasgaidh, -e, a. ready, willing. 
Easgann, -ainn, -as, f. an eel: a. eisgann- 

Earigraich, f. a torrent, coarse mixture. 
Earilaint, -e, -tean, f. sickness; a. easlaint- 

Easradh, -aidh, m. bedding for cattle. 
Easraich, -e, -ean, f. the boiling of water 

of a cascade. 
Eas-urrani, -aim, m. disrespect; a. eas- 

Eas-urramachd, f. dishonour, disre-pect. 
Eas-urramaich, -achadh, v. dishonour. 
Eathar, -air, -thraichean, m. a boat. 
Eatorra, between them. 
Eatorras, -ais, m. middling, mediocrity, in 

a fair way. 
6ibh, -e, -ean, f. a cry. 
Eibheadh, -idh, f. the aspen, 
èibheal. eibble, eibhlean, live coal embers; 

a. eibhleach. 
èibhleag, -eig, -an, f. small ember, 
èibhueachd, f. joyfulness; a. cibhiuii, 6ibh- 



èibhneas, -ais, m. joy, gladuess; a. èibhiuu- 

Eibhriouuach, -aich, m. a castrated goat, 
èiceart, -an, m. injustice, evil; èiceartas; a. 

èid, -eadh, v. dress, cloth, 
èicle, (or èideadh, -idh) -ean, m. clothiusr, 

Eideauii, -inu, -an, f. a suit, equipment. 
Eidheann, -inn, f. ivy; eidheannacli. 
Eididh, -e, f. a web. 
èifeachd, f. effect; a. eifeachdach. 
Eige, -eachan, f. a web of cloth, 
èigeautas, -ais, m. necessity. 
Eigh, f. ice; deigh. 
eigh, -e, -ean, f. a cry, a shout, 
eigh, eigheach, v. shout, cry, proclaim. 
Eighe, -eachan, f. a file, a peat-cutter, 
eigheach, -ich, -icheau, a cry: a. eigheach. 
eighre, f. ice, frost; a. eighreach, eighread- 

ail, eireadail. 
Eighreag. See oighreag. 
Elgin, pron. indefinite, aonie, as cuid-eigiii, 

eiginn, f. force, violence, necessity. 
eigne:! eh, or eiginneach, a. necessary, 

eignich, -neachadh, v. force, compel. 
eildeag, -eig, -an, f. a young hind or roe;- 

a. eildeagach. 
Eildeir, -ean, m. an elder; cildeireachd, his 

office. ' 
Eilc, pi'on. other, another, the other. 
Eileach, -ich, m. a mill dam. a rock, 
eileadh, -idh, -idhean, m. a kilt, the plaid 

of a man; feile. 
Eilean, -ein, -an, m. an island, manners: 

a. eileanach. 
Eilgheadh, v. plough for the first time. 

EIL— KIS 181 

Eilid, eilde, eildeau, i. a liiud; a. eildeach. 
Lilig, -e f. willow-herb. 
Eilitriom, -an, m. a hearse, a bier. 
Eillteil, -e, -eile, a. horrid, dreadiul; 

eilltich, -eachadh, v. terrify, be afraid. 
Eilthir, -ean, f. a foreign country; eilthir- 

each, a foreigner, 
iltich, -eachadh, v. rejoice, ex i!t. 
i:>meach, -aich, m. bounty, ifooduess; 

Eineach-lann, f. protection, safeguard, 
tirbheirt, -e, f. power of motion, activity. 
Eirbhir, -e, f. asking indirectly; eirbhir- 

each, one who acts so. 
Eirbleacli, -aiche, a. crippled, infirm. 
eire, f. a burden; a. eireach, tiroadail. 
Eireachd, f. an assembly; Ir. òireachdas. 
Eireachd, f. elegance, beauty; a. eireachd- 

Eireachda , -ais, m. elegance, handsome- 
Eireag, -eig, -an, f. a youn? hen; a. 

Eireallach, -aich, m. a monster, a clumsy 

old carle. 
Eiriceachd, f. heresy; eiriceach, a heretic, 
èirich, èirigh, v. rise, get up, ron.-;e. 
Eiridnich, -eachadh, v. cherish, uur.<e; 

èirig, -e, -ean, f. a ransom; a. eirigeach. 
èirionnach, -aich, m. a castrated goat. 
Eirmis, eirmis, v. find out, hit. 
èirneis, f. furniture; a. eirneiseach ; airneis. 
Eirthir, -e, -ean, f. sea coast; eirthireach. 
èis, -c, -ean, f. hindrance, delay: a. eiseil, 

è, -o.ichd, V. hear, listen, give heed. 


èisdeachd, f. hearing, confession; èisdeir, a 

èisg, -e, -ean, m. f. a satirist; also eisgear. 

eLsgealachd, or eisgeachd, f. satire; a. 
eisgeil eisgeanta. 

Eisimeil, -ealach, -ean, f. a bias or partia- 
lity, dependence. 

Eisimeileach, -icbe, a. dependent, biased. 

Eisimpleir, -e, -ean, f. an example; eisiom- 
plair; a. eisimpleireach. 

Eisir, -ean, m. an oyster; eisreau; a. eisir- 
each, eisireanacli. 

eislean, -ein, m. hindrance, grief; a. 

Eislinn, -ean, f. boards under a corpse, a 
shroud; eisinn. 

Eite, -ean, f . an unhusked ear of corn ; a. 

eiteach, -ich, m. perjury, a lie, consump- 
tion : a. eithich. 

eiteag, -eig, f. a white pebble, a fair maid; 
a. eiteagach. 

Eitean, -eiu, -ean, m. a kernel. 

eitlch, -eadh, v. forswear, refuse, deny. 

Eitig, -e, f. consumption; eiteach, eitich. 

Eitig^h I r eicligh, -e, a. churly, angry, 
ugly, stormy. 

Eòinea'.i, -ein, -ean, m. a little bird. 

EÒ1, m. science, knowledge, a charm; a. 

Eòlas, -ais, i;i. science, knowledge, skill, a 
charm. • 

Eòriia, m. barley; a. eòrnach. 

Eothanaich, -achadh, v. languish, decay. 

Esa, or esan, pers. pron. euiphat. he, him- 

Eubh, eubhach, v. cry. See eibh, or èigh. 

Eubhach. -aich, -aichean, f. a cry; eibh- 


Eucail, -alach, -ean, f. a disease, infirmity, 

a. eucaileach. 
Eu-càirdeil, or eu-cairdeach, unfriendly, 

Eu-ceart, -an, m. injustice, evil; eu- 

ceartas; a. eiceartach. 
Euchd. m. an exploit, a feat; a. euchdail, 

Euchdafj, -aig, -an, f. a fair maid, a 

Euchdalachd, f. heroism. 
Euooir, -orach, -ean, f. injustice, wrong; a. 

Eucoireachd, f. injuriousness, injustice. 
Eucorach, -aich, -ean, m. a wicked person, 

a devil. 
Eud or iad, m. jealousy, a grudge, zeal; 

Eudail, -can, f. a darling, a treasure, 

cattle; a. eudaileach. 
Eudaire, -ean, m. a jealous man. 
Eudmhor;ichd, f. jealousy; a. eudmhor. 
Eu-dòchas. -ais, m. despair; a. eu-dòch- 

Eu-domhain, -oimhne, a. shallow, not deep. 
Eug-, a negative prefix. 
Eug, eugadh, v. die, perish, decay. 
Eug, eig, m. death. 
Eugail. See eucail. 

Eugmhais, or eugais (as eugmhais), with- 
out, wanting (in want). 
Eugnaich, -achadh, v. die, perish, decay, 

Eugnaidh, -e, a. death-like, pale. 
Eugsamhla^hd, f. variety; a. eugsamhail, 

Eumhann. f. a pearl, a jewel. 
Eun. or ean, or ian, eòin, pi. coin, m. a 
bird ; a. eunach. 

184 EUN — FAD 

Eunach, -aieh, m. fowling; cunadair, a 

Eunadaireachd, f. fowling; or èaiiadair- 

Eunadan, -ain, m. a cage; or èanadan. 
Eunbhruich. See eanbhruich. 
Eun-dhraoidheachd, f. augury. 
Eun-fhiosachd, f. auspices. 
Eun-ghobhrag, -aig, -an, f . a .<nipe ; meann- 

Eunlainn, or euulaith, or uinl.ùth, pi. 

birds, fowls. 
Eun-lion, in, m. a fowler's net. 
Eiin-uisge, or èan-uisge, m. a water-fowl. 
Eur, -adh, v. refuse, deny. 
Euradh, -aidh, m. a refusal, a denial. 
Eu-torach, -aiche, a. barren, unfruitful. 
Eu-treòir, -e, f. weakness, imbecility; 

Eu-tròcaireach, -aiche, a. unmerciful. 
Eutrom, -a, a. light. See aotrom. 

Fa, prep, under, below. See fo and fotha. 

Fabhair, -aradh, v. favour, oblige. 

Fàbhar, -air, -an, m. favour; a. fabharach. 

Fabhra (or fabhrad, -aid, -an), iv. an eye- 
lid, or brow. 

Facal, -ail, m. a word; a. faclach; focal. 

Fnchach, -aich, -an, m. a puffin. 

Fachaint, -e, f. ridicule, scoffing; a. fach- 

Fachant, -a, a. puny, despicable. 

Faclaich, -achadh, v. word, pronounce. 

Faclair, -ean, m. a vocabulary, a 

Fad, fàid, -an, m. a peat; a. fàdach. 

KAU — VAD 1S5 

Fiul, m. length; also adv. as, air fad, alto- 

Fada, faide, •*. loug, tedious. 

Fadachadh, -aidh, m. a lengtiieuing, ex- 

Fadadh, -aidh, m. kindling, lighting. 

Fadadh-cruaidh, m. rudimentary rainbow, 
a " dog-tooth." 

Fadaich, -iwjhadh, v. lengthen, extend. 

Fadaidh, -adh, v. kindle, inflame. 

Fadal, -ail, -an, m. delay, a longing; a. 

Fadalachd, f. prolixity, tediousness. 

Fad-anaileach, -alaiche, a. lont-wiiided. 

Fad-fhaidhidinn, -e, f. longanimity, pati- 

Fad-fhaidliidneach, -iche, a. very patient. 

Fiid-fhulangach, -aiche, a. loug-.<xifEeriug, 

Fad-fhulangachd, f. long-suffering, pati- 

Fad-fhulaiigas, -aio, m. lone-suffering, 

Fad-gheii<.';ich, -aiche, a. long-branched. 

Fadhail, -dhlach, -aichean, f. an extensive 
beach, a ford; a. fadhlach. 

Fadliarsach, or fagharsach, -aiche. a. trifl- 
ing, paltry. 

Fadiiarsachd, f. insignificancy. 

Fadhbhag, -aig, m. a cuttle-fish. 

Fa-dheireadh, adv. at last. 

Fa-dheòidh, adv. at last, ultimately. 

Fad-lamhach, -aiche, a. long - handed, 

Fad-.shaoghalachd. f. longevity; a. fad- 
shaoghalach, long-lived. 

Fad-shealla<'h, -aiche, a. long-sighted. 

Fad-theangach, -aiche, a. lone-t<".n?ued. 

186 FAF — FAI 

Fafau, -ain, m. a. gentle breeze; a. 

Fag, -ail, V. leave, quit, abandon. 
Fagail, -e, -ean, f. quitting, a custom, a 

habit, a failing. 
Fàgaire. -an, m. a wag, a conceited wit, a 

Faghaid, -e, -ean, f. a hunting party. 
Faghairt, f. temper of a weapon or tool. 
Faghairt, v. temper, harden. 
Faghar, -air, m. a sound, a noise; a. fagh- 

Fagus, or fagusg, adv. near; a. fagusach. 
Fagusachd, f. nearness, propinquity. 
Faic, faicinn, perf. chunnaic, v. behold, 

Faiche, f. a field, a lair, a crab's or lob- 
ster's burrow; a. faicheach. 
Faicheachd, f. field-parading or walking. 
Faicheil. -e, a. stately, trim, showy. 
Faicheau, m. a wrapper, a baby's napkin; 

Faicinneach, or faicsinnea^oli, -iche, a. evi- 
dent, manifest. 
Faicinneachd, or faicsinneachd, f. evidence, 

Faicill, -e, f. care, caution; a. faicilleach. 
Faicinn, f. seeing, perceiving, vision; a. 

Faide, faideal, f. length, a degree of length. 
Fàidh, -e, -ean, m. a prophet, seer. 
Fàidheachd, -f. prophecy; faisneachd, faidh- 

Fàidse, -eachan, m. a juuk of bread, a 

" piec€." 
Faidseach, -ich, -an, f. a lumpish girl; 

also a. 
Fniq-h. -itin (or -eil), v. get, obtain, find. 
Faighbhile, f. a beech-tree. 


Fàighe, or faoighe, f. beggiug. 
Faighidinn. See faidhidinn. 
Faighneaeh, or faighneachail, a. inquisi- 
Faighnich, -neachd, v. ask, inquire. 
Faighreag, -eig, -au, f. a cloud-berry. 
Fail, -eadh, v. corrupt, putrify. 
Fail, -e, -ean, f. a ety, a ring; a. faileach. 
Failbheug, rather ailbheag, -eig, -an, f. a 

Failc, -t.adh, v. bathe, lave; faiic, fairig. 
Failceann. -inn, m. the knee-pan, a pot-lid; 

see failmean. 
Fail-chuach, -uaich, -an, f. a violet. 
Faile, or fàileadh, m. smell, flavour. 
Fàileag, -eig, f. a dog-brier berry; mucag. 
Fàileanta, a. smelling; faileach, fàileanach. 
Faileas, -eis, -ean, m. a shadow. 
Faileasach, -aiche, a. shadowy. 
Faileasaiche, -ean, m. style or gnomon of 

a dial. 
Failleanach, -aiche, a. full of buds or 

Failleanaich, -eachadh, v. germinate. 
Faillean. -ein, -ean, m. a bud, the root of 

the ear. 
Fàillig, -eadh, v. fail. 
PàiUinn. -e -ean, f. a failing; a. fàillinn- 

Faillnich, -e. chadh, v. fail; faillinnich. 
Failm, -e, -ean, f. an helm; a. failmeach. 
Failmean, -ein, -ean, m. the knee-pan. 
Failmhe, f. emptiness, space. 
Failmse. -ean, f. a mistake, a blunder; a. 

Fàilt. or fkilte, f. a salutation; a. fàilteach. 
Fìiiltpat h:i.dh. -aidh, m. salutation; a. 

Fhiltich, -eachadh, v. salute, welcome. 


Fàim, -eau, m. a hem, a border; a. taim- 

Fàim, -eadh, v. hem. 

Fainear, adv. under consideration. Better, 

Faiuleag. See ainleag. 

Fàiune, -achan, f. a ring; a. fàinneach. 

Fàinneag, -eig, -an, a little rir.g; a. faiuu- 

Fàinnich, -eachadh, v. ring, carl. 

Fair or far, def. v. give me, bring me. 

Fair, -eadh, v. watch. 

Fairche, -ean, m. a mallet; a. faircheach. 

Faircil, -clean, m. a cask- or pot-lid. 

Fàirdean, -ein, -ean, m. a farthing; a. 

Paire, or faireadh, f. watching; a. faireach. 

Faire ! faire ! interj. what ! what ! 

Fàire, f . the sky-line, the horizon ; fair- 
eadh, fàireamh. 

Faireachadh, -aidh, m. waking, feeling. 

Faireachail, -e, a. watching, feeling, sensi- 

Fàireag, -eig, -an, f. a gland; a. fàireagi'.ch. 

Fàireagan ! interj. bravo ! 

Fairge, -eachan, f. the sea, the ocean, sea- 
waves; a. fidrgeach. 

Fairgear, -eir, -an, m. a sailer; fairgear- 
achd, his trade. 

Fairich, faireachdainn, v. feel, watch. 

Fairig, -eadh. v. bathe; faire. failc. 

Fairis, adv. over; thairis. 

Fàirleas, -an, m. an object seeii against the 
sky at the horizon. 

Fairsnich, -eachadh, v. widen, extend, far- 

Pairtlich, or fairslich, -eachadh. v. over- 
power, conquer. 

Faisg, -adh, v. wring, squeeze, compress. 

FAI — FAL 18f 

FaLsg, -c, a. near; ^s. faisgead, proximity. 

Fkidgeach, -ich, -an, f. a sponge, a press. 

Faisgeadair. See fasgadair. 

Fàiogean, -ein, -an, ni. a cheese-press; a. 

Fàisneachd, or fàistiuneachd, f. a pro- 
phecy ; a. fàisneach, or faistinneach. 

Fàic^nea^, -eis, m. a friendly or secret hint. 

Faisnich, -eachadh, v. 

Faisniche, -ean, m. a prophet. 

Fàistinn, -e, -ean, f. an omen, a prophecy. 

Faistinneach, -iche, a prophetic. 

Fàite, fàiticheau, f. a smile; a. fàìteach. 

Faiteacha.'-. -ais, or faiteas, m. slight fear; 
a. faiteach. 

Faiteal. .'?ee aiteal. 

Fàitheani, -eim, -an, m. the hem of a gar- 
ment; a. fàitbeamach. 

Fàithne, -nteau, f. a command, an order; 

Fill, -ail, .11. a 3od, a pen-fold, a scythe, 
turf VI 1] or dyke. 

Falach, -ai(he, m. a hiding, a secreting; a. 

Falachan, -ain, m. anything hidden, a 
treasuj • 

Falachd, 1 bJood-feud, malice. 

Falach-fe;ii. in. a game called hieh-spy. 

Fàladair, i:i. a scythe, a mower. 

Faladaireach, a. of or belonging to scythe.?. 

Fàladaireiwhd, f. mowing, working with a 

Fàladh, -aidh, m. inclosing or covering with 


Fala-dhà. See fealla-dhà. 
Falaich. falach, v. hide, conceal. 
Fnlair. -ean. f. an interment, a funeral. 
Fal.iirp. -»»an, f. a prancer, a palfrey. 
Falaircachd. f. prancing; a. falaireach. 

190 FAL— FAlf 

Falamh, failmhe, a. void, empty. 
Falamhacbd, f. rather failm'neaohd, or 

failmlie, emptiness, space. 
Falamhaich, ratlier failmhich, -eadh, v. 

Falasg, -aisg, m. heath-burning. 
Falbh, falbh, v. go, walk, die. 
Falbh, m. going; a. falbhach. 
Falbhaiche, m. a walker. 
Falbhair, -e, -ean, m. a young animal 

following the mother. 
Falbhan, -ain, m. moving about. 
Falbhanaclul, f. walking. 
Fal-bheairt, -ean, f. guile, deceit; a. fal- 

Falcag, -aig, -an, f. a sea fowl, the awk. 
Fallaid, -e, -ean, f. dry meal put on cakes; 

a. fallaideach. 
Fallain, -e, a. healthy, sound. 
Fallaineachd, f. healthiness; fallaiue. 
Fallainn, -e, -ean, f. robe, garment: a. fall- 

Fallsachd, f. falsity, deceitf ulnevsS ; a. 

Fallus, -uis, m. sweat, perspiration; a. fall- 

Falm, -ailui, m. alum; a. falniach. 
Falmau, -ain, -an, m. the knee-pan. 
Falmadair. -ean, m. a helm, a rudder; a. 

Falmhaich, -achadh, v. empty, drain. 
Fait, -uilt, m'. human hair; a. faltach. 
Faltan, -ain, m. a welt, a ribbon; a. faltan- 

Famh, or famh-thalmhainn, f a mole; 

famhair, a mole-catcher. 
Famhair, -ean, m. a giant. 
Fan, -tainn, -ailt, v. stay, wait. 
Fan^chd, f. staying, waiting. 


Fauaid, -e, f. derision, mockery; a. fanaid- 

Fauaidich, v. deride, mock. 
Fauaidiche, -ean, m. a mocker, a scoffer. 
Fànas, -ais, -an, m. a void rfpace. 
Faug, -aing', -an, m. a sheep-pen, a prison. 
Fang, f. a vvilture, a raven. 
Fangaich, -achadh, v. inclose, put into a 

Faun, -a, or fainue, a. faiut, weak, feeble. 
Fannadh, m. gentle rowing during fijshing. 
Fannadh, -aidh, m. fainting; faunachadh. 
Fannaich, -achadh, v. faint. 
Fannan, -ain, m. a gentle breeze. 
Fannanta, a. feeble, faint, languid. 
Fann-gheal, -ile, a. whitish, pale. 
Fanu-ghuth, m. a feeble voice or note. 
Fannlas, -ais, m. worrying, destroying. 
Fann-sholus, -uis, a weak light. 
Fanutalach, -aiche, a. faintish. 
Faob, faoib, -an, m. a knot, a lump; a. 

Faobairueuch, m. anything large or 

Faoban, -ais, -an, m. a little lump; a. faob- 

Fiiobh, faoibh, m. spoil, booty; a. faobhach. 
Faobhaich, -achadh, v. despoil, strip. 
Faobhar, -air, -ean, m. au edsre; a. faobh- 

Faobharaich, -achadh. v. sharpen. 
Faoch, faoich, f. a wilk ; dim faochag. 
Faochaiii, -«adh, v. struggle, strive. 
Faod, V. may, can. 
Faodail. See faotail. 
Faodhail. See fadhail. 
Faoghaid. See faghaid. 
Fiioghar. See faghar. 


Faoil, -e, a. generous, kind, hospitable; 

Paoil, -e, f. hospitality, generosity. 
Faoileachd, f. hospitality, affability; a. 

Faoileanu, or faoileag, f. a sea gull; a. 

Faoilt*. 1. a joyful salutation; a. faoilt- 

Faoilteach, or faoilleach, -ich, f. the last 

fortnight of winter, and first fortnight 

of spring. 
Faoilteas, -eis, m. kind reception, gladness. 
Faoiltich, -eachadh, v. receive kindly, 

Faoiu, -e, a. vain, foolish, light. 
Faoin-chainnt, f. idle talk; a. faoin- 

Faoin-cheann, -inn, an empty or vain head. 
Faoine. or faoineachd, f. vanity, folly. 
Faoiuea?. -eig, f. a silly wo;nau; m. 

Faoinealachd, f. vanity; a. faoiuealach. 
Faoineacs. -eis, f. trifling conduct, vain 

Faoinich, -eacLadh, v. make vain. 
Paoinsgeul, -eoil, m. an idle tale; a. faoin- 

Faoisg, -eadh, v. unhusk, as nuts. 
Faoisginch, -neadh, v. squeeze, unhusk. 
Faoisne.idh, -eidh, m. bursting from the 

Faol, faoil, m. a wolf; faol-chu. 
Faondra, or faondradh, m. wandering, 

Faondrach, -aiche, a. wandering, erroneous. 
Faon-traigh, f. the open shore. 
Faosaid, -e, f. confession. 
Faosaidnich, -neadh, v. confess. 


FaotaiJ, -alach, f. anything found by 

Fuotainn, f. finding, getting, obtaining. 
Faotalaiche, -ean, m. a foundling. 
Faothaich, -.»chadh, v. relieve, be relieved. 
Far, adv. where. 
Far, -adh, v. freight, as a ship. 
Far, or fair, v. give me, reach me. 
Farachan, -ain, -an, m. a mallet, a death- 
watch beetle. , 
Faradh, -aidh, m. a hen-roost, a freight, 

litter, fare. 
Faradh, -aidh, -ean, m. a ladder, shrouds 

of a ship. 
Farainm, -ean, m. a nick-name. 
Faraire. -ean, f. watching a corpse, an 

Faraon, maraon, araou, adv. both, also, 

Farasda, fasa (asa), a. soft, mild, gentle, 

Fara-sdaciid, f. softness, gentleness. 
Farbhalach, -aich, m. a big clown, a 

Farbhas, -ais, m. a surmise. 
Farabhonn. -uinn, m. the inner .sole of a 

Farabhuille, -ean, ni.f. a back-stroke. 
FarcluaL-, or farchluais, -e, f. secret 

Fardach, -aich, -aichean, f. a house, an 

Fàrdadh, -aidh, m. elder bark for dying 

Fàrdal, -ail, -ean, m. delay; a. fàrdalach. 
Fardorus, -uis, m. the lintel of a door; also, 

Farla-^^. -ais, -an, m. a cottage chimney. 



Farmad, -aid, m. envy; a. fariuadach. 
Farpas, -ais, m. the refuse of straw or hay. 
Farpasach, -aiche, a. full of refuse <if 

Farpuis, -e, -ean, f. strife, contest; a. far- 

Farrach, -aich, m. force, violence. 
Farradh, -aidh, m. litter in a boat. 
Farraid, v. ask, inquire; a. farraideach. 
Fàrrais, -e, f. paradise. See pàrras. 
Farran, -ain, m. anger, ire; a. farrauach. 
Farranachd, f. vexation. 
Farranaich, -achadh, v. vex, anger. 
Farrusg, -uisg, m. a peeling. 
Farsaing, -e, wide, spacious. 
Farsaiugeachd, f. width, .spaciousness. 
Farsaingich, -eachadh, v. widen. 
Farspag, -aig, f. a sea-g^ull : farspach, 

Farum, -uir.i. m. noise; a. farumach. 
Fas, fais, m. growth, growing; fàsachd. 
Fas, fas, V. grow, increase. 
Fas, -a, a. empty, void; fàsachail. 
Fasa, a. easier; comp. of farasda 
Fasach, -aich, -aichean, m.f. a desert. 
Fàsaich, -achadh, v. depopulate, lay waste. 
Fasair. See asair. 

Fasalachd, f. state of lying waste, wilder- 
Fasan, -ain, -an, m. fashion; u. fasanach, 

Fasantachd,' f. fashionableneas. 
Fa-sbhuain, -uana, f . stubble ; rather 

Fàschoill, -e, -tean, f. a young grove, 

Fasdaidh, -adh, v. hire, engage, tie. 
Fasdail, -alach, -ean, f. a dwelling. 
Pàsgadair, -e, -ean, m. a preaser, the skua. 


Fasgadh, -aidh, -aidhean, in. .-belter; a. 

Fàbgadh, -aidh, in. a wringing; a. fasgach. 
Fasgaidh, £. cleaning off vermin. 
Faagaiu, -uadh, v. winnow. 
Fasguadh, -aidh, m. winnowing. 
Fasgnag, -aig, -an, f. a winuowiug-fau. 
Faslomairt, -eau, f. preparation of food in 

the open air, a hasty meal, a temporary 

Fasmhorachd, f. growth; a. fàsmhor. fàs- 

Fàth, or ik, m. caiLse, reason, opportunity; 

a. fathach. 
Fathamas, -mh, m. awe, sparing; a. fatha- 

Fathann, -ainu, m. a rumour, news; a. 

Fathaàt, or fhathast, adv. a« yet, yet, .still. 
Fàth-fheitb, -eamh, v. way-lay. 
Fathraig, -agadh, v. bathe. 
Feabhas. -ais, f. amelioration, improve- 
ment ; also feobhas. 
Feaehd, au army; a. feachdail. 
Feachd-diithcha, f. militia. 
Fead, -an, f. a whistle; a. feadail. 
Feada-coille, m. the wood-sorrel. 
Feadag, -aig, -an, f. a plover; a. feada^rach. 
Feadaire, -ean, m. a whistler; feadaireachd, 

feadalaich, his trade. 
Feadan, -ain, -au, m. a whintle, a tube, a 

pipe, a chanter. 
Feadanach, -aiclie, a. full of pipes. 
Feadauaiche, m. a piper. 
Feadh, adv. whilst, during, amongst, amid. 
Feadhainn, KÌhuach, -dhna, f. people, a 

Feadraich, -e, f. whistling; feadaireachd. 
Feairrde, comp. of math, better, improved. 


Feairt, -e, f. attention, heed. See feart, 

feirt, freisd. 
Feall, f. treachery, deceit; a. fealltach, 

Fealla-dhà, f. a joke, playing the fool. 
Fealladh, -aidh, m. deceit. 
Feallan, -ain, m. a traitor, a felon. 
Feall-cbùinneadh, -idh. v\. forg-ery, a 

Feall-fhalach, -aich, in. an ambuscade. 
Feall-ghnàthachd, f. affectation. 
Feallsa, a. deceitful, mendacious. 
Feall.-^achd, f. mendacity, deceit. 
Feallsanach, -aich, m. sophist, a quack. 
Feallsanachd, f. philosophy. 
Fealltauach, or fealltair, m. villain, a 

Feamach, or feamachail, a. dirty, nasty. 
Feamachas, -ais, m. .silliness, dirtiness. 
Feamainn, -ann, -nach, f. seaweed; a. 

Feaman, -ain, m. a tail; a. feamanach. 
Feann. -adh, v. skin. flay. 
Feannadh. -aidh, m. skinning. 
Feanna?, -aig, -an, f. a hooded crow, a 

lazy -bed. 
Feannagach, a. full of crows or lazy-beds. 
Feanndag, -aig, f. the nettle; feanndagach. 
Fear, fir, pi. fir, feara, m. a man. 
Fearachas, -ais, m. manhood. 
Fearachd, f. manliness; a. fearail. 
Fear-aisig, m. a -ferryman. 
Fearalachd, f. manlines^-;, hardiness, 

Fearan, -ain, -an, m. a little man; a. fe:ir- 

Fearann, -ainn, m. land, coviutry; a. fear- 
an nach. 
Fear-an-tighe, m. the good-man. 


Fearas, -ais, m. manliness, vigour. 
Fearas-bhogha , f. archery. 
Fearius-chluich, f. sport. 
Fearas-ehiiideachd, f. diversion, sport. 
Fearas-tighe, f. domestic economy. 
Fear-buidseachd, m. a wizard. 
Fear-ceirde, m. a tradesman. 
Fear-cinnidh, m. a kinsman. 
Feai-ciùil, m: a musician. 
Fear-coimhead, m. a watchman. 
Fear-cuairt, fir-chuairt, m. a .-sojourner, a 

Fear-cuideachd, m. a companion. ;i buffoon. 
Fear-cviirn, m. an outlaw. 
Fear-dain, or dana, m. a poet. 
Feardha. a. brave. 

Fear-faire, fir-, m. a watchman, a sentinel. 
Fear-fuadain, m. a fugitive. 
Fear-fcòirne, fir-, m. a die. 
Fearg, -eirge, f. anger, rage; a. feargach. 
Feargachd, f. wrath, rage. 
Feargaicli, -achadh, v. anger, provoke. 
Fear-labhairt, fir-, m. a speaker. 
Fear-lagha, m. a lawyer. 
Fear-oibre, m. a workman. 
Feàrna, f. the alder tree; a. fèarnach. 
Feàrr, comp. of math, better. 
Fearr-dhri.^, -e, -ean, f. a dog-rose. 
Fear.said, -e, -ean, spindle, a dart, a shaft. 
Fear-saoraidh, m. a saviour. 
Fear-seòlaidh, fir-, m. a director. 
Fear-siubhail, fir-, m. a traveller. 
Fear-stiiiraidh, fir-, a steersman. 
Feart, feirt, f. attention, heed, care. 
Feart. -a. -an, m. virtue, power: a. feart- 

Fearthuitin, f. rain; a. fearthuinneach. 
Fear-turui.s. fir-, m. a traveller; fear-uidhe. 
Feasd, or am feasd, adv. forever, never. 


Feasgair, -air, -raichean, ni. afternoon, 

Peasgarach, -aiche, a. of or belonging to 

Feasgaran, -ain, m. vespers, evening song. 
Fèath. -a, f.m. a calm, learning, skill, 

knowledge; a. fèathail. 
Feathachan, -ain, a very faint breeze, a 

Fèath-ghàire, m. a smile. 
Feicheamh, -eimh, in. debt; a. feitheamh- 

Feicheannach, -aieb, m. a debtor; feichnear. 
Feile, or feileadh, -idL, -eachan, ui. the kilt. 
Feile, f. generosity, liberality; a. feileach, 

Feileachd, or fialachd, f. generosity, hos- 
Feile-beae, m. the kilt in its present foi'm. 
Fèile-mòi'. m. the kilt in its and 

largest form. 
Peill. -e, -tean, f. a festival, a market. 
Peill-Brighde. f. Candlemas. 
Feillire, -ean, m. an almanac. 
Fèill-Mìcheil, f. Michaelmas. 
Feillteachd, f. the keeping of feasts; a. 

Fein, or fhein, per.s. pron. self, as mi fhein, 

Feineachas, -ais, f. selfishness; feinealachd. 
Feineil, -e, a. selfish. 

Fein-mheas, or fèin-spèis, f. self conceit. 
Feinn, pi. the Fingalians. 
Fein-thoil, -e, f. self-will; a. fein-thoileach. 
Feisd, -e. -ean, f. an entertainment, a feast. 
Feith, -eamh, v. wait. stay. 
Feith, -e, -eachan, f. a mire, a bog; a. 



Fèith, -e, -ean, f. a vein, a sinew; a. fèitii- 

Fèitheachd, f. muscularity, wiriness. 
Feitheil o: tiathail, a. calm, tranquil. 
Feobhas, -ais, m. See feabbas. 
Feòcullan, -ain, m. a polecat. 
Feòdar, -air, m. peAvter; fleòdar. 
Feòdaire, -ean, m. a pewterer; fleòdaiie. 
Feòil, feòla, f. flesb. 
Feòil-ghabbail, alacb, f. incaruation. 
Feòirlinn, -e, -ean, f. a small lot of land, 

a farthing. 
Feòirue, m. cbess. 
Feòirnean, -ein, -ean, m. a blade of grass, 

a pile rf grass; a. feòirneanacb. 
Feòlach, -aicn, m. carnage, slaughter. 
Feòladair, -ean, m. a butcher; feòladair- 

eachd, his trade. 
Feòlaii. -ain, m. proud-flesh. 
Feòhnhorachd, f. fleshines-s, lust. 
Feòrachail, -aile, a. inquisitive, curious. 
Feòrag, -aig«, -an, f . a squirrel ; a. feòrag- 

Feòraich, -aich, v. enquire, ask. 
Feòraich, f. enqxtiry. 

Feòrau, -ain. -an, m. a green, a gra.ssy spot. 
Feòrlan, -ain, -an, m. a firlot. four pecks. 
Feothachan, -ain, m. a slight breeze; feath- 

Fcuch, interj. see ! behold ! Fèach. 
Feuch, or fiach, fiachainn, v. .show. try. 
Feudail, -alacb. f. cattle; a. feudalach. 
Fcudar ( 's fheudar), v. it is necessary. 
Peum, fut. fenmaidh, cha'n fheum, v. must. 
Feum, -a, feim, m. need, use; a. feumach, 

Feuirai^, -..ich, m. a needy pcr.son ; feum- 

icnmiii!, .; useful. 


Feuiiialachd, f. use, utility; a. leumal.ici;. 
Feun, -a, -eiii, m. a wain, a waggon; feun- 

FeunaJair, -ean, m. a waggoner. 
Feur, or fiar, feoir, m. ^ass; a. feurach, 

Feurach, or fiarach, -aich, m. pasture. 
Feuraich, -achadh, v. graze, feed ; fiaraich. 
Feuran, -ain, m. chives, a wild plant of the 

onion kind. 
Feursa, m. a flesh-worm iu cattle; feur- 

sann; dim. feursag. 
Feusag, or fiasag, -aig, -an, f. beard ; a. 

Feusd, -an, f. a feast, banqueting. 
Feusgan, or fiasgan, -ain, -an. m. a sort of 

Fhuair, v. pret. of faigh, find. 
Fiabhras, uis, -an, m. a fever: a fiabhras- 

Fiach, a raven. See fitheach. 
Fiach, feich, fiachan, m. value, worth, 

Fiach, a. worthy, valuable:, 

Fiachalachd, f. value, worthiness: a. fiach- 
Fiacail, fiacla, fiaclan, f. a tooth: a. 

Fiaclaich, -acha-dh, v. give teeth: n )tch. 

Fiadh, fèidh', pi. feidh, in. a deer; a. 

Fiadhach, -aich, f. hunting r>f deer, deer 

Fiadhachd, or fiadhachas, wildnes-, sbyuess. 
Fiadhaiche. wildness, a hunter of deer; 

findhaichead; a. fiadhaich, wild. 


Fiadhaire, -ean, f. ley-land; a. liadhair- 

Fiadhantachd, f. wildness; fiadhantas; a. 

Fiadh-bheatbach, -aich, -ean, in. a wild 

Fiadh-dhuiue, m. a savage. 
Fial, -a, feile, a generous, liberal: fialaidli. 
Fial, feile, f. hospitality; fialachd. 
Fial-ckridheachd, f. opeii-heai'tedn&ìs; a. 

Fiamh, -a, m. fear, awe, aspect, tinge, 

appearance; a. fiamhail, fiauihach. 
Fiamhachd, f . awe, re.semblauce ; fiamhaidh. 
Fiamh-ghàire. See fèath-ghaire. 
Fiann, ni. a Fingalian; a. Fiaunach. 
Fianuaidh, fiannan, a Fingalian, a hero. 
Fiantag, -aig, -an, f. a black heath berry. 
Fianuis, -e, -ean, f. a witness; a. fiauiiis- 

Fianuisich, -eachadh, v. give evidence, 
Fiar, -a, a. crooked, bent, perverse. 
Fiar, -adh v. bend. 
Fiarachd. or fiaradh, crookednes-. sqnint- 

Fiaras, -ai.s, m. crookedness; a. fiaracli. 
Fiar.shuil, -ula, -ean, f. a squint eye; a. 

Fiarshuiliclie, f. a squinting in the eyes. 
Fiatachd, f. wildiiess; a. fiata. 
Fiath. See fèath. 
Pich ! fich ! inter j. of disgust. 
Fichead, a. twenty; ficheadamh. the twen- 
Fideach, m. laud occasionally flrK>ded by 

sea water. 
Fideag, -eig, -an, in. a reed, a whi.t^tle, a 

worm ; a. fideagach. 
Fidheall. -idhle, -idhlean, a fiddle, i violin. 


Fìdhleir, -ean, m. a fiddler; fìdhleireachd, 
his trade. 

Fidileir, -ean, m. a bad fiddler; fidileir- 
eachd, his trade. 

Fidir, -reachadh, examine, weigh, try. 

Fidrich, -reachadh, v. enquire, ask, con- 

Fidriclie, -ean, m. an examiner, an in- 

Fige, -ean, f. a fig; a. figeach, full of figs; 

Figh, -e, -eadh. v. ^eave, knit. 

Figheachan, -ain, -an, m. a web, a little 

Figheadair, -ean, m. a weaver; figheadair- 
eachd, his trade. 

Figheag. See fuigheag. 

File, or fileachd, f. poetry, eloquence; a. 

Fileantachd, f. fluency of speech, eloquence. 

Filidh. -ean, m. a poet; file. 

Fill, -eadh, v. fold, plait. 

Pilleadh, -idh, -eachan, m. a fold, a plait. 
a crease. 

Filleag, -eig, -an. a small plaid; fillean. 

Fillte, or fillt, -ean, f. a fold, a ply; a. 

Fillteachadh, -aidh, a folding; a. fiUteach. 

Filltiche, -ean, m. a multiplier. 

Pine, -eachan, f. a tribe, a clan; a. fineach- 

Fineachd, o'- fineacha.~i, kindred, relation- 

Fineag, -eig, -an, f. a mite, a miser; a. 

Finealtachd, f. fineness, neatness; a. 

Finid, -ean, f. an end; a. finideach. 

Finne, -ean, f. a maid, a maiden. 

Finneun, -coin, m. a buzzard. 


'iodh, a. wood, timber; a. fiodhach. 

'iodhag. -aie, f. the bird-cherrv; fiodhag- 

'iodhar, -iiin, -an, m. a cheese-vat. 

'iodh-ghual, -ail, m. charcoal. Gual- 

'iodhrach-tarsaing, m. timber.s of a boat. 

'iodhull. See fidheall. 

^io?ag, -aig, -an, f. a fig tree. 

'ioghair. See fiughair. 

^ogui«. -ean, f. a fig; a. fìoguiseach. 

'iolagan. -ain, m. a field-mouse. 

^iolan. -aÌD, m. an earwig. 

''ion. -a. th. wine; a. fionach, fìonmhor. 

^ion-amar, -air, -mraichean, m. a wine- 

^onan, -ain, -an. f. a vine, a vineyard. 

'ion-chaor, -aoir, -an, m. a grape; fion- 

'ion-chrann, -oinn, -ainn, m. a vine. 

noTi-dhaille. f. a vine-leaf. 

^on-fhài<irean, -ein, m. a wine press. 

^on-fhnil. -ala, f. pure blood. 

''ìon-ghàrTadh, or fion-ghart, m. a vine- 

'ion-lios, -an, m. a vineyard. 

^ionn. a white, pale. 

^ionn. -adh. v. skin, flay. See feann. 

^onnadh, -udh. m. hair, fur, pile; a. 

E'ionnairidb. -ean, f. watching. See ionn 

Pi'^nnan. -ain. m. a single hair. 

Pionnan-feoir, -ain-fheoir, m. a grass- 

Fionnar, -aire. a. cool, oold. 

Fionnararhd. f. coolness. 

Pionnaraich. -achadh, v. cool, be cool 

Pionndairneach, -ich, m. rank grass. 


Fiouudruiuue, in. bronze. ; 

Fionnfliuachd, f. coolness; a. fliionnfhuar. i 
Fionn-ogha, -aclian, m. the graudson's è 

grandson; iouu-ogha. 
Fioun-sgeul, -sgeoil, m. a fable, a romance. ( 
Fionn-sgeulaiche, m. a romancer; a. tionn- , 

sgeulach. ; 

Fior, fire, a. true, genuine. 
Fior-aitliris, -ean, f. a true recital. 
Fior-chinnteach, -iche, a. quite certain. 
Fior-chxann, -oinn, -ainn, f. a sycamore I 

tree. ! 

Fior-dhileas, -isle, a. very faithful, near i 

akin. j 

Fior-euu, m. an eagle. ] 

Fior-fhuil, f. noble blood. ) 

Fior-glilau, -aine, a. pure, spotles.s. 
Fioruisg, -e, -eachan, m. spring water. 
Fios, -e, m. notice, intelligence; a. fiosrach. i 
Fiosaiche, -ean, m. a fortune-teller; fioe- 

achd, his trade. 
Fiosail, or fiosrachail, a. knowing, intelli- I 

Fiosraich, -achadh, v. inquire. 
Fir-bhreige, f. puppets. 
Fir-chlis, the northern lights. 
Fir-chneatain, backgammon men. 
Fire 1 faire ! inter j. ay! ay! v/liat ! what! 
Fireach, -ich, -ichean, m. a hill: a. fireacli- 

Firead, -eid, -eidean, f. a ferret. 
Firean, -an, m. a righteous man. 
Fireanaich, -achadh, v. justify. 
Fireann, a. masculine. 
Fireannach, -aich, m. a man. 
Fireannachd, f. manhood. 
Fireantachd, f. righteousness. 
Firean, -ein, m. a manikin; a. fireanach. 
Firinn, -e, -ean, f. truth; a. firinneach. 

FIR — KLB 205 

Firinneach, -ich, ui. a righteou-s man; a. 

Firinneac-hd, f. truth, justification, right- 

Pirinnich, -eachadh, v. justify. 
PirÌHn-shui3hichte, f. an axiom. 
jFise 1 faise ! interj. the noise of things 


each, -ich, m. a raven. 
.. m. worth, value; a. tiù, tìùthail, 

Fiubhaidh, -ean, m. a prince, a chief, a 

hero, au arrow. 

,'hair. -ean, f. earnest expectation. 

^'hantach, or fiùghanta, a. worthy, 

Ciiin^hantachd, or fiùghantaa, f. worthiness. 
liiirach, -aich, -ean, f. a barge, a skiff, a 

rod. '-te iiirach. 
Fiiiran, -ain, -an, ni. a straight young 

tree, a youth. 

anach, -aiche, a. full of young tree*;, 
i Kiltheamhnas, -sis, m. heaven. 
Flaitheas, -iir, m. heaven. 
Flath. -aith, -aithean, m. a chief, a hero. 
Flathail, -e. a. heavenly, stately, noble. 
Flathalachd, f. gracefulness, stateliness. 
riathasivch. -,iiche, a. divine, majestic. 

idh, -a, -an, m. a feast, a banqiiet ; a. 

Fieadhachd, or fleadhachas, banqueting. 
Fleasg, -a, -.m, f. a garland, a crown, a 

ripa.sgach, -aich, -ichean, m. a youth, a 

■ i-.isgart, -airt, -an, f. a barge, a boat. 
Flei/fdear, -eir, -an, m. an arrow maker; 

^cisdearachd, his trade, 
la*-, -air, m. pewter; a. fleòdarach. 


Fleog, m. a aole, a tlounder, a '' tiuke. " 
Fleogan, -ain, -an, m. a flabby person; a. 

Fliche, f. moisture; flickead. 
Flichne, f. sleet; fliciineachd. 
Flich.nidh, or fliclineadh, f. sleet, ooziug. 
Fliodh, -a, m. chick-weed, a weu; a. fliodh- 

Fliodhas, -ain, -an, m. a small wen. 
Fliiic, f. an anchor fluke (Eng.). 
Fliuch, fliche, a. wet, moist. 
Fliuch, -adh, v. wet, make wet. 
Fliuchadh, -aidh, m. a wetting. 
Fliuchau, -aiu, m. a wet spot. 
Fliuchbhord, -uird, m. the plank next the 

Fliuchead, or fliuchalachd, f. wetness, 

Fliuch-shueachda, m. sleet, moi^t snow. 
Fliuchshronach, -aiche, a. snotty. 
Fliuchshuil, -ula, -uilean, f. a blear-eye. 
Fliuclishuileach, a. blear-eyed. 
Flod, -a, m. floating, a fleet; flodadh. 
Fliiirean, -ein, -eau, m. a small flower; a. 

Fliir, -uir, m. flour, a flower; a. flùracli. 
Flùran, -ain, -an, m. a small flower; a. 

Fo, prep, under, beneath, below. 
Fobhannan, -ain, m. a thistle. 
Focal, or facal, -ail, -an, a word; a. faclach. 
Fochaidich, fochaid, v. scoff, jeer. 
Fochaid, -ie, f. mocking; a. fochaideach. 
Fochair, m. presence, company. 
Fochanu, -ainn, m. corn beginning to 

Fochannach, a. brairded. 
Focladair, -ean, m. a lexicographer, or 



Foclaich, or faclaich, -achaclii, v. word, 

Foclaiche, m. a tpeaker; faclaiclie 
FoclaiXj -ean, m.f . dictionary ; or faclair. 
Foclaireachd, or faclaireachd, f. lexico- 
Fòd, or fòid, f. a turf; a. fòideacli. 
Fodar, -air, m. straw; a. fodrach. 
Fodham, fodhad, fodha, foipe, fodhaiun, 

fodhaibh, fòpa, prep. pron. under me, 

under you, &c. 
Fodraich, -radii, v. straw, give straw. 
Fògair, -radh, fògairt, v. expel, banish. 
Fògarach, -aich, -raicheau, m. an exile. 
Foghainn, foghnadb, v. suffice. 
Foghainnteachd, f. valour; a. foghainnt- 

Foghannan, -ain, m. a thistle; a. foghnan- 

ach; better fobhannan. 
Foghar, -air, m. harvest; fogharadh. 
Foghar, -air, m. sound, noise, a note, a 

Foghluni, -uim, m. learning. 
Foghluim, -lum, v. learn. 
Foghhnnaiche, or foghlumach, m. a 

Foghnadh. -aidh, m. sufficiency, .service. 
Fogfus, or fagus, or faisge, adv. near. 
Foichean, -ein, -an, m. a wrapper, a baby's 

napkin; faichean. 
Fold, -e, -ean, m. a clod, a turf, a peat; a. 

Fòidean, -eis, m. a small peat; a. fòidean- 

Poighidinn. See faidhidinn. 
Foighnich. See faighnich. 
Foil, -eadh, v. Ixiil nr roaat hastily. 
Poileadh, -idh, m. roasting, toasting. 
Foil, -8, n. .soft, gentle. 


Foileag, -eig, -au, f. hastily-made cake. 
Foill, -e, I. deceit, fraud, pursuit ; a. 

Foillear, -eir, -an, m. a cheat, a rogue. 
Foillseachadh, -aidh, m. a revelation, a 

declaration, a manifesto. 
Foillsich, -eachadh, v. reveal, disclose, 

Foinne, or foinueamh, -an, m. a wart; a. 

Foinuidh, -e, a. neat, genteel, stout. 
Fòir, -e, f. help, succour. 
Fòir, T. helj), relieve, save, deliver. 
Foirbheach, -ich, m. an elder; foirfeach. 
Foirbheachd, or foirfeachd, f. perfection. 
Foirceadal, or foircheadal, -ail, m. instruc- 
tion, catechism. 
Foireanu, -inu, m. a baud, a crew. 
Foireiginn, f. violence; foireigceachadh, 

Foireignich, -neadh, v. extort, oppress. 
Foirei^niche, -can, m. an oppressor. 
Foirfe, a. perfect. 

Foirfich, -eachadh, v. perfect, accomplish. 
Foirichean, m. boundaries, borders, 

Fpirin, -e, -ean, f. help, aid. 
Foirm, m. pomp, display; a. foirmeil. 
Fòirn, -eadh, v. intrude, press. 
Fòirne, m. a brigade, a troop; fòirnidh. 
Fòirneadli, -idh, m. intruding, forcing. 
Fòirneart, -eirt, m. force, oppression. 
Fòirneart.Kh, -aiche, a. violent, oppressive. 
Fòirneartaich, -achadh, v. oppress. 
Fois, -e, f. rest, quietness; a. foisneach. 
Foisich, -eachadh, v. rest, stop. 
Fòlach, -aich, m. rank grass. 
Folaich, or falaich, -ach, v. hide, cover. 
Follaiseach, a. known, public. 


FollaSj -ais, m. publicity; foliaiseacbd. 

Fomhair, -ean, m. a giant. 

Fonu, -uinn, m. grouud, humour, an air, 

a tune. 
Fonnmhor, -oire, a. cheerful, tuueful, 

Fonnmhoiachd, f. humour, inclination, 

Forair, -e, f. a watching, a wake. 
Fore, -adh, v. push, press, fork. 
Fore, -uirc, -an, f. a fork, cramp; a. 

For-chinnteachd, f. predestination. 
Forchraicionn, -inn, m. the foreskin. 
Fordorus, -uis, m. a porch. 
Forfhaie, -e, -ean, f. inquiry; a. forfhais- 

Fòrlach, -aich, m. a pass, a furlough. 
For-òrdachadh, -aidh, m. predestination. 
Forradh, -aidh, m. excrescence, shift, gain. 
Forsair, -ean, m. a forester; forsaireachd, 

his ofl&ce. 
Portan, -aiu, m. fortune; a. fortanticb. 
Fortas, -ais, m. litter, refuse of cattle's 

FÒ8, adv. moreover, yet, also; fhathast. 
Fosadh. -aidh, m. respite, cessation of 

Poegail, -ladh, v. open. 
Fosgarrachd, f. openness, frankness; a. 

Poegladh, -aidh, -ean, m. an opening. 
Fothach, -aich, m. the glanders in horses. 
Pòtus, -uis, m. refuse, corruption ; a. fòtus- 

Frabhas, -ais, refuse, small potatofs. 
Fradharc, -aire, m. sight, virion; a. fr;idh- 




Fraigh, -e, -ean, f. a side wall., a wall, a 

wall-press; a. fraigheach. 
Fraigli-slinidhe, m. water ooziug through a 

Fraingis, f. the French language. 
Frangach, -aich, m. a" Freuchmaa, aud adj. 
Fraoch, -aoich, m. heath, heather, rage; a. 

Fraochag, -aig, -an, f. a whortleberry; a. 

Fraochail, -e, a. angry; a. fraochaidh. 
Fraochan, -ain, m. a patch on the point of 

a shoe. 
Fraoch-sgriachain, m. crackling aort of 

Fraoidhneadh, -eidh, m. embroidery. 
Fraoidlmeas, -eis, -ean, m. embroidery, a 

Fraoidhneasach, a. full of embroidery, or 

Fraoileadh, -idh, m. a flustering by liquor. 
Pras, -oise, -an, f. a shower, small shot, 

Fras, -adh, v. shower, rain. 
Frasacb, a. showery; frasaclid, .-^lioweriug. 
Freagair, -radh, -airt, v. answer, fit. 
Freagairt, freagra, freagradh. f. an 

Freagrach, or freagarrach, a. answering, 

Freagarrachd, f., cougruity. 
Freasdail, -ladh, v. attend, wait ou ; freas- 

Freasdal, -ail, m. attending, serving, pro- 
vidence; a. freasdalach. 
Freiceadan, -ain, m. a watch, a sfuard. 
Freimseadh, -idh, m. a fuss, a pother. 
Preiteach, -ich, -ichean, m. a vow. an oath. 
Preitich, -eachadh, v. swear, vow. 


Freothaiun, -e, f. bent grass. 

Freiunh, -a, -aichean, -an, f. a root ; also 

Fride, -tan, f. a tetter; dim. frideag. 

Friochd, f. a aecond' dram; 8gailc being 
the first. 

Friochdan, -ain, -an, m. a frying-pan. 

Frioghan, -ain, -an, a sow'.s bristle; a. 

Frionas, -ais, m. anger, rage; a. frionasach. 

Friothaladk. See fritheil. 

Frith, f. rage, anger. 

Frith, -e, -ean, f. a forest. 

Friothainm, -eannan, m. a uick-ua;ue. 

Friothainmich, -eachadh, v. nick-narae. 

Prith-bhac, -aic, -an, m. the barb of a 

Frith-bhacach, -aiche, a. barbed. 

Frithbhaile, -ailtean, m. a suburb. 

Frith-bhuail, -ualadh, v. vibrati-, pal- 

Frith-bhuille, -ean, m.f. a slight stroke, a 
back stroke. 

Frithcheum, -an, m. a bye-road. 

Frithearachd, f. peevishness; a. frithearra. 

Fritheil, -ealadh, v. attend, wait on ; frith- 

Frith-eilean, -ein, -an, a small island. 

Fritheilt, -e, -ean, f. attendance; fritheil- 

Fritheilteach, a. attentive in waiting. 

Frith-fhacal, -ail, -an, m. a bye-word. 

Frithircachd, f. fretfulness, warmth; a. 

Frithlcum, m. a leap, a skip; a. frithleum- 

Fiith-mhaighstir, -ean, m. an under- 
master, an usher. 

Frith-raineach, -ich, f. dwarf fern. 


Frith-rathad, -aid, -aideau, m. a bye road. 
Frith-shràid, -e, -ean, f. a bye street, a 

Frog, -ige, -au, f . a hole, cavern ; a. 

Frogan, -ain, m. a fit of hnmour, tipsiness; 

a. frogail. 
Frogantachd, f. merriuess; a. froganta. 
Froineadh, -idh, m. a shake, a drubbing. 
Frois, -eadh, v. shake off, scatter, give off 

(as thread), riin out a stocking. 
Froia, f. a shower of grains or other 

articles, not rain. 
Proiseau, -ein, -an, m. a grain of seed. 
Fròmhaidh, -e, a. hoarse. 
Fuachd, m. coldness, cold. 
Puadach, -aich, m. a driving or chasing 

Fuadoicli. -adh, v. expel, banish, drive off. 
Fuadaiu, -e, a. foreign, exiled. 
Fuadhaiclie, m. a scarecrow, a bogle. 
Fuaidne, -an, m. a peg, the pins of a 

warping frame; fuaithue. 
Fuaigh, fuaigheal, v. sew, knit; fuaghail. 
Fuaigheal, m. sewing. 
Fuaim, -e, - ean, f. voice, sound; a. 

Fuaimneachd, f. noisiness; a. fuaimneach. 
Fuaimnich, f. a great noise; a. fuaimeil. 
Fuaimuich. -eachadh, v. sound, make a 

Fuairead, -id,, f. coldness. 
Fnal, -uail, m. urine. 
Puar, -uair, a. cold, chilly. 
Fuarachd, f. coldness; a. fuaraidh. 
Fuaradh, -aidh, ni. the windward side. 
Fuaradh-froise, m. the breeze which pre- 
cedes a shower. 
Fuaraich, -achadb, v. cool, become cool. 

FUA— FUC 213 

Fuarag, -aig, -an, f. a mixture of mtul and 

Fuaralachd, f. coldness, indiff^^reucc ; a. 

Fuarau, -aiu, -au, a well, a fountain. 
Fuaranach, -aiche, a. full of springs. 
Fuaranta, a. coldish, chilly. 
Fuar-bheann, or fuar-bheinn, f. a cold hill. 
Fuarchasach, a. having cold feet. 
Fuar-chràbhach, or fuar-chràbhraiche, m. 

a hypocrite; also a. 
Fuar-cliràbhadh, -aidh, -ean, m. hypocrisy. 
Fuar-chridheach, a. cold-hearted. 
Fuar-dhealt, f. mildew; a. fuar-dhealtach. 
Fuar-fhead, -an, f. a cold whistling. 
Fuar-ghreanu, f. a scowl, a cold look. 
Fuar-lit, -ean, f. poultice. 
Fuar-lorg, -uirg, f. a cold scent, a cold 

Fuasgail, -ladh, v. loose, liberate. 
Fuasgailteachd, f. looseners, freedom; a. 

fuaeigailteach, fuasgailte. 
Fuasgladh, -aidh, m. loosing, relief; a. 

Fuath, -a, m. hatred, a ghost, n .-pectre; 

a. fuathach. 
Fuathach, -aich, -aichean, m. a spectre, a 

Fuathachd, or fuathachadh, detestation; 

a. fuathachail. 
Fuathaich, -achadh, v. hate, loathe, detest. 
Fuathas, -ais, m. a fright, a ghost, a ZTsat 

quantity; fuathij. 
Fuathnihorachd, hatefulness; a. fuath- 

Puathshlat, -ait, f. a temiporary hoop. 
FÙC, -adh, V. press, full cloth. 
Fùcadair, -ean, m. a fuller of cloth; fùca- 

daireachd, his trade. 

214 FUD— FCL 

Fudaidh, -e, a. vile, mean, low. 

Fùdar, -air, m. gTinpowder, a powder; a. 

Fùdraicb, v. powder, pulverise, incite. 
Fù, m. a coward fighting-cock. 
Fuigheag, -eig, -an, f. a thrum; a. fuigh- 

Fuigheal, -il, m. remainder; fuighleach. 
Puil, fala, fola, f. blood; a. fuilteach. 
Fuileachd, or falachd, f. bloodshed; a. 

Fuilear, adv. too much. Cha'n fhuilear 

dha sin, that is not too much for him, 

he needs that. 
Fuilich, -eachadh, v. draw blood. 
Fuilg, or fuiling, v. bear, suffer. 
Fuilteachas, -ais, m. bloodshed; a. fuilt- 
Fiiiltean, -ein, -an, m. a single hair; a. 

Fuin, fuineadh, v. bake. 
Fuiue, f. baking; fuineadh. 
Fuineadair, -ean, m. a baker; fuiueadair- 

eachd,. his trade. 
Puirbi, -ean. -iunean, m. a very big and 

powerful man; also fuirbidh, and fuir- 

Fuirich, -each, fuireachd, v. stay, wait. 
Fuirm, -e, -ean, f. form, fashion; fuir- 

Fùirneis, -ean, f. a furnace. 
Fuith ' interj. fie ! shame ! 
Fuithean, -ein, m. galling by riding, a 

trifling sore. 
Fulang, suffering, pres. part, of v. fuiling. 
Fulangach, a. patient, hardy. 
Fulangachd, or fulangas, suffering, patl< 

Fulangaiche, -ean, m. a sufferer. 


Fulasgach, -aiche, a. rocking. 
Fulasgadh, -aidh, m. rocking, toesing. 
Fulbh, -uilbh, f. gloom. 
Fulmair, -e, -ean, m. the bird fulmar. 
Fuhiaisir, -luasgadh, -luaisgadh, v. rock. 
Funntachadh, -aidh, m. excessive cold; 

Funntaich, -achadh, v. chill, grow very 

Furachail, or furachair, a. attentive, 

Furacha<, -ais, m. watching, vigilance; 

Furail. or furailteach, a. welooming, hos- 
Furailteachd, or furailteas, kindness, 

Furain. -ranadh, ran, v. welcome; furan- 

Furan, -aiii, m. welcome. 
Furanaf-h, -aiche, a. saluting kindly. 
Furas, -ais, m. patience. 
Purasdachd, f. facility; a. furasda. 
Furba". -ain, f. disturbance of mind; a. 

Furm, -uirm, -an, -uirm, m. a stool; a. 

Purmailt. -enn, f. a welcome reception; a. 

Furtach, a. comforting; furtaiche, a com- 
Purtachd, or furtachadh, relief; a. furt- 

Furtaich, -achadh, v. comfort. 
FÌLsban, -ain, m. an awkward bungler. 
Fusgan, -ain, m. a whisk; also fusgair. 



'G, prep, for ag, or aig. 

G', prep, contr. for g\\, to. 

Gab, -aib, m. a tattling mouth; a. gabach. 

Gabaire, -ean, m. a chatting fellow; f. 

Gabaireachd, f. chatting, prattling. 

Gabh, -ail, v. take, accept, proceed, kindle, 
conceive. Gabh aig, engage \vqth for 
hire, fix, make snug; gabh air, beat, 
strike, undertake; gabh roimh, go for- 
ward or in advance, iniper. begone ! 
gabh ann-s, an arm, enlist. 

Gabhadh, -aidh, m. danger, turmoil; a. 

Gàbhaidh, a. perilous, tempestuous, 
strange, odd, fearful. 

Gabhail, -alach, -alaichean, f. a yoking, a 
lease, a farm, course, direction. 

Gabhaltach, -aiche, a. infectir-us, con- 
tagious, epidemic. 

Gabhaltachd, f. capacity, contagiousness. 

Gabhaltas, -ais, a lease, a holding of land 
from a proprietor. 

Gabhann, -ainn, m. flattery, adulation ; a. 

Gabhd, -an, m. craft; gabhdachd. gabhd- 
air, a cheat. 

Gabhdaireachd, f. artifice, low cunning. 

Gabhlauaich, or gabhlanachd, idle roving; 
a. gabhlanach. 

Gach, pron. each, every. 

Gad, or ged, conj. though, although. 

Gad, goid, gaid, pi. goid, m. a withe, a 
twisted rod. 

Gad, -a, m. a l>ar of iron or other metal. 

Gadachd, f. theft; gadaiche, a thief. 


Gadan, -ain, -an, in. a little withe; a. 

Gadhar, -air, m. a lurcher. 
Gafauu, -aiun, m. henbane. 
Gag, -aige, -an, f. a cleft, a chink, a hack 

in the skin; a. gàgach. 
Gag, -adh, V. dplit, grow into chiuks. 
Gagaiche, or gagadh, stammering; a 

Ga^aireachd, f. stammering; gagaire, j, 

Gagan, -ain, -au, m. a cluster, a bunch; a. 

Gaibhneachd, or goibhneachd, smith's 

Gaidheal, -il, m. a Gael; a. Gàidhealach. 
Gàidhlig, or Gàilig, f. the Gaelic language. 
Gail, gail, V. boil. See goil. 
Gailbheach, -iche, a. prodigious, vaòt, 

Gailbheinu, -e, -eau, f. a huge hill. 
Gaiie. See goile. 
Gain, -e, -ean, f. a large cheek; a. ::àill- 

Gàilleach, -ich, -ean, m. a disease ot the 

gums in cattle, seam of shoe uppers, 

joining of the outer and inner bark. 
Gailleag, -eig, -an, f. a blow on the cheek; 

Gailleann, -inn, f. a storm; a. gailleauu- 

Gaillseach, -ich, f. a large mouthful of 

Gaiueamh, -imh, f. sand, gravel, a .-iandy 

Gainmhoach, -ich, f. sand. 
Oainmhoin ,-e, -ean, f. f»T^ii "* >:i:d. a 

Gainmhcincach, -iche, a. sandy. 


Gàinne, -eau, f. a shaft, a dart, an arrow 

Gainne, f. want, scarcity; goinne. 
Gainceanach, -ich, m. a scrub, a miser. 
Gainntir, -ean, m. a prison; a. gainutir- 

Gainntireachd, f. imprisonment. 
Gair, -e, f. nearness, proximity. 
Gair, gairsinn, v. crow, cry; goir. 
Gair, gaireachdaich, -ainn, v. laugh. 
Gair, or goir, f. noise, shouting, crying. 
Gairbh, -e, f. the paunch, the stomach. 
Gàirdeachas, -ais, m. joy, gladnes.s; gàird- 

Gàirdean, -an, m. an arm; a. gairdeanach. 
Gàirdich, -eachadh, v. rejoice, be glad. 
Gàire, f. a laugh; a. gàireach. 
Gaireal, -eil, m. free-stone, gravel; a. 

Gaireas. See goireas. 

Ghairge, f. fierceness; gairgeachd, gairgead. 
Gairgean, -ein, -an, m. a sort of herb, 

Gairgeanach, a. full of garlic. 
Gàirich, -e, f. shouting for joy. 
Gairisinn, f. detestation, horror; a. gairis- 

Gtiirm, -e, -ean, f. a call, a calling; a. 

Gairm, eairm, v. call, invite, crovr. 
Gairmeadair, -ean, m. a crier, a proclaimer. 
Gàirneal, -eil-, m. a large chest for holding 

Gàirneilear, -an, m. a gardener; gairneil- 

earachd, his trade. 
Gais, -eadh, v. blast, wither away. 
Gaiseadh, -idh, m. the spoiling or blasting 

of crop. 


Gaisge, or gaisgeaciid, f. bravery; a. 

gaisgeil, gaisgeanta. 
Gaidgeal.chd, f. heroLini, valour. 
Gaisread.i, idh, m. warlike troops, attend- 

Gaithean, -ein, m. a little dart; a. gaith- 

Gal, or guil, gal, v. cry, weep. 
Gal, or gul, m. crying; a. galach, guil- 

each, galanach. 
Galad, -aid, f. a term of affection to a little 

Galar, -air, -an, m. a disease; a. galarach. 
Gale, -adh, v. thicken cloth by fulling. 
Gaicadair, -ean, m. a fuller of cloth. 
Galcanta, a. thick, strong, stout. 
Gall, -oil], m. a Lowlander, a foreigner; 

a. Gallda. 
Galla, -acban, f. a bitch; dim. gallag. 
Gallachni'., -mhan, f. a walnut. 
Gallachrann. -oinn, in. a low-country 

Gallan, -ain, -an, m. a straight young tree, 

a handsome youth. 
Gallanach, -aiche, a. full of young tree^. 
Gallan-greanncliair, or gallan-gainmhich, 

coltsfoot; gallan-mor, butterwort. 
Galldachd, f. the Scottish Lowlands. 
Galldrum, -a, -achan, f. a kettle-drum. 
Gall-sheilisteir, m. sedges. 
Galluran. -ain, m. wild angelica. 
Gamag, -aig, -an, f. a stride, or span; a. 

Garahainn, -amhna, pi. -amhna, a stirk. 
Gamhlas, -ais, m. hatred; a. gamhlasach. 
Oamhnach. -aich, -ean. f. a farrow cow. 
Gangaid, -e, -ean, f. deceit; a. gangaid- 

Gann. c^ainne, or goinne, a. scarce. 

220 GAX — GAR 

Ganntachd, or ganutas, scarcity; and 

Gànradh, -aidli, -ean, m. a gander. 
Gàuraich, -e, f. loud noise, as of birds or 

Oaog, -aoig, -ean, f. an inequality in yarn; 

a. gaogach. 
Gaoid, -e, -ean, f. a stain, a ble!nii^h; a. 

Oaoilean, -ein, m. a darling. 
Gaoir, -e, -ean, f. noise, sound, a tingling; 

a. gaoireacli. 
Gaoirean, -ein, m. a noisy fellow. 
Gaoirnean, -ein, m. a dung globule; gaorr. 
Gaoiseiich, -ich, f. a bolt that fixev^ the 

barrel of a gun. 
Gaoisid, -e, f. horse hair; a. gaoi:*i'leach. 
Gaoisnean, -ein, m. a single hair : a. gaois- 

Gaoithean, -ein, m. a talkative fellow, a 

Gaol, gaoil, m. love, a lover; a. iraolach. 
Gaolach, f. a term of endearment. 
Gaorr, -a, m. gore, filth; gaorrac . 
Gaorr, -adh, v. gore, pierce. 
Garracail, -e, a. I'ough, rugged, crurse. 
Gaorran, -ain, -an, m. a glutton. 
Gaorsach, -aich, -ean, f. a bawd, a slut; 

gaorsachd, her trade. 
Gaort. Better giort, qv. 
Gaoth, gaoith. -an, f. the wind, flatulence. 
Gaothach, or gaothmhor, a. windy : also, 

Gaothaire, -ean, m. a vent, an open reed, 

a prattler. 
Gaothar. See gadhar. 
Gaothmhorachd, f. windiness. 
Gaothran, -ain, -an, f. a fan, a giddy fellow. 
Gar, -adh, v. warm, heat. 

CAB— GAR 221 

Gar, gair, gaire ( ? goir), f . proximity ; am 
ghair, within hail of me. 

tiar, conj. though not, although not; gar 
an till e, though he should not return. 

('àradair, gàradh. See under garr-. 

(raraidh, a den or lair. 

Giirbh, gairbhe, a. rough, large, harsh. 

(iarbh, pfx.; garbh-chnamhach, large- 
boned; garbh-chriochan, the High- 
lands; garbh - fhras, a boisterous 
shower; garbh-ghrinneal, gravel; 
garbh-ghucag, fore-shot whisky ; 
garbh-shion, rough weather; garbh- 
shlios, a rough slope; garbh-thonn, a 
large wave. 

darbhachd, roughnesii, greatness. 

(,T:i.rbhaf,'^-an-t-slèibh, f. club-moss. 

Garbhau, -ain, m. the orts of ill-grotmd 
meal, a minnow; also garbhag, a 
Gfarvie, a sprat. 

Garbhanach, a. rugged, full of orts. 

Garbhlach, -aich, f. a rough or stony place. 

Gàrcan, -ain, m. the plaint of a hen; a. 

Garg. gairsre, a. fierce, wild, terrible. 

Garlach, -aich, m. a screaming, starving 
child, a dwarf. 

Garman, -ain, -an, m. a weaver's beam, a 

Garrach. -aich, m. a little glutton, a 
\vretch . 

Gàrrad.iir. -eau, m. a gardener. 

Gàrradh, -aidh, m. a garden. 

Garracr, m.f. a young crow. 

Gàrraiclws, f. harsh noise, as of birds. 

Gart. -airt, m. gloom, a surly aspect, 
standing corn, an enclosure. 

Garfan, -ain, m. a garter; a. gartanach. 

Gàrthaich, f. shouting, cryin?. 

222 GAK— GEA 

Gartlain, or gart-ghian, -adk, v. weed, 

clear of weeds. 
Gartlann, -ainn, -an, m. a corn yard. 
Oas, -ois, -an, m.f. a stalk, as of heath, a 

besom; a. gasach. 
Gasag, -aig, -an, f. a little stalk; a. 

Gasan, -ain, -an, m. a little stalk, a pert 

youth; a. gasanach. 
Gasdachd, f. excellency, beauty; a. gaada. 
■Gasg, -a, -an, m. a tail, an appendage; 

dim. gacJgan. 
Gasradh, m. a rabble, mercenary soldiers. 
Gat. See gad. 
Gath, -e, -an, -anuan, m. a sting, a dart, 

a ray of light. 
Gathan, -ain, -an, a little sting; a. gath- 

anach, gathach. 
Gath-bholg, -viilg, m. a quiver. 
Gath-dubh, -uibhe, -dubha, m. beard of 

oats, a weed. 
Gath-muinge, m. a mane; a. gath-muing- 

Ge, ge b'e, conj. whoever, whatever. 
Ge, or ged, conj. though. 
Gead, or geadag, f. a small spot of arable 

ground, a lazy-bed, a lock of hair. 
Gead, -adh, v. clip off the hair. 
Geadach, geadagach, a. full of lazy-beds, 

or locks. 
Geadag, -aig, -an, m. a small tuft of hair. 
Gcadas, -ais, -an, m. a pike fish; gead-iasg. 
Gèadh, -eoidh, m. a goose; giadh. 
Gèadhach, a. full of geese; s. a quill. 
Geadhail, f. a ploughed field. 
Geal, gile, a. white, pure. 
Geal, -a, -achan, f. a leech. Also deal. 
~G«alach, -aich, f. the moon. 


Gealag, -aig, -au, f. a white trout; a. geal- 

Gealagan, -ain, -an, m. -the white of an 

Gealaich, -achadh, v. whiten, bleach, make 

Gealan, -ain, -an, m. a linnet; gealau-lin. 
Geiilbhan, -ain, -an, a little fire. 
Gealbhoun, -uiun, -an, m. a sparrow. 
Geall, -ill, m. a bet, a wager, a pledge, a 

prize, love. 
Geall, -adh, -tainu, v. promise. 
Geallmhorachd, f. promising; a. gealltan- 

Gealltanas, -ais, m. a promise. 
Gealshuil, -ula, -uilean, f. a white eye; a. 

Gealtach, -aiche, a. cowardly, timorous. 
Gealtair, -ean, m. a coward; gealtair- 

eachd, cowardice. 
Grnmhal, or geimheal, m. a fetter, a chain. 
Geamhd, m. a junk, a thick-set person. 
GèamhJag, or geimhleag, -eig, -an, f. a 

crowbar, a lever. 
Geamhradh, -aidh, -aidhean, m. winter; a. 

geamhrail. , 

Gcamhraich, -achadh, v. winter, feed. 
Gcamhranta, or geamhrachail or geamhra- 

dail ; a. wintry. 
Gcan, -a, m. good humour, favour; a. 

geanail, geanach. 
Gcanalachd, f. cheerfulness, good humour. 
Geangach, -aiche, a. crooked, a dumpy 

Geanmchnu, -an, f. chestnut. 
Gcanmnachd, f. chastity. 
Geanmnaidh, -e, a. chaste; geamnaidh. 
Goaiinair, -e, -ean, m. a kind of wedge, a 



(jrearain, gearan, v. complain. 

Gearan, -ain, -an, m. complaint, a moan 

or sigh. 
Gearanach, -aiche, a. complaining. 
Gèarr, -adh, v. cut, bite, satirize. 
Gèarr, -a, -an, f. a hare. 
Gèarr, giorra, giorrad, a. short, brief. 
Gèarr-, or gearr-, pfx. ; geàrr-fhiadb, a 

hare; geàrr-ghobach, a banterer, a 

wit; geàrr-sgian, a dirk; geàrr- 

shaoghal, a short life; geàrr-shùil- 

each, geàrr-sheallach, short-sighted. 
Gèarrach, -aich, -aicheau, f. a flux, 

Gearrabhonn, -uinn, -an, a piece on the 

fore-sole of a shoe. 
Gearradh, -aidh, -ean, m. a cut, cutting, 

a satire. 
Gearr ad h-breac, -brie, m. the guillemot. 
Gearrag, -aig, -an, f. a young hare; a. 

Gearra-gort, -ghort, -ean-gorta, m. a quail. 
Gearran, -ain, jol. gearrain, m. a gelding, 

a horse. 
Gearran, -ain, m. days irora the 15th of 

March to the 11th April. 
Geas, -eis, -a, f. a charm, sorcery. 
Geasadair, -ean, m. a wizard ; gea,sadair- 

eachd, his trade. 
Geata, -achan, f. a gate. 
Geatha, m. a pole, a boathook. 
Geathadaich, f. hopping, jogging. 
Ged, conj. though, although. 
Geill, -eadh, -eachdainu, v. yield, submit. 
Geill, -e, f. yielding, submission. 
Geilleachdainn, f. yielding; geilleadh. 
Geilt. -e. f. terror, fear; a. geilteach. 
Gèimheal, -il, -mhean, m. a fetter, a chain. 
Gèimhleadh, -idh, m. chaining, binding. 


Gèimhlich, -eachadb, v. bind, chain. 
Geinn, -e, -ean, m. a wedge; a. geinneach. 
Geiiin, -eadh, v. wedge. 
Geinneag, -eig, -an, f. a short thick 

Geinueil, -e, a. stout, firm, compact. 
Gèintileach, -ich, m. a heathen, a gentile; 

Geir, -e, f. tallow; a. geireach. 
Geire, or geiread, f. sharpnes.s, acuteness 

Geisg, -e, -ean, f. a creaking noise. 
Geisg, -eadh, v. creak, split. 
Geisgeach, or geisgeil, a. creaking. 
Geòb, -a, -an, m. a wry mouth, a creek; 

a. geòbach. 
Geòb, -adh, v. make a wry mouth. 
Geòbraich, f. idle talk. 

Geòcach, -aich, m. a glutton; a. glutton- 
Geòcaire, -ean, m. a glutton; a. geòcair- 

Geòcaireachd, f. gluttony; geòcachd. 
Geodha, m. a creek, a cove. 
Geoic, -e, -ean, f. a wry neck; a. geoio- 

each, geocach. 
Geòla. -achan, f. a ship's boat, a yawl; a. 

geòlach; dim. geòlag. 
Geòlach, -aich, m. a bier. 
Geotan, -ain, m. a small plot of land, a 

small sum. 
Geug, or gèag, -èige, -an, f. a branch, a 

nymph, a sun-ray; a. geugach. 
Geugag, -aig, an, f. a little branch, or 

girl ; ;v. geugagach. 
Geum, -eim, -a, -an, m. the lowing of a 

Geum, -naich, v. low, as a cow. 



Geumnaich. f. lowing; a. geumnacli. 

Geur, or giar, geire, geiread, a. oharp, 

Geurad. See geire, geiread. 

Geuraich, or giaraich, -achadh, v. sharpen. 

Geurana^hd, subtlety, repartee. 

Geurchluas, -uais, -an, f. quick hearing. 

Geurchluasach, a. quick of hearing. 

Geurchuiseach, a. shrewd, shar[). 

Geurfhaclach, a. witty, satirical. 

Geur-lean, -mhainn, v. persecute. 

Geur-leanmhainn, m.f. persecution. 

Gheabh, fut. of v. faigh, get. 

Giaban, -ain, -an, m. a bird's gizzard; a. 

Giall, -a, -an, m. a hostage. 

Gialll, -a, i-an, f. a jaw, a fish's gill, a 

Giamh, -a, f. a fault, a blemish. 

Gibeach, -eiche, a. ragged, hairy, ueat, 

Gibeagach, -aiche, a. ragged, tattered; (or 

Gibean, -ein, -an, m. a piece of flesh; a. 

Giblin, -e, m. the month of April : Giblean. 

Gibneach, -ich, m. a cuttle-fish. 

Gidheadh, conj. nevertheless. 

Gigeau, -ein, m. a dwarf. 

Gighis, -ean, f. a masquerade. 

Gilb, -e, -ean, f. a chisel; gilb-chruaidh, a 
cold-chi'sel ; a. gilbeach. 

Gile, or gilead, f. whiteness. 

Gille, -ean, m. a boy, a lad; gille-bride,. 
the bird oyster-catcher; gillc-cuim, a 
body-servant; gille-coise, a. footjnan; 
gille-each, a groom; gille-fionn, a 
periwinkle; gille-greasaidh, a pos- 
tillion, a cooper's drift; gille- 


guirineau, the corn-.scabiou.~; g^iHe- 

gnotbaich, a messenger; gille-niirean, 

a tec-totum; gille-ruith, a runner; 

gille-shalm, a jjrecentor; gille-sguain, 

a train-bearer; gille-suirghe, a lover's 

Gil.nean, -cin, -an, m. a I!:i(.tr.... a 

sycophant, a chatterbox. 
Gimleid. -e, -ean, f. a gimlet; a. gimleid- 

Gin, -eadh, -eamhainu, -tiun, v. beget. 
Gi. , })rou. any one, somebody. 
Gineadair, -ean, m. a progenitor, a jiarent. 
Gill eadh, -idh, m. begetting. 
Gineal, -eil, -an, ra. an offspring, a race. 
Ginealach, -aich, m. a generation, a race. 
Giobag, -aig, -an, f. a rag, a fringe. 
Gioball, -aill, m. a rag, cast clothes. 
Giodhran, m. a barnacle, a barnaole-goose, 

Giog, or giiig, -adh, v. cringe, flatter. 
Giogach, or giùgach, a. cringing. 
Giogan, -ain, -an. m. a thistle; a. triogan- 

Giolam, -aim, ni. talking, [u-attling; a. 

Giolaman, -ain, -an, m. a prattling fellow; 

giolamanachd, his habit. 
Giolcair, -ean, m. a flippant fellow; giol- 

caireachd, flippancy. 
Giolla, and giollan. See gille. 
Gioilachd, f. serving, guiding, nnauage- 

ment, dressing. 
Giomach. -aich, m. a lobster, 
(liomanach, -aich, m. a hunter, a gun. 
Oi(imh, -a, m. a fault, a blemish. 
Gionach, or gionaiche, m. greed, gluttony; 

a. gionaoh. 
Gionair, -ean, ra. a glutton. 


Giorag, -aig, -an, f. fear, dread, noise; a. 

Giorradan, -ain, -an, m. an abbreviation. 
Giorraich, -acbadh, v. sliorteu, abbreviate. 
Giorraiche, -ean, m. one who shortens. 
Giorra-shaoghail, f. short life; giorra- 

shaoghail ort ! a form of malediction. 
Giorsadb, m. a pinching of the skin with 

salt water or cold. 
Giort, -e, -ean, f. a girth; a. giortach. 
Giosgaii, -ain, -an, m. a creaking noise, 

gnashing; giosganaich. 
Giseag, -eig, -an, f. spell, superstition; a. 

giseaeach or gisreagach. 
Gith, -e, f. a shower, a blast. 
Githeilifr-, f. idle running to and fro. 
Giùd, giùde, -ean, m. a wile, deceit, a 

cheat; a. giiidach. 
Giùgach, -aiche, a. cringing, fawning, 

hanging the head 
Giiiig, -e, -ean, f. a drooping of the hea.l 

to one side. 
Giiiigire, m. a cringer, a coward, a irpirit- 

less fellow. 
Giùlain, giiilan, v. carry, bear. 
Giulan, -ain, m. bearing, conduct, carry- 
ing, a bier or carriage and corpse. 
Giùlanta, a. well iDehaved. 
Giiir, or giiiran, -ain, -an, va. gills of fish; 

a barnacle, a barnacle-goose; giodh- 

Giiisach, -aich, -aichean, f. a fir forest. 
Giuthas, -ais, m. fir; giubhas. 
Glabhchdaire, m. a nonsensical talker, a 

Glac, -adh, -ail, v. catch, take, seize, 

Glac, or glaic, -an, f. a valley, the hollow 

of the hand ; a. glacach. 


Glacach, -aich, m. a swelling in the }iollow 

of the hand. 
Glacadair, or glacair, -ean, m. a catcher, 

a seizer. 
Glacadan, -ain, -an, m. a receptacle, a gin. 
Glacadh, -aidh, m. a seizing, a taking, a 

Glacag, -aig, -an, f. a little valley; a. 

^lacagach; glacanach. 
Glacaireachd, or glacadaireachd, f. a 

Glacmhor, -oire, a. catching, seizing, fit to 

Glag, -aig, -uig, the noise of any limp 

body falling; see clag. 
Glag gaire, m. a horse-laugh, a guffaw. 
Glagach, -aiche, a. noisy, clumsy. See 

Glagadaich, -e, f. loud talk, vociferation, 

continuoos knocking. 
Glagaid, -e, -ean, f. a noisy woman. 
Glagaire, -ean, a talkative fellow; glagair- 

eachd, his habit. 
Glagais, -e, f. loquacity, babbling. 
Glagan, -ain, -an, m. the clapper of a mill, 

a door knocker. 
Glaganach, -aiche, a. noisy, rattling. 
Glagarra, a .noisy, dull, slow. 
Glhib, -e, f. mire, a puddle; a. glàibeil, 

Glaira, -e, -ean, f. a large mouthful. 
Glaimhean, -ein, m. a glutton. 
Glaimseach, -ich, f. a gluttonous per.-on. 
Glaine, f. cleanness, purity; glaiueachd, 

glaincad. Also gloine. 
Glais, glasadh, v. lock, secure. 
Glaisdidb, -e, a. pale, wan. 
Glaise, f. greyness; glaiseachd. 


Glaiscan, -ein, -au, m. a grey-liealvd man, 

a young coal-fish. 
Glaisean, -eiu, -an, m. ;; sparrow; g■''i^- 

ean-coillCj a kind of bird; glaiseau- 

daraich, a grey-finch; glaiseau-seilich, 

a water-wagtail. 
Glaislean, m. spearwort. 
Glaistig, f. a she-devil, a hag, a gorgon; 

Glam, -adh, v. eat greedily, seize as a dog. 
Glamaire, -an, m. a glutton, a smith's 

vice; glamaireachd, gluttony. 
Glamasair, -ean, m. a. voracious eater, a 

Glamhas. See glomhas. 
Glamhsadh, -aidh, m. a sudden bite, as of 

a dog. 
Glan, -adh, v. wash, clean. 
Glanadair, -aidh, m. washing, cleansing; 

a. glanail. 
Glang, -a, -an, m. a ringing sound; a. 

Glaodh, -aoidh, m. glue, bird-lime: a. 

Glaodh, -aoidh, m. a cry, a shout; a. 

Glaodh, -aich, v. cry, shout. 
Glaodhaich, m. crying, shouting. 
Glaodhan, -ain, -an, m. the remainder of 

a potato after cutting off the seednplips, 

pith of wood. 
Glas,, -an, f. a lock, a fetter. 
Gla.s, -aise, a. grey, pale, wan; glas- 

bheinu, a grey mountain; glas-chiabh, 

a grey lock; glas-choire, a green 

valley; glas-fheur, green grass; glas- 

gheadh, a grey goose; glas-iasg, a coal-; glas-neulach, pale, wan; glaa- 

talamhj ley land. 


Glasach, -aich, -aichean, m. a green field. 
Glasadh, -aidh, m. g-iowinnf Pfrey, daw;:iii5j 

Glasag, -a^g, -an, f. a small lock, a water 

Glas-ghuib, -c, -ean. f. a ga?. 
Gla.-.<-lamb, -laimhe, -an-lamh, f. a' hand- 
Glas-rnheur, -eòir, f. a certain tune for the 

Glasra, m. ley ground; glasrach, glasradh. 
Glasraich, -adh, v. turn into ley, grow 

Gle, ;idv. pfx. very, rather, sufficiently. 
Gleac, m. a fight, a wresling. 
Gleac, gleac, v. fight, wrestle, strive. 
Gleacair, -ean, m. a wrestler; gleacair- 

eachd, his trade. 
Gleadbar, -air, m. a blow, a stroke. 
Gleadhraich, -ean, f. noise, rattling; a. 

Gleadhran. -ain, m. a rattle; a. gloadh- 

Gleann, -inne, pi. glinn, ni. a vaJley. a 

"' ■- <jlo '.inacli. 

Gleannan, -ain, -an, m. a little glen; a. 

Gleaniitail, -e, a. full of valleys. 
GlèifUi. -eadh, v. keep, hold, preserve. 
Glèidhteachd, f. frugality; a. glèidhteach. 
Glèidhtiche, in. a jirovidcr, a Iceep.r. 
Gleog, m. the noise of anything falling, a 

Gleogach, a. silly, dull. lazy. 
Glcogaire, -ean, m. a lazy fellow; gleogair- 

eachd, sloth. 
Gloifid. -ean, m. a sloven; f. gleòisg, a slut. 
Glpòideil, or gleòisgeil, a. slovenly, silly. 


Gleòman, or gleòdhaman, m. a silly or dull 

Gleomanachd, or gleòdhamanachd, f. dul- 

ness, stupidity. 
Gleòramas, -ais, m. foolisli boasting, vain 

Gleòsgach, -aiche, a. silly, stupid, foolish. 
Gleòsgaid, f. a silly woman. 
Gleòsgaire, -ean, m. a silly man; gleosgair- 

eachd, silliness. 
Gleothaisg, -e, -ean, f. a dull or silly 

Gleus, -eòis, -a, -an, m. activity, lock of 

a gun, key in music. 
Gleus, -adh, v. trim, adjust, tune. 
Gleusadair, -ean, m. one who tunes. 
Gleusadh, -aidh, m. tuning, trimming. 
Gleusda, a. active, tuned, trimmed. 
Gleusdachd, f. activity, keenness, tidiness. 
Glib, -e, f. sleet. 
Glic, -e, glioca, a. wise, prudent. 
Glidich, -eachadh, v. impress upon, move. 
Gliocas, -ais, m. wisdom; gliocasair, a wise 

Gliog, -a, -an, m. a cling, a tinkling. 
Gliogach, -aiche, a. clinking, staggeiing. 
Gliogadaich, f. clinking. 
Gliogaid, -e, -ean, f. a sluggish woman. 
Gliogaideach, a. clumsy about the knees, 

Gliogar, -airs -an, m. a tinkling noise; a. 

Gliogradh, -aidh, m. a rattling; gliogad- 
Gliong, -a, -an, m. a clink; a. gliongach, 

Gliong, -adh, v. ring, clang, as metal. 
Gliongarsaich, -e, f. ringing, tinkling, 

slight inebriety. 


Gliuchd, m. a blubbering, a sobbing; a. 

Gloc, -oic, m. a loud cry, clocking, as a 

hen; a. glocach. 
Glocair, -ean, in. a bawling fellow; a. 

Glocaireachd,, f. a cackling noise. 
Glocan, -ain, -an, m. the opening or angles 

where branches meet. 
Glochar, -air, a rattling in the throat. 
Gloc-nid, -e, f. a morning dram taken in 

Glog, -oig, m. a soft lump; a. glogach, 

soft, dull. 
Glocrag, -aig, -an, f. a dull or stupid 

woman; a. glogagach. 
Glogaire, -ean, m. a dull or sottish man; 

glogaireachd, his habit. 
Glogan, -ain, -an, m. a little soft lump. 
Gloglainn, or glograich, f. noise of water. 
Glrgshuil, -ula, -ean, f. a soft or in- 
animate eye. 
Gloibhc, f. senseless female. 
Glòichd, -ean, f. a full or tufted cheek; a. 

Gloine, or glaine, f. cleanness; m.f. a 

Glòir, f. glory, praise, speech; a. 2'lòr- 

Gli'ir-dhiomhaiii, f. vaia-glorv. 
Glòiream, -eim, m. pomp, pageantry, a. 

Glòirfhionn, a. whitish grey, white- 

Glùmadh, -aidh, m. the twilight; cflònian- 

aich, glòmainn. 
<ilnmhar, -air, -an, m. a gag for .t kid or 

Glomha.s, -ais, m. a chasm, a rook-cl»"ft. 


Glomhraich, -radh, v. gag. 

Gloug, -a, -au, m. a slimy .spittle, snot; a. 

Glongaire, -ean, m. a dull, weak fellow. 
Glonn, -a, -an, m. an exploit, a feat ; a. 

Glòr. See glòir. 

Glòraicli, -achadh, v. glorify, praise. 
Glòramas, -ais, m. boasting; glòramaclid. 
Gluais, gluasad, v. move walk, stir. 
Glnasachd, f. moving, mobility. 
Gluasad, -aid, m. moving, stirring; a. 

Glug, -uig, -an, m. the noise of a fluid in 

■ " •rj^el, or in the gullet in .-■"rallow- 

Glugach. -aiche, a. noisy, .stamn.or' 
Glugaiche, or glugaireachd, f. stammer- 
Glugaire, -ean, m. a stammerer. 
Glugan, -ain, -an, m. a faint noise of a 

fluid; a. gluganach. 
Glugraich, f. the rumbling of a fluid in a 

GHiig, m. or f. a slut. 
Glùineag, -eig, -an, f. a blow with the knee. 
Gliiii?n:., -ein, m. a '.;>.!' ■ ;■• ■. 

Glumadh, -aidh, m. a big mouthful of 

liquid, a j^lunge. 
Gluraag, -aig. -au, f. a deep pool: a. glum- 

agach. . 
G1ÙU, -ùin, -e, -ean, m.f. a knee, a 

generation, a joint. 
Gliinachan, a cap or socket to protect the 

Glùn-bhleitlieach, a. in-kneed. 
Glùn-ginealaich, -e, -ean, m. a iicdigree. 

GLD — GNO 235 

Glut, - idh, V. driuk with noise, or 

Gliitadh. -aidh, m. drinking- greedily or 

with noise. 
Ghitair, -ean, m. a glutton; glutaireaehd, 

hLs habit. 
Gnath, ni. and adv. custom, usual, always. 
Gnathach, -aiche, a. customary. 
Gnàthachadh, -aidh, m. habit, manner, 

Gnathaich, -achadh, v. practice, use. 
Gnàth-eòlas, f. experience. 
Guàth-fhacal, -ail, -an, m. a proverb. 
Gnàths, f. custom, habit. 
Gnè, f. a kind, a sort, nature. 
Gnèitheil. or gneitheach, a. kind, ger.erous. 
Gnèithealachd, f. kindness, generosity. 
Gn".r>7i '^ -.: -an, -ara;;, iii. a:: 

Gniomhach, -aiche, A. thrifty, industrious. 
Gniomhacha.-. -ais, m .work, performance; 

guiomhat -id. 
Gn'iomhaich, -achadh, v. act, work, y,eT- 

Guiomharrach, a. active; gniimharra. 
Gnò, or gnu, a. surly, parsimonious, 

Gnob, -oib, -an, m. a knoll; a. gnobach. 
Guoban, -aiu, -an, m. a little hill, a knoll; 

a. gnobanach. 
Gnog, -oig, -an, f. a knock, a blow; a. 

gnogach, pettish, shy. 
Gnogag, -aig, -an, f . a slight knock ; a. 

pi-t'--'-. )'.•■■ r.Io. 
Gnogaiseachd, f. peevishness; a. gnonriiis- 

Gnoig, -o, f. a pet, a frown, a head : a. 

Gnoigeag, -eig, -an, f. a sulky female. 

236 GNO— GOB 

Guoigeas, -eis, f. surliness, pettishness ; a. 

Gnòmhan, -ain, m. a moan, a groau; a. 

Gnos, -ois, -an, m. a snout, a mouth; a. 

Gnosach, -aiche, a. sullen, grumpy, surly. 
Guosaireaclid, f. muttering, blubbering. 
Gnòsd. See gniisd. 
Gnosail, f. grunting of a sow (gnos). 
Gnothach, -aich, -aichean, m. a business, 

an errand. 
Gnii, or grò, a. surly, worldly, pars-imoni- 

ous, envious; gnùgach. 
Gnùig, -e, f. a scowl; a. gniigacli. 
Gi'ùigean, -ein, n:. a surly wretch; f. 

Gnìiis, -e, -ean, f. the face, the counten- 
Gnùis-bhrat, -a, -an, m. a veil for the face. 
Gnùis-fhiosachd. f. physiognomy. 
Gnìiis-mhàlda, a. a modest countenance. 
Gnùsd, or gnùsad, m. the low moaning of 

cows; gnos, gnòsad, gnùsdaich. 
Gniisgul, f. grunting, grumbling; gnùs- 

Gnùthail, f. grunting, grumbling; gnùs- 

Gniith, -uifh, -a, f. a frown. 
Go, m. deceit, grudge, fault. 
Go, prep. See gu. 

Gob, guib, m, a bill, a beak; a. gobach. 
Gobag, -aig, -an, f. a dog-fish, a kind of 

bird, a kiss; a. gobagach 
Gobaire, -ean, m. a prattler; gobaireachd, 

his habit. 
Gobaii. -ain, -an, m. a little bill; ct 

guibean; a. gobanach. 


Gobhainn, or gobhann, or gobha, pi. 
goibhnean, m. a smith. 

Gobha-dubh, or gobh-uisge, m. a water- 

Gobhal, goibhle, goibblean, f. a post, bi- 
furcation, a forked support, nng'.es. 

Gobhal-roinn, -ail-roinne, f. a pair of com- 

Gobh;ii, gaibhre, pi. gobhair, f. a goat; a. 

Gobhlach, -aiche, a. astride-wise, forked, 

Gobhlachan, -ain, -an, m. a person sitting 
astride, an earwig. 

Gòbhlag, -aig, -an, f. a dung fork, a graip. 

Gobhlan, -ain, -an, m. a small fork; a. 

Gobhlan-gainmhich, m. a sand-martin. 

Gobhlan-gaoith, or gobhlachan-gaoith, m. a 

Goc, -a, -an, -aichean, m. a pipe, a faucet, 
a tap. 

Gocaman, -ain, pi. -main, m. an usher, au 

Gocan, -ain, -an, m. a little attendant, a 
pert, conceited little person. 

Gòdag, -aig, -an, f. a coquette. 

Gog, m. the note orcrackling of a hen. 
Also gogail. 

Gogag, or gogaid, f. a giddy woman, a 

Gopaidcach, -iche, a. giddy, airy, coquet- 

Gogaidcachd, f. light behaviour, coquetry. 

Gogan, -ain, -an, m. a small wooden 
ves-sel without handles. 

Goganach, -aiche, a. light-headed. 

Gogshuil, -ula, -uilean, f. a goggle-eye; a. 

238 GOi — GOi 

Goibhneachd, f. a smith's trade. 

Goic, -e, f. a tossingf or turning of the 

head, a scoff. 
Ooid, -e, f. theft. 
Ooid, goid, V. steal, pilfer, slip. Also 

Goidean, or gaidean, -ein, -an, ir,. a little 

withe; a. goideauach. 
Goil, -e, f. boiling; a. goileuch. 
Goil, V. boil. 
Groile, -eachan, m. the .stomach, a fowl's 

crop, an appetite. 
Goileam, -eim, m. prattling; a. goileam- 

Goileaman, m. a prattler; f. goileamag. 
Goill, or gain, -e, f. a hanging lip, large 

cheeks; a. goilleach. 
Goilleag, -eig, -an, f. a slap oii the cheek. 
Goilleas, -eis ,m. a hanging lip; a. goill- 

Gtoillear, -eir, -ean, m. a blubber lippel 

Goillire, -an, m. a kind of bird. 
Goimh, -e, f. spite, hatred; a. goimneil. 
Goin, -e, f. a wound, fascination, b'asting. 
Goin-shui leach, -iche, a. having a fas- 
cinating eye. 
Goir, or gair, goirsinn, or gairsinn, v. cry, 

Goirid, giorra, a. short. 
Gòirleis, f. foolishness, childishness. 
Goirsinn, -e, f. crying, crowing; gairsinn. 
Goirt, -e, a. sore, painful, sour, a-cid. salt. 
Goirteas, -eis, m. pain, painfiilness. 
Goirtean, -ein, m. a little field: a. goir- 

Goirtich, -eachadh, a. hurt, sour, become 

Goirtichte, a. soured, hurt. 


Gòisinn, or gòisnc, -ean, m. a gin, a trap; 

a. gòwneach. 
Gòisnean, -eiu, -ean, ni. a little snare; a. 

Goisteachd, f. the duty of a godfather, 

Goistidh, -ean, m. a gossip, a godfather. 
Goi:iag, -aig, -an, f. a nip, a pincli : a. 

Gon, -adh, v. bewitch, wound, blast, anuoy. 
Gonach, -aiche, a. bewitchiug, wounding, 

sharp; guineach. 
Gonadh, -aidh, m. bewitchiug, stabbing. 
Goiiag, -aig, -an, a witch, a miserable 

woman, a spell or enchantment. 
Gòrach, -aiche, a., silly. 
Gòrag, -aig, -an, f. a foolLsh woman. 
Gò'-aiche, f. folly; gòraichead, gòrlais. 
Gorm, guirm, m. blue colour. 
Gf):m, -adh, v. make blue, become blue. 
Gormadh, -aidh, ni. blue colour: gormadh- 

an-la, twilight. 
Gormghlas,, a. of an azure colour. 
Gormshuil, -uilean, a blue eye: a. gorm- 

Gòrsaid. e-, -can, f. a gorget: a. ^òr.said- 

Gort. or gorta, f. famine, scarcity; a. 

Gort. or gart, m. .standing corn, a field, 

an enclosure. 
Gortachadh, -aidh, m. starving, starvation. 
Gortachd, f. scarcity, starvation. 
Gortag, -aig, -an. f. a penurious or .starv- 
ing woman, 
fi'ortan. -ain, -an, m. a penurioui! or starv- 
ing man. 
G(vs-sheol>hag, -aig, -an, f. a go«-h;i.wk. 
Gothairho. -pan, ni. a bagpipe drone-reed. 

240 GOT— GRA 

Gotiiaiirtch, -aiche, a. envious, malicious. 
Grothlaai. See goileam. 
Grab, -adh, v. hinder, obstruct, impede. 
Grabadh, -aidh, -aidhean, m. a hindrance, 

a protest. 
Grabh, -a, -an, f. dislike, horror. 
Gràbli, -adh, v. engrave, carve; gràbhail. 
Gràbhadh, or gràbhaladh, -aidh, m. en- 
Gràbhalta, a. engraved, sculptured. 
Grabhaltaiche, m. an engraver. 
Gràc, -adh, v. frighten, or silence a child 

by frowns. 
Gracan, -ain, m. the note of a hen; a. 

Grad, -aide, a. quick, hasty, nimble. 
Gradag, -aig, -an, f. a quick woman, a gun. 
Gradain, -anadh, v. parch corn for the 

Gradan, or gradanachd, m. parching corn. 
Grad-bheirteach, -eiche, a. quick, clever. 
Gradcharach, -aiche, a. quick, nimble, sly. 
Gradh, -aidh, m. love, a lover or dear. 
Gradhach, a. lovely, also s. a dear. 
Gràdhadair, -achadh, m. lover; f. gràdhag. 
Gràdhaich, -achadh, v. love, esteem. 
Gradhan, -ain, -an, m. a little darling. 
Gràdharachd, f. loveliness; a. gràdhmhor. 
Gràdhran, or gràdhranaich, m. a com- 
plaining noise made by hens. See 
Gràg, -àig, m. a croaking of crows, cawing. 
Gràg,v. croak, caw. 
Graide, f. quickness, hastiness. 
Gràidhear, -ean, m. a lover. 
Graidhean, -ein, m. a beloved person; f. 

Graigh. See g^reigh. 
Graim. See greim. 


(iiuin, -e, t. dÌBgiiat, dislike; a. gràineil. 
Gràiude, or gràudachd, f. ugliue&s. 
Graiaeag, -eig, -aa, f. a hedgehog; a. 

Gràiuealachd, f. detestation, abomination. 
Gràing, -e, f. disdain, a frown. See 

Gràiuich, -eachadh, v. detest, abhor, drive 

oft lu disgust. 
Gràinne, -ean, m. a single grain, a^ of 

Grainuean, -ein, -an, m. a small grain, 

siuali quantity. 
Gràinnich, -eachadh, v. granulate. 
Grainuseach, -ich, -ean, f. a grange, corn, 

a farm. 
Grainnsear, -sir, -ean, lu. a farmer; 

grainnsearachd, his trade. 
GràLsg, -e, f. the rabble, low people; a. 

Giamaicn, -achadh, v. hold, keep, cling to. 
Gramaiche, -ean, m. a holder, a smith's 

vice, nippers. 
Gramalaw, or gramalachd, power, vigour; 

a. gramail. 
Gran, grain, m. dried corn. 
Gràn-ubhal, -bhlan, m. a pomegranate. 
Gràuda, -àinde, graingead, a. ugly, un- 
Grap, or gràpa, -an, -achan, m. an iron 

dung fork. 
Gras, gràis, -an, m. grace, divine favour, 

luck ; a. grasail, grasmhor. 
Gràsalachd, f. grace, gracefulness. 
Grath, -a, m, fear; a. grathail. 
Grathann, -ainn, -an. m. a while, a space 

of time. 
Grcad, -adh, v. burn, scorch, whip. 



Greadadh, -aidh, m. a burning pain, beat- 
ing; a. greadanta. 

Greadan, -ain, m. a burning, a beating; 
. gxeadanacli. 

Greadhainn, -e, -ean, f. a band, a party. 

Greadhnachas, or greadhna^, -ais, m. joy, 
festivity, pomp; a. greadhna<'h. 

Grealach, -aiche, f. entraiLs. 

Greann, m. a surly look or grimace; a. 

Greanuag, -aig, -an, f. a few .straggling 

Greanuaich, -achadh, v. becoming bristly, 

Greannan, -ain, m. a shrivelled, ill- 
favoured creature. 

Greann-ghaoth, -aoithe, -an, f. a cold, 
piercing wind. 

Greannmhor, -oire, a. neat, comely, pretty, 

Greannmhorachd, or greanntaclid, f. neat- 

Greas, -adh, -ad, -achd, v. drive, hasten. 

Grèas, grèis, m. embroidery, needlework. 

Grèasachd, f. shoemaking. 

Greasaich, -ean, m. a shoemaker, a frog- 
fish; greusaich, griasaich. 

Greideal, -il, m. a griddle for baking. 

Greidh, -eadh, v. dress victuals, whip, 

Greidheadh, -idh, m. winnowing; greidh- 

Greidlean, -ein, m. an instrument for 
turning bread. 

Greigh, -e, -ean, f. a flock, a herd, a stud 
of horses; a. greigheach. 

Greigheir, -ean, m. a groom. 

Greim, -e, -eannan, m. a hold, a bite, a 
stitch, a pain. 


Cìreis, -e, -ean, m. a hero, a battle, virtue, 

Greis, -e, -ean, m. a space of time, a while, 

a fit of coughing. 
Greis. See grèas. 

Gieò.s, -eòi.s, f. ex2)ansion of the thighs. 
Greusaich. See grèasaich. 
Giian, -eine, f. the sun; a. grianach. 
Giianachd, or grianadh, basking iu the 

Grianaich, -achadh, v. dry or bask in the 

Grianan, -ain, -an, m. a sunny spot, a 

green for peats. 
Gnananta, or griananach, a. full of sunny 

Grian-chrios, -an, m. the zodiac. 
Grian-dheathach, -aich, f. exhalations. 
Giian-gheal, -ile, a. sun-bright. 
Grian-loisgte, a. sun-burnt. 
Grianmhor. See grianach. 
Griasaich. See grèa.->aich. 
Gribheag. See griobhag. 
Grid, -e, f. substance, colour, faculty, 

Grideil, -eala, a. of good quality, genuine, 

penurious ; gridealachd. 
Grigleachan, or grioglachan, -ain, in. a 

star-group, the seven stars, or 

Griiueach, -iche, a. grim, surly, rugged, 

barren, thin-haired. 
Griineil. -eala, a. valiant, martial. 
Grinn, -e, a. elegant, beautiful, neat, well- 
formed, fine in texture, excellent. 

kind, polite. 
Grinneach, -ich, -an, m. a .stripline. 
Grinnead. -id, m. excellence, fineness. 

Also grinncas. 

244 GRI — GEO 

Grinneal, -eil, m. the bottom of the sea, 

gravel; a. grinnealach. 
Grinnich, -eachadh, v. polish, improve. 
Griob, -adh, v. nibble. 
Griobhach. See griùrach. 
Griobhag, -aig, -an, f. a hurry, a fuss, a 

pother; a. griobhagach. 
Grioch, -ich, -an, m. a lean young deer. 
Griochair, -e, -ean, m. a weakling, a mean 

Griogag, -aig, -an, f. a bead, a pebble. 

Also gniogag; a. griogagach. 
Griomagach. See grimeach. 
Grioman, -ain, m. a species of lichen. 
Grios, -adh, v. entreat, solicit, adjure. 
Griosach, -aich, -aicheau, f. a gl^T.-iiisr 

fire, a hot fight. 
Gris, -e, f. horror, shuddering, a skin 

eruption caused by heat. 
Grisionn, -a, a. brindled. Also gri - 

Griùraci!, -aich, f. measles. Griobhach, 

Griùrasran, -ain, m. a mote, a particle. 
Gròb, -adh, v. groove, join or sew awk- 
wardly, cobble. 
Gròba.g, -aig, -an, f. a shrivolled and 

toothless little female. 
Groban, -ain, -an, m. top or point of a 

Gròc, -adh, -ail, v. croak, frown on. 
Grod, -a, -oide, a. rotten, putrid. 
Grod, -adh, v. rot. 

Grodag, -air, -an, f. a depraved woman. 
Grodlach, -aich, f. a rotten tree, a mass 

of rottenness. 
Groganach, -aiche, a;, wrinkled, stunted. 
Gròig, -e, f. awkwardness, perverseness ; 

a. sfTòigeil. 


Gròigcau, -ein, m. an awkward, uujiaudy 
per^jon; air gròigeanachadh, guarled. 

Gròiseid, -e, -ean, f. a gooaeberry; a. 

Gròmhaii, -ain, iu. groauing, growliug. 

Gros. See gnos. 

Grotiilach, -aich, m. a gravel-pit. 

Gruag, -aig, -an, £. a wig, the hair of the 
head; a. gruagach. 

Gruagach, -aich, -aicheau, f. a maideu; m. 
a brownie. 

Gruagair, -ean, m. a hair-dresser. 

Gruiiidh, -e, -ean, i. the cheek, couuten- 
iince, a brow. 

Gruaigean, -ein, m. a species of sea-weed. 

Ginaim, -e, f. gloom, a surly look, sad- 
ness, melancholy; a. gruaniach. 

GiL.aÌLiean, -ein, ni. a gloomy person. 

Gruamag, -aig, f. a morose woman. 

Gruamau, -ain, m. gloom, sadn&ss. 

Grirlair, m. a brewer, a distiller, a tavern- 
keeper, a mean drinker. 

Griidaireachd, f. brewing, distilling. 

Griiid, -e. lees, dregs, ground?. 

Gruilleamach, -aiche, a. prancing, leaping. 

Gruniiachadh, m. sounding a depth, touch- 
ing bottom, grounding. 

Griiuiiaich, -achadh, v. sound, find bottom. 

Gruunaiche, -an, m. a .sinker, a weight for 
a fishing line. 

Griinnan, -ain, -an, ra. a cluster, a group; 
a. grunuanach. 

Gnmnanaich, -achadh, v. cluster, collect. 

Grunnaag, -aisg, f. gftouudsel; a srrunn- 

Grunnd, -e, -an, ra. the bottom, sense; a. 

Grunndalachd, f. firmness, solidity, .sense. 
Gnmnchvs, -ais, in. Ices, dregs. 


Grùnsgul, -uil, m. grunting; a. grùnsgvil- 

Ci'uitheami, m. a mixture of butter and 

curds, crowdy. 
Grutli, m. curds; a. gruthach. 
Grùthan, -ain, -an, m. the liver; a. griith- 

Gu, prep, to, till; prefixed to adjectives to 

form adverbs, 'as gu fior, truly; gu 

h-olc, badly. 
Guag, m. a giddy fellow; a. guagach. 
Guailleach, -ich, -eau, f. a shoulder belt; 

dim. guailleachan. 
Guaillean, -ein, m. a cinder; a. guaillean- 

Guaillionr., -a, a. white-shouldered. 
Guaimeas, f. comfort, quietness; a. guaim- 

Guainei.s, f. frisking, sporting; a. guain- 

Guairf, -e, f. danger, hazard; a. guaiseach. 
Gual, -iiail, m. coal; a. gualach. 
Gual. -adh, v. blacken with coal, burn to 

Guala, or gualann, -ainn, -aiuue, -ilne, 

-uailleau, f. a shoulder, a boat or 

ship't^ bow. 
Gualadh, -aidh, m. blacked with coal, 

Guaniach. -aiche, a. comfortable, smirking. 
Guaniag, -aig, -an, f. a neat or tidy woman 

or girl. • 
Guanach, a. light, active, fickle. 
Guanag, -aig, -an, f. a light girl, a 

Gucag, -aig, -an, f. a bell, a corolla, a bud, 

a bumper, a bubble; also guc, -an. 
Gucagach. -aiche, a. full of bells, or 

bubbles, or buds. 

GUD— GUN 247 

G-uda, -chan, m. a gudgeon. 

Guda-leum, f. a leap, a bound. 

Guga, -an, -achan, m. a solan goose; 

gugail, their cackling. 
Gugairneach, -aich, m. a fledgling bird. 
Gugarlach, aich, m. a lumpish fellow. 
Guidh, -e, V. pray, entreat. 
Guidhf, -eachan, m. a prayer, a curse. 
Guil, gal, V. weep, cry, lament. 
Guilbneach, -nich, m. a curfew; also 

Guileag, -eig, -;in, f. a swan's note, a joy- 
ful shout. 
Guiu, -e, -ean, m. a sting, sharp pain, a 

Guin, -eadli, v. sting, wound, pierce. 
Guiiieiich, a. sharp, pointed, keen; .-,. an 

Guineideach, -iche, a. ready to gore as a 

Guirean, -ein. m. a pimple; a. guireanach. 
Guirme, f. blueness; guirmeachd, guir- 

Guirmean, -ein, m. indigo; a. guirmean- 

Guiseid, -e, -ean, f. a giisset. as of a shirt; 

a. guiseideach. 
Guit, -e, -eachan, f. a corn-fan; a. guit- 

Guitear, -ir, -ean, ni. a gutter, a sewer; 

a. guitearach. 
Guitich. -ea<Ih, v. winnow, fan. 
Gul, guil, m. weeping, crying: a. guileach, 

Gulm, guilm, m. gloom, a forbidding look; 

a. gulmach. 
Gulmag. -aig, -an, f. a species of scabird. 
Gum, gxin, conj. that, in order that. 
Gun, prep, withoxit. 


Gùun, gùinn, -taichean, m. a govrn. Also 

Gunna, -chan, m. a gun; gunnachan-mòra, 

cannon, artillery. 
Gunnachan, -ain, m. a little gun: a. gunn- 

Guunair, -ean, m. a gunner, or guunadair. 
Gur, guir, m. a brood of birds, a fester- 
ing, its matter. 
Gur, couj. that. 
Gurraban, -ain, m. a crouching attitude; 

Gurracag, -aig, -an, f. a gurgle, froth 

Gurrach, -aich, -ean, m. one in l; crouch- 
ing posture. 
Gurraiceach. -ich, m. a big awkward 

fellow, a fool, a callow young bird, a 

Gurt, -a, m. sadness, pain; a. g^urtach. 
Gus, prep, to, unto, and adv. till, until ; 

ach gus. 
Gusgal, -ail, m. husks, refuse: a. gusgal- 

Guth, -a, pi. guthan, guthannan, m. a 

voice, a word. 
Guthach, -aiche, a. wordy, vociferous, 



I, pers. pron., f. she, her, or it. 

I, f. island (?). 

lad, pron. pers. they, them. 

ladach, -aich, m. jealousy. 

ladh, -adh, v. encompass, inclose, hover, 

ladh, -aidh, m. inclosing, hovering. 


ladh-shlat, -ait, -an, f. woodbine, honey- 
lal, -a, f . a gleam of sunshine, a season ; 

a. ialach. 
lall, eille, -an, f. a thong; a. iallach. 
lallag, -aig, -an, f. a small thong; a. 

laltag, -aig, -an, f. a bat, and dialtaf. 
Ian. See eun. 

lai , f. the west; and adv. westerly. 
lar, prep, after. See air. 
larann, -ainn, -an, m. iron, a smoothing 

lar-dheas, -eis, m. the south-weòt. 
largail, -aile, f. west, twilight. 
largall, -aill, -an, f. strife, contest, 

bustle; a. iargalta, iargallach. 
largain, -e, -ean, f. a bewailing, griif; a. 

Iargalta, -gailte, a. surly, inhosjiitable, 

largaltas, -ais, m. surliness; iargaltachd. 
larla, -an, m. an earl; iarlachd, l.i.- post 

or situation, 
larmad, -aid, -an, m. offspring, leniiiaul;; 

a. iarmadach. 
larmailt, -e, f. the sky, the firmament; a. 

larna, -chan, f. a hank of yarn; a. iarnacb. 
laniachan, -ain, m .a little iron, 
larnag, -aig, -an, f. a little hank; a. 

larnaich, -achadh, v. make hanks, smooth 

with an iron. 
Tarnaidh, -e, a. of an iron colour, hard, 
lar-ogha, -chan, m. a great-grandchild, 
larr, -aidh, v. ask, seek, search 
Tarradnir, -ean, m. a seeker; a. iarradach. 


larraidli, -ean, m. a req^uest, a petition, 

larrtas, -ais, -an, m. a petition; a. iarr- 

lar-thrath, -aith, m. day after to-morrow. 

lar-thuath, adv. north-west. 

lasachd. f. borrowing; iasad. 

lasad, -aid. -an, f. a loan; a. iasadach. 

lasadaiche, -eau, m. one who lends, a 

lasg, eisg, -e, m. fish. 

lasgach, -aich, ni. fishing; iasgachd. 

lasgaich, -ach, -achd, v. fish. 

lasgair, -ean, m. a fisher; iasgaireachd, 
his trade. 

Ibh, -e, f. drink. 

Idir, adv. at all. 

Ighean, ighne, -an, f. a daughter, a girl. 
See nighean, for which it supplies gen. 
sing, and the pi. 

Ifrinn. f. hell; a. ifrinneach; s. a fiend. 

igh, -e, tallow; a. igheil. 

ileach. iliche, a. variegated, neat. 

Illsich. See islich. 

Im, -e. m. butter; a. imeach. 

Im-, iom-, ioma, pfx. about, many. Im- 
cheist, perplexity; ioma-chomhairle, 
indecision; ioma-chriith, multifornied, 
various; iomadathach, many-coloured; 
ioniaghaoth, whirlwind : ioma-ghneith- 
each. various in qiiality; iomadhruid, 
inclose,, surround; iom-fliillteacli. many- 
folded: iomghabh, capture, wander; 
iom-ghlòir, ]jlaudits of a multitude; 
iomaghlan, purify; iomaghon, wound 
.severely; iom-luaineach, inconstant; 
iomaluaisg, toss about; iomaluaths, 
ficklene.>^s; iom-oisneach. many-sided; 
iomruag, persecute, rout; iomsgaoil. 


disperse, scatter; ionisgar, separate, 

excommunicate; iom-sgoilt, split in 

pieces; iouLshruth, an eddying current, 

cross-currents; iom-thenngach, poly- 

Imcbein. -e, a. far, remote, distant. 
Imeachd. a. walking, going. 
Imir, ioraair, v. need, behove. 
Iniir. See iomair. 
Imleag, -eig, -an, f. the nnvel; a. inileag- 

Imlicb. %'. lick with the tongue. 
Imlich, t'. licking. 
Impich. ?ee iompaich. 
Impidh. -e, -ean, f. exhortation, persuasion, 

Impidheach, -eicbe, a. inciting, exhorting, 

Impis (an), adv. on the point of, almost. 
Imreasan, - :in, m. a dispute, controversy. 
Inirich, -e, -ean, f. a removal, a change of 

Imrich. imriciid, v. carry, bear. 
Inhhe. -ean, f. state, rank, condition. 
Inbheach, -ichc, a. of high rank, ripe, 

Inbhcachd, f. maturity, rank, quality. 
Inbhir, -e. -ean, m. confluence of waters, 

mouth of a river, 
inean. pi. of ionga. 
Inich, -0, a. neat, tidy. , 
Inichead, -id. m. neatness. 
Iiiid, -e. f. shrove-tide. 
Inisg, -e, -ean, f. a reproach, a bad name; 

a. inisgeach. 
Inne. dat. pi. innibh, f. bowcl.'^, entrails, a 

byre-channel; innidh. 
Inneaeh. -ich, m. the woof of cloth, 
luiieadh, -idh, m. want. 

252 INN — wc 

Inueal, -eil, -an, innil, m. an instrument, 

an implement, tackle. 
Innealadh, -aidh, m. preparations, furnish- 
Inuealta, a. neat, fine, artistic. 
Innealtachd, f. neatness, elegance. 
Innean, -ein, m. an anvil; a. inneanacli. 
Inneir, innearacli, inneireau, f. dung. 
Innil, -eadh, v. prepare, equip. 
Innis, innse, pi. innsean, (innseachau., f. 

an island, a valley, resting-place for 

cattle, pi. the Indies. 
Innleachd, -an, f. art, invention, device; 

a. innleachdach. 
Innlinn, -e, f. forage, provender; a. 

Innseach, -iche, a. abounding vritli island.'^. 
Innseadh, -idh, m. telling, relatinj: innse. 
Innseag, -eig, -an, f. a little island, .i small 

field; a. inuseagach. 
Innseanach, -ich, m. an Indian. 
Innse-gall, pi. the Hebrides or Western 

Inntinn, -e, -ean, f. the mind, intention; a. 

Inntreadh, idh, m. beginning; inntreachd- 

Inntrig, or intrinn, v. begin, commence. 
lob, -a, -an, -achan, m. a lump, a cake; a. 

iob, -a, -annan, f. a trick, a superstitious 

ceremony. See ubag, uibe. 
iobair, iobradh, v. sacrifice, offer sacrifice. 
iobairt, -e, -ean, f. a sacrifice; a. iobairt- 

ioc, ice, f. medicine, healing, payr . v. 
ioc, -adh, v. pay, cure, heal, suffer, 
iochadh, -aidh, m. paying, healing; a. 



lochd, i. clemency, mercy; a. iochdmhor. 

iochdar, -air, -an, m. the bottom ; a. 
iochdrach, iochdarach. 

iocshlaint, -e, -ean, f . salve, balm ; a. 

iochdaran, -ain, -an, -ain, m. an inferior; a. 

lochdmiiorachd, f. compassion, mercy. 

ioclus, -uis, -an, m. a medical herb; a. 

lodhal, -ail, -an, f. an idol; a. iodlialach. 

lodhal-aoradh, m. idolatry. 

lodhan, -ain, -an, m. the throes of child- 

lodhlaim, -a, f. a stackyard; iolann. 

iogan, -ain, -an, m. deceit, fraud; a. 

lognadh, -aidh, -aidhean, m. wonder, 

lol-, j/fx. variety, many. lol-bheusach, 
inconstant; iol-cheard, a jack-of-all- 
trades; iol-chearnach, many-cornered; 
iol-chasach, having many feet; iol- 
chruthach, multiform; ioldhathach, 
many-coloured ; iol-dhealbhach, multi- 
form ; iolghuthach, many-voiced ; iol- 
crhnèitheach, heterogeneous; iol- 

jfliniomhac^i, ingenious, industrious. 

lolach. -aich, -aichean, a shout, a cry, a 

lohiir, -e, -ean, f. an eagle; a. iolaireach. 
Iolann. -ainn, -an, f. a corn-yard; a. 

lolar, adv. downwards. 

lolbheist. -e, -ean, f. a wild beast, a snake, 
lolla, a look; gabh iolla ris, look at it and 

ilo nothing, 
lollagach, a. merry, frolicsome, 
lomadaidh, -e, f. a multitude, tf>o much. 


lomadaidheaclid, f. multiplicity, plurality. 

lomadail, -e, a. multiplicable. 

lomadalachd, f. multiplicity, a multitude. 

lomadan, -ain, -an, moving, flitting, sad- 

lomadanacli, -aiche, a. unsettled, t^ad. 

lomadh, pron. many. 

lomagaiu, -e, -ean, f. anxiety, a. iomagain- 

louiain, V. drive, urge, whirl, roll. 

lomain, -e, each, -ean, f. driving, playing 
at ball; cluich-iomaiue, shinty. 

lomainiche, -ean, m. a cattle driver, a 

lomair, -e, -ean, m. a ridge of land; a. 

lomair, iomradh or iomram, v. row, move, 

lomairt, -e, -ean, f. stirring, gaming, 

lomairteach, -iche, a. active, tirring.. 

lomall, -aill, -an, m. a border, an edge, a 

lomallach, -aiche, a. remote, utter. 

lontarcach, adj. very numerous. 

lomartas, -ais, m. .sufficiency, competency; 
a. iomartach, thrifty. 

lomchair, -chair, v. bear, carry. 

lomchair, -air, m. bearing, carrying, be- 

lomchoir, -ean, m. blame, censure: ;>. ioni- 

lomchoirich, -eachadh, v. censure, blame. 

lomchuidh, -e, a. fit, meet, proper, 

lomchuidheachd, oir iomchuidhead. f. fit- 
ness, propriety. 


lomdhorus, -uis, -oraau, m. a back-door, a 

loiiihaigh, -e, -eau, f. au image, likeuess; 

a. iorahaigheach. 
lonihaigheachd, f. likeness, imagery, 

Lomlaid, -e, -ean, f. an exchange, a barter, 
lomlaideach, -iche, a. fickle, fluctu;itiug. 
ionialaidich, -eachadh, v. exchange, barter, 
loiiilaine, f. perfection; iomlanachd, iom- 

louilan, -aine, a. perfect, complete, 
lon.paich, -achadh, v. turn, convert; 

lomradh, -aidh, -ean, report, mention, 
loniraich, -achadh, v. bear, carry, 
lomraideach, -iche, a. famous, celebrated, 
lomrall, -aill, -an, m. an error; a. iomrall- 

lomam, -aim, m. rowing, and -ramh. 
Ion, a. fit, meet. 
Ion-, pfx. fit, meet, worthy. lou-bhuiidh- 

ach, victoriouri; ion-dhèanta, practi- 
cable; ion-fhaicsinneach, worthy to be 

seen; iou-gluàdh, worthy to be loved; 

ion-mholta, ])raiscworthy. 
lonad, -aid, -an, m. a place. 
Tonaltair, -tradh, v. feed, pasture. 
I'inann, a. equal, alike, the same: .-;. ionann- 

achd, equality, similarity, 
lonannas, -ai.s, m. mediocrity, 
lonbhruich. See eanraich. 
longa, or ingne, pi. ingnean or "mean. f. a 

nail, a claw, a hoof; a. iongach. ineach. 
longantach, -aiche, a. wonderful, strange, 

longantas, -ais, -an, m. wonder, surprise. 
Fi'ngar. -air, m. purulent matter, piw; a. 



longnadh. See ioghuadh. 

longracha-dh, -aidh, m. suppuration; a. 

longraich, iongrachadh, iongiadb; v. sup- 
lonmhainn, -e, a. dear, beloved : a. iou- 

mhainneach, compar. anusa. 
lonmhainneachd, f. love, affection, regard, 
loumhas, -ais, m. a treasure, wealth. 
louKairidh, -e, f. night watching, 
lonnas, or ionniis, conj. almost, nearly, so 

lonndiaich, or ioundrainn, -raichiun, -rainn, 

V. miss, long for. 
lonnlad, -aid, m. washing, cleansing, 
lonnlaid, -lad, v. wash, cleanse; iouail. 
lonnsaich, ionnsachadh, v. learn, 
lonusaidh, better ionnsaigh, f. attempt, 
attack, proximity; a dh' ionnsaidh, to, 
lonntag, -nig, f. nettle; see deauutag. 
lonracan, -ain, -an, m. an innocent or just 

lonracas, -ais, ni. innocence, righteousness; 

a. ionraic. 
loras, adv. below. 

lorball. -aill, -an, m. a tail; a. iorballach. 
lorghaill, -e, -ean, f. an uproar, a fray; a. 

lorpais, f. fidgetting, wrestling, striving, 
lorram, -aim, van, f. a rowing song; a. 

iosal, isle, a. low, humble; os iosal, or os 

n-iosal, secretly, 
losgaid, -aid, -ean, f. ham, hough, and 

iosop, -oiy. f. hyssop. 

iotadh, or iotas, m. thirst; a. iotach, 


ire, f . growth, progress, condition, maturity. 

Iris, -e, -ean, f. the handle of a creel, a hen 
roost; a. iriseach. 

Irisleachd, f. humility, lownese; a. iriosal. 

Irislich, -isleachadh, v. humble, humiliate. 

Is, conj. and. 

Is, pres. ind. of the v. is, it is. 

isbeau, -ein, -an, m. a sausage. 

Ise, pron. pers. emph. of i, she, she herself. 

Iseal; see iosal. 

Isean, -ein, m. a chicken, a term of con- 
tempt; a. iseanach. 

isleachd, or isle, f. lowness; islead. 

islean, i>]. the people, low or inferior per- 

islich, -eachadh, v. humble, become humble. 

Isneach, -ich, -ean, f. a rifle gun. 

Ist ! inter j. hush ! hist ! 

Ite. -ean, f. a feather, a quill, a fin of a fish; 
a. iteach. 

Iteach, -ich, f. plumage, feathers. 

Iteachan, -ain, -an m. a weaver's bobbin. 

Iteag, -eig, -an, f. a little feather; a. 

Iteagaich, or itealaich, v. fly in the air. 

Iteagaich, or itealaich, f. flying. 

Iteal, -il, f. flight on wing. 

1th, ithe, itheadh, v. eat. 

Itheannaich, f. eating, feeding. 

I-tiach, f. the gullet, the wea^and. 

lubiiar, -air, m. yew. 

liibhrach, -aich, f. a barge, a ship, a stately 

luchair, -chrach, -chraichean, f. a key, 
spawn, fi«h-ro€. 

luchaircach, -iche, a. full of keys, or fish 



luchaireag, -eig, -ean, f. a small key, or 

luchar, -air, m. the dog-days. 
IÙ1, iùil, iùlan, m. guidance, a guide, a 

course, art. 
lùl-chairt, -e, -ean, f. a chart, 
lùlag, -aig, -an, f. a small compass, or 

lullag, -aig, -ean, f. a tripping light girl; 

a. iullagach. 
lullagaiche, f. lightness, airiness, sprightli- 

liilmhorachd, f. wisdom, art, sagacity;, a. 

lùnais, f. want; aonais. 
lùnnrais, -e, -ean, f. a stormy sky, a storm, 
lùnnraiseach, a. stormy, tempestuous, 
lùnntas, -ais, -an, m. a treasure, riches; 

lùnntasach, -aiche, a. rich, opulent, 
lurpais, -e, f. restlessness; a. iurpaiseach. 
lutharn. See ifrinn. 
luthaidh, -e, -ean, f. an arrow, gun. 

La, or latha, pi. làithean, m. a day. 
Làban, -ain, m. mire, dirt: a. labanach, 

Làbanach, -aich, m. a slovenly fellow, a 

Labliair, labhairt, v. speak, utter. 
Labhairt, f. speech, speaking. 
Labhallan, -ain, f. shrew. 
Labhar, -aire, -abhra, a. loud, loquacious. 
Labhrach, -aiche, a. talkative, loquacious. 
Labhrad, -aid, m. loudness, loquacity. 
Labhras, -ai.s, -an, m. a bav tree, laurel. 


Lach, -a, -an, -aichean, f. a wild duck; a. 

Lach, -a, -an, f. reckoning, expense. 
Lachag, -aig, -an, f. a little wild duck; a. 

Lachdainn, -ainne, a. dun, swarthy. 
Lad, -aid, -an, m. a load, a burden; a. 

làdasach, làdach. 
Ladar, -air, m. a ladle. 
Ladar-miot, m. a scrimmage, a melee. 
Ladarnachd, f. audacity; a. ladarna. 
Ladarnas, -ais, m. boldness, audacity, 

impudence; ladarnachd. 
Ladhar, -air, -dhra, -dhran, m. a hoof, a 

prong, a claw; a. ladhrach. 
Lag, -aige, weak, feeble, faint. 
Lag, -uig, -an, -uig, m. a hollow, ;i cavity; 

a. lagach. 
Lagach, -aich, m. a weak or feeble person. 
Lagachadh, -aidh, m. weakening, b<coming 

Lagaicb, -achadh, v .weaken, become weak. 
Lagan, -ain, -an, m. a little hollow; a. 

Lagan, -ain, m. sowens; a. laganach. 
Lag-bheirt, f. a weak performance; a. 

Lag.-bheirteachd, f. feebleness, weakness. 
Lag-chridheach, or lagchui.seach, a. faint- 
hearted, weak. 
Lag-chridheachd, or lagchuiseachd, f. faint- 
Liigh, iagha, laghannau, ni. law. order, 

method ; air lagh. ready strung as a 

bow; a. laghail. 
Laghach, -aiche, a. tidy, neat, pretty. 
Laghadair, -ean, m. a mould for horn 

Laghadh, -aidh, -ean, m. an indulgence. 


Laghalachd, f. legality, lawfulness. 
Laghdachadh. -aidh, m. a lessening, a 

diminution, and lughdachadh. 
Laghdaich, -achadh, v. lessen, diminish. 
Laglàmhach, -aiche, a. weak-minded, feeble. 
Laib, -e, -ean, m. mire, clay; a. làibeach, 

Laideann, -inn, f. Latin; a. Laideannach. 
Làidir, -e, treasa, treise, a. strong, stout. 
Làidireachd, làidiread, or làidread, f. 

Làidirich, -eachadh, v. strengthen, gTow 

Laigead, -id, f. weakness, degree of weak- 
Laigh, laighe, v. lie, subside. 
Laigheagan, -ain, m. a lying down, or 

Laight, -e, f. shape, mould, order, trim. 
Laigse, -ean, f. weakness; laigsinn, a fair. 

ing fit. 
Làimh, V. attempt, accomplish, ventui 

Laimh ri, prep, near, close to. 
Laimh.">eachadh, -aidh, m. handling, fee I 

Laimhsich, -eachadh, v. handle, feel, 

Laimh-theann, -inne, a. close fisted, griji- 

Laimrig or laimhrig, f. a landing-place, a 

natural 'pier, a harbour. 
Làine, làinead, f. fulness; lànachd. 
Làinn, -e, a corn yard; lann. 
Lainnir, -e, f. brightness, polish, sheen; 

adj. lainnireach. 
Laipheid, -e, -ean, a mould for horn 



Làir, làrach, làraichean, f. a mare; a. 

Làirig, -e, -ean, f. a slope or pa.s.-^ 1>ftween 

hills; leirg^. 
Laisde, a. in easy circumstances. 
Lamara^', -aig, -au, ni. an awkward or 

cowardly fellow. 
Lainara^ach, -aiche, a. cowardly, awkward. 
Lamb, làimh, -an, f. a baud, a handle; 

lamli an uachdar, suiieri'.TÌty ; a. 

lamhach, 1. laidir, force. 
Liimbach, -aicb, m. firing, report of guns. 
Lamhachair, -e, a. ready handed, bandy. 
Làmhacbaireachd, f. dexterity. 
Lamhachas, -ais, m. readiness to fiuf,'er, 

Laiuhachas, -aid, f. taking, seizure, cap- 
ture; 1. laidir, force, compulsion. 
Larahacbd, f. snappishness; a. lamhach. 
Lamhachdradh, -aidb, needless handling, 

Lanibag, -aig, f. a small hatchet, a little 

Lknihagau, -ain, -an, m. fingering, hand- 
Lanihaich, -achadh, v. linger, handle. 
L?nihainn, -e, -ean, f. a glove; a. làmh- 

Lkmhainnear, -can, m. a glover. 
Làmh-cheird, f. trade, handicraft. 
Lhmh-chlag, -uig, m. a hand bell. 
Lhmh-cbleas, -e, -ean, .sleight of baud 
Làmh-chleasaiche, m. a juggler; lamh- 

chleasachd, bis trade. 
Lànih-cboillc, -an-coille, f. a cubit. 
Lànihihail, -e, -ean, f. a bracelet; a. làmh- 

Làmbgblaijs, -ghlasadh, v. hamlcufif, 



Làmhghlas, -ais, -an, f. handcuff. 

Lami-oibre, m. a workman. 

Làmhraich, -achadh, v. handle awkwardly. 

Làmhlorg, -uirg, -an, f. the handstafP of a 

Lamh-sgrìobhaidh, one's hand-writing. 

Làmh-speic, -e, -ean, f. a handspike; a. 

Lan, làine, a. full, complete, perfect, 

Lan- pfx. full. Làn-aois, full age; lan- 
chothrom, full justice; làn-chumhachd, 
full power; làn-damh, a full-grown 
stag; lan-duine, adult; lau-dearbh, 
demonstrate; làn-fhios, full knowledge; 
làn-mhath, full well; lau-shoilleir, full- 
bright, very clear; lan-thoileach, full- 
willinsr; lan-ughdaras, full authority. 

Lan, lain, làine, m. full, fulness, reple- 
tion, full-tide; lànachd. 

Lànadair, -ean, m. a smith's mould, a filler. 

Lan-aighear, m. mirth, merrymaking. 

Làuan, -ain, -an, m. a roof couple, a mar- 
ried couple. 

Langa, f. a ling, a lank female. 

Langaid, f. a fetter for a horse. 

Langai^icb, -eachadh, v. tow a boat along^ 

Langan, -ain, -an, m. the bellowing of 
cattle or deer, haranguing. 

Langanaich. f. bellowing; a. langanach. 

Langan-bragh'ad, m. the windpipe, the 

Làn-mara, -ain-mhara, m. a tide. 

Lànmhor, -oire, a. full, complete. 

Lann, -oinn, -ainn, -an, f. a blade, a sv.ord, 
a lancet, a scale. 

Lann, -ainn, -an, f. au inclosure, a reposi- 

LAN— LAR 283 

Lannach, -aicbe, full of blades or scales of 

Lanuadb, -aidh, m. a putting to the sword, 

a peeling. 
Lanndair, -ean, m. a lantern; a. lanndair- 

Lannsaicbe, -ean, m. a lancer, a pikeman. 
Laoch, laoich, pi. laoich, m. a hero; a. 

Laochalachd, or laochmhoracbd, f. heroism. 
Laochan, -ain, -an, m. a little hero, a term 

of affection to a boy. 
Laochraidh, f. infantry, heroes. 
Laodhan, -ain, m. the pith of wood; 

Laogh, -aoigh, pi. laoigh, m. a calf of a 

deer or cow, a term of affection for a 

child; u. laoghach. 
Laoghan, -ain, -an, m. a little calf. 
Laoicionn, a tulchan calf, calf-skin. 
Laoidh, -e, -ean, f. a hymn, a sacred poem. 
Laoigh-fheoil, f. veal. 
Laoineach, -iche, a. handsome, elegant. 
Laoireadh, -idh, m. a rolling in the dust 

or uiud : loireadh. 
Laom, -adh, v. lodge, fall as ripe corn. 
Laom, -aoim, -an, f. a crowd, a multitude, 

a blaze. 
Laom-chrann, m. a main-beam, or rafter. 
Loaran, -ain, -an, m. a penson too fond of 

the fire. 
Laosboc, -uic, -an, m. a castrated goat. 
Lapach, -aiche, a. weak, benumbed, stam- 
Lapaich, -achadh, v. benumb, become be- 
I/àr, -air. m. the ground, the floor. 
Làrach, -aich, -ean, f. a site, a field of 

battle, ruins; buaidh laraich, victory. 


Las, adj. loose, slack. 

Las, -adh, v. kindle, light, gee into a rage. 

Lasachd, f. looseness. 

Lasadan, -aiu, -an, m. a match for kindliui; 

Lasag, -aig, -an, f. a little flame; a. lasai 

La^aicii, -achadh, v. slacken, loose, remit. 
Lasail, -e, a. inflammable, fiery. 
La^air, -rach, -raichean, f. a fiamc. 
Lasan, -uin, -an, m. anger, j^ia^sioji; ii. 

Lasantachd, f. fierceness, passionateness. 
Lasgaire, -ean, m. a spark, .i young man, 

a fop. 
Lasgaireachd, f. foppishuesù; a. lasgaireach. 
La.sgar, m. sudden noise. 
Lasgarra, a. fiery, active, brave. 
Lasrach, -aiche, a. flaming, buruing. 
Lath, -adh, v. benumb, become benumbed. 
Latha, -àithean, m. a day; a. lathail or 

làitheil. See la. 
Làthach, -aich, f. soft clay .^u the sea 

shore, mud, mire. 
Lathailt, -e, f. a mould, a method. 
Lathair, -e, f. presence, company; lathair- 

Lathair, adv. present, near, truly, indeed, 

Le, leis, prep, with, by mea^s of, in 

favour of. 
Leaba, or leabaidh, -eapa, -eapach, pi. 

leapaichean, f. a bed. 
Leabag, -aig, -an, f. a little bed; a. 

Leabag, -aig, -an, f . a flounder : leòbag. 
Leabhar, -air, -bhraicheau, m. a book. 
Lcabhar, -aire, a. long, clumsy; leobhar. 
Leabhar-lann, -ainn, -an, m. a library; 



Leabhar-reiceadair, -ean, in. a booic^eller. 
Leabhrach, -aiclie, a. full of booka. 
Le.ibhran, -ain, -an, m. a .-mall book; a. 

Lei c, lice, -an, f. a flag, a tomb-stoue, a 

cheek, a land slope; a. leacach. 
Le. cag, -aig, -an, f. a little flag; a. 

Lencaic'i, -achadh, v. pave, lay with flags. 
Leacanaich, -achadh, v. flatten, n.ake flat. 
Leacanu, -ainu, -an- f. the side of a hilj. 
Leaoanta, a. laid with flags, stiff, punc- 
Lea aiitachd, f. stiffness, punctiliousness. 
Lenc-eighre or -oighre, f. a piece of ice. 
Lead. See leud. 
Leadair, -airt, v. mangle, abuse, trample 

Leadan, -ain, -an, m. the rosary, a louk of 

hair, the herb teazle. 
Leadauach, -aiche, a. musical, having fine 

hair, full of teazles. 
Leadarrach, f. harmoniousness; a. leadarra. 
Le.'^. -adh, -ail, v. lay or ca^it down, 

Leagail, or leagadh, m. a fall; an Leagadh, 

Adam's fall. 
Leagarra, a. plausible, insinuating, .smug, 

Leagh, -adh, v. melt, become liquid. 
Leaghadair, -ean, m. a melter; leaghadnir- 

reaclid, his trade. 
Leaghadh, -aidh, m. melting; a. leaghadh. 
Leam, prep. prou. with me, in my opinion, 

my property; ar leam, methink.-*. 
Leam-lcat, a. infirm of purpo.-c. facile, 

Lcamh, a. .saucy, impudent, iniii^ rf. i.atp ; 

a. leamhach. 


Leamhachas, -ais, m. sauciness; leamhadas. 
Leamhad, or leamhaichead, f. impudence. 
Leamhaii, -ain, m. an elm tree; a. leamh- 

Leamhnad, or leamhragan, m. a stye in 

the eye. 
Lean, -a, m. a meadow, a lawn; dim. 

Lean, -ail, -tainn, -mhainn, -ailt, v. follow, 

adhere to. 
Leanabail, or leanabaidh, a. childish. 
Leanaban, -ain, -an, m. an infant; a. 

Leanabanachd, or leanabalachd, f. childish- 
ness; a. leanabanta. 
Leanabas, -ais, m. childishness, childhood; 

a. leanabach. 
Leanabh, leinibh, m. a child. 
Leanailtea^'hd, f. adhesiveness; a. lean- 

Leann. See lionn. 
Leannan, -ain, -an, m. or f. a lover, a 

Leannacachd, f. gallantry; a. leannanach. 
Leapachan, -ain, m. a bed-fellow. 
Lear, m. the sea. 
Learag, -aig, -an, f . a larch tree ; a. 

Learg, -eirg, -an, f. a plain, a shore; a. 

Leargan, -ain, -an, m. side of a hill; a. 

Leas, leis, leasraidh, f. the thigh; leis. 
Leas, m. benefit, profit, advantage, need. 
Leas, -eòis, m. a torch, a light, a blister, 

a speck on the eye; lens, a. leasach. 
Leasachadh, -aidh, m. augmentation, re- 
paration, manure. 
Leasachail, e, a. improveable, corrigible. 


Leasaich, -achadh, v. augment, fill, amend, 

Leasaich( , -ean, m. an improver, a 

Leas-ainm, -e, m. a nickname. 
Leasan, -aiu, m. a lesson. 
Leas-athair, -athraichean, m. a step-father. 
Leasganach, -aich, m. a cripple, or de- 
formed person. 
Leas-mhathair, -thar, -thraichean, f. a 

Leas-mhac, -ic, m. a step-son. 
Leas-nighean, -in, -an, f. a step-daughter. 
Leas-phiuthar, -pheathar, f. a step-sister. 
Leasraidb, pi. the loins. 
Leat, prep. pron. with her. See learn. 
Leatha, prep. pron. with her. See learn. 
Leathad, -aid, leòthaid, leòithdean, m. a 

declivity, a àlope. 
Leathau, or leathann, leithne, leatha, a. 

Leathar, -air, or leathrach, -raich, m. 

Leatrom, -uiri, m. a burden, pregnancy; 

adj. leatrcmach. 
Leibhidli, -e, -can, f. a race, a swarm, a 

multitude, a levy. 
Leibid. -e, -ean, m. a dwarfish fellow, a 

trifle, bad luck ! 
Leibideatbd, f. scantiness, meaDne.-vs ; a. 

Leig, -eadh, -eil, v. let, permit, allow, milk, 

Leigh, -ean, m. a physician. 
Leighea.?. -is, -an, m. a cure, medicine: a. 

Leighis. -eas, v. cure, heal, remedy. 
Lèine, lèintean, f. a shirt, a shroud, a 

jacket; a. leinteach. 


Leineag, -eig, -an, f. a little ^hirt; a. 

Leir, m. sight, perception; also an adv. 
gu leir, wholly, altogether. 

Leir, -eadh, v. hurt, pain, torment, -uffer. 

Leirchreach, f. utter devastation. 

Leirist, -e, -ean, m.f . an awkward person ; 
a. leiristeach. Also leithrist. 

Leirsgrios, -au, m. vitter destruction; a. 

Leirsgrios, -adh, v. destroy utterly. 

Leirsgriosail, leiragriosta, a. utterly ruin- 

Leirsiun, -e, f. vision, sight, intellect; a. 

Leirsiuneachd, f. sight, understanding. 

Leis, -e, -ean, f. a thigh; leas. 

Leisbheirt, -ean, f. armour for tl e thigh. 

Leisdear, -sir, -ean, f. an arrow ciaker. 

Leisg, -e, f. sloth, laziness; a. leisg, leasg. 

Leisgein, -ean, m. a sluggard. 

Leisgeineachd, or leisgeinteachd, f. sloth- 
fulness; a leisgeanta. 

Leisgeul, -eil, -an, m. an excuse: a. leis- 

Leisgeulach, -aich, -can, m. an excuser, a 

Leisgeulachd, f. the making of excuses. 

Leithe, f. gieyness, greyishness: leithead. 

Leitlieach, adj. half. 

Leithid, -e, -ean, an equal, the like. 

Leitir, -e, -treach, -ean, -trichean, a ))lace 
on the sea shore. 

Leòb, -adh, v. tear to pieces. 

Leòb, -eòib, -an, m. a piece, a shred, a 
hanging lip; a. leòbach. 

Leòbag. See lèabag. 

Leobhar. See leabhar. 

Leòcacli, -aiche, a. sneaking, mean, low. 


Leòcaireachd, f. 

Leòdagf, -aig, f. a slovenly, untidy woman. 

Leògach, -aiche, a. slow, untidy, iieavy, 

Iieògaire, m. a lazy fellow; leogaireachd, 
his habit. 

Leoghann, -ainn, -an, m. a lion; a. leogh- 
anta, brave. 

Leoghantachd, f. strength, bravery. 

Leòinteachd, f. hurtfulness; a. leòinteach. 

Leòir, or leòr, f. a sufficiency, enough, as 
of food. 

Leòm, -eòim, f. gaudiness, foppishness; a. 
Icr>:nii4 h. 

Leòmachas, -ais, m. foppery, vanity, pride. 

Leòmag, -aig, -an, f. a prude; leòmaire, a 

Leoinar.n, -ainn, -an, m. a moth. 

Lcòu, leùn and leònadh, v. wound. 

Leon, -coin, -òntan, m. a wound, a hurt; 
a. leòinte. 

Leth, or leith, m. a half, a side, account, 
behalf; gu leth, a half more; ciad gu 
leth, a hundred-and-fifty. 

Leth-, pfx. half, semi-, somewhat-, close-, 
by-, coincident, one of two, duplicate ; 
leth-ainm, a nickname, a by-name; Icth- 
aon or lethein, a twin child; leth- 
bhliadhna, half a year; leth-bhodach, 
a half-mutchkiu; leth-bhreac, a fellow, 
a duplicate; leth-bhreth, partial judg- 
ment; leth-bhruich, parboiled; leth- 
cheann, the cheek; leth-chearcal, a 
semi-circle; leth-chadal, a doze; leth- 
cha-s, one leg; leth-chiollach, half- 
witted; leth-chruinn, half round; leth- 
chrnn, a half-crown; leth-dhcanta, half 
finished; leth-fhacal. a proverb, a bye- 
word; leth-lamh, one arm, one hand; 


leth - mhas, the hip; leth - oireach, 

secluded ; leth-shuil, one eye ; leth-ri, 

close to, on consideration of; leth- 

taobh, one side; leth-trom, leatrom, . 

burden, pregnancy. 
Lend, -eòid, an, m. breadth; liad. 
Leudaich, -achadh, v. dilate, broaden. 
Leug, -eig, -an, f. a precious t;toue, a 

jewel; a. leugach. 
Leugh, adh, v. read, peruse, think. 
Leughadair, -ean, a reader; leughadair- 

eachd, his office. 
Leughadh, -aidh, m. reading. 
Ileum, -eim, -a, -an, -annan, f . a leap ; a 

shake or flaw; a. leumnach. 
Leum, leum, and leumadh, v. jump. 
Leum-a-chrann, m. honeysuckle. 
Leumadair, -ean, m. a jumper, a leaping 

Leumnach, -aiche, m. a jumping creature, 

frog, grasshopper; also leumnachan; 

leumartaich, a. frisking, capering. 
Leumnaich, m. jumping. 
Leus, -eòis, pi. leòis, light, a torch, a 

blister; a. leusach. 
Leusaich, or liasaich, -achadh, v. blister. 
Leus-mara, or lias-mara, m. a beacon. 
Lj, or lith, -e, -ean, f. colour, tinge, hue, 

Liagh, leigh, -an, leigh, m. a ladle, blade 

of an oar; a. liagha«h. 
Liaghag, -aig, -an, f. an eatable tangle. 
Lian. See lean. 
Liath, leithe, a. grey. 
Liath, -adh, v. make grey, become grey; 

Liathag, -aig, -an, f. a salmon trout; a. 

Liathanach, -aich, m. a grey-headed man. 

LIA— LIO 271 

Liath-chearc, -ic, -an, the female of the 
black cock. 

Liathghlas, -aise, a light grey. 

Lith-ghorm, -uirme, a light blue. 

Liathlos, -uis, -an, m. the plant inugwort. 

Liath-reothadh, -aidh, m. 

Lide, or lideadh, -idh, -idhean, ni. a 
syllable; adj. lideach. 

Lighe, -ean, f. a flood; a. ligheach. 

Lighiche, -ean, m. a physician. 

Linig, -e, -ean, f. lining; linnig, linigir. 

Linig, -eadh, v. line clothes. 

Linn, -e, -tean, m. an age, a generation, a 
race, a brood. 

Liune, -eachan, -inntean, f. a gulf, a pool. 

Linnean, -ein, m. a shoemaker's thread. 

Liobasta, -aiste, a. slovenly, awkward; 
liobarnach, a aluggard. 

Lifi'oastachd, f. slovenliness, awkwardness. 

Liodair. See leadair. 

Liomh. See li. 

Liomh, -adh, v. grind, polish, smooth. 

Liomhaidh, -e, a. polished, shining; liomh- 

Liomhan, -ain, -an, m. a hie. 

Lion, -in, m. lint, flax, a net; a. lionach. 

Lion, -adh, v. fill, satiate, become filled. 

Lion, linne, m. number, as many as; cia 
lion ? how many ? 

Lionachan, -ain, -an, m. a funnel; lionadair. 

Lionmhor, -oire, a. numerous, plentiful. 

Lioumhorachd, f. plenty, abundance 

Lionmhoraich, -achadh, v. multiply, in- 

Lionn, or leanu, -a, m. ale, beer, liquor; a. 
leannach . 

Lionnaich, -achadh, v. duppurate, feoter 

Lionn-dubh, -uibh, m. melancholy, dejec- 
tion, sadness. 

272 Lio — LIU 

Lionn-tàthaidh, m. cement, the auimal 
spirits in the body. 

Lion-obair, -oibre, f. net work; lion- 
oibriche, a net-worker. 

Lionradh, -aidh, m. gravy, juice, washy 

Lionrath, -aidh, m. sharpening by grind- 
ing; a. lionraith. 

Liontachd, f. fulness, repletion; a. liontach. 

Liop, -a, -an, f. a lip; a. liopach, thick- 
lipped; also sliojj. 

Liopaire, -an, m. a person with thick lips. 

Lios. -a, -an, m. a garden; a. liodach. 

Liosair, or liosadair, -ean, m. a gardener; 
lio.-idaireachd, his trade. 

Liosda, a. slow, tedious, importunate. 

Liosraig ,-eadh, v. smooth with an iron, as 

Liotachd, or liotaiche, f. lisping, stammer- 
ing; a. liotach. 

Lipin, -e, ean, m. a lippie, one-fourth of a 

Lireagach, -ich, f. green weeds growing in 
stagnant water. 

Lit, or lite, f. porridge; a. litea-ch. 

Litir, litreach, litrichean, f . a letter ; a. 

Liubhair, bhradh, -airt, v. deliver, sur- 

Liubhairt, or liiibhradh, m. a delivery. 

Liùg, -an, f. a lame hand or foot, a twist 
in a shoe.' 

Liiig, -adh, V. creep, sneak, cripple, bend. 

Liùgaire, -ean, m. a sneaking fellow; 
liùgaireachd, his trade. 

Liiigh, -a, -achan, f. a lythe fish. 

Liùnastainn. See liinasd. 

Liuthad and liuth, adj. many, many a, 


Lò. See là. , 

Lobair, -airt, v. draggle, roll in the mire. 

Lòban, -ain. -an, m. a hurdle, a creel for 

drying corn. 
Lòbanachd, f. diverging, straggling, 

Lobh, adh, v. rot, putrify. 
Lobhar, -mt, m. a leper; dim. lobhrau. 
Lobhrachd, rather luibhre, leprosy; a. 

Lobhta. or lobht, -achan f. a loft; a. lobh- 

Lobrachan, -ain, m. a draggle-tail. 
Locar, -air, -raichean, a plane ; a. locrach. 
Locair, -radh, v. plane. 

Loch, -a. -an, m. a lake, a loch; a. lochach. 
Lochan, -ain, -an, m. a small lake; a. loch- 

Loch-bhlein, f. the flank, the region below 

the short ribs. 
Lochd, -a, -an, m. a fant, a crime; a. 

Loclid, -a, -an, m. a short .slrop, a wink of 

Lochdaich, -achadh, v. hurt, harm, blame. 
Lòchran, -ain, -an, -ain, m. a torch, a light, 

a lamp; a. lochranach. 
Lod, -uid, -an, m. a puddle, a pool; a. 

Lod, -òid, -an, m. a load, a cargo; a. lòdail. 
Lòdaich, -achadh, v. lade, burden. 
Lòdail, -ala, a. heavy, clumsy, proud, 

Lòdalacd, f. weightiness, bulkiness, un- 

Lodragaii, -ain, -an, m. a clumsy old man, 

a plump boy. 



Logais -e, -an, m. a big clumsy man, auy- 

thing unwieldy, an old shoe, a bauchle. 
Logaiseach, a. wide, unwieldy. 
Logh, rather lagh, -adh, v. pardon. 
Loghmhor, adj. excellent, valuable, bright; 

n. loghmhoireachd. 
Loguid, -e, -ean, f. a varlet. a ghoàt; a. 

Loibeau, -ein, m. a wet or miry inan. 
Loibeanachd, f. working in dirt or mire. 
Loibheach, -iche, a. dirty, fetid. 
Loibheachas, -ais, m. dirtiness, fetidness. 
Lòine, -an, f. a lock of wool, a flake of 

snow; dim. lòineag; a. lòineagach. 
Loingear, -an, m. a sailor, a m.ariner. 
Loiugeas, -is, m. a fleet, a navy; a. loin- 

Lòiuidh, f. rheumatism; lòine. 
Loinid, -e, -ean, f . a churn-staff, a whisk ; 

Loinn, -e, f. beauty, order, brightness; a. 

loinneil, loinneach, loinnreach, lonn- 

Loinuir. See lainnir. 
Loinneas, -ais, f. art, skill, dexterity, 

Loir, -eadh, v. roll, wallow. 
Loirceag, -eig, -ean, f. a woman with 

deformed legs. 
Loircean, -ein, m. a man with deformed 

Loirceanacb, a person with deformed legs. 
Loireag, -eig, -an, f. a little, thick girl, a 

comely cow, a pancake. 
Lòiseam, -eim, m. show, pomp; a. lòis- 

Loisg, losgadh, v. burn, -scald, consume. 
Loisgeach, adj. burning, flaming. 
Lom, -uime, a. bare, naked; s. a plain. 

LOM — LOR 275 

Lom, -adh, v. make bare, .shave, unhusk. 

Lomarach, adj. fleecy, woolly. 

Lomadair, -ean, m. a shaver, a shearer; 

Loraadh, -aidh, m. making bare, shaving. 
Lomair, -airt, -radh, v. fleece, shear sheep. 
Loman, or lomanach, m. a miser. 
Lomartach, -aiche, a. bare, naked. 
Lombair, adj. bare. 
Lomchar, -air, -ean, m. a bare spot. 
Lomhainn, -e, -ean, f. a leash. 
Lorahar, -aire, a. shining, bright. 
Loni-lan, a. quite full. 
Loinnochd, -aiche, a. naked, bare. 
Lomnochdaidh and lomnachas, -ais, f. 

Lompas, -ais, m. niggardliness?, penury. 
Lom-sgriob, -an, f. a bare aweep, devasta- 
Lom-sgriob. -adh, v. destroy utterly. 
Lòn, -òin, m. food, provision, a 
Lon, -oin, m. an elk, greed, a rope of raw 

Lonach, a. greedy, voracious. 
Lonachd, or louas, f. greed, voracity; lon- 

Lonan, -ain, -an, m. a greedy person. 
Lon-dubh. -uibh, m. a blackbird, an ousel. 
Long, -uing, -an, luing^s, f. .ship. 
Longphort, -uirt, -an, m. a harbour; a. 

Lonn, luinn, m. anger, spirit, and adj. 

Lore. See lure. 

Lorcach, -aiche, a. lame, crawling. 
Lorg, -uirg, -an, f. a staff, a crutcli. haft 

of a spear; a. lòrgach. 
Lorg, -uirg, -an, a footstep, a print, a 



Lorgaich, -achadh, v. trace, track; lorg. 

Lorgaire, ean, m. one that traces. 

Lorgaireachd, f. tracing. 

Iiorg-iomain, -e, f. a goad, a rod. 

Los, m. purjfose, sake, control. 

Los, about to, in order to. 

Losaid, -e, -ean, f. a kneading trough; a. 

Losgadair, -ean, m. one that burns. 

Losgadh, -aidh, m. burning 

Losgann, -ainn, -an, m. a frog, a sledge; 
a. losgannach. 

Lot, -an, m. a wound; a. lotach. 

Lot, -adh, lot, v. wound, pierce. 

Loth, -a, -an, f. a filly; a. lothach. 

Lothag, -aig, -an, f. a little filly; a. lothag- 

Luach, f. value, worth; a. luachmhor. 

Luachaii, -rach, f. rushes. 

Luacha-peighinn, f. a bargain, a penny- 

Luachmhcrachd, f. valuableness. 

Luachrach, a. full of rushes. 

Luach-sar^ithreach, m. hire, wages. 

Luach-saoraidh, m. a ransom, payment. 

Luadh. -uaidh, m. fulling of cloth, mention. 

Luadhadair, -ean, m. a fuller of cloth. 

Luadhadaireachd, f. fulling of cloth. 

Luaidh, luadh, v. mention, praise, full 

Luaidh, -e, m. meutioniug, praising. 

Luaidh, -e, -ean, m. and f. a beloved person. 

Luaidh, -e, f. lead, shot, a plummet, a 
ship's lead; a. luaidhe, luaidheach. 

Luaidheachd. f. mention, praise, a reward. 

Luaineach, -iche, a. restless, fickle. 

Luaineachd, f. volatility; luaineis. 

Luaireagan, -ain, m. one that loves the fire. 

Luaisg, luasgadh, v. shake, rock. 


Luaithe, f. ashes; a. luaithreach; see luath. 
Luaithre, f. ashes, dust; also luaithreach, 

-ich, f. 
Luaithreach, -iche, a. early-growisg, as 

seed; pòr luaithreach. 
Luan, -uain, f. Monday, the moou; Di-luain, 

Monday; la-luain, doomsday, or never. 
Luasgadair, -ean, m. one who moves, or 

Luasgan, -ain, m. heaving, to.^3Ìng; a. 

Luasgaucichd, f. tossing, moving; a. luas- 

Luasganaich, f. tossing, rocking. 
Luath, -a, f. ashes; a. luathach. 
Luath, -aithe, a. swift, fleet, quick. 
Luathaich, -achadh, c. hasten, accelerate. 
Luatharan, -ain, -an, f. a sea-lark. 
Luath-bheulach, a. talkative. 
Luath-cheumach, a. swift, nimble. 
Luathghair, -e, -ean, m. joy, a shout of joy. 
Luathghaireach, -iche, a. exultant. 
Luathlamhachd, f. ready-haadedne.-s ; a. 

Luathas, luaithais, m. swiftneos, speed. 
Lùb, -ùib, -an, f. a bend, a loop, a snare, 

a youth; dim. lùbag. 
Lùb, -adh, v. bend, stoop, yield. 
Lub, luib, m. a pool, a dub. 
Lùbach, -aiche, a. twisted, tortuous, crafty. 
Liibach, -aich, -aichean, f. a loop, a hinge; 

a. lùbagach. 
Lùl)air, -ean, m. a cunning fellow. 
Lùbaireanach, -ich, m. a clumsy, ill-formed 

Lùban, -ain, -an. m. bow, a hoop. 
Lùb-ruith, -ùib-rithe, f. a running noose. 
Luch, -a, or -ain, -an, -aichean. -aidh, f. 

a mouse; a. luchagach; dim. luchag. 


Lùchairt, e, -ean, a palace, a cattle; a. 

luchaii teach. 
Luch-armunn, -uinn, -a, m. a pigmy, a 

Luchd, -a, -an, in. a ship'.? cargo, a load. 
Luchd, pfx. plural of fear-, a man. It is 

equivalent to the English suffix, -men. 

Iti; compounds are very numerous, but 

a reference to their component parts will 

make their meaning quite evident ; e.g., 

luchd-àiteachaidh, inhabitants; luchd- 

eòlais, acquaintances, etc. 
Luchdaich, -achadh, v. load a ship or boat. 
Luchdail, or luchdmhor, a. heavy laden, 

Lùdag, -ajg, -an, f. a little finger; a. 

Ludaireachd, f. indolence, laziness. 
Lùdan, -ain, -an, m. a hinge; also Kidnan. 
Ludar, -airean, m. a heavy, slovenly person. 
Ludragau, -ain, -an, m. a heavy, dull 

Liigh, luigh, m. joint, vigour; v. luighean. 
Lùgh, -adh, v. swear. 
Lugha, a. comp. of beag. 
Lughad, -aid. f. smallness. 
Lughdaich, v. See laghdaich. 
Luibh, -e, -eau, f. an herb, a weed; a. 

hubheach; luibheanach, weeds. 
Luibheanachd, f. botany. 
Luibhre, f. leprosy. 
Luid, -e, -ean, f. a rag; a. luideach. 
Luideag, -eis:, -an, f. a small rag; a. 

Luidealacli. -aich, m. a big slovenly fellow. 
Luidir, -readh, v. roll in foul water or 

Lùidse. -ean, m. a coward; a. Hiidseach. 


Lùidsear, -an, ni. a coward; lùidsearachd, 

his trade. 
Luigh. See laigh. 
Luigheachd, f. reward, recompense. 
Luighean, -ein, m. a foot, an ankle, a leg, 

a^ of deer, etc. 
Luim, -e, -ean, a shift, art; a. luimeil. 
Luimead, -id, m. degree of bareness; also 

luime, bareness. 
Luimeau, -ein, m. a barren place, a miser; 

a. luimeineach. 
Luimneachd, f. barrenness, shift; a. luim- 

Luingearachd, f. sailing, seamanship. 
Luiiiuca<r, -eig, -an, f. a song, a ditty; a. 

Luinnse. or luinnseach, m. a lazy man, a 

Luiunsear, -ean, m. a sluggard, a lounger. 
Lùireach, -ich, f. a coat of mail, a patched 

garment, an untidy female. 
Luirgneach -,cihe, a. having long legs. 
Luirist, -ean, m. a slovenly person. 
Luiristeachd, f. slovenliness; a. luiristeach. 
Liinasd, or lùnasdal, or liinasdainn, 

Lammas; the first of August. 
Lunn, -uinn ,or -a, -an, m. the shaft of an 

oar, an urbroken wave, a launching 

roller; a. lunnscb. 
Lunndaire, -ean, m. a sluggard; a. 

Lunndaireachd, f. sluggishness, laziness. 
Lunudraig -eadh. v. beat, thump. 
Tjur. luir. m. delight, pleasure, a jewel. 
Lurach. -aiche, a. lovely, neat, pretty. 
Lurachan, -ain, -an, m. the flower of ramps. 
Lurachas, -ais, f. prettiness, loveliness. 
Lurag, -aig, -an, f. a pretty little girl. 

280 LUR— MAC 

Luran, -ain, -an, m. a pretty little boy; a. 

Litre, m. a crease, a lame foot. 
Lurcaiche, f. lameness; a. lurcach. 
Lnrdan, -ain, -an, m. a knave; a. lùrdauach. 
Lùdanaehd, f. shyness; a. lùrdanta. 
J-iUig, -uirg, -uirgnean, f. a shank, a leg. 
Lurgann, -ainn, luirgnean, f. a .shin, an 

Lus, luis, -an, m. a flower, an herb; a. 

Lu5-mòr, spearwort, etc. 
Lusan, -ain, -an, m. a little herb; a. 

Liispardan, -ain, -an, m. a dwarf; a. 

Liisrach, -aich, f. herbage; lusradV.. 
Liith, -a, m. strength, power: a. liithmhor. 
Luthaig, -eadh, v. allow, permit, wish. 
Luthasachadh, -aidh, m., fate. 
Liithasaich, -achadh, v. permit, '^rdain. 
Lùth-chleas, -a, -an, m. agility, valour; a. 

Lùtb-chleasachd, f. bravery, activity of 

the hand. 
Lùths, liiiths, m. vigour, strength; a. 



M', contraction of mo. 

'M, contraction of am. 

Ma, conj. if. 

Mab, -adh, v. vilify, abuse, affront. 

Mabach, -aiche, a. stammering: s. mabadh, 

Mabair, -e, -ean, m. stammerer. 
Mac, -ic, dat. pi. mic, a son; a. niacail. 
Macamh, m. a promising youth, a hero. 


Macan, -ain, -an, m. a little .=on. 

Macanta, a. meek, gentle. 

Macantachd, or macantas, f. meekness, 

Mao-bràthair-athar, m. a cousin-gemian, 

or father's brother's son. 
Mac-bràthair-màthar, m. a mother's 

brother's son, a cousin-german. 
Mac-bràthair-seanamhar, m. a maternal 

grand uncle's son. 
Mac-bràthair-deanar, m. a paternal grand 

uncle's son. 
Mac-brathar, m. a nephew, a brother's non. 
Mac-ceile, -ic-ceile, m. a step-=on. 
Mach, or a mach, adv. out, without. 
Machair, -arach, -rach, -raichean, f. a level 

or low country. M. Gallda, Lowlands. 
Machaireach, a. full of fields; s. a Low- 
Machlag, -aig, -an, f. matrix. 
Mac-làmhaich, m. the fish called the sea 

Mac-leisg, m. a lazy fellow, laziness per- 
Mac-meanmna, m. fancy, imagination. 
Mac-meanmnach, -aiche, a. fanciful. 
Mac-na^bracha, m. whisky, .son of malt. 
Macnas, -ais, m. wantonness, mirth. 
Macnasachd, f. wantonness; a. macnasach. 
Mac-peathar, m. a sister's son. 
Mac-piuthar-athar, m. a father's .lister's 

Mac-piuthar-seanamhar, m. a grandmother's 

sister's son. 
Mac-piuthar-seanar, m. a grandfather's 

sister's son. 
Macraidh, f. sing., coll. youths, :» band of 

male children. 

262 MAC— MAI 

Mac-ratha, m. a promising son, sou of 

Mac-samhail, m. likeness, similitude. 
Mac-talla, m. the echo, son of the rock; 

Madadh, -aidh, -ean, -raidh, m. a dog; a. 

Madadh-allaidh, -aidh-allaidh, m. a wolf. 
Madadh-donn, -aidh-dhuinn, m. an otter. 
Madadh-Tuadh, -aidh-ruaidh, m. a fox. 
Madainu, maidne, -nean, f. the morning. 
Madainneach, a. of or belonging to morn- 
Madainneag, -eig, f. the morning star. 
Madainnean, pi. matins, morning devotions. 
Màdar, -air, m. madder, a dye-stuff. 
Madraidh, f. sing., coll. dogs; a. uiadrach. 
Mag, -aig, -an, f . a paw, a hand ; a. 

Mag, -adh, v. creep, crawl; magail. 
Mag, -adh, v. mock, deride. 
Magadh, -aidh, m. scoffing; a. magail. 
Magair, -e.m. m. a scoffer; magaireachd, 

his habit. 
Magairle, -an, f. a testicle. 
Màgaxan, -ain, m. crawling; a. magaranach. 
Màgaranachd, f. creeping, crawling. 
Magh, -a, -aigh, -an, m. a plain, level 

country; a. maghach. 
Maghar, -air, pi. -air, ni. a fly made like 

herring spawn to catch fish; a. 

Maibean, -ein, m. a bunch or cluster. 
Maibeineach, a. full of clusters. 
Maide, -ean, -eachan, a stick. 
Maide-leigidh, m. a weaver's tiirning-stick. 
Maide-lunndaidh, a lever, a handspike. 
Maide-milis, m. liquorice. 
Maide-stiùraidh, m. a pot stick. 

MAI — MAI 28$ 

Màideear, -ean, m. a major in the army. 

Maidhean, -ein, m. delay. 

Màigean, -ein, m. a short little man; a. 

Màigeanachd, f. crawling, creeping. 
Maigh, -e, f. the month of May. 
Maighdeafr, -eig, -an, f. the shell of the 

scaliop-fi^h, part of a spinning-wheel. 
Maighdean, -inn, -an, f. a maid; a. maigh- 

Maighdeana^. -ais, m. virginity. 
Maighdean-mhara, f. mermaid. 
Maigheach, -ich, -ean, f. hare; moigheach. 
Maighstir, -e, -ean, m. a master. 
Maighotireachd, f. mastery; a. maighstireiJ. 
Maighstirealachd, f. mastery, authority. 
Maiehistir-sgoil, -ean-sgoil, m. a school- 
Màileid, -e, -ean, f. a wallet; a. màileideach. 
Maille. f. delay, stoppage, hindrance. 
Maille, -ean, -eachan, f. a coat of mail. 
Maille ri, prop, with, together with. 
Mailleach, -ich, f. a coat of mail; a. màill- 

Mai Head, -eid, f. slowness, tardiness. 
Maillich. V. retard, pocrastinate. 
Mainisdir, -e, -ean, m. monastery. 
Mai one, f. delay. 
Mainnir. raainnreach, -ichean. f. a fold for 

Mainnire.uh, a. full of folds of sheep "^r 

Mair. maireachdainn, mairsinn, v. last, 

live, wuitinue. 
Mairbhe, or mairbhead, f. deadness. 
Maireac}), m. to-morrow; an la iar-n 

mhaireach, day after to-morrow. 
Maireachdainn, f. lasting, remaining. 
Maireann, a. lasting, alive; maireannach. 


Mairg, f. pity, an object of pity. 
Mairg, a. pitiable, deplorable. 
Mairiste, -ean, m. cobabitation, marriage. 
Mairneal, -eil, -an, delay; a. màirnealach. 
Màirnealacbd, f. delay, procrastination. 
Màirnealaich, v. delay, linger. 
Mairsinneachd, f. durability, continuauce. 
Mairt-fheoil, f. beef. 

Maise, f. beauty, comeliness; a. luaiseach. 
Maiseachd, f. beauty; maisealachd. 
Maiseag, -eig, f. a pretty woman. 
Maiseil, or maiseachail, a. beautiful, pretty. 
Maistir, -e, m. urine. 
Maistrich, -eadh, v. mix, cburn. 
Maiteachas, -ais, m. forgiveness; a. 

Maith, a. good. See math. 
Maith, m. good, profit. 
Maith, mathadh, v. forgive, pardon. 
Maith, -can, m. a noble, a chief. 
Maitheanas, -ais, m. pardon. 
Maitheas, -is, m. goodness, bounty 
Màl, -ail, m. rent, tax, duty. 
Mala, -an, f. a bag, bag of a bagpipe. 
Mala, pi. mailghean, malaichean, f. an 

Màladair, -ean, m. one that pays rent; 

Malairt, -ean, f. a barter or exchange; a. 

Malairteach, f. exchanging. 
Malairtich, malairt, v. barter, exchange. 
Male, -adh, v. rot, cause to rot, putrify. 
Malcadh, -aidh, m. rottenness: a. malcach, 

Malda, a. mild, calm, gentle. 
Màldachd, f. mildness, modesty. 
Màldag, -aig, f. a modest or quiet woman. 
Mall, -aille, a. .slow, lazy, tardy. 

MAL— MAO 285 

Mallachd, m. a curae, malediction. 

Mallaich, -achadh, b. curse, condemn. 

Mall-cheumach, a. of slow motion. 

Mam, -aim, -an, m. a round steep hill, the 
fill of both hands. 

Mam-sic, m. a rupture. 

Man, or mam, -a, m. a mole on the skin, 
a boil or tumour. 

Manach, -aich, pi. -aich, m. a monk or 

Manachainn, -e, -ean, f. a convent, a monas- 

Manachas, -ais, m. state of a monk, 

Manadb, -aidh, -ean, m. an omen, luck, a 

Manas. -aLs, -an, m. a proprietor's portion 
of land in his own hands, a manse. 

Mang;, -aing, pi. -aing, f. a fawn, a year 
old deer; a. mangach. 

Mangan, -ain, m. a bear; mathghamhain. 

Manntachd, f. stammering; a. manntach, 

Manntair, -ean, m. a stutterer; raantair- 
eachd, his habit. 

Mànran, -ain, -an, m. a humming song. 

Mànranachd, f. humming tunes; a. mau- 

Maodal, -ail, -an, f. the stomach, or maw; 
a. maodala^-h. 

Maodalach, -aich, ra. a voracious or big- 
bellied man. 

Maoidh, -eadh, v. grudge, upbraid. 

Maoidheach, a. grudging; maoidheachas, 
the habit. 

Maoidhean, m. personal influence, interest. 

Maoile. f. baldness; maoilean. a bald man. 

Maoileanach, -aich, m. a bald or bare- 
headed man. 

Mafiini -c, -ean, f. terror, flight. 


Maoim, -eadh, v. fear, be afraid. 
Maoimeadhj -idh, m. terror, alarm; a. 

Maoin, -e, -ean, f. good^, gear; ;,. maoin- 

Maoirnean, -ein, a kind of cockle. 
Maois, -e, -ean, f . a large creel ; a. maois- 

Maoiseach, or maoisleach, f. a roe, a doe; 

a. maoisleach. 
Maoisgeag, -eig, -ean, f. a small creel, a 

scolding woman; a. maoisgeagach. 
Maol, -aoile, a. bald, bare, blunt. 
Maol, -aoil, f. the brow of a rock, a cape, 

the forehead, a promontory. 
Maol, -adh, -v. make blunt, become so, 

lower the ears. 
Maolag, -aig, -an, f. a bald woman, a 

hornless cow, a small tub without 

Maolaich, -achadh, v. blunt, become so. 
Maol-aigneach, a. dull, stupid. 
Maolan, maolanach, maoilean, m. a bald or 

dull man. 
Maol-bhathaiseach, a. bald iu the forehead. 
Maolchair, f. the space between the eyes. 
Maolchluasach, a. dull of hearing. 
Maol-ciarain, m. a forlorn person. 
Maol-oisinneach, a. bare in the temples. 
Maol-snaotha, m. mentad vacancy, suspended 

Maol-sneimheil, a. careless, indifferent. 
Maom, -adh. See maoim. 
Maor, -aoir, pi. -aoir, m. a constable, an 

officer, a steward. 
Maorach, -aich, m. shell fish. 
Maor.sachd, or maorsainneachd, f. a con- 
stable's trade. 
Maoth, -aoithe, a. soft, tender, delicate. 


Maothach, -aiche, a. softening, tender. 

Maothachd, f. softness. 

Maothag, -aig, -an, f. a soft-shelled egg. 

Maothaich, -achadh, v. soften, be soft. 

Maothalachd, f. softness; a. maothalach. 

Maothan, -ain, -an, m. the chest, a twig, 
a bud. 

Maothanachd, f. softness; a. niaot}ianach. 

Maoth-bhlathan, or niaoth-bhlàtli. m. a 
tender twig. 

Maoth-chloimh, f. soft down. 

Maoth-lus, m. a tender flower or herb. 

Maothran, -an -ain, m. a tender twig or 

Maothranach, -aiche, a. soft, tender. 

Maoth-rosg, m. a soft eyelid or look. 

Maothshuil, f. a soft eye; a maothshuil- 

Mar, conj. as, like a^; leth-mar-leth. half- 

Ma rag, -aig, -an, f. a pudding; a. marag- 

Maraich, -e, -ean, m. a sailor 

Mar-au-ceudna, adv. in like munuer. 

Marannan, pi. seas, large billows. 

Mar-aon, adv. a one, together 

Marasgal, -ail, a master, a marshal. 

Marbh. -airbhe, a. dead ,diill, torpid, limp. 

Marbh, -adh, v. kill, slay, murder. 

Marbhach, or raairbhteach, n. deadly, mur- 

Marbhachd, f. slaughter, havoc. 

Marbhadair, or marbhaiche. ni. a slayer. 

Marbhan, -ain, -an, m. a dead lx)dy, a 

Marbhanta, a. dull, inactive. 

Mipbantachd, or marbhantas; : w. . dul- 

288 MAR — MAS 

Maibh-dkraoi, m. a necromancer; marbh- 

dhraoitheachd, his trade. 
Marbhpliaisg, -ean, f. a death shroud, a 

term of imprecation; i.e., a death 

shroud on thee. 
Marbhrann, -ainn, -an, f . an elegy ; a. 

Marbh-shruth, -a, -an, m. a dead stream, 

the tide at the turning-point; a. 

Marc, mairc, -an, m. a horse. 
Marcach, -aiche, m. a rider; niarcair, 

Marcachd, f. riding; marcaireachd. 
Marcaich, marcachd, v. ride. 
Marchann, m. an unplucked; 

ohinn- or cloimh-mharchann, wool from 

the dead skin. 
Marcshluagh. -uaigh, horsemen, cavalry. 
Marg, -airg, -a, -eirg, f. a merk, 13s 4d; 

marg fearann, mark-land. 
Margadh, -aidh, -ean, m. a market ; a. 

margail . 
Margalachd, f. saleableness ; a. margadail. 
Marmor, -oir, m. marble; a. marmorach. 
Mar-ri, prep, with, together with. 
Màrsadh, aidh, m. march of troops. 
Marsan, or marsanta, m. a merchant. 
Marsannachd, or marsantachd, f. merchan- 
Mart, -àirt, m. the month of March. 
Mart, -airt,'pl, -airt, m. a cow; a. martach. 
Martair, -ean, m. a martyr. 
Martarach, m. a martyr. 
Mas, -àis, -an, m. the hip, bottom of a 

Masach, -aich, a. broad hipped. 
Màsag, -aig, -an, f. a small red berry; a. 


Masg, -adh, v. mix, put together, infuse. 
Masgair, -ean, m. a mixer; masgaireachd, 

his trade. 
Madgal, -ail, ra. foolish talk, flattery; a. 

Masgalaiche, -ean, m. a flatterer; masgal- 

achd, hig trade. 
Masladh, -aidh, m. shame, disgrace; a. 

Maslaich, -lachadh, -ladh, v. disgrace, 

Ma-tà, a<lv. if so, then. 

Matag, aig, -an, f. a pick-axe, a mattock. 
Math, feàrr or fèarr, a. good, fit, just, fine, 

excellent. Is math learn, I wish. 
Math, -a, -ithean, m. a noble, a hero. 
Mathachadh, -aidh, m manure, dung. 
Mathaich, -achadh, v. manure land, im- 
Mathair, -ar, -raichean, f. a mother, a 

Màth;nro;i<lid, or màthairealachd. f. 

!n other linesa. 
Mathralachd, f. motherliness ; a. màthrail, 

Mathanas, -ais, m. forgiveness, pardon; 

Math-ghamhain, m. a bear; mathan, 

Meiican. -ain, -an, m. a root, a twig; a. 

Meacan-do<rha, m. a burr, burdock. 
Meaohainn. -e, f. softness, kindness, an 

Meacliar, -aire, a. soft, tender, kind, mild. 
Mem har. -achd, f. softness, tenderness. 
Mi>nd, ni. greatness, size, bulk; meud. 
Meadhail, -e, f. mirth, joy. 


290 HBA — MBA 

Meadhair, -e, f. mirth, cheer, joy. 

Meadh-bhlàth, a. lukewarm. 

Meadhlachd, or meadhradh, f.m. sport, 

mirth, deception. 
Meadhon, -oin, m. the middle, centre, 

midst, the waist, a means. 
Meadhonach, a. the middle. central, 

Meadhrach, -aiche, a. merry, cheerful. 
Meadhrachas, -ais, or meadhradh, m. mirth. 
Mèag, -èig, -ìg, m. whey; a. meagach. 
Meag, meagad. See meig. 
Meaghal, -ail, m. the barking of a dog; a. 

Mèairle. See meirle. 
Meal, -tainn, v. enjoy, possess. 
Meal-bucan, -ain, f. a melon ; a meal- 

Mealg, meilg, -an, f. the milt of a fish; a. 

Meall, -ill, -an, -ill, m. a lump, a hill; a. 

Meall, -adh, v. deceive, cheat, beguile. 
Mealladh, -aidh, m. deceiving; a. meallta, 

Meallan, -ain, -an, m. a small lump, hail; 

a. meallanach; clachan meallain, hail. 
Meallshuil, -ula, -ean, f. a round full uye; 

a. meallshuileach. 
Mealltachd, f. deceit, fraud, imposition. 
Mealltair, -ean, m. a cheat; mealltaireachd, 

his trade. 
Meambran, pi. meambrana, m. parchments. 
Meamhair, f. memory. 

Meamhraich, -achadh, v. reflect, meditate. 
Mean, a. little, small, minute; inion. 
Meanma, m. spirit, activity; meamna. 
Meanmnachd, mettle, spirit, liveliness, 

fancy; adj. meamnach or meanmnch. 

MBA — MBA 291 

Meanan, -ain, -au, auy thing quite small. 
Mèanan, -ain, m. a yawn; mèauauaich. 
Meanbh, -a, a. dmall, minute. 
Meanbh-chrodh, -uidh, m. small cattle, as 

sheep, goats. 
Meanbh-chuileag, -eig, -an, f. a midge. 
Meanbh-chuileagach, a. full of midges. 
Meanbh-chui.seach, a. trifling, aniall. 
Meanbhlach, -aich, m. little articles, a 

herd of small beasts. 
Meang, -a, -ing, -an, f. a knob, deceit, a 

flaw; a. meaugach. 
Meang, -adh, v. lop off branches, prune. 
Meaugach, -aich, m. branches lopped o£E. 
Meangadh, -aidh, m. loppiug off branches. 
Meangan, -ain, -an, m. a twig; a. meangan- 

Meanglan, -ain, -an, m. a small twig; a. 

Meann, -inn, pi. -inn, m. a kid, a young 

roe; a. meauuach. 
Meanuan. See minnean. 
Meanut, -a, m. the plant mint. See 

Mear, -a, or -ire, a. merry, wanton. 
Mearachas, -ais, m. mirth; a. mearanta. 
Mearachd, f. an error or fault; a. mear- 

Mearachdaich, -achdachadh, v. mLstake, err. 
Mcaragan, -ain, -an, m. a puppet, or 

Mearaiche, -ean, m. a merry-andrew, a 

M'jaral, -ail, -an, m. a mistake, au error. 
Mearan, -ain, -an, m. a delirium: mear- 

Mearanach, -aichc, a. mad, delirious. 
Mearcach, or mearcanach, a. rash, wanton. 
Mearcachas, -ais, m. rashness, wantonness. 

292 JlEA — MEA 

Mearchunntas, or mearchuniitadh, m. mis- 

Meargantachd, f. brisknesii; a. mearganta. 
Mèars, -adh, v. march. 
Mearsainn, -e, f. vigour, strength; a. 

Meas, -a, -an, m. fruit, respect, judgment. 

value; measach, a. fruitful. 
Meas, meas and -adh, v. think, consider, 

Measail, -ala, a. worth, estimable. 
Measair, -rach, -raichean, f. a tub. 
Mea.san, -ain, m. a lapdog. 
Measarra, a. temperate, modest. 
Measarrachd, f. moderation, temperance- 
Measg, u. am measg, in the midst of. 
Measg, -adh, v. mix. mingle, measgaich. 
Measgan, -ain, m. a dish for holding butter. 
Measraich, -rachadh, v. jiulge, temper, 

Meat, -a, a. faint-hearted, cowardlj^ ; 

Meatachd, f. timidity, cowardice. 
Meataich, -achadh, enfeeble, be afraid. 
Meath, -adh, make timid, decay, fade. 
Meath, -a,, m. a decay, a fading; a. meath. 
Meathach, a. causing decay or languor. 
Meathachan, -ain, -an, m. a decaying or 

fading man. 
Meathaich, -achadh, v. intimidate, fade. 
Meath-challtuinn, m. southern-wood. 
Meath-chridhe, m. faint-hearteduess; a. 

Meath-ghàire, -ean, f. a smile. 
Meath-ionn.saidh, f. a feeble attack or 

Meathlaich, -achadh, v. chill or benumb 

with cold, become benumbed; meilich. 


Meathfihuil, f. a blear-eye; a. iiieath- 

Meidh, -e, -ean, f. a balance; a. meidheach 

Mèidhean, m. favour, influence. 

Mcidhich, -eachadb, v. weigh with a steel- 

Meidhis, -e, -ean, f. a measure, an instal- 

Meig, m. a voice, a cry. 

Meigead, m. cry of a kid or goat. 

Meigeadaich. f. the crying of a goat. 

Meil, -eadh, v. grind; beil, bleith. 

Mèil, ich, bleat as a sheep. 

Meilcheart, m. a chilblain. 

Meilich, f. bleating. 

Meilich, -eachadh, v. chill with cold, l>ecome 
chill, or benumbed. See meathlaich. 

Meill, -e, -ean, f. a cheek, a blubber-lip. 

Meilleag, -aig, an, f. birch bark ; bcilleag. 

Meilteir, -ir, -ean, m. a miller, a grinder. 

Meiltir, -treach, -trichcan, f. grist, mul- 
ture, grain sent to the mill. 

Mèin, -e, -ean, a mine, a vein of metiil, and 
meinc; a. mèiueach. 

Meineil, a. flexible, ductile, supple. 

Mèineadair, -ean, m. a miner. 

Mèineadaireachd, f. office of a miner, 

Meinn, -e, f. will desire. 

Mèinnealachd, f. flexibility, softness, a^ of 

Meirbh, -eadh, v. 

Meirbh, -e, a. slender, delicate, .-spiritless. 

Meirbhe, f. delicacy, slenderness. 

Meirean-nam-magh. m. agrimony. 

Meirg, -e, f. rust; a. meirgearh. 

Meirg, -eadh, v. rust, become rusty. 

Mcirghe, -ean, f. a banner, a troop. 

Meirgich, -eachadh, v. grovf rusty. 

294 MBI — MI 

Mèirle, f. theft, the thiug stolen. 
Mèirleach, -ich, pi. -ich, m. a thief. 
Mèirleachd, f. theft; mèirleachas. 
Meirneal, -il, m. a kind of hawk, merlin. 

Meomhair. See meamhair. 

Meud, m. greatness, size, bulk; miad. 

Meudachd, f. bulk, size. 

Meudaich, -achadh, v. increase, multiply, 
enlarge, become larger. 

Meud-bhronn, f. dropsy. 

Meur, -eòir, pi. -eòir, f. a finger, branch; 

Meurach, a. fingered, branchy. 

Meiuag, f. a little finger, clew of yarn. 

Meuragach, a. full of clews. 

Meuragan, -ain, a little thimble. 

Meuraich, -achadh, v. finger. 

Meuran, -ain, m. a thimble. 

Meurau-nan-cailleacha-marbh, m. fox-glove. 

Meuranach, a. full of thimbles. 

Mhàin, or a mhàin, adv. only. 

Mhàn, adv. down, downwards; better bhan. 

Mhoire ! interj. By Mary ! Marry ! 

Mi-, or mio-, a negative prefix, Eng. un-, 
mis-. Its compounds are numerous 
and their meaning self-evident. Some 
of the lea*t obvious in meaning are : — 
Mi-bheus, immodev-,ty; mi-bhuil, mis- 
application; mi-chiata, dislike; mi- 
chion, aversion; mi-chleas, a trick; 
mi-chilis, a misfortune; mi-dhealbh, 
unseemliness; mi-dhreach, deformity; 
mi-fheum, bad use, uselessness; mi- 
ghiùlan, misconduct; mi-ghreann, 
loathing: mi-loinn, untidine.=;s, awk- 
wardness ; mi-uòs, bad habit ; mio- 
thlachd, displeasure; mi-thlachd, un- 
handsomeness, unpleasantness ; mi-stà, 
harm, evil. 


Mi, personal pron. I, me; inise. 

Miad. See meud. 

Miadaa, -ain, -an, m. a meadow; a. uiia- 

Miadh, m. esteem, honour; a. miadhail. 
Miadhalachd, f. respect, esteem. 
Mial, -a. -an, f. animal, louse; a. raialach, 

inial-rahara, a whale, mial-mhagan, 

Mialap, -aio:, -an, a little louse; a. mialag- 

Mialchu, -oin, pi. -oin, m. a greyhound. 
Miamhail, -e, f. mewing as a cat. 
Mianan. See mèanan. 
Miann, -an, m. desire, wish; a. miannach, 

Miannas, -ais, m. desire, appetite. 
Miannacha.^^, f. a longing for; a. miann- 

Miannaicli, -achadh, v. desire, long- for. 
Mias, -èis, -an, f. a plate, a dish; a. 

Mil. meala, f. honey. 
Mile, -fpai), m.f. a thousand, a mile; a. 

Mileag. -''ig, -an, f. melon; a. mileagach. 
Mileantchd, f. hersm. 
Mileuta, a. bold, heroic, soldier-like. 
Milidh, -ean, m. a hero; mileanta. 
Mili.s, railse, a. sweet. 
Mil!. -«a<ih, V. spoil, mar, destroy. 
Mill, pi of meall. 

Milltnach. -iche, a. hurtful, ruinou.^^. 
Millteaoh, m. mountain rough gra.'^s. 
Millteachd, destructiveness. 
MiPtear. -eir, -an. m. a destroyer, a spoiler. 
Mi-loinn, f awkwardness, untidiness; as mi- 

Milse, or milseachd, f. sweetness; milsead. 

2f6 MIL — MIN 

Milsean, -ein, -au, m. anythiug sweet, a 
flower; a. milseanach. 

Milsich, -eacliadli, v. sweeten. 

Mi-mho<jhail or miomliail, a. rude, unman- 

Min, -6, a soft, finely ground, meek, smooth. 

Min. See mion. 

Min, -e, f meal; a. mineach, mineil. 

Minblieulaclid, f. soft words; a. min- 

Min-bhriathar, m. a soft expression; a min- 

Mine, f. smootliuess, softness; miuead. 

Mineachadh, -aidh, -aidhean, m. an explan- 
ation, smoothing. 

Mineag, -eig, -an, f. a mild woman. 

Miiifhear, -eoir, m. soft grass; a. niin- 

Mingheal, -ile, a. soft and fair. 

Minich, -eachadh, v. explain, smooth. 

Minicionu -inn, m. a kid's skin. 

Minidh, -ean, m. a shoemaker's awl ; 

Minidh-ti allaich, m. a hot iron for burning 
holes in wood. 

Miuig, or minic, a. often, frequent. 

Ministear, -eir, -ean, m. a minist-er. a clergy- 

Ministearachd, or ministrealachd, f fun "tion 
of a minister. 

Minn, pi. of meann. 

Minnean, -ein, m. a little kid, or faw:i ; ;i. 

Minnseag, -eig, -an, m. a year-old she cjoat; 
a. ninnseagaci. 

Min-rosg, -oisg, -au, m. a soft eye-lid. or 
eyes; a. mln-rosgach. 

Min-shi>!l, -ula, -an, f. a mild eye; a. inin- 


MÌO-. See mi-. 

Miobhail, -e, a. impolite; mi-mhodhail. 
Miodal, -ail, m. flattery; a. miodalach. 
Miodar, -air, -au, m. a wooden dish with a 

Miodarach, -aiche, a. full of wooden dishes. 
Miodhar, -aire, a. mean, low, scrubby; s. 

Miog, a, -an, f. a smile; a. miogach. 
Miogshuil, -ula, -ean, f. a sniilingr eye, or 

Minlarai, -aiu, m. low wliiniug of a dog, 

Miolaranaich, f. low barking, whimpering. 
Miolasg, -aisg, m. flattery, fawning, keen 

Mion, -a, a. minute; also min- and mean-. 
Mionach, -aich, -eas, m. bowels, entrails. 
Minnaid, -e, -ean, f. minute of time; a. 

mionaideach, exact. 
Mionaoi.s, -e, f. minority; a. mionaoL^each. 
Mion-chunntas, -ais, m. an accurate reckon- 
ing, a minut« account. 
Mion-eòlach, -aiche, a. thoroughly 

Mion-eòlas -ais, m. intimate acquaintance. 
Mion-iasg, -eisg, -an, m. small fish. 
Mionn, -a, -an, 7n. an oath, or 
Mionnaich, -acliadh, v. swear, vow. 
Mionnt, or mionn, m. the plant mint. See 

Miorbhuil, -c, -ean, m.f. a miracle, a wonder. 
Miorhhuilcach, a. wonderful, marvellous. 
Miortal, -ail, -an, m. the myrtle tree. 
Mios, -a, -an, f. a month; a. miosaoh. 
Mice, or miosa, comp. of olc, worse. 
Mios, esteem. See meas. 
Mio«ach, -aicb, f. fairy flax, limn ,\th- 



Miosachaw, -aiu, -an, m. an almanac. 

Miosaxi, -aid, f. (degree of) badness. 

Miosar, -air, -an, m. a measure, as of meal, 
or siiot 

Miosgan, -ain, -an,, ni. a butter-kit. 

Miosganach, -aiche, a. full of butter-kits. 

Miosguiiin, -e, -ean, f. spite, slander; a. 

Miosguinneachd, f. malice, slander. 

Miotag, -aig, -an, f. mitten, worsted glove. 

Miothlachd, or mi-thlachd, f. offence, dis- 

Mir, -eadli, v. play. 

Mir, -e. -ean, -eannan, a bit, a piece, as of 

Mire, f. play, sport, mire-chatha, rage of 
battle, compar. of mear. 

Mireag, -eig, -an, f . play, frisking : a mir- 

Mireagachd, f. sporting, playing, frisking. 

Mireanach, -aiche, a. playful, merry. 

Mireanach, -aicbe, a. full of small bits, or 

Mireanachd, f. sportiveness, playfulness. 

Mirr, e, m. myrrh. 

Misd, or misde, compr. of olc. 

Mise, pers. pron. emph. I, me, myself. 

Miseacli, see minnseag. 

Misg, -e, f. drunkenness; a. misgeach. 

Misgear, -eir, -an, m. a drunkard; a. 

Misgearachd. ,or misgealaclid, f. drunken- 

Mi-shealbh, -a, m. ill-luck. 

Mislean. -ein, ni. a sort of grass; a. misleau- 

Misneach, -ich, f. courage, fortitude; a. 


Misnich, -Eeachadh, v. encourage, take 

Mith, -e, -ean, m. an obscure person, one of 

the commonality. 
Mithear, -eire, a. weak, crazy. 
Mithich, f. prop€r or fit time, as of rising. 
Mithlean, -ein, m. a trick, greed, bad man- 
ners; a. mithleanach. 
Mna, mnathan, ranaoi; see bean. 
Mo, poss. pron. my, or mine. 
MÒ, comp. of mor, greater. 
Moch, muiche, a. early, betimes. 
Moch-eirigh, f. early-rising. 
Moch-thra, m. early morning. 
Mod, òid, -an, m. a court, a meeting: a. 

Modh, -a, -an, -annan, m. manners, a mode; 

a. modhail. 
Modh, -adh, v. break or tajne, as a horse. 
Modhadh. -aidh, m. taming, training. 
Modhalachd, f. politeness, good manners. 
Mòdhar, -airt , a. gentle, soft. 
Mòg, -òig, -an. f. a clumsy hand; mag. 
llogal, -aij, -an, m. a husk, interstice of a 

net; a mogalach. 
Mogan, -ain, -an, m. a stocking without a 

foot; a. moganach. 
Moglaich, -achadh, v. unhusk, knit. 
Moibean, -ein, m. a mop; a. moibeanach. 
Moibeanaich, -achadh, v. rub or wash with 

a mop. 
Moiblich. -Icadh, v. gnaw, half chew, 

Moid, -e, f. (degree of) gfrcatness. 
Moid, mòidich. See bòid. 
Moigean. -ein, m. a dumpy little fellow. 
Moighre, m. a stout or brave man. 
Moile, m. a rough swelling causod by ham- 
mcrins on the handle or head of a tool. 

too MOI— MOR 

Moilean, -eiu, m. a thick, fat child; a. 

Mòine, mòna, f. peats, moss; a. mòineach, 

Moineis, -e, m. slowness, laziness; a. niòin- 

Mòinteach, -ich, f . morass, mos.s ; a. mòin- 

Moisoan, or luiiiseau, -ein, m. a sordid 

fellow, the devil. 
Moiseanachd, or muiseanachd, sordidness. 
Moiseanach, or muiseanach, a. sordid, dirty. 
Moit, -e, f. sauciness, moroseness; a. 

Moitealachd, f. sauciness, suUeuuess; a. 

Mol. -adh, V. praise, extol, recomirieiiil. 
Mol or mal, -il, -an, f. shingly beach. 
Molach, -aiclie, a. hairy, rough. 
Moladh, -aidh, m. praise, appiaut;e; a. 

Moll, -uill, ni. chaff; a. mollmhor. 
Mollaich. See mallaich. 
Molitair, -e, -ean, f. a mould or frame. 
Molltair, -e, -ean, f. multure, mill dues. 
Monadh, -aidh, -ean, m. a hill, a mountain, 

Monar, -air, -an, m. a trifling tl in$r or 

Monmhar, -air, m. murmur, v.proar; 

Monmharach, -aiche, a. murmurini 
Mòr, mò, a. great, large, big. 
Mòrachd, f. greatness, majesty, dignity. 
Mòraich, -achadh, v. enlarge, dignify. 
Morair. -e. -ean, m. a lord, an earl. 
Moraireachd, f. lordship. 
Mòralachd, f. greatness, majesty; a. 

mòrail, mòralach. 

MOit — VdS sol 

Mòian, -ain, f. much, many, a multitude. 
Mòrchuis, -e, f. pride, splendour; a. mòr- 

Mòrchuiàle, -ean, an artery; a. mòrchuis- 

l€a<; }] . 
Mordha, a. great, eminent, excellent. 
Mòrghaisge, f. heroism; a. mòrghaisgeil. 
Morghatb, -an, m. a fishing spear; a. mor- 

Mòrlauachd, f. labour done by tenants to 

their landlord. 
Mòr-mhaor, -aoir, m. a lord. 
Mòruaich, f. a considerable quantity or 

Mòruan, -ain, -an, m. a small tub. 
Mòr-roÌK.., -e, -ean, f. a great division, a 

Mòr-oheisear, a. seven persons. 
Mòr-shluagh, -uaigh, m. an hast, a multi- 
Mort. See murt. 
Mòr thir, -e, -ean, f. the main-land, a con- 

Mòr-thi teach, a. a native of the continent. 
Mòr-thriath, m. a great chief. 
Mosach, -aiche, a. nasty, filthy, mean; 

Mosag or musag, -aig, -an, a dirty or 

scrubby woman. 
Mosaiche, f. dirtiness, scrubbine&s. 
Mosan. -ain, m. slovely man, mi^er. 
Masgaid, f. sloth, negligence. 
Mosgaideach, a. slow, dull. 
Mosgail, -gladh, v. rouse, awake. 
Mosgain, -e, f. rottenness, mustincss. 
Mosgalivchd, f. vigilance, alertness; a. 

Mosgan, -ain, ui. a rotten tree; a. 

i02 MOS — MUI 

Mosgladh, -aidh, m. awakening, a rising 

from sleep. 
Mothaich, -achadh, v. perceive, notice. 
Mothachail, adj. sensible, observant. 
Mothar, -air, m. a loud noise, au echo. 
Mu, prep, about, concerning; as, mu'n 

cuairt, about. 
Muc, -uice, -an, f. a sow, a pig, a large 

hayrick; a. mucach. 
Mucag, -aig, -an, f. a little saw, the fruit 

of the dog-rose; a. mucagach. 
Mucair, -ean, m. a dealer in àwine. 
Muc-bhiorach, or muc-sgideil, a porpoise. 
Muc-bhlonag, -aig, f. hog's lard. 
Much. See moch. 

Much, -adh, v. suffocate, smother, quench. 
Mùchadh, -aidh, m. quenching; a. 

Muclach, -aic, f. a piggery. 
Muc-mhara, -uice-mara, -an-mara, f. a 

Mucraidh, f. a herd of swine. 
Muc-.shneachda, -uic-shueachda. f. a 

monster snowball. 
Miidan, -ain, -an, m. a cover, as of leather, 

for a gun. 
Mùgach, -aiche, a. snuffling voice, surly. 
Miigaid, -e, f. the contents of a dyer's vat. 
Mùgaire, or mùgan, m. gloomy or surly 

Mugha, m. destruction, annihilation. 
Mugharn, m. the ankle. 
Muicfheoil, -eola, f. pork. 
Muidhe, -eachau, m. a chuiu; a. niuidh- 

Muidheachau, -aiu, -an, m. a small churn. 
Muidse, -eachan, f. woman's linen cap. 
Miiig, -e, -ean, f. gloom, mist, surliness. 
Mùig, -eadh, v. smother, become *loomy. 


Mùi^eacbd, f. gloominess; a. mùigeach. 

Mùigean. See mùgaire. 

Mùigeanachd, f. gloominess; a. mùigean- 

Mùigeis, -ean, surliness; a. mùigiseach. 
Muigh, or a muigh, adv. out, without, dat. 

of magh. 
Muilceann m. fell-wort. 
Muileach, -ich, m. a native of the Isle of 

Muileag, -eig -an, f. a cranberrv. 
Muileann, -inn, pi. -uilnean, m. a mill; a. 

Muileid, -e, -ean, f. a mule; a. muileideach. 
Muilichinn, -e, -ean, m. a sleeve; a. 

muilichinneach. Better muinichill. 
Muillear, -an, m. a miller; muillearachd, 

his trade. 
Muilean, -ein, m. a wisp of straw; a. muill- 

Muillion, m. a million. 
Muiltean, -ein, m. a little ram: a. muilt- 

Muiltfheoil, -eola, f. mutton; a. muilt- 

Muime, -eachan, f. nurse, step-mother. 
Muin, -eadh, v. teach, instruct. 
Muin, f. the back. 
Muin, mùn, v. micturate. 
Muineadh, -idh, m. education; a. muin- 

each. z 
Muineal, -eil, -an, m. the breast, the neck. 
Muinealach, -aiche, a. long-necked. 
Muinear, -an, m. the teacher. 
Muing, -e, -ean, f. the mane of a horse; a. 

Muinghinn, -e, -ean, f. hope, trust; a. 

Muinichill. See muilichinn. 

304 MUI — MtTL 

Muiniiiliear, -ir. m. hemlock. 
Muinne, -achan, f. a stomach. 
Muinntearacli, -aich, m. a .servaut. 
Muinntearas, -ais, f. service, iudentureship. 
Muinntir, -e, -treach, f. servants, people. 
Mùir, -e, f. the leprosy; a. mùireach. 
Muir, mara, maraunan, m.f. the sea, the 

ocean; muir-lan, high tide. 
Muirichinn, pi. children, a family; a. miiir- 

Mùiin, -e, f. politeness, grandeur, pomp; 

a. muirneach. 
Mùirneag ,-eig, -an, f. civil or polite 

Mùirnean, -ein, m. a polite or pompoiis 

Muir-sgian, -ein, m. razor-fish, 
Miiir-tèachd, m. sea-blubber. 
Muir-thàcar, or tkcar-mara, m. sea-spoil. 
Mùiseag, -eig -an, f. fear, terror; a. mùis- 

Muiseal, -eil, -an, m. a muzzle; a. mui.?eal- 

Muisean, -ein, m. a mean, sordid fellow. 
Muisginn, -e, -ean, m. a mutcKkin, an Eng- 
lish pint. 
Mùitea<'h, -iche, a. changeable, fickle; 

Mul, -uil, -an, m. a bank or heap of sand, 

an axle. 
Mulachag, -aig, -an, f. a cheese; a. mulach- 

Mulad, -aid, -an, m. sadness, sorrow; a. 

Mulan, -ain, -an, m. a stack of corn; a. 

Mule, -an, m. a lump. 
Mule, -adh, v. lump, butt, push, dig. 
MuUach, -aich, -ean, m. the top or summit. 


Mult, -uilt, m. a wedder. 

Mu'm, or mu'n, conj. and adv. before, ere. 

Mùn, -ùin, m. uxine. 

Munar. See monar. 

Mur, coDJ. if not. 

Mùr, -ùir, pi. -Mr, m. a wall, a bulwark. 

Mùran, -ain, m. sea-bent; a. mùranach. 

Murcach, -aiche, a. sad, dark, muddy. 

Murcan, -ain, -au, m. a lump-fish. 

Murcas, -ais, m. sadness, muddiuess. 

Mùrla, muirle, -an, f. a coat of mail, a 

conical creel. 
Mùrlacb, -aich, -ean, m. the kingfisher. 
Mùrlag, -aig, -an, f. a small creel, conical 

at both ends; mùrlainn. 
Murrach, a. able, fit; n. murrachas, -ais. 
Murt, -adh, murt, v. kill, murder, smother, 
Murt, -uirt, m. murder. 
Murtachd, f. sultry heat, lassitude caused 

by heat. 
Murtair, -ean, m. a murderer; murtair- 

eachd, his trade. 
Mus, or mu'm or mu'n, conj. before, before 

Musaiche, f. dirtiness. See mosaiche. 
Mu seach, adv. alternatively, by turns. 
Mùsg, -ùi-ig, -an, m. hardened rheum about 

the eyes. 
Musg.or imsgaid, f. a musket. 
Mùsgan, -ain, -an, m. a sort of shell-fish, 

pith of wood; a. mùsganach. 
Musgan, -ain, -an, m. a rotten tree. 
Musganach, -aiche, a. full of rotten tre«B. 
Mùtau, -ain, -an, m. a mufp, a fingerless 

glove, a small leather covering. 
Miith, -adh, v. change, alter. 
Muthach, -aich, m. a herdsman; probably 


306 MUT — NAM 

Mùthadh, -aidh, m. a cliauge or alteration; 

a. mùtfiach. 
Muthairn, -e, -ean, ankle. 


'N, contraction for an aud ann an. 

Na, gen. sing, and uom. and dat. pi. of 
the art. an. 

Na, rel. pron. that which. 

Na, not, do not. 

Na, conj. or, also no. 

Na, conj. than. 

Na, contraction of an do. 

Nàbachd, f. neighbourhood, neighbourli- 
ness; nàbachas, nabaideachd. 

Nàbaidh, -e, -ean, m. a neighbour; a. 

Nach, rel. pron. who not, that not. 

Nach, interrog. particle, is not 

Nach, conj. that not. 

Nàdur, -air, -an, m. nature. 

Nàdurra, nadurrach, nàdurrail; a. natural. 

Naidheachd, news, a tale. 

Naile, inter j. yea, verily. 

Naimhdealachd, f. enmity, malice, hostility. 

Naimhdeas, -is, m. enmity; naimhdealas. 

'Nàird, adv. up, upwards; an ìùrd. 

Nàire, f. shame, modesty, bashfulness. 

Nàireach, a. shameful. 

Nàirich, -eachadh, put to shame, affront. 

Naisg, nasgadh, v. sow, bind. 

Nàisneachd, f. modesty, shamef aceduess ; a. 

Naistinn, -e, f. care, attention, a native; 
a. naistinneach. 

Nail, or a nail, adv. over to this side. 

Na'm, na'n, conj. if. 

Nam, nan, gen. pi. of an, the article. 

NAM— NBA 307 

Nàinh, -àimh, nàimiideau, ni. an enemy. 
Nàrahachas, -ais, m. malice, hostility; a. 

Nàmhaid, nàimhdean, m. a.n enemy; a. 

Nan. See nam. 

Naoi, a. nine; an uaoitlieamh. the ninth. 
Naoidheachan, -ain, -an, m. an infant; 

naoidhean, -ein, -an. 
Naoidheanachd, naoidheantas, f.m. child- 
Ka ^dheanach, naoidheanta, a. childish. 
Nitoinear, m. coll. nine persons. 
Naomh, -aoimh, pi. naoimh, m. a saint. 
Naomh, adj. holy, sacred. 
Kaomhachd, f. holiness, sanctity. 
N;;omhaich, -achadh, v. sanctify, consecrate. 
Naomh-reachd, -an, m. a divine law or 

Naosga, -aich, m. a snipe. 
Nar, adv. not, let not; nar leige' Dia, God 

Nar, -aire, a. .shameful, disgraceful; 

Nasg, -aisg, -an, m. a seal, band, collar. 
Nasgaidh, or a nasgaidh, adv. gratis, freely. 
Natar, -air, ni. nitre. 
Nathair, -rach, -raichean, f. a viper. 
-Ne, an emph. paticle, after a n.. pron., 

or a. 
Neach, pron. a person, any person. 
Nead, nid, m. a nest; a. neadach. 
Neadaich, -achadh, v. nestle, lie on eggs. 
Neadau, -ain, -an ,m. a small nest; a. 

Nèarah, -eimh, -an, m. heaven; a nèamh- 

Neamhnagan, -ain, m. a sty on the eye. 
Nèamhnaid, -e, -ean, f. a pearl. 

308 NKA — ^E^ 

Neanntag, -aig, f. nettle. See deanntag. 

Neapaigin, -ean, f. a napkin. 

Near, or near, oontr. for ' an ear/ the 

Nèarachd, f. luck, happiness. 

Neart, m. strength; a. ueartmhor. 

Neartaich, -achadh, v. strengthen, fortify. 

Neartmhorachd, f. strength, might. 

Nea.s, -e, f. a weasel; nios. 

Neasgaid, -e, -ean, m. and neasg, boil, 

Neip, -e, -ean, m. turnip ; a. neipeach. 

Neo, adv. otherwise. 

Neo-, privative prefix. Its compounds are 
numerous, and are, as a rule, self- 
explanatory, as ueo-ghlic, unwise; neo- 
iomlan, incomplete, etc. 

Neo-ar-thaing, a. independent ; ( r) nior- 
thaing, Sc. ' nor thanks.' 

Neo-bhrigh, -e, f. insignificance. 

Neodhiiine, -aoine, m. an insignificant man 

Neoghlaine, f. uncleauness. 

Neòinean, -ein, m. a daisy; a. ueòineanach. 

Neònach, -aiche, a. curious, droll. 

Neònagan. See neamhuagan. 

Neònachas, -ais, m. curiousuesi, drollness. 

Neo-ni, m. nothing, a trifle 

Neo-uitheachd, f. nothingnes.s, nothing. 

Neo-phris, -e, f. disrespect, contempt. 

Neoshaiint, m. want of desire, indifference. 

Neul, or nial, -eòil, pi. -eòil, m. a cloud, a 
trance, hue. 

Neiilach, nialach, -aiche, a. cloudy, sickly. 

Neuladair, -ean, m. an astrologer, nialadair. 

Neuladaireachd, or nialadaireachd, f. 

Neulaich, -achadh, v. darken, become 

Neular, or nialar, -aire, a. well-coloured. 


Ni, adv. not; ni faicear leam, I will not see. 

Ni, pi. nithean, m. a thing. 

Ni, m. cattle, goods. 

Ni, fut. of the V. dean, shall or will do. 

Niar, or 'niar, f. the west, west. 

Niata, a. courageous, brave, fierce. 

Nic-, patronymic prefix, daughter of; fem. 
of mac-, son of. 

Nid, pi. of nead. 

Nigh, -eadh, v. wash, cleanse, purify. 

Nigh, and nigheachan, -ain, m. a washing. 

Nigheadair, -ean, m. a washer. 

Nigheadh, or nigheadaireachd, f. i wash- 

Nighean, -inn and ighne, -an, f. a daucrhter 
or damsel. 

Nigheanag, nionag, f. a little daughter. 

Nimh, or neimh, -e, f. poison; a. nimheil, 
or neimheil. 

Nior, adv. not; nior chualas, I have uot 

Nios, adv. up, from below. 

Nios, f. a weasel; see neas. 

Nis, or a nis, adv. now, at this time. 

Ni's, more commonly na's, rel. prou. that 
which is; na's gile, whiter; na's mo, 

No, conj. or, nor; mart no each, a cnw or 

Nochd, f. nudity. 

Nochd, a. bare, naked. 

Nochd, or an nochd, adv. to-night. 

Nochd, -adh, v. shew, reveal, disclose. 

Nochdadh, -aidh, m. showing, an exempli- 
fication, a manifesto; a. nochdaidh. 

Nochdaich, -achadh, v. show, manife.-^t. 

Nochdta, a. shown, disclased; noohdaichte. 

Nodadh, -aidh, -ean, m. a nod, a wiuk. 

Nodha, a. new, fresh, recent; nuadh. nobha. 


Noig, -oige, -ean, f. the anus, bottom. 

Noigean, -ein, m. a small wooden dish. 

Nòin, m. noon, mid-day; trà-nòin. 

Noir, m. the east. See 'near. 

Nollaig, -e, -ean, f. Christma-. 

Norra, m. a wink of sleep. 

NÒS, -òis, -an, m. custom, manners; a. 

Nòs, -uis, m. cow's milk after calving. 
Nòsachd, f. customariness ; a. nòsail. 
Nothaist, -e, -ean, m.f. an idiot; a. noth- 

Nuadarrachd, f. surliness; a. nuadarra. 
Nuadh, r.iiaidhe, new fresh, recent. 
Nuadhachd, f. newness. 
Nuadhaich, -achadh, v. renew, renovate. 
Nuagach, a. surly. 
Nuair, or "nuair, conj. when, the hour or 

time vhen; an uair. 
Nuall, nuallan, -ain, -an, m. noise, roaring, 

lowing of cattle. 
Nuallaich, or uuallanaich, f. sounding, 

Nuallaich, v. howl, roar. 
Nuarrantachd, f. sadness, surliness; a. 

Nuas, adv. downward. 
Nuatharra, a. surly, gloomy, fierce. 
Null, or nunn, adv. over, thither. 
Nils, -is, m. serum, a cow's first milk. See 



O! inter] . O ! oh ! ahis ! 

O, prep, from, since. 

O, conj. because, seeing that, for; bho. 

Ob, -a, -an, m. a creek, a bay; dim. òban. 

Ob, -abadh, v. refuse, deny, shun. 


Obadh, -aidh, m. a refusal, a denial, shun- 

Obag, -aig, -an, hurry, confusion; a. 

Obaidh, -e, -ean, f. a charm. See ubag. 

Obainne, f. suddenness, rashness. 

Obair, oibre, oibrichean, f. work, labour. 

Obann, -ainne, a. .sudden, rash, unexpected. 

Obannachd, f. .suddenness; obainneachd. 

Ocar, -ail, m. interest, usury. See riadh. 

Och ! inter j. alas ! ah ! ochan ! ochoin. 

Ochauaich, f. a sighing, a sobbing. 

Ochd, a. eight; ochdamh, the eighth. 

Ochdnar, sing., coll. eight persons. 

Ochd-oisneach, or ochd-shlisneach, a. 

Ochd-shlisneach, -ich, m. a rifle gun. 

Ocras, ocrach. See acrag. 

Odhar, uidhre, a. dun, of a pale colour. 

Odhraicb, -achadh, v. make dun, become 

Ofrail, -e, -ean, f. an ofiPering, a sacrifice. 

Ofrail, -;iladh, v. offer, sacrifice. 

òg, òige, a. younp, fresh; ògail. 

ògalachd. ògachd, or òganachd, f. youth-, youth. 

ògan, -ain, -an, ra. a youth, a sapling; 

Ogha, -ch.iu, m. a grandchild. 

òglach, -aich, m. a youth, a servant. 

Ogluidheachd, f. dreadfulness, wildness; a. 
ogluidh, wild, gloomy. 

òg-rahadainn, f. early morn, the dawn. 

òg-mhios, -a, m. the month of June. 

Oibrich. -eachadh, v. work, labour, fer- 

Oibriche, -ean, m. worker, workman. 

Oich ! interj. expressive of pain. 

Oide, -ean, m. a foster-father, a stepfather. 

812 OID — OIL 

Oideas, -eis, m., and oideaohd, f. in-struc- 

tion, counsel, tuition. 
Oidhche, -eachan, and -an, f. night. 
Oidheam, -im, -au, m. sensation, feeling; 

a. oidheamach. 
Oidhirp, -6, -an, f. an attempt, endeavour. 
Oidliirpeacb, a. striving, diligent. 
Oidlire, -eachan, m. an heir; and oighre. 
Oidhreachd, f. an inheritance. 
Oifig, -e, -ean f. an office, an employment. 
Oifigeach -ich, m. an officer, 
òige, f. youth also compr. of òg. 
òigfhear, -ir, -ean, m. a youth; òigeir. 
òigh, -e, -eau, f. a virgin, a maid: a. òigh- 

òigheachd, f. virginity. 
Oighionnach, -aich, f. a thistle. 
Oighre, f. ice. 

Oighreag, -aig, -an, f. a cloudberry, 
òigridh, f. coll. youths, young folks. 
Oil, V. rear, educate, nurse. 
Oil, f. vexation, pain, grief, spite; ge b'oil, 

in spite of. 
Oilbheum, -eim, -an, m. blasphemy, scandal, 

Oilbheumachd, f. blasphemy; a. oilbheum- 

Oilcan, m. education, manners, nurture. 
Oileanach, educating, nourishing, well- 
Oileanaich, -achadh, v. instruct, teach, 

Oillt, -e, -ean, f. disgust, horror, terror, 

fear; a. oillteil. 
Oillt-chrith, -e, f. trembling for fear; a. 

Oilltealachd, f. terribleness, dreadfulness. 
Oilltich, -eachadh, a. frighten, be afraid. 
Oil-thigh, -e, m. a school, a college. 


òinid, -e, -ean, m. and f. a fool; u. òinid- 

each; s. òinideachd. 
òin.seach, -ich, -ean, f. a foolish woman, 
òinseachail, -e, a. foolish, idiotical. 
Oir, conj. for, because. 
Oir, -e, -ean, f. an edge, a border. 
Oir, m. the east. 
Oirbh, prep. pron. on you. 
Oirbheart, -eirt, -ean, m. a great deed or 

action ; òr-bheirt. 
òirbheartach, -aiche, a. glorious, famous; 

Oircheas, -is, -an, m. pity, charity ; a. 

Oircheasachd, f. compassion, povf-rty, 

òirde, -ean, f. piece, lump. 
Oirdhearc, -a, a. noble, famous, illustrious. 
Oirdhearcas, -ais, m. splendour, renown. 
Oirfeid, -e, -ean, m. music, melody 
òirleach, -ich, f. an inch. 
Oirnn, prep. pron. on us. 
Oirre, prep, (air and pers. pron.) on her. 
Oirthir, -e, -ean, f. a coast, a shore; a. 

òisg-, -e, -ean, f. a yearling sheep. 
Oisinn, oisne, oisnean, f. a corner, an 

angle; oisnean the temples. 
Oisinneach, -eiche, a. having corners, or 

Oisinneag, -eig, -an, f. a little corner; a. 

Oisir. See eisir. 

Oit ! oit ! interj. expressive of heat. 
Oiteag, -eig, -an, f. a blast of wind, a 

zephyr; a. oiteagach. 
Oitir, -e, -ean, f. a shoal, a bank of sand. 
M, Ò1, V. drink. 
Ò1, oil, m. drinking; a. òlmhor. 


Ola, f. oil, ointment; a. olach. 

òlach, -aich, m. an hospitable man, a terra 

of contempt, 
òlaclias, -ais, m. hospitality, kindness; 

Olann, -ainn, or olla, f. wool; a. olla, ollach. 
01c, miosa, a. bad, wicked, evil. 
01c, uilc, m. evil, wickedness, mischief. 
Olcas, -ais, m. badness; olcad. 
Ollamh, -an, m. a doctor, a learned man. 
OUanaich, -achadh, v. teach, cure, drill. 
Ollanachd, f. teaching, curing, drilling. 
Omar, -air, m. amber; a. òmarach. 
Omhail, -e, f. care, attention, feeling; 

Omhan, -ain, m. froth of milk. 
Onair, -e, -ean, f. honour; a. onarach. 
Onagaid, f. uproar, confusion. 
ònar. See aonar. 

Onaraich, -achadh, v. honour, respect. 
Onfhadli, -aidh, m. noise of the waves; a. 

ònrachd, f. loneliness, a person alone; a. 

ònrachdach, onranach; from aonar. 
ònrachdan, -aiu, -an, m. a lonely or forlorn 

ònrachdanach, a. solitary, alone, deserted. 
or, -adh, v. gild, 
or, òir, m. gold, a. orach, òrail. 
òrachan. -ain, -an, -raichean, m. a jewel, 

òraid, -e, -ea«, f. a speech, or harangue; 

a. òraideach, 
òran, -ain, -an, m. a sou; a. òrauach. 
òranaiche, m. and f. a singer, a songster, 
òr-bheirt, -ean. f. a feat, a noble deed; a. 

òrbhuidh, a. yellow, of golden colour, 
or-cheard, -eird, a. goldsmith. 


òr-chiabh, -a, -an, m. a goldeu lock; a. or- 

òrchul, -uil, -an, m. yellow or golden locks, 
òrd, -ùird, m. a round steep mountain, a 

hammer, the dog-head of a guu. 
òrd, òird, òirdean, m. a log of wood, 
òrdag, -aig, -an, f. the thumb or the big 

toe; a. òrdagacb. 
òrdagh, -aigh, -aighean, m. an order, a 

religious rite; a. òrdail. 
ordaich, -achadh, v. order, decree, appoint, 
òrdan, -iì:i, -an, m. a small hammer, 
òr-dhuilleag, -eig, -an, f. a gold leaf, 
òrdugh. See òrdagh. 
òrghruag, -uaig, -an, f. a golden lock. 
Orm, prep. pron. upon me. 
òr-mhèinn, -e, -ean, f. a gold mine. 
Orradh, -aidh, m. shift exertion, endeavour. 
Orrai.s, -e, f. nausea, a retching; orrais- 

òr-sheud, -a, -an, m. a golden jewel. 
Ortha, f. a cl:arm, a prayer; orra 
Os, or fos, prep, above, os cionn, above. 
Os, osa, osan, m. and f. a deer, a stag, 

an elk. 
Os, V. quoth, said. See area. 
Osag, -aig, -an, f. a blast, a breeze; a. 

Os aird, prep, and àrd, openly. 
O^an, -ain ,-an, m. hose; a. osanach. 
Osanaichc, -ean, m. a hosier, 
Oscarraclid, f. boldness, intrepidity; a. 

Os cionn (prep, oe and ceann), above, 
òsda, m. an inn, drinking; a. also, 
òsdair, -ean, m. an innkeeper, 
àsdaireachd, f. the office of an innkeeper. 
ò»d-thigh, -e, -ean, ra. an inn; tigh-òsda. 

816 OSG —PAG 

òsgan, -ain, m. a yearling wedder ; lu. of 

Os iosal (prep, and iosal), secretly, 

Osnadh, or osann, -uaidhean, f. a sigh; a. 

Osnachail, -e, a. sighing, groaning. 
Osnaich, -achadh, v. sigh, moan. 
Ospairn, -e, -ean, f. gasping, sobbing, and 

Ospag, osmag, -aig, -an, f. sob, sigh, throe. 
Othail, f. flurry, glee, hubbub. 
Othaisg. See oisg. 

Othar, -air, -an, m. an abscess, au ulcer. 
òtrach, -aich, -raichean, m. a dunghill, a 

term of contempt, a wretch, 
òtrachail, -e, a. full of dunghills. 

Pa, or papa, m. papa, father. 

Pab, -aib, m. shag, rough hair, flax; a. 

Pab, -adh, v. twist, become shaggy, buffet. 
Pabadh, -aidh, m. shagginess, buffeting. 
Pab-cheann, -inn, m. a shaggy head ; a. 

Pac, -adh, v. pack up. 
Pac, -a, -annan, m. a pack,; a. pacaeb. 
Pacaich, -adh, v. pack up. 
Pacaid, -e, -ean, f. a packet, a packet lx)at; 

a. pacaideach. 
Pacair, -ean, m. a pedlar, a packer; pacair- 

eachd, his trade. 
Padhadh. See pathadh. 
Pàganach, -oich, m. a heathen, a pagan; a. 

pagan ach. 
Pàganachd, f. heathenism, paganism; a. 



Pàidh, -eadh, v. pay, remunerate. 
Pàidheadh, -idh, m. payment, pay. 
Pàidhir, -dhreach, -dhrichean, f. a pair, a 

Paidhneachas, -ais, m. penalty, bail, 

Paidhrich, -eachadh, v. pair, couple. 
Paidir, -drichean, f. the Lord's prayer. 
Paidirean, -cin, m. a rosary, a string of 

beads, a garland of flowers. 
Paidreag, -eig, -an, f. a patch, a clout; 

also baidreag. 
Paigh. See paidh. 
Pailleart, -eirt, -an, m. a box on the ear, 

a ]>low. 
Pailleartach, -aiche, a. striking with the 

Pailliun, -iunn, -an, m. a pavilion, a tent; 

a. paillÌTinach. 
Pailm, -e, -ean, f. the palm tree; a. pailm- 

Pailt, -e, a. plentiful, abundant. 
Pailteas, -is, m. plenty, abundance; pailt- 

Paindeal, -il, -ean, m. a panther. 
Painntear, -ir, -ean, m. a gin, a snare; a. 

Painntearach, -ich, m. an ensnarer; 

painntearachd, his trade. 
Painntearaich, -eachadh, v. ensnare. 
Paipeir, -ean, m. paper; a. paipeireach. 
Paipeireachd, f. papering. 
Paipeirich, -eachadh, v. paper, cover with 

Pàirc. See pàircich. 
Pàirc, -c, -ean, f. a park; a. pàirceach. 
Pàircich, -eachadh, v. enclose. 
Pairilis, f. the palsy. 


Pàirt, -e, -ean, f. a part, a share, a por- 
tion; a. pàirteach. 

Pàirteachas, -ais, m. participatiou; a. 

Pàirteachail, -e, a. divisible, sharing, com- 

Pairtich, -eacliadh, v. share, divide, impart. 

Pàirtiche, -ean, m. a sharer, a partner. 

Pàirtidh, -e, -ean, f. a party, a faction. 

Pàisd, -e, -ean, f. a child; a. paisdeil, 

Pài.sdealachd, f. childishness, puerility. 

Pàisdeau, -ein, m. a little child; a. pàisd- 

Paiseanadh, -aidh, m. fainting-; paisean. 

Paiseanach, -aiche, a. given to swooning. 

PaLsg, -eadh, v. wrap up, fold; pa*g, -adh. 

Pait, -e, -ean, f. a hump, a lump; a. 

Pàiteach, -iche, a. thirsty. 

Pannal, -ail, -an, m. a baud of people; also 

Pap, -a, -achan, -an, a po^je; a. pàpach. 

Pàpanachd, f. popery; a. papanach. 

Paradh, -aidh, m. pushing, brandishing. 

Pàrlamaid, -e, -ean, f. Parliameut; a. par- 

Parraist, -e, -ean, m. a parish; a. parraist- 

Parras, -ais, m. paradise, heaven. 

Partach, -aiche, a. sharing, communicative. 

Partan, -ain, -an, -ain, m. a crab; a. 

Pasg, -aichean, m. a bundle, a buuch. 

Pasgadh, -aidh, m. wrapping up, folding. 

Pasgan, -ain, -an, m. a small bundle; a. 

Pathadh, -aidh, m. thirst; a. paiteach. 


Peabar, -brach, -aichean, m. pepper; a. 

Peabraich, -achadh, v. season with pepper. 
Peacadh, -aidh, -annan, m. sin. 
Peacach, -aich, m. a sinner; a. peacach. 
Peacadli-bàis, m. a mortal sin, a deadly sin. 
Peacadh-sola, m. a venial sin. 
Peacadh-ghniomha, m. actual sin. 
Peacadh-gine, m. orig-iual sin. 
Peacaireachd, f. sinning; a. peacail. 
Peacaich, -achadh, v. sin, transgress. 
Peall, pill, -ean, f. a hairy skin; a. mat; 

a. peallach. 
Peallach or piullach, a. hairy, shaggy. 
Ptallag, -aig, -an, f. a little skin, or mat, 

or rug. 
Peallagach, a. full of little rugs, :shaggy, 

Peallan, -ain, m. a tar-mop. 
Peanachas, -ais, -an, m. punishment, pains, 

Peanas, -aia, -an, punishment, penance; a. 

Peanasaich, -achadh, v. punish, torture. 
Peann, -a, -inn, -tan, f. a pen; a. 

Pears, -a, -achan, -annan, m. and f. a 

person; pears eaglais, an eccle-siastic. 
Pearsaich, -achadh, v. personify. 
Pearaanta, a. of good person, handsome. 
Peasair, -rach, raichean, f. pease, pulse; 

a. peasrach. 
Peasan, -ain, -an, ra. an impertinent fellow; 

a. peasanach. 
Peaaanachd, f. petulance, impudence, pert- 

Peasg, -an, f. a ga,sh, a cranny; a. 



Peasg, -adh, notcli, gash, of skin becoming 

' chapped.' 
Peata, -an, -achan, m. a pet; a. peatach. 
Peathar. See piuthar. 
Peathxachas, -ais, f. sisterhood. 
Peic, -e, -an, m. a peck, two gallons. 
Peicean, or peiceag, f. a little peck. 
Peighinn, -e, -ean, f. a penny; a. peigh- 

Peighinneach, -iche, a. spotted, speckled. 
Peileid, -e, -ean, f. a husk, a bag. 
Peileir, -ean, m. a ball, or bullet; a. peil- 

Peilisteir, -ean, m. a quoit, a small flag. 
Pein, -e, f. pain, torment; a. pèineil. 
Pèinealtachd, f. tyranny, pain; a. pèin- 

Peirceall, -ill, -cle, -ean, m. a jaw, a jaw- 
bone; a. peircleach. 
Peirigill, -e, -ean, f. danger, strait; 

Peiteag, -eig, -an, f. a waistcoat, a jacket; 

a. peiteagach. 
Peitean. See peiteag. 
Peithir, -e, -ean, m. a forester. 
Peitseag, -eig, -an, f. a peach; a. peitseag- 

Peucag, -aig, -an, f. pea-hen, a pretty 

Peucagach, a. beautiful, full of pea-hens. 
Peur, -eire, -a, -an, f. a pear; a. peurach. 
Peurda, -an, m. a tuft of wool taken off 

the cards. 
Peurdag, -aig, -an, f. a partridge; also 

piartag; a. peurdagach. 
Phairiseach, -ich, pi. -ich, m. a Pharisee; 

Pian, -ein, -tan, f. pain, torment; a. pianail, 



Pian, -adh, v. torment, torture; piantaich. 
Piauadaii, -ean, m. a tormentor; pianadh, 

his office. 
Piaualaclid, f. painfulnesti ; a. piantachail. 
Piantair, -en, m. a tormentor. 
Pic, -e, -ean, f. pitch, a pike, a weapon, a 

Pic, -eadh, v. pitch, bedaub with pitch. 
Picear, -ean, m. a pick-axe man. 
Picear, -ean, m. a rogue; picearachd, his 

Picearachd, f. working with a pick-axe. 
Picil, -eadh, v. pickle; picillich. 
Picil, -e, -ean, f. pickle, brine; a. picleach. 
Pige, -eachan, ui. an earthen jar; a. pig- 
Pigeadair, -ea);, m. a potter; pigeadair- 

eachd, his trade. 
Pigean, -ein, f. a pie; pighe. 
Pill, -eadh. v. turn, cause to turn; till. 
Pill, -e, -ean, f. a sheet or skin for win- 

nowiuK^ corn. 
Pillean -eiu, f. a cloth under the saddle, 

pack-saddle, pillon; a. pilleauach. 
Pinue, -eachan, m. a pin, a peg; a. piuu- 

Pinn, -eadh, v. fasten with pins; pierce; 

Pinnt, -e, -ean, f. a pint. 
Piob, -a, -an, f. a pipe, a bagpipe, a tube; 

a. piobach. 
Piobadair -ean, m. a pipe-maker. 
Piobag, -aig, -an, f. a small pipe; a. piob- 

Piobaire. -ean, m. a piper; piobaireachd, 

art of piping, a certain form of pipe 




Pìoban, -ain, -an, m. a small pipe or tube, 

throat, gullet. 
Piobanach, or piobanta, a. tubular. 
Piob-leigidh, f. the cock of the barrel. 
Pìob-mhàla, f. a bagpipe. 
Piob-shionnaich, -an-sionuaich, f. an Irish 

Piob-thaosgaidh, -an-taosgaidh, f. a pump. 
Piob-uisge, -an-uise, a conduit pipe. 
Piobull. See Biobull. 
Pioc, -adh, V. pick, nibble, nip. 
Pioc, -e, -ean, m. a bit, a crumb; a. piocach. 
Piocach, -aich, pi. -aich, m. a coal-fish, a 

Piocadair, or piocair, -ean, m. one that 

works with a pick. 
Piocadh, -aidh, m. picking, nibbling. 
Piocag, -aig, -an, f. a small bit or crumb; 

a. piocagach. 
Piocaich, -adh, v. work with a pick or 

Piocaid, -e, -ean, f. a pick or mattock; a. 

Piocaireachd, f. working with a pick, 

Piochan, -ain, m. a wheezing in the throat. 
Piochanach, -aiche, a. wheezing; s. pioch- 

Pioghaid, -e, -ean, f. a magpie; a. piogh- 

Piolaid, -e, -ean, f. a pillory. 
Piolaiste, -ean-, m. trouble, vexation; a. 

Pioraruig, -ean, f. a wig; piorbhuic, 

Pioraruigeach, a. wearing a wig; piorabh- 

Piorr, -adh, v. pierce, dig, scr<ipe. 


Piorradh, -aidh, m. piercing, digging, 

PÌ06, -a, -an, m. a piece, a morsel, ;i silver 

Piosach, -aiche, a. full of pieces, or silver 

Piosag, -aig, -an, f. a small bit; a. pios- 

Piosan, -ain, -an, m. a small piece; a. 

Piostail, -ail, -an, m. a pistol; a. piostalach. 
Piseach, -ich, m. success, prosperity, in- 
Piseachail, -e, a. prosperous, fortunate. 
Piseag, -eig, -au, f. a kitten, a yoiir.g cat; 

a. piseagach. 
Pit, -e, -ean, f. a pit, a hollow. 
Piùg, piùig, f. a plaintive note; a. 

Piutliar, i)eathar, peathraichean, f. a sister. 
Piutliaralachd, f. sisterline^io ; a. piutharail. 
Piuthar-altruim, f. a foster sister. 
Piuthai-athar, f. a father o sister, a 

paternal aunt. 
Piuthar-cheile, f. a sister-in-law. 
Piuthar-mathar, f. a mothers sister. 
Piuthar-seanar, f. a grandfather's sister, a 

grand aunt. 
Piuthar-seanamhar, f. a grand aunt. 
Piuthrag, -aig, -au, f. a little sister. 
Plab, -adh, v. make a soft noise, as water. 
Plabadaich, or plabartaich, f. soft noise, 

as the wing of a bird. 
Plabair, -ean, m. a babbler; plabaireachd, 

his habit. 
Plabraich. See plabadaich. 
Plaide, -eachan, f. a blanket; a. plaideach. 
Plaideag, -eig, -an, f. a little blanket; s. 


824 PLA— PLE 

Plàigh, -e, -ean, f. a plague; a. plàigheach. 
Plaigkealaclid, f. plagriiuess; a. plàigheil. 
Plàis, -eadh, v. plash, bedaub witli dirt. 
Plam, -aim, -an, m. anything curdled or 

clotted; a. plamach. 
Plamraich, v. make a soft noite, curdle 

Plang, -aing, m. a plack, one-third of a 

Plangaid, -e, -ean, f. a blanket; a. plaug- 

Plannta, -aichean, m. a plant. 
PlanntaJch, -achadh, v. plant. 
Planntair, -ean, m. a planter; planntair- 

eachd, his trade. 
Plaosg, -adh, v. peel, open, awake; plaoisg. 
Plaosg, plaoisg, pi. plaoisg, m. the shell of 

an egg, a husk, a skin. 
Plaosgach, -aiche, a. full of shells or husks. 
Plaosgadh, -aidh, m. the opening of the 

eyes, peeling. 
Pla/osgaire, ra. a dullard. 
Plàsd, -adh, v. plaster; plàstaich. 
Plàsda, -an, m. a plaster; a. plasdach. 
Plasdadh ,-aidh, m. plastering; plasdach- 

Plàsdair, -ean, m. a plasterer; plàsdair- 

eachd. hi.s trade. 
Plàsdraich, -achadh. See plasd. 
Plata, -achan, f. a sort of cloth made of 

straw, etc. 
Plath, -a, -an, m. a volume of flame, wind 

or smoke, a flash, a glance. 
Plathach, a. shining, flaming, smoking. 
Plathadh, -aidh, m. a, a flash, a 


Pleadhag, -aig, -an, f. a dibble, a paddle; 
a. pleadhagach. 


Pleadhagaich, -achadh, v. work with a 

dibble or paddle. 
Pleadhan, -ain, -an, in. a little oar, a .small 

Pleadhanachd, f. paddling; a. pleadhan. 
Pleadhart, -airt, -an, m. a blow, a bufifet; 

a. pleadhartach. 
Pleat, -a, -au, f. a plait, a tress. 
Pleat, -adh, v. plait, tress. 
Pleodhaisg, -eau, m.f. a booby, a simpleton. 
Pliadh, -a, -an, f. a splay foot; a. pliadhr 

Pliadhaiche, f. splayfootednes*. 
Pliut, -a, -an, m. a clumsy foot or hand; a. 

Pliutair, -ean, m. a clumsy footed man; 

pliutaireachd, his fault. 
Ploc, -uic, -an, m. a round mass, a clod, a 

turf, a block; a. plocach. 
Ploc, -adh, V. strike with clods, mash, 

Plocadh, -aidh, m. striking with clods, 

mashing, pounding. 
Plocag, -aig, -an, f. a thick woman; a. 

Plocan, -ain, -an, m. a little clod or block; 

a. plocanach. 
Plocantachd, f. stoutness, large cheeks; a. 

Plod, -adh, V. float, parboil; plodaich. 
Plod, -a, -an, m. a fleet, a flotilla. 
Plodach, -aiche, a. lukewarm, parboiled. 
Plodach, -aich, -aichean, f. a lair for burial. 
Plodadh, -aidh, m. parboiling. 
Plodaiche, f. lukewarmness. 
Plòic, -e, -ean, f. the mumps. 
Plòiceag, -eig, -an, a big cheeked woman; 

ni. plòicean. 
Plòiceanach, -aiche, a. plump-cheeked. 

326 PLO — FLU 

Plosg, -adh, V. palpitate, throb, start, gasp. 

Plosg, -oisg, m. life, breath, palpitation; 

Plub, -adh, V. plump, plunge into water. 

Plub, -uib, -an, m. the noise of a thing 
falling in water. 

Plubach, a. bubbling, gurgling, stammer- 

Plubadaich, f. making a noise in water. 

Plubadh, -aidh, m. a plunge. 

Plubaire, -ean, a booby, a blubbering 

Plubaireachd, f. speaking indistinctly. 

Plub-cheann, m. a lumpish head. 

Plubraich; see plubadaich. 

Pluc. -uic, -a, -an, m. a lump, head of a pin. 

Pluc, -adh, V. beat, thump, pluck. 

Plucadh, -aidh, m. beating, a knot; a. 

Plucaiche, f. knottiness, lumpishness. 

Plucair, -ean, m. a beater, a thumper. 

Plucan, -ain, -an, m. a little knot or lump. 

Phicanach. -aiche, full of ittle knots. 

Pluch, -adh, v. press, squeeze, smother. 

Pluchadh. -aidh, m. squeezing, smothering. 

Pluic, -e. -ean, f. the cheek: a. pluiceach. 

Pluicean, -ein, m. a little cheek; a. 

Pluioeanach, -ich, m. a bluff-cheeked per- 

Plùidseach, -ich, f. a clumsy, awkward 
person . 

Plum, -uim, m. or f. anything that stands 

Plum, plumadh, v. plunge, sink. 

Pluma, or plumag, m. a plummet. 

Plumadh, -aidh, m. a plunge. 

Pluniaich. -achadh, v. sour and coagulate, 
as milk. 


Plumanaich, f. noise of waves. 

Plumbais, or -as, -e, -ean, f. a plum; a. 

Plundrainn, -e, -ean, f. plundering, booty. 
Plundrainn, v. plunder, rob. 
PobuU, -uill, -an, m. a people. 
Poc, -adh, V. put up in a aack; pocaicli. 
Pòc, -achadh, v. pocket, put in your pocket ; 

Poca, -an, -annan, m. a bag, sack; a. 

Poca, -an, -annan, m. a pocket; a. pòcacli. 
Pòcaid, pòcaideach. See pòca. 
Pòcan, -ain, an, m. a small sack; a pert, 

forward fellow. 
Pòcan, -ain, -an, m. a small pocket; a. 

Pògy -òig, -an, f. a kiss; a. pògach. 
Pòo;, -adh, v. kiss. 
Pògadh, m. kissing; pògaireachd. 
Pògair, -ean, m. a kisser. 
Poibleach, -ich, m. a people. 
Poiblidh, -e, a. public, 
Poicean, or pocan, m. a short squat fellow 
Poiceanach, -iche, a. short, thick, squat. 
Pòigean, -ein, m. a little kiss; a. pòigeau- 

Poit, -e, -ean, f. a pot; a. poiteach. 
Pòit, -e, f. drinking to excess; a. poiteach. 
Poirdhubh, or poit-ruadh, a still. 
Poiteag, -eig, -an, f. a small pot; a. 

poiteagach . 
Pòitear, -an, m. a drunkard; pòitearachd, 
Pòitearach, -iche, a. addicted to drinking. 
Poll, -uill, -an, m. a pit, a hole, mire; a. 

Poll-monn, a peat-moss, a peat-hag. 
Poll, puill, -an, ni. a nostril; also pollair 

and poUag. 


Pollachas, -ais, m. lumpishness ; a. pollach. 

Poll-cheannach, a. lump-headed. 

Pollag, -aig, -an, f. a little hole or pit, the 

fish pollock or lythe; a. pollagach. 
Ponach, -aich, m. boy, lad. 
Ponaidh, -e, -ean, m. a little horse; rather 

Pònair, -aire, f. a bean or beans; a. 

Pong, -uing, -an, f. a jDoint, a topic, a 

stop, a tone; a. pougach. 
Pongalachd, f. accuracy, exactness; a. 

Pòr, pòir, -an, m. seed, brood, progeny, 

any vegetable; a. porach. 
Pòrsan, -ain, -an, m. a portion; a. pòrsan- 

Port, puirt, -an, m. port, a tune, a ferry; 

a. portach; ri port, wind-bound. 
Portair, -ean, m. a porter, a ferryman, the 

drink porter. 
Portaireachd, f. the office of a ferryman or 

PÒS, -adh, V. marry. 
Pòsachail, -e, a. marriageable: posda, a. 

Pòsadh, -aidh, -aidhean, m. marriage. 
Post, -adh, V. tramp with the feet. 
Post, -uist, -an, -achan, a pillar, a past, a 

leaden slug. 
Posta, puist, -chan, m. a letter-carrier, a 

Poi^tachd, f. the business of a post. 
Postan, -ain, -an, m. a little post; a. 

Prab, -adh, v. disorder, discompo-se, spoil. 
Prab, -aib, -an, rheum in the eyes. 
Prabach, a. blear-eyed, ragged, dishevelled. 
Prabadh, -aidh, m. disordering. 


Prabair, -e, -ean, m. a ignoble or low 

Pràbar, -air, -an, m. a rabble; a. pràb- 

Prabartaich, f. a smattering. 
Prabshuil, f. a blear eye; a. prabshuileach. 
Pracadair, -e, -ean, ni. tithe collector. 
Pracais, m. idle talk. 
Pracas, -ais, m. hotch-potch. 
Praib, -e, f. filth, nastiness, mire, rabble. 
Praidseach, rather proidseach, -icli, m. a 

Pràis, -e, brass or pot-metal, a pot; a. 

Pràiseach, -ich, -ean, f. brass, a pot, broth, 

Praiseach, -ich, f. a bold or impudent 

Pràisiche, -ean, m. a brazier. 
Priimh, -àimh, m. .slumber, grief; a. 

Pràmhachd, f. somnolency, grief; pràmh- 

Prann. See pronn. 

Prap, -a, a. clever, quick; s. prapadh. 
Prasach, -aich, -aichean, f. a manger. 
Prasgan, -ain, -an, m. a little bunch or 

Pra-sganach, -aiche, a. full of bundles or 

Prrachan, -ain, -an, m. crow, kite. 
Prcas, -adh, v. plait, fold, wrinkle. 
Proas, -is, -an, m. a bush; a. preasach. 
Prcas, -e, -an, m. a wrinkle, rather 

Preas, pri.s, -an, m. n pre^s. a case, a. 

Preasach, -aiche, a. wrinkled, striped. 
Preasadh, -aidh, m. a plait, a wrinkle. 


Preasarnach, -aich, f. a shrubbery. 

Preathal, -ail, m. a dizziness, a fit, a swoon. 

Prine, -eachan, m. a pin; a. prineacli. 

Prineaclian, -ain, -an, m. a small pin. 

Priuicli, -eachadh, v. pin. 

Priob, -adh, v. wink, twinkle. 

Priobadh, -aidh, m. a wink; priobadh 

cadail, a wink of sleep. 
Priobaid, -e, -ean, a trifle, as of money. 
Priomh, adj. pfx. first, prime, chief. 
Priomh-athair, a patriarch; priomh-bhaile, 

a capital; priomh-chrann, a main-mast; 

priomh-.sheòl, a main-sail: priomh- 

Tiachdaran, a chief ruler. 
Prionns, or prionnsa, -an, -achan, m. a 

Prionn.sach, -aiche, a. princely; prionnsail. 
Prionnsachd, f. principality; prionnsalachd. 
Prionnsalach, -aiche, a. authoritative, 

Priosan, -ain, m. a prison. 
Priosanach, -aich, m. a prisoner. 
Priosanaich, -achadh, v. imprison. 
Pris, -e, -ean, f. a price, value; a. priseil. 
Prisealachd, f. preciousness. 
Prisich, -eachadh, v. estimate, fix the price. 
Probhaid, -e, -ean, f. profit; a. probhaid- 

Procadair, -ean, m. a procurator or 

Procadair eachd, f. pleading, procurator- 
Proghan, -ain, m. lees, dregs; a. proghan- 

Proidseach, -ich, m. a boy, a lad. 
Pròis, -e, f. pride, haughtiness; a. pròiseil. 
Pròisealachd, f. haughtiness. 
Pròiseag, -eig, -an, f. a prude; m. pròisean. 
Pronn and proinn, -iiinn, m. food, a meal. 


Pronn, -uinn, m. seeds, bran. 

Pronn, -adh, v. pound, mash. 

Pronn. -uinne, a. pounded, mashed. 

Pronnach, -aich, f. fragments, refuse. 

Prounadair, -ean, m. a masher, a mortar; 

Prounadii, -aidh, m. pounding; pronnadair- 

Pronnag, -aig, -an, f. crumbs; pronnan. 

Pronnasg, -aisg, m. brimstone; pronastal. 

Pronndal, -ail, m. murmurng, muttering. 

Pronndalach, -aiche, a. muttering, mur- 

Pronnta, a. mashed; pronnte. 

Prop, -uip, -an, -uip, m. a prop, a post; a. 

Prop, -adh, v. prop, support. 

Propadh, -aidh, m. supporting. 

Propairneacii, -ich, m. a stripling, a stout 
boy; pro])anacb. 

Prodnaich. See brosnaich. 

Protaig, -ean, f. trick. 

Prothai-t, -e, -can, m. a provost, a corpulent 

Prothaisteach, c. of or belonging to a pro- 
vost, corpulent. 

Puball, -aill, -an, m. a tent, a booth. 

Pùc, -adh, V. jostle, push. 

Pùdar, -air, m. powder; fùdar. 

Pudhar. -air, -an, m. loss, injury. 

Pùic, -c. -eau, f. a bribe; a. pùiceach. 

Pùicear, -ean, m. a briber; pùicearachd^ 
his office. 

Pùidse, -ean, m.f. a pouch, pocket. 

Puing, -c, -ean, f. a point; see pong. 

Puinneag, -eig, -an, f. sorrel, a soft vege- 
table stem; a. pmnneagach. 

Pmnn8»\ -ean, m. punch; a. puiun.seach. 

Puinseanta, a. poisonous. 


Puinsean, -ein, m. poison; a. puinseanach. 
Puinseanaich, -achadh, v. poison. 
Puirtean, -ein, m. dim. of port, a small 

port, a tune. 
Puis, -e, -ean, m. a cat, a kitten. 
Pulaidh, -ean, m. a turkey cock. 
Pung, -e, -an, f. a point; pong. 
Pungail, -e, a. accurate; pougail. 
Punnd, puinnd, pi. puinnd, a pound, a 

Punndair, -ean, m. one that pounds cattle; 

punndaireachd, his trade. 
Pund, -adh, v. pound cattle. 
Purgadair, -ean, m. a purifier, purgatory. 
Purgadaireachd, f. purification, state of 

Purp, -irp ,m. sense, intelligence; a. 

Purpur, -uir, m. purple colour ; a. purpaidh. 
Purr, -adh, v. piish, thrust, stab. poke. 
Pusag, -aig, -an, f. a litle cat, or blow on 

the mouth. 
Put, -adh, V. push, thrust. 
Put, -a, -an, m. a young bird. See bùta. 
Putag, -aig, -an, a thole-pin; a. piitagach. 
Putair, -ean, m. a pusher ; putaireachd, his 

Putan, -ain, -an, m. a button; a. putanach. 
Puth, f. a puff; dm. puthag, a little puff. 
Puthar, -air, -an, m. harm, hurt. 


'R, contr. for ar and bhur, poss. pron. 'nar, 

in our. 
R', contr. for ri, prep, r'ar linn, in our 

Babachas, -ais, m. litigiousness; a. rabach, 



Bàbair, -ean, m. a litigious man, a roarer; 

ràbaireachd, hs habit. 
Eabhadh, reabhadh, -aidh, m. a warning. 
Eabhagach, -aich, f. weeds in the bottom 

of water. 
Eabhairt, or reobhairt. See reabhairt. 
Eabhan, -ain, m. a rhapsody, a rigmarole. 
Eabhd, f. lies, idle talk; a. rabhdach. 
Eabhdair, -ean, m. a fabulist; rabhdair- 

Eabhdal, -ail, m. idle or coarse talk; a. 

Eàc, -àic, -an, m. a rake, a drake; a. 

Eac, -a, -an, m. the ' traveller ' rings 

attaching the sail to the mast. 
Eac, -adli, rake, make a noise like geese. 
Eàcadail, -ail, m. horse radish; a. ràcadal- 

Eacadh, -aidh, m. raking. 
Eacaid, -e, -ean, f. a bustle, noise; a. 

Eacair, -ean, m. a vociferous fabulist or 

Eacair, -ean, m. one that rakes; ràcair- 

eachd, his trade. 
Eacaireachd, f. loud lying talk. 
Eacaii, -ain, -an, m. a small rake; a. 

Each, V. go. 
Eachd, or reachd, a heavy loud sigli or 

Eadan, or rodan, -ain, pi. -ain, or -an, a 

rat ; a. radanach. 
Eadh, m. a saying, noise; inf. of abair. 
Badharc, -aire, m. sight, {wwer of vision. 
Eadharcach, seeing, sighted. 
Eag. -aide, a. stiff, rigid, stubborn. 
Bag, -adh, v. grow stiff, be benumbed. 


Hag, -aig, -an, f. a rag; cha 'u 'eil riig air, 

he has not a stitch on. 
Eagach, -aiche, a. ragged. 
Ragaich, -achadh, v. stiffen. 
Eagaire, -ean, m. a rogue; ragaireachd, 

Eag-bheirt, -ean, f . forced work ; a. rag- 

Kag-bheirteachd, f. force or violence. 
Rag-mhèirleach, -ich, m. an arrant thief. 
Eag-mhuinealachd, f. stiff-neckedness ; a. 

Raibheic, -e, -ean, f. a loud roar. 
Eàic, -e, f. loud idle prattling; a. ràioeil. 
Eàicealachd, f. loud prattling. 
Eàideil, -e, a. inventive, cunning. 
Eaghainn, -e, -ean. See roghainn. 
Eàidh. See ràithe. 
Eàidheil, a. quarterly. 
Eaige, or raigead, f. stiffness, obstinacy. 
Eaineach, -ich, m. brackens, ferns: a. rain- 

Eàinig, past of the v. ruig. 
Eaip, or roip, -e, f. filth, a foul mouth; a. 

Eaipleach, -ich, -an, f. a filthy or slovenly 

Eaipleachag, -aig, -an, f. a little squalid 

Eàite, -ean, f . a saying, an adage 
Eàiteachas, -ais, m. pride, boasting; a. 

Eàithe, -an, m. a quarter of a year. 
Eamachdair, -ean, m. a vulgar fellow; 

ramachdaireachd, his habit. 
Eamaag, -aisg, m. sea-tangle. 
Eàmh, -àimh, m. an oar; a. ràmhach. 
Eàmhachd, f. rowing. 
Eàmhadair, -ean, m. a maker of oars. 


Ràmhaich, -achadh, v. row. 

Ràmhair, -ean, m. a rower. 

Ràmh-long, -uing, f. a galley. 

Eamlair, -ean, m. a rambler; ramlaireachd, 

bis habit. 
Ran, -àin, m. shriek. 
Rànaich, or ranail, f. crying, .shrieking. 
Rànan, -ain, -an m. a little cry, roar of a 

Rang. See reaug. 
Rami, -ainn, -oiun, au, -anntachau, f. a 

part, a song; a. ranutach. 
Rannsachair, -ean, m. a searcher. 
Raunsaich, -achadh, v. examine, cearch. 
Rannsaiche, -ean, m. au examiner, a 

Ranntach, -aich, m. a songster; ranntachd, 

his office. 
Ranntachd, f. versification. 
Ranntair, -ean, m. a poet or songster. 
Raoir, adv. last night. 
Raoit, -e, -ean, f. drunkenness, indecent 

Raoiteir, -ean, m. a drunkard; raoitear- 

achd, his vice; a. raoiteach. 
Rai)n, -ain, -intean, m. a plain. 
Ràpail, -ail, m. noise, bustle; a. rapalach. 
Ràpair, or repair, -ean, m. a rhapsodist. 
Rhpaireachd, or ròpaireachd, f. foolish or 

idle talk. 
Rapais, -e, f . filth, nastiness, noise ; rapas, 

a. rapach. 
Ràsan, -ain, -an, m. harsh noise, loquacity; 

a. rasanach. 
Rà.-^dal, -ail, m. a rake, a harrow, fizzing. 
Rhsdalach, m. harrowing. 
Rath, -a, m. a raft, a surety, a fortress. 
Rath, -a, m. prosperity, success, luck; a. 


336 RAT — KBA 

Rathacbas, -ais, m. success, fortune. 
Rathad, -aid, -aidean, m. a road. 
Rathadach, a. pushful, diligent. 
Eàthan, -ain, -an, m. surety; rtthanas. 
E.a-soluÌ8, m. time of moonlight at night. 
Rà-dorcha, m. time of the moon in the 

Re, m. or f. space, time, life-time, the moon. 
Re, prep, during; re an latha, during the 

Rèab, -adh, v. tear, gore, wound; reub, 

Rèabadh, -aidh, m. a wound, a tear; a. 

Rèabail, -ladh, v. tear, mangle. 
Rèabaiuneachd, f. robbery, plundering. 
Rèabair, -e, -ean, m. a robber, a violent 

person, one who rends or gores. 
Rèabann, -ainn, f. rapine, robbery; a. 

Reabhaireachd, f. craftiness; reabhair, a 

crafty man. 
Reabhairt, -e, f. the time of spring-tide; 

lan-reabhairt, m. a spring-tide. 
Reachd, f. a loud sob or sigh; raehd. 
Reachd, f. a law or ordinance; a. 

Reachdach, or reachdmhor, a. stout, strong. 
Reachdadair, -ean, m. a lawyer; reachd- 

adaireachd, his office. 
Reachdaich, -achadh, v. enact, legislate. 
Reachdmhcfr, -oire, a. robust, strong. 
Rèadan, or reabhdan. See reudan. 
Reamhar, -mhra; a. fat, plump 
Reamhrachd, f. fatness; a. reamhach, 

Reamhrad, -aid, f. fatness, a degree of fat- 
Reamhraioh, -achadh, v. fatten, become fat. 

R£à — KEI 837 

Eeang, -eing, -an, a wrinkle in the face, a 

boat rib; a. reangach. 
Reang, e, -an, m. a rank or series; a. 

Eeangach, -aiche, a. lean, sarved, ribbed, 

Reangaich, -achadh, v. starve. 
Reangair, -ean, m. a loiterer; reangair- 

eachd, his habit. 
Reannach, -aich, m. a mackerel; rionnach. 
Reannag, -aig, -an, f. a star; a. reannagach. 
Reasgach, -aiche, a. rough, restive, iras- 
cible; .-i. reasgachd. 
Reasgshuil, f. a blear-eye; a. reasgshuil- 

Reath. See reithe. 
Eeic, -eil, V. roar, howl. 
Reic, reic, v. sell, vend. 
Reic, -e, m. a sale, selling; a. reiceach. 
Reiceadair, -ean, m. a seller, a salesman. 
Eeiceodaireachd, f. selling. 
Reidh, -e, -ean, m. a plain; reidhlean. 
Reidh, -e, a. plane, level, ready, smooth. 
Reidh, aren. of riadh. 
Reidheachd, f. smoothness, polish. 
Reidh-labhairt, m. eloquence; a. reidh 

Reidhlean, -ein, m. a green, a plain. 
Reidhleanach, -aiche, a. plane, level. 
Reilig, -e, -ean, f. a burying-place. 
Reilteag, -eig, -an, f. a little star; a. reilt- 

Reir, or a reir, do reir, prep, according to. 
Reira, -e, -ean, f. power, sway, course, way, 

Reis. -e, -ean, f. a race, a run. 
Reisimeid, -e, -ean, f. a regiment. 
Reit, or reite, f. concord, peace, harmony. 



Eèiteach, -ich, -an, m. espousals. 
Rèiteachd, f. peace, concord; a. rèiteach. 
Eeithe, -eachan, m. a ram; reath. 
Reithean, -ein, m. a little ram. 
Rèitich, -eachadh, v. adjust, reconcile, 

Eeò, or reòdh, -thadh, or -adh. v. freeze, 

become frozen. 
Reodhadh, -aidh, m. frost; a reota. 
Eeothairt. See reabhairt. 
Eeub, or riab, and their derivatives. See 

Eeubal, -ail, -an, m. a rebel; a. reubalach. 
Eeubaltachd, f . rebellion ; a. reubaltacli 
Eeudan, -ain, -an, m. a mite, a timber 

mite; rèadan, reabhdan. 
Reudanach, -aiche, a. mite-eaten. 
Eeul, -ail, -tan, f. a star; a. reultach. 
Eeulaldair, -ean, m. an astronomer; reul- 

adaireachd, his office. 
Reul-dhraoidh, -ean, m. an astrologer; reul- 

dhraoidheachd, his office. 
Reul-eòlas, -ais, -an, m. astronomy. 
Reultag, -aig, -an, f. a little star; a. reul- 

Reusan, -ain, -an, m. reason; a. reusanta. 
Reusanaich, -achadh, v. reasou, argue. 
Ri, prep, to, at, near; ri laimh, at his 

Riab. See reab. 
Riabhach, -aiche, a. brindled, greyish, 

Riabhach, with def. art. (an Riabhach), the 

Evil One; lit., the grizzly one. 
Riabhag, -aig, -an, f. a lark, a hedge- 
sparrow; a. riabhagach. 
Riach, -adh, v. cut in the form of a line, 

gaze. See sgriach. 


Biachadfa, -aidh, m. a slight cut, a scratch; 

a. riachach. 
Eiadh, reidh, m. the interest of money, 

rate, a drill, or run. See also ruith. 
Hiagh, -a, -an, m. a snare; riadh. 
Riaghail, -ghladh, v. rule, reign, direct. 

See also righeil. 
Riaghailt, -e, -ean, f. a rule, a regulation, 

a foot-rule. 
Riaghailteachd, f. orderliness; a. riaghailt- 

Eiaghan, -ain, -an, m. a drill, a swing, a 

gibbet; riagh; a. riaghauach. 
Riaghladair, -ean, m. a ruler; a. riaghlad- 

aireachd, his trade. 
Riaghlair, -ean, m. a ruler. 
Riaghlaireachd, f. ruling. 
Eiamh, adv. never, ever, always; " riamh 

's roimhe " — " still and before," 

Eianihadh. See rionihadh. 
Eian, -an, m. order, method, regularity, a 

good disposition, condition; a. rianail. 
Rianaich, -achadh, v. arrange, adjust. 
Eianalachd, f. regularity, order, system. 
Riar, rcir, m. pleasure, will, inclination. 
Riarachat;, -ais, m. sharing, distribution. 
Riaraich, -achadh, v. divide, distribute, 

Riaraiche, -ean, m. a distributer of food. 
Riasail, -ladh, v. tear, mangle, tousle. 
Ria<sg, roisg, m. a sedgy marsh, rough 

grass; a. riasgach. 
Riasglach, -aich, -ean, f. a mangled carcase, 

a sedgy morass. 
Riasgshuil, f. a blear-eye; a. riasgshuileach. 
Riaslach, a. tearing, mangling 
Riaspach, -aiche, confused, disordered; 



Riastradh, -aidh, m. confusion, disorderli- 

Biatauas, -ais, m. need, necessity; a. 

Rib, -eadb, t. entangle, ensnare. 
Rib, -e, -ea<;han, m. a liair, a blade, a rag, 

a tatter, a snare; a. ribeach. 
Bibeacbas, -ais, m. entanglement ; a. 

Ribeag, -eig, -an, a little bair, a small rag; 

a. ribeagacb, ribeacb. 
Ribheid, -e, -ean, f. a reed, mufiic; a. ribh- 

Ribb. See riùm. 
Ribhinn, -e, -ean, f. a nympb, a young 

lady, a quean; righinn. 
Ribin, -ean, m. a ribbon; a. ribineacb. 
Ribleach, -ich, -an, f. anything in tatters. 
Rideal, -il, -an, m. a riddle; a. ridleach. 
Ridil, -leadh, v. riddle, .sift; ridlicb. 
Ridir, -e, -ean, m. a knight; ridireacbd, his 

Righ, righrean, m. a king; a. rioghail. 
Righ, -eadh, v. stretch, tighten, lay out 

for burial. 
Righ-chathair, -rach, f. a throne. 
Righ-cholbh, -uilbh, m. a sceptre. 
Rigb-chorou, -oin, m. a crown. 
Righe, -an, m. field, valley, bottom, wrist. 
Righeachd. See rioghachd. 
Righealadair, -ean, m. a ruler, a regulator. 
Righealairj -ean, m. a ruler, one v.ho 

Righeil, -ealadh, v. rule, reign, direct. 
Righich, -eachadh, v. reign, rule, govern. 
Righinn, righne, a. tough, slow. 
Righinn, -e, -ean, f. a nymph, a quean. 
Righ-lann, -aiuu, -an, f. a palace. 
Righil, -eadh, v. reel, dance; ruidhil. 


Eìghle, -eachan, m. a yarn reel. 

Eìghleadh, m. reeling, dancing-. 

Rìgh-nathair, -thrach, -thraichean, f. a 

Rìghueachas, -ais, m. laziness, sluggish- 
ness; rìghnead. 

Rìghnich, -eachadh, v. make tough, delay. 

Rìgh-shlat, -ait, -an, f. a sceptre. 

Righ-theach, -an, m. a palace. 

Righ-theachdaire, -ean, m. an ambassador. 

Rinn, -e, -ean, f. a promontory, a point, 
tip of a weapon. 

Rinn, pret. of v. dean. 

Riob. See rib. 

Riochd, -a, -an, m. likeness, form; a. 
rioclidail, real, true. 

Riochdaich, -achadh, v. personate, repre- 

Riochdalachd, f. reality, shape, dress, 

Riof, -a, -an, -achan, m. the reef of a sail, 
a sunken rock. 

Rioghachd, -an, f. a kingdom, an empire, 

Rioghalachd, f. royalty; a. rioghail. riogh- 

Riolainn, -e, -ean, f. a cloud; a. riolainn- 

Riomhadh, -aidh, f. adornment, beauty; 
rionihachas; a. riorahach. 

Riomhainn. See ribhinn. 

Rionnach. See reannach. 

Rionnag, or runnag. See reannag. 

Rireadh, a rireadh, da-rirendh, adv. indeed, 

Ris, prep, to, exposed to view. 

Ris, or, adv. again. 

Ruj-san, prep. pron. to him. 

Risteal, -eil, -an, ra. a one-horse plough. 

342 Riu — ROG 

Biuin, riut, ris, rithe, ruinn, ribh, riutha, 
or riu, prep, ri, with the pers pron. 
mi, thu, etc., to me, to thee, etc. 

Ro-, adv. used as an intensive prefix before 
adjectives, as ro-mhath, very good. 

Ro-aire, f. great care or attention. 

B/obach, -aiche, a. shaggy, clout, rough, 
wet (as weather). 

Bobag. -aig, -an, f. a sluttish woman. 

Bobair, -ean, m. a robber; robaireachd, his 

Robh, pret. interr. and neg. of v. bi. 

Bobhairt. See reabhairt. 

Robhas, -ais, -an, m. a notification, infor- 
mation about anything lost. 

RÒC, -a, -an, m. a hoarse cry or voice; a. 

Ròc, -adh, V. cry hoarsely. 

Roc, -a, -an, m. a wrinkle; a. rocach. 

Roc, ruic, m. a kind of sea-tangle, sea- 

Ròcail, -ladh, v. tear, mangle. 

Ròcail, -ladh, v. croak, roar hoarsely. 

Ròcair, -ean, m. one of a hoarse voice; 

Ròcan, -ain, -an, m. a wooden clip for sea- 

Ròcas, or ròcais, f. a rook. 

Ro-chùram, -uim, m. anxiety; a. ro-chùram- 

Rod, -òid, ,-ean, m. a road, sea-weed cast 
on .'ihore. 

Ro-dheidh, -ean, f. geat desire; a. ro- 

Ròg, -òig, -an, m. a rogue; rògaire. 

Roghadh, -aidh, m. the best; roghadh ia 
taghadh, the best and choicest; rogha. 

Roghainn. -e, -ean, m. a choice; raghainn. 


Roghainneach, roghnach, a. eligible, pre- 

Roghnaich, -achadh, v. choose. 

Roi, prep., contr. for roimhe, before him. 

Ròibean, -ein, m. a little squalid beard, 
filth about the mouth; a. ròibeanach. 

Ròib, -e, -ean, f. long squalid beard. 

Eòic, -e, -ean, f. luxury of table, feasting; 
a. ròiceil. 

Ròicealachd, f. luxuriousness ; a. ròiceach. 

Roid, -e, f. bog-myrtle. 

Roid, -e, -ean ,f. a short race, as before a 

Roileasg, -eisg, -an, m. confused joy, fawn- 
ing; roithleas, roille. 

Roileasgach, -aiche, a. confused, hasty, 

Roimh, roimhe, prep, before, before him, 
or it. 

Roimh-bheachd, -an, m. presentiment. 

Roimh-bheachdaich, -achadh, v. pre-con- 

Roimh-bhlas, -ais, m. a foretaste. 

Roimh-chraicionn, -inn, -ean, m. the fore- 

Roimhe, adv. before, previously. 

Roimh-eadradh, -aidh, -ean, m. before milk- 
ing time, forenoon. 

Roiiiih-eòlas, -ais, m. foreknowledge. 

Roimh-òrduich, -uchadh, v. fore-ordain, 

Roimh-radh, -aidh, -an, m. a preface. 

Eoimh-.smaoin, -e, -tean, f. m. a fore- 

Roimh-smaoinich, -eachadh, v. pre-consider. 

Roimh-thagh, -adh, v. pre-elect. 

Roinih-theachdaire, -ean, m. a fore-runner. 

Roimpe, prep. conj. with the pers. pron. 
before her; roimbpe. 

844 BOI — ROM 

Ròin, -e ,-ean, f. a haix; dim. ròiueae. 

Kòineach, or ròineagach, a. hairy. 

Roinn, -e, -ean, f. a share, a portion, a 

promontory or headland, a point, 'T 

.sharp edge. 
B,oinn, roinn, v. divide, share; roinnich. 
Eoinneadair, -ean, m. a divider. 
Eoinn-phàrtaich, -eachadh, v. divide. 
Hois, -eadh, v. shake off grain; frois 
Roiseadh, -idh, m. shaking off seed. 
Roiseag, -an, f. small potato. 
Ròiseal, -eil, -an, m. an attack or an 

assault, a pretentious fuss, surge of a 

Eòisealach, -aiche, a. attacking. 
Ròiseid, -e, f. rosin; a. ròiseideach. 
Roisg, -ean, f. a sheep in poor condition. 
Eòisgeul, -eil, -an, m. a romance, rhodomon- 

Ròist, ròstadh, v. roast; rather ròst. 
Ròiste, a. roasted 
Roithlean, -ein, m. a little vrheel. a castor, 

a pulley; a. roithleanach. 
Eoithleas, -eis, m. See roileasg. 
Eol, or rola, m. a volume, a roll ; a. rolach. 
Eol, -adh, v. roll, make into rolls. 
Eoladh, -aidh, m. rolling; dim. rolag, a 

small roll, ' rowans ' of wool. 
Eolagach, -aiche, a. rolled as carded wor>l. 
Eolair, -ean, m. a roller. 
Eòlaist, -e, -ean, m. a romance, a rigmarole; 

a. ròlaisteach. 
Eòmaiche, f. hairiness; a. ròmach. 
Eomham, romhad, roimhe, roimhpe, romh- 

ainn, romhaibh, romhpa. prep, roimh, 

before mi, thu, etc. 
Eòmhan, -ain, -an, m. a groan; also ròmh- 

Eo-mheud, m. exce.ssive greatnes;^. 


Bo-rahiann, -e, -an, m. a great desire; a. 

Rod, -òin, pi. ròin, a seal or sea-calf, the 

hair band on a cream whisk; a. rònach. 
Rong, -a, -an (or rongas, -ais, -aisean), f. 

a stick, a staff, a spar. 
Eong, m. a languishing spark of life. 
Rongach, a. languishing, full of sticks or 

Rongaich, -achadh, v. languish, linger. 
Rongaire, -ean, m. a languishing fellow. 
Rongaireachd, f. lingering, laziness. 
Ronn, -an, m. a slaver; a. ronnach. 
Ronnaich, -achadh, v. slaver, spit. 
Ronnaire, -ean, m. a slavering per.-on. 
Ronnaireachd, f. slavering, spitting. 
Ronnchraos, -aois, m. a slavery mouth; a. 

Ròp, -arlh, v. tie with ropes, entangle, 

Ròp, -a, -aichean, m. a rope; a. ròpacli. 
Rojìa, or ropainn, a roup, an auction sale. 
Ròpadair, -ean, m. a rope-maker. 
Ròpag, -aig, -an, f. a slut, a slovenly 

Ropaiche, f. sluttishness. 
Ròjiaireachd, f. nonsensical tales; ropair, a 

Ròpal, -ail, -an, m. a rhapsody; v.. ropal- 

Rnjian, -ain, -an, m. a little cord; rv. 

Ròs, -e, -achan, m. a roast, a piece of roast 

RÒ.S, -a, -an, m. a rose, erysipelas; a. 

Ros, -ois, -an, f. a seed, a promontory, a 

peninsula; a. rosath. 


Bos, -adli, V. strip off the seed, be stripped 

of grain, fail, miscarry. 
Rosad -aid, -an, m. or f. mischief, a worth- 
less person. 
Eosadach, -aiche, a. mischievous, untoward. 
Eòsarnach, -aich, -ean, f. a place where 

rosas grow. 
Eòs-bheul, -eoil, -an, m. a rosy mouth ; a. 

Eos-chrann, -ainn, -an, m. a rose bush or 

Eòsd, -a, -achan, or -an, m. a roast. 
Eòsd, -adh, v. roast. 
Eosg, roisg, m. prose, a battle soug. 
Bosg, -uisg, -an, m. an eyelash, an eyelid, 

an eye; rasg. 
Eotach, -aich, -ean, f. a hand rattle. 
Ròtair, -ean, m. a lazy fellow; ròtaireachd, 

his habit. 
Eoth, -a, -an, m. a wheel; a. rothach. 
Eothadair, -ean, m. a wheelwright; roth- 

adaireachd, his trade. 
Eothaig, -eadh, swathe, roll, wrap up. 
Eothan, -ain, -an, m. a little wheel; a. 

Ro-thoil, -e, f. great desire; a. ro-thoileach. 
Buadh, -uaidhe, a. red, reddish colour. 
Euadh, -uaidhe, f. a deer or a roe; dim. 

Euadhaich, -achadh, v. make red, redden. 
Euadhan, -ain, m. red scum on water. 
Euadhbhoc, -ùic, m. a roe buck. 
Euadhbhuidhe, a. of a reddish yellow 

Euadh-cltriath, f. red clay; a. ruadh- 

Euag, -adh, v. pursue, put to flight. 
Euagadh, -aidh, m. a pursiiing; a. ruagach. 

RUA — RUD 347 

Buagair, -ean, m. a pursuer, a bullet; ruag- 

aireachd, his business. 
Ruaidhe, f. redness, as in timber, the 

disease shingles. 
Ruaig, -e, -an, f. a pursuit, a flight, a 

Ruaim, -e, -ean, f. a flush of anger, red 

Ruaimhseanta, a. hale and hearty. 
Ruaimleach, -ich, f. red muddy water or 

Riiaimlich, -eachadh, v. make muddy. 
Ruaimneachd, f. strength, vigour; a. 

Ruamhair, mhar, -radh, v. delve, dig. 
Ruamhar, -air, m. delving, digging. 
Ruathar, -air, -an, m. an attack, an expedi- 
tion ; a. ruatharach. 
Rub, -adh, v. rub. 
Rubair, -ean, m. a rubber. 
Rue, -uic, -a:i, -annau, m. a rick of hay or 

corn; dim. rucan. 
Rucas, -ais, m. foolish fondness; a. rucas- 

Rucasachd, f. foolish mirth or fondness. 
Rùchan, -ain, -an, m. the throat, wheezing. 
Riichd, f. a belch; a. rùchdach. 
Rùchd, -ail, v. belch, rumble, roar, giunt. 
Rud, -an, m. a thing. 
Rudan, -ain, -an, m. a small thing, a triflo; 

a. nidanach. 
Rudan, -ain, -an, m. a knuckle; a. rùdau- 

Riidh, -xiidh, a plant, rue. 
Rudha, m. a blush, a promontorj'. 
Rudhag, -aig, a crab, a partan. 
Rùdhan, -ain, -an, m. a small rick of hay 

or corn 

348 RUD— RUI 

Rudhraich, -ach, -achadh, v. search, 

scrutinise, grope. 
Bug, -a, -annan, f. a wrinkle; a. rugach. 
Rug, V. past of beir, breith, catch, bear. 
Eugaid, -e, -an, f. a long neck; a. rugaid- 

E-ugaire, -ean, m. a drunkard; rugaireachd, 

his fault. 
Euic, m. fawning, flattery; a. ruiceach. 
Euicean, -ein, -an, m. a pimple. 
Euideis, f. frisking, capering; a. ruideis- 

each (roid). 
Euidhil, -dhleadh, v. dance, revolve. 
Ruidhil, -dhle, m. a dance, a reel. Ses 

Euidhtear, -eir, -an, m. a glutton. 
Euidhtearachd, f. gluttony. 
Euig, ruighinn, ruigsinn, ruigheachd, v 

reach; fut. ruigidh, pret. ràinig. 
Euig, i.e., gu ruig, impr. prep, until, to. 
Euigh, or ruighe, -ean, m. the arm, a 

mountain base, shealing ground. 
Euigheach, a. having ■.^rrong arms, or 

summer huts. 
Euigheachas, -ais, m. wrestling at the 

length of the arms. 
Eùinean, -ein, m. a darling. 
Euinn, -e, -ean, f. a point, a promontory; 

a. ruinneach; rinn. 
Euinnich, -eachadh, v. pint, sharpen. 
Euinngheur, -eire, a. sharp-pointed. 
Euinnse, -ean. In. a draggled skirt, a long 

tail, a stick; a. ruinnseach. 
Euinnseach, -ich, f. a tall, vulgar woman. 
Euinnsear, -an, m. a scourer, a gaiiger. 
Euinnsich, -eachadh, v. rinse, scour. 
Rmsg, rusgadh, v. strip, fleece, reveal, 

Ruisgte, a. naked, bare. 


Euiteachan, -ain, -an, m. a ruby. 
Kuiteachas, -ais, m. ruddiness; a. ruiteach. 
Buith, ruith, V. run, flow. 
Buith, -e, f. running, flowing, rate (ratio), 

average; a. ruitheach; mu ruith, about. 
Buithlean, -ein, -ean, b. a wheel, a pulley; 

see roithlean. 
Euith-fhola, f. haemorrhoidhs, piles. 
Ruithleumach, -aiche, running and leaping. 
Riirn, -iiim, -an, -annan, m. a chamber, 

space; a. rùmail. 
Eumach, -aich, -aichean, f. a bog, a marsh; 

a. rumachail. 
Rùmaich, -achadh, v. enlarge, make room. 
Eùmpull, -uill, -an, m. the tail, the rump. 
Run, -ùin, -ùntan, -ìiintean, a secret, a, love, lover. 
Rùnach, -aiche, a. beloved, lovely, desirous 

Rvinag, -aig, an, f. a little sweetheart. 
Rùuaich ,-achadh, wish, intend, resolve. 
Rùnair, -ean, m. a secretary; a. riinaire- 

achd, his office. 
Rùn-chlèireach, -ich, m. a secretary. 
Rùn-dìomhair, -nin, -ùintean, m. a secret, 

a mystery. 
Runnag. See reannag. 

Rùu-phàirtich, -eachadh, v. disclose secrets. 
Rùraich, -achadh, v. search diligently. 
Rùrachadh, -aidh, m. searching; rùrach. 
Rùsg, -uiiig, -an, a fleece, a bark; a. 

Rùsail, -ladh, v. search, turn over things. 
Rùta, -an, m. a ram; a. rùtach. 
Rùtan, m. the horn of a roebuck. 
Rutharach, -aiche, a. quarrelsome. 


'?, contr. for is, anns. 

-Sa, -se, -san, an emphatic particle added 

to pronouns, nouns, and adjectives; 

mise, thusa, sibhse, ise, esan, iadsan, 

mo chùsa, a chu mòr-san, etc. 
Sàbaid, -e, -ean, f. the Sabbath; a. sabaid- 

Sabaid, -e, -ean, f. a fight; a. sabaideach. 
Sabh, -àibh, -an, m. ointment, salve; a. 

Sabh, -àibh, -an, m. a saw; a. sabhach. 
Sabh, -adh, v. saw. 
Sàbhadair, -ean, m. a sawyer ; sabhadaii- 

eachd, his trade. 
Sàbhail, -bhaladh, v. save; sabhalaich. 
Sabhailteachd, f. safety; a. sàbhailteach, 

Sabhal, -ail, saibhlean, m. a barn; a. 

Sàbhaladh, -aidh, m. salvation. 
Sabhan, -ain, m. a little saw: a. sabhan- 

5abhd, -a, -an, m. a lie, a fable: a. sabh- 

Sabhdag, -aig, -an, f. a little lie: a. sabh- 

Sabhdair, -ean, m. a liar or fabulist. 
Sabhdaireachd, f. a habit of lying. 
Sabhs, saibhse, m. sauce; a. sàbhsach. 
Sabhsaich, -achadh, v. sauce, season with 

Sabhsair, or sabhstair, m. a sausage. 
Sac, -aic, -an, -aic, a horse load, a bag; a. 

Sacaidh, -achadh, v. load, burden. 
Sacail, -€, a. burdensome, heavy ; sacanta. 
Sacan, -ain, -an, m. a little load or burden. 


Sac-aodach, -aich, m. sackloth. 

Sachasan, -ain, m. a sand-eel. 

Sacraidh, f. luggage, baggage. 

Sacramaid, -e, -«an, f. a sacrament. 

Sad, -aid, -an, m. a blow, small dust; .^. 

Sad, -adh, v. thump, beat off, dust. 
Sadach, -aich, mill-dust. 

Sagart, -airt, -an, m. a priest ; a. sagartach. 
Sagartachd, f. priesthood; a. sagartail. 
Saidealtachd, f . stillness, bashfulness ; a. 

saidealta, and -ach. 
Saidealtas, -ais, m. See saidealtachd. 
Saidh, -e, -ean, f. a beam, a prow of a ship, 

a blade. 
Saidhe, f. hay; feur-saidhe. 
Saidhean, -ein, m. a coal-fish, a saithe. 
Saidse, -ean, f. sound of a falling body; a. 

Sàigean, -ein, -ean, m. a little thick man, 

a. saigeanach. 
Saigeantachd, f. shortness, corpulency. 
Saigh, -e, -ean, f. a bitch. 
Saighdeadh, -eidh, m. a darting, as an 

Saighdear, -eir, -ean, m. an archer, a soldier. 
Saighdearachd, f. bravery; a. saighdeireil. 
Saighead, saighde, saighdeau, f. an arrow. 
Saighd, -eadh, v. dart forward. 
Sail, -e, salach, sailthean, f . a beam ; a. 

Sail, -e, -alach, -Itean, f. a heel; a. sàileach. 
Sail-chuach, -aich, -an, f. a violet; a. sail- 

Sàile, m. salt water, the sea. 
Shileach, -ich, m. a Kintail man. 
Sàileag, -eig, -an, f. a little heel; saileag, a 

little beam. 


Sàileaii, -ein, -an, m. a little creek or Inlet; 

a. sàileanach. 
Saill, -eadh, v. pickle with salt. 
Saill, -e, f. fat, ' blubber ; a. sailleach, sail?- 

Sailleaohan, -ain, -an, m. a beef-stand; 

Sailleadair, -ean, m. a Salter; sailleadair- 

eachd, his office. 
Saillear, -ean, m. a Salter. See sailleadair. 
Saillte, a. salted. 
Saillteachd, f. saltness. 
Sailm, -e, -ean, f. a decoction for the cure 

of coneumption. 
Sailtichean, pi. hatches, as of a ship. 
Saimhe, f. luxury, sensuality. 
Sainisj -e, -ean, f. a whisper, a hint; a. 

Sainnseal, -eil, -an, m. a handsel; a. saiiiiis- 

Sainnsealaich, -eadh, v. give a New Year's 

Sainnseal aiche, -€an, m. a giver of a New 

Year's gift. 
Saith, -e, -ean, f . the backbone ; saithean, 

Sal. See saile. 
Sal, sail, m. filth, dross; a. salach, nasty, 

Salach, sailche, a. dirty. 
Salachar, -air, -au, m. dirt, filth. 
Salaici. -achadh, v. sully, defile, pollute. 
Salainnich, -eachadh, a. salt, cure with salt. 
Salann, -ainn, m. salt; a. salannach. 
Salannau, -ain, -an, m. a salt-pit, a vault. 
Salldair, -draichean, f. a chalder, sixteen 

Salm, -ailm, pi. -ailm, f. a psalm; a. 


Salamadair, -ean, m. a psalmist. 
Salamtidaireachd, psalm-singing. 
Saltair, -tairt, -radh, v. tread, trample. 
Samh, -aimh, -an, m. a clown, a stout man. 
Samh, -aimh, -an, m. bad savour or smell; 

rioirel; a clownish person; a. s:\mhach. 
Samh, -aimh, f . quietness, stilness ; sàimh. 
Samhach, -aich, -channan, f. a haft, a 

Samhach, -aiche, a. quiet, calm: a. samhail. 
Samhail, a. similar, alike. 
Samhail, -mhla, or samhailt, -e, -ean, f 

resemblance, a type; mac-samhail. 
Samhain, -na, f. hallowmas. 
Samhaltan, -ain, -an, m. an emblem; a. 

Samhanach, -aich, a savage. 
Sàmhchair, -e, f. quiet, ease; a. samhchair- 

Samhchaireachd, f. quietness; samhchair. 
Sàmhlachas, m. a comparison, a simile; a. 

Samhlachd, f. comparability. 
Samhladh, -aidh, -ean, m. a -pectre, a 

ghast, a form, a simile. 
Sauihlaich, -achadh, v. compare, liken. 
Samhuag, -aig, -an, f. a hallowcve fire or 

Sambnag.ich, -aiche, a. abounding with 

halloweve fires. 
Samhnachan, -ain, -an, m. a large trout 
Samhradh, -aidh, m. summer; a. samh- 

rachail, samhrail, samhrach. 
Samhraich, -rachadh, v. to pasture in 

Sàmplair, -e, -ean, m. a pattern; sàmpall. 
San, contr. of anns an, prep, and art. in. 
Sana.s, -ais, -an, m. a notice, a warning. 



Saunt, -a, -ainnt, m. desire, greed, avarice; 

a. sanntach. 
Sauntachd, f. covetousness. 
Sanntaich, -achadh, v. covet, lust after. 
Saobh, saoibh, m. dissimulation; a. saobh- 

Saobh, -aoiblie, a. silly, wrong, erroneou.-. 
Saobh, -adh, v. turn aside, mislead. 
Saobhadh, -aidh, m. turning aside, mislead- 
Saobhaidh, -e, -ean, f. a den of a Avild 

beast, as a fox, a fox litter. 
Saobhchainnt, -e, -ean, f. impertinent or 

foolish talk. 
Saobh-chrabhacli, -aich, m. a hypocrite. 
Saobh-chràbhadh, -aidh, m. hypocrisy; a. 

Saobh-chreidmheach, m. a heretic. 
Saobh-ghlòir, f. vain-glory; a. saobli- 

Saobh-mhianu, a wicked desire; a. saobh- 

Saobh-nòs, -ois, -an, m. a bad habit; a. 

Saobh-sgeal, -eoil, m. a fiction; a. saobh- 

Saobh-sheadh, -e, -ean, m. equivocation; ;i. 

Saobhshruth, -a, -an, m. an eddy; a. 

Saobh-smaoin» -e, -tean, m. a distraction, 

a whim. 
Saod, -aoid, m. activity, condition, care ; 

a. saodail. 
Saodaich, -achadh, a. drive cattle to 

pasture, push. 
Saodmbor, -ire, a. well, healthy, in good 



Saogflial, -ail, -au, m. the world, an age, 

Saoghalacb, -aiche, a. worldly, long-lived. 
Saoghaltachd, f. worldliness; a. saoghalta, 

Saoi, a. good, worthy. 
Saoi, -ean, m. a worthy man, a hero. 
Saoibhir, -e, a. wealthy, rich; saoibhreach. 
Saoibhneas, -is, m. dulness, sorrow, heavi- 
Saoibhreaw, -eis, m. wealth; a. saoi- 

Saoibhrich, -reachadh, v. enrich, prosper. 
Saoidhean. See saidheau. 
Saoil, -sinn, v. think, suppose. 
Saoiltinneas, -eis, m. opinion, supposition. 
Saonas, -ais, f. vexation. 
Saor, -aoire, a. cheap, free, frank, exempt. 
Saor, -adh, v. free, deliver, save, cheapen, 

ship oars. 
Saor, saoir, pi. saoir, m. a carpenter. 
Saorachd, f. cheapness, freedom; saoiread. 
Saoraich, -eachadh, v. work, labour. 
Saoraicho, -ean, m. a labourer, one who 

takes pains. 
Saoradh, -aidh, m. freeing, cheapening. 
Saorui.ach, -aich, m. a freeman, a burgetw. 
Saor-choTiias, -ais, m. liberty; saor-thoil. 
Saor-chridheachd, f. candour; a. saor- 

Saor-inntinneachd, f. liberty of conscience. 
Saor-inntinneach, -iche, a. having liberty of 

Saorsa, or saorsainn, f. freedom, liberty. 
Saorsaiiineachd, f. carpentery, joinery. 
Saor.sanach, -aich, m. a free man, a free 

Saor-sheilbheadair, -ean, m. a freeholder; 



Saor-slieilbh, -e, -ean, f. a freehold posses- 

Saor-thabhairtear, -an, m. one who gives 

Saor-thabhartas, -ais, -an, m. a free gift. 

Saor-thoil, -e, f. free will; saor-chomas. 

Saor-thoirbheartas, -ais, m. a free gift. 

Saothair, -thrach, -thraichean, f. labour, 

Saothrachail, -e, a. laborioiis; saothaireach. 

Sar, an argumentative prefix, as sar-mhath, 

Sar, -air, -a, pi. sàir, a hero; violence. 

Sar, a. excellent; sàr-phrìs, excellent price. 

Sàraich, -achadh, v. tire, vex, oppress. 

Sarachail, -e, a. harrassing, tiresome. 

Saradh, -aidh, -ean, m. an arrestment, con- 

Sàraiche, -ean, m. an oppressor. 

Sàrdail, -e, -ean, f. a sprat. 

Sar-dhochair, f. a great hurt. 

Sàr-dhuine, or sàr-fhear, m. a big bodied 
man, a chief man. 

Sar-mhath, a. excellent, fine. 

Sàs, -ais, -an, m. a hold, a grasp, straits, 

Sasachd, f. bonds, fetters, restraint. 

Sàsaich, -achadh, v. satisfy, fix in. 

Sasannach, -aich, m. a Saxon, 

Sath, saith, f. plenty, satiety; teann-sath, 
full-fed. . 

Sàthach, a. fully fed, corpulent. 

Sath, -adh, v. thrust, transfix. 

Sè or sia, adj. six. 

Scab, -adh, v. sneak, as a cat hunting. 

Seabach, -aiche, a. sneaking. 

Seabaire, -an, m. a sneaking person. 

Seabhag, -aig, f. a hawk. 

Scabhaid, -e, -ean, an error, a straying. 

PEA— 5-HA 857 

Seac, -adh, v. dry, wither; sencaich. 
Seacach, or eeacanta, a. withered, parched. 
Seacachd, or seacantachd, f. withering, 

Seacadh, -aidh, m. withering, parching. 
Seach, adv. past, gone by, away, rather 

Seachad, adv. by, along, aside. 
Seachad, -adh, v. hoard, lay by. 
Seachadachd, f. hoarding; a. seachadach. 
Seachadadh, -aidh, m. hoarding, laying by. 
Seachainn, -nadh, v. avoid, dispense with. 
Seachantachd, f. shunning; a. .seachnach, 

Seachd, a. seven; seachdamh, seventh. 
Seachd-diag, a. seventeen; seachdamh-diag, 

Seachd-fillte, or seachd-fiUteach, seven fold. 
Sei'.chd-mhiosach, -aich, a seveuth-month 

Seachdnar, m. and f. seven person.-^. 
Seachdran, -ain, m. the seven stars, the 

Seachd-shli3nea<;h, -ich, f. a heptagon. 
Seachduin, -e, -each, -ean, 1. a week; a. 

Seachlabhairt, -e, f. an allegory; a seach- 

Seachlach, or seachlaoghach, f. a barren 

Seachlairah, m. savings, anything laid by. 
Seachnadh, -aidh, m. shunning; a. 

Seachrain, v. err, go astray, wander. 
Scachran, -ain, -an, m. going astray; a. 

Seachranach, -aich, m. a wanderer; scach- 

ranachJ, his error. 


Sèad, seòid, m. a warrior, hero, often used 

Seadh, adv. is it so ? yea, indeed : is eadh. 
Seadh. See seagh. 
Seagal, -ail, m. rye; a. seagalach. 
Seagh, -e, -an, m. sense, meaning; a. 

Seagliach, a. sagacious, sensible. 
Seaghaich, -achadh, v. signify, import. 
Seaghas, -ais, m. sense, meaning; seagli- 

Seal, -a, -an, m. a while, a space of time ; 

a. sealach. 
Sealan, -aiu, m. a little while; a. sealan.ich. 
Sealbh, seilbh, m. good fortune, luck ; a. 

Sealbhachas, -ais, m. luckiness, stock. 
Sealbhadair, -ean, m. a possessor ; sealbnad- 

aireachd, possession. 
Sealbhag, -aig, -an, f. sorrel; a. sealbhag- 

Sealbhaich, -achadh, v. possess, gain, win. 
Sealbhan, -ain, -an, m. the throat. 
Sealbhanaich, -achadh, seize by the threat, 

Sealbhmhorachd, f. luck, riches: a. sealbh- 

Sealg, sealg, v. hunt, lie in wait. 
Sealg, -eilg, -an, f. hunt, the chase, milt, 

spleen; a. sealgach. 
Sealgair, -ean, m. a hunter; sealgaireachd, 

his office. - 
Seall, -tuinn, v. see, look, beholl. 
Seall ! inter j. look ! see ! behold ! 
Sealladh, -aidh, m. sight, view; a. seallach. 
Seallagan, -ain, -an, a peep, a glance, a 

Seallam ! inter j. let me see ! 


Sealltainn, m. looking; a. sealltainueach, 

Seam, m. injunction. 
Seam, -adh, v. forbid, warn. 
Seaman, -ain, -an, m. a little stout man; \. 

Seamauachd, f. jolkty, inattentiveness; a. 

Sèamh, -èimbe, a. mild, peaceful, gentle; 

sèamh, a. seamhacli. 
Sèamhaclid, f. quietness, calmnes-r; -alachd. 
Sèamhaich, -achadh, v. calm, be quiet. 
Seamhas, -ais, m. luck, cbauce; a. 

Seamhlach, -aich, f. a cow that gives milk 

without calving. 
Seamrag, -aig, -au, f. a shamrock; seaniair. 
Seamsan, -ain, m. hesitation, delay; a. 

Sean, or seanu, sine, a. old, aged; o shean, 

of old. 
Sean, -a, m. a charm, enchantment; 

tìèanas; ^eun. 
Sean, -adh, v. defend by charms; shun. 
Sèanachd, f. charms; a. sèanach. 
Seanachaidh, -e, -ean, m. a reciter of 

stories, keeper of records. 
Seanachd, f. oldness; seanndachd. 
Seanachas, -ais, -an, m. conversation; a. 

Sèanadair, -e, -ean, m. a charmer. 
Sèanadaireachd, f. incantations. 
Seanadh, -aidh, -ean, m. a senate, a synod. 
Seanagarrachd, f. sagacity; a. seanagarra. 
Seanaich, -achadh, v. g^ow old. 
Seanair, -ean, m. a grandfather, an elder. 
Sèanan, m. breac-shèanain, freckle.^; breac- 

Sèanar, m. and f. six persons. 


Seanois, -e, f. old age. 

Seanfhacal, -ail, -au, m. a proverb; a. 

Seangacbd, f. slenderness; a. seang. 
Seaugaich, -achadh, v. make or grow 

Seangan, -ain, -an, -ain, m. au ant; a. 

Seana-ghille, -ean, m. a youth grown to 

puberty, a bachelor. 
Seanamhair, f. a grandmother. 
Seann. See sean. 
Seannda, a. oldish. 

Seanndachd, f. age, antiquity, seniority. 
Seanutur, -uir, -an, m. an old frequenter. 
Seann-radh, -aidh, -an, m. an old raying, 

a proverb. 
Seann-ràite, f. an old .saying, the book of 

Seanns. See seamhas. 
Seann-sgeul, -a, -eoil, m. old tale; a seann- 

Seann-sgeulachd, f. old stories. 
Seann-talamh, -aimh, -imhainu, m. fallow 

Seann-tiomnadh, -aidh, m. the Old Testa- 
Sèap, -adh, v. slink, sneak off, flinch. 
Sear, m. the east; see soir and ear. 
Searaeh, -aich, m. six months old beast. 
Searbh, -eirbhe ,-ead, a. bitter, sour, acrid. 
Searbhachd, f., bitterness; searbhad; a. 

Searbhadair, -ean, m. a towel; a. searbhad- 

Searbhaich, -achadh, v. make or become 

Searbhada.^, -ais, m. bitterness, displeasure. 
Searbhag, -aig, -an, f. bitter draught. 


s?earbhan, -aÌH, m. disgust, loathing. 

Searbliant, -an, f. a servant. 

Searbhghloir, -e, f. vain boasting; a. 

Searbhghloireachd, f. boasting. 
Searg, -adh, v. dry, fade, wither. 
Seargach, -aiche, a. withered; searganta, 

Seargaire, -ean, and searg, a withered or 

puny person. 
Seargaich ,-achadh, v. fade; searg. 
Seimaron, -an, ni. a sermon; a. searmonach. 
Searmonaich, -achadh, v. preach. 
Searnionaiche, -ean, m. a preacher. 
Seàrr, -a, -an, m. a sickle, a saw. 
Searr, -adh, v. cut, reap, mow. 
Searrach, -aich, pi. -aich, m. a foal; a. 

Searrag, -a::i', -an, f. a bottle, a stoup ; a. 

searrag. .h. 
Searr-shuil, -ula, -ean, f. squint eye; a. 

Seas, -amh, v. stand, cause to stand. 
Seasamh, -aimh, m. standing. 
Seasg, -eisge, a. barren; seasgach. 
Seasgach, -aich, m. cattle not in milk. 
Seasgaiche, f. barrenness; sea^gad. 
Seasgair, -e, a. sheltered, snug. 
Seasgaireachd, f. .snugness, ease. 
Seasgau, -ain, -an, m. a handful of corn; a. 

Seasganach, -aich, m. a bachelor. 
Seas-ghrian, eine, m. the solstice. 
Seasmhachd, f. firmness; a. seasnihach. 
Seic, -e, -ean, m. a rack, the flier of a 

Seiche, -eathan, -eannan, f. a hide; a. 

seiclieach; also seic. 


Seicheadair, -ean, m. a skinner; seichead- 

aireachd, his trade. 
Seiceal, -cle, -clean, m. a hackle for flax. 
Seicil, -leadh, v. hackle flax. 
Seicleadh, -eidh, ni. hackling. 
Seiclear, -an, m. a hackler; seiclearachd, 

his trade. 
Seid, -e, -ean, a full meal, a coarse bed, a 

truss of hay; a. seideach. 
Seid, -eadh, v. blow, pant, puff. 
Seideadh, -idh, m. blowing; a. seideach. 
Seideag, -eig, -an, f. a little bed on the 

floor; a. seideach. 
Seideag -eig, -an, f. a gentle wind; a. 

Seilbh, -e, -ean, f. cattle, posse?.rion. 
Seilbhich. See sealbhaich. 
Seilcheag, -eig, -an, f. a snail, slug; a. 

Seile, -ean, ni. spittle; sile. 
Seileach, -ich, -ean, m. willow. 
Seileasdair, -ean, m. the herb yellow-iris. 
Seileasdaireach, full of yellow-iiis. 
Seilear, -eir, -ean, m. a cellar; a. seileireach. 
Seilleau, -ein, -an, m. a bee; a. .-eilleauach. 
Sèimh. See seamh. 

Seinn, -e, f. singing, ringing, rtpcrting. 
Seinn, seinn, v. sing. 
Seipein, -e, -ean, a choppin, a quart. 
Seirbhis, -e, -ean, f. service; a. seirbhiseach. 
Seirbhiseach, -ich, pi. -ich, m. a servant. 
Seirbhisich,-eachadh, v. serve. 
Scire, -e, f. beauty, love; a. seirceil, seirc- 

eacli; ball-seirc, beauty spot. 
Seircealachd, f. loveliness, charitableness. 
Seirceau, -ein, m. a beloved man: f. seirceag. 
Seirge, f. witheredness, dryness; seirgeachd. 
Seirgean, -ein, m. a withered peiv-ou ; seirg- 



Seirgne, seirgneach, or seirgniche, m. a 

withered person. 
Seinn, -e, f. music, noise, melody; a. 

seirmeil, seirmeach. 
Seis, or seise, -ean, m. a match or equal, a 

(pleasure, a delight. 
Sèisd, -eadh, besiege, invest; from seisd, a 

Seisear, m. six persons. 
Seisean, -ein, m. a session, a court; a. 

Seisich, -eachadh, v. satisfy with foful, 

Seisreach, -ich, -ichean, f. a plough-team of 

Seist, -e, -ean, f. the chorus or refrain of 

a song. 
Seisteach, -eiche, a. melodious, sweet. 
Seitrich, -e, f. blowing, puffing, neighing. 
Seòcan, -ain, -an, m. the plume of a helmet; 

a helmet. 
Seochlan, -ain, -au, m. a feeble .stag'^eriug 

Seochlanach, -aiche, a. feeble, staggering. 
Seochlanachd. f. feebleness, staggerinsr. 
Seòd, seòid, m. a hero, a brave man. 
Seòg, -adh, v. swing to and fro; a. seogach. 
Seòl, -oil, -an, m. a mode or way; a. seòlta 
SJeòl, -iùil, pi. -iùil, m. a sail; a. seòlach. 
Seòl, -adh, b. ffuide, direct; sail. 
Seòladair, -ean. m. a sailor; seòladaireachd. 

his trade. 
Seòladh, -aidh, m. sailing, guiding. 
Seòl-mara, siuil-mhara, m. a tide. 
Seòltachd, f. art, skill, method; a. .^eolta. 
Seòmar, -air, -raichean, m. a room. 
Seòmarachd, or seomradaireachd, the office 

of a chamberlain, rakishness. 

Seòmrach, -aiche, a. full of chambers or 

Seòmradair, -eaii, m. a chamberlain, a rake. 
Seòrsa, -achan, m. a sort or kind. 
Seòrsaich, -achadh, v. sort, classify, arrange. 
Sect, -a, -achan, m. a short tail, a stiimp, 

rejected sheep. 
Seotach, -aiche, a. dull, lazy, indolent. 
Seotaiche, f. indolence, laziness, sloth. 
Seotair, -ean, in. a lazy fellow; seotair- 

eachd, his fault. 
Sè-ramhach, -aich, f. a six-oared boat. 
Seth, g-a seth, separately, likewise. 
Send, -an, m. a jewel, or preciou,-, stone; a. 

Seudachan, -aiu, -an, m. a jewel-box. 
Seudag, -aisr, -an, f. a little jewel; a. 

Seudaich, -achadh, v. adorn with jewels. 
Seudair, -ean, m. a jeweller, seudaireachd, 

his trade. 
Seudraidh, f. jewels; a. seudail. 
Seul, -adh, v. seal; seulaich. 
Seul, or seula, -an, m. a seal; a. seulach. 
Seun. See sèan. 
Seunachd. See seanachd. 
Seunadair. See seanadair. 
Seunadaireachd. See sèanadaireachd. 
Sgab, -aib, f. the scab or itch; a. sgabach. 
Sgabaiste, -ean, ui. anything pounded. 
Sgabaistich, -eachadh, v. pound, mash. 
Sgnbal], -aill, -an, m. a hood, a helmet; ». 

Sgabard, -airt, -an, m. a sheath; a. sghb- 

Sgabh, -nibh, m. saw-dust; a. sgabhach. 
Sgad, -aid, -an, m. loss, hurt. 
Sgadan, -ain, pi. -ain, a herring; a. sgad- 



Sgafair, -e, -ean, m. a bold, hearty man. 
Sgafarra, a. spirited, brave, handbome. 
Sgag, -adh, v. split, cause to split, shrink, 
ggagadh, -aidh, m. a split, a chink; a. 

Sgail, -eadh, v. shade, darken, cover. 
Sgàil-breige, -ean-breige, f. a mask or vLsor, 
Sgailc, -c, -ean, f. a blow, a bumper, bald- 
Sgailceach, -iche, a. giving hlows, or 

bumpers, bald. 
Sgailceag, -eig, -an, f. a little knock, or 

Sgailceanta, or sgailcearra. a. smart, 

Sgailceautachd, f. smartness, elasticity, 

Sgàile, or sgàilean, -eachan, f. a shade, a 

veil, a ghost. 
Sgaileach, -iche, a. full of shadows, veils, 

Sgaileadair, -ean, m. one that shades; 

sgàilcadaireachd, his office. 
Sgàileagan, -ain, -an, m. a fan, an 

Sgàilean, -ein, m. a shade, an umbrella; 

Sgàileanach, a. full of shades, fans, or 

Sgàilcar, -eir, -ean, m. one who .shades. 
Sgaillcag, -eig, -an, f. a slap, a skelp. 
Sgailleagach, -aiche, a. skelping, .slapping. 
Sgailleas, -eis, m. disdain; a. .>«gaillea.-<ach. 
Sgain, -eadh, v. rend, burst. 
Sgàine, m. a rent; see sgaineadh. 
Sgaineadh, -idh, m. a rent; a. egàineach, 

Sgainncal, -eil, -an, m. .scandal; a. againn- 


366 SGA— SGA 

Sgainnealaich, -acliadli, v. scandalise. 
Sgainneart, -eirt, -au, f. dispersion; a. 

Sgainnir, -earadh, v. scatter, disperse. 
Sgàinteachj -aich, f. rheumatism, pain. 
Sgair, f. a .splice. 
Sgàird, -e, f. a flux, looseness; a. sgaird- 

Sgairdean, -eiu, m. a triing fellow. 
Sgàireag, -aig, -an, f. a year-old gvill. 
Sgàirn, -e, -ean, f. rumbling of stones, 

howling of dogs. 
Sgairnea-ch, -ich, -ichean, f. a large heap 

of stones. 
Sgàirneach, -ich, -ichean, f. a rumbling 

Sgàirneil, -e, f. a rumbling noise; a. sgair- 

Sgairt, -e, -ean, f. the midriff, a cry, vigour; 

a. sgairteil, lively, shrill. 
Sgairteachd, f. crying aloud; a. sgairteach. 
Sgairtealachd, f. vigour; a. sgairteil. 
Sgairtear, -ean, m. a crier; sgairtearachd, 

hi.s trade. 
Sgairtich, -eachadh, v. cry aloud; sgairt. 
Sgait, -e, -ean, a skate. 
Sgaiteachd, f. sharpness; a. sgaiteach. 
Sgal, -a, -an, m. a shriek, a yell; a. sgalach, 

Sgal, -adh, v. give a shrill cry, howl. 
Sgalag, -aig,--an, f. a farm-worker, a rustic; 

a. sgalagaoh. 
Sgalagachas, -ais, f. the work of a male 

Sgàlan, -ain, -an, m. a hut, a scaffold, a 

scale for weighing; a. sgàlanach. 
Sgalartaich, -aichean, f. howling; sgalart. 
Sgald, -adh, v. scald, burn, pain, torture. 
Sgalda, a. scalded. 


Sgall, -a, -an, f. baldness; a. sgallach. 
Sgallachan, -ain, -an, m. a bald-headed 

man; =gallachd, baldness. 
Sgallai.-, -e, -ean, f. insult, mockery. 
Sgamal, -ail, m. a scale, effluvia, squama. 
Sgambau, -ain, -an, m. the lungs, lights; 

a. sgamhanach. 
Sgamh-ghalar, -air, -an, f. consumption in 

the lungs. 
Sgann, -ainn, f. a swarm, a multitude, a 

Sgannan, -ain, -an, m. a thin membrane. 
Sgauraich, -achadh, v. scatter, scare; sganr. 
Sgaog, -aoig, -an, f. a silly woman. 
Sgaoil, -eadh, v. spread, expand, fray. 
Sgaoileadh, -idh, m. spreading, fraying; a. 

Sgaoilte, pret. part, of v. sgaoil, spread 
Sgaoilteachd, f. diffuseness, spreading. 
Sgaoim, -e, -ean, -eannan, f. fright; a. 

Sgaoimiche, f. aptness to fright. 
Sgaoimear, -eir, -ean, m. a restless fellow; 

a. sgaoimeach. 
Sgaoimireachd, f. restlessness. 
Sgaoth, -a, -an, f. a swarm, a flock; a. 

Sgap, -adh, v. scatter; sgapach, a. scatter- 
Sgapair, -e, -ean, m. a scatterer. 
Sgar, -adh, -achdainn, v. separate, sever, 

Sgar, -air, -an, m. a fissure or knot in wood. 
Sgarach, -aiche, a. full of chinks or knots. 
Sgaradh. -aidh, m. a separation; a. sgarach. 
Sgaradli '. interj. of ill-will, an imprecation. 
Sgarbh, -airbh, m. the cormorant; a. 

Sgarlaid, -e, f. scarlet; a. sgàrlaideach. 

368 SGA— SGE 

Sgarrthach, -aich, f. a temporary bla^st of 

foul weather. 
Sgarthanaich, -e, f. the dawn, the twilight. 
Sgat, -ait, m. a skate; dim. sgaitean; a. 

Sgath, -a, -au, m a shade, fear, sake, 

account, nearness; a. sgathacl:. 
Sgath, -adh, v. lop off, cut off, prune. 
Sgath, -a, m. waste, havoc; a. sgathahc. 
Sgathach, -aich, m. branches lopped off. 
Sgathadair, -can, m. a cutter, a lopper off. 
Sgathadair, -aidh, m. a lopping off. 
Sgathair, -e, f. a blacksmith's chisel for 

cutting iron. 
Sgathaireachd, f. timidity, fear. 
Sgathan, -ain, -an, m. a looking glass; a 

Sgathaireachd, f. lopping off; a. sgatharra 
Sgath-bhàrd, -àird, -an, m. a s;itirist. 
Sgath-bhàrdachd, f. satire. 
Sgath-lann, -ainn, -an, f. a shade, a booth. 
Sgàth-thigh, m. a porch. 
Sgàthmhor, -oire,, a. timid, sheltering. 
Sgeach, or sgeachag, -aig, -an, f. a haw- 
thorn berry. 
Sgeachagach, -aiche, a. full of hawthorn 

Sgeadaich, -achadh, v. dress, clothe. 
Sgeadas, -ais, -an, m. dress; a. sgeadasach. 
Sgeadasachd, f. dress, gaudiness of dress. 
Sgealb, -ilbh, -au, f. a splinter, a piece; a. 

Sgealb, -adh, v. cut into splinters. 
Sgealbag, -aig, -au, f. a small splinter; a. 

Sgealbair, -eau, m. one who splits ; sgealb- 

aireachd, his trade. 
Sgeallan, -ain, m. wild mustard; sgeallag- 

aich; a. sgeallauach, sgeallagach. 


Sgealparachd, f. a .shrill sound, activity, 

Sgealparra, a. shrill, agile, elastic. 
Sgeanih. See sgèimh. 
Sgeamh, -a. -an, f. a yelp, scolding, disgudt; 

a. sgeamhail. 
Sgeamhladh, -aidh, -ean, m. sudden fright, 

alarm; sgèimhleadh. 
Sgeau, -a, m. cleanliness, neatness; a. 

Sgèan, -a, m. a sudden fright, a startled 

look; a. sgèanach, -ail. 
Sgeanaich, -aehadh, v. terrify, startle, 

Sgeanag, -aig, -an, f. a species of edible 

Sgeann, -a, -an, m. a stare, a gaze. 
Sgeap, -ip, -an, m. a bee hive; a. sgeapach, 

full of hives. 
Sgeig, -e, f. mockery, derision; a. sgeigeil, 

Sgeig, -eadh, v. mock, deride. 
Sgeif,'eir, -an, m. a scoffer. 
Sgeigeis, f. buffoonery; a. sgeiseiseach. 
Sgeilcearrachd, f. liveliness, elasticity; a. 

Sgeile, f. pity. 

Sgeileid, -e, -ean, f. skillet, a small sauce- 
pan or pot. 
Sgeilm, f. boasting, vain glory, neatness, 

decency; a. sgeilmeil. 
Sgeilmear, -ean, m. a boaster; .sgeiimear- 

achd, his fault. 
Sgeilmse, f. a surprise, unawares; a. 

Sgeilp, -ilp, -e, -ean, -eachan, f. a shelf, or 

cliff in a rock; a. sgeilpeach. 


370 SGE — SGB 

Sgèimh, -e, f. beauty, comeliness; sgèimh- 

eil, and -each. 
Sgèimhealach, or sgeimhealachd, f. beaiity, 

Sgèimhea], -aiche, a. beautiful, hand- 
Sgèimhich, -eachadh, v. beautify, adorn. 
Sgeimhle, m. a fight. 
Sgeimhlich, -leadh, v. alarm, attack. 
Sgeinm, -e, f. neatness, decency; also 

sgeilm ; a. sgeinmeil. 
Sgèinnidh, or sginn, -e, f. small twine, 

fishers' line. 
Sgeir, -e, -eau, f. a rock in the sea; a. 

Sgeireag, -eig, -an, f. a small sea rock; a. 

Sgeith, -e, m. vomit, or matter vomited: a. 

Sgeith, sgeith, v. vomit, fray. 
Sgeith, sgeith, -eadh, v. fit, suit. 
Sgeitheadh, -idh, m. fitting,; a. sgèite. 
Sgeith-fèith, m. a varicose vein. 
Sgeith-ròin, m. the sea-blubber, jelly-fish 
Sgeòc, -eòic, -an, m. a long neck, talliies-: 

a. sgeòcach. 
Sgeòcan, -ain, -an, m. a tall or long necked 

boy; f. sgeòcag. 
Sgeòd, -id, -a, -an, f. a corner, an angular 

piece; sgòd. 
Sgeòp, -oip, }. loud tattling, a wry mouth. 
Sgeopair, -ean, m. a tattler; sgeòpaireaclid, 

his habit. 
Sgeul, -oil, -an, m. a tale, a story; sgial; 

air sgeulaibh, known, present. 
Sgeulachd, -an, a fable, a story; sgialaclid. 
Sgeulaichc, -ean, m. a fabulist, a reciter of 

Sgcun, or sgian. See sgean. 


irigeunaich, cr sgianaicli. »ee ògè.iuaich. 
Sgiab, -a, -an, f . a quick motion, a snatch. 
Sgiab, -adh, v. start, move quickly. 
Sgiabadh, -aidh, m. suddeu motion or 

Sgiabair, -can, m. one that moves quickly, 

a snatcher. 
Sgiamh, -èimh, f. beauty, bloom. 
Sgiamh, -a, f . a shriek as of a cat ; a. 

Sgiamh, or sgiamhaich, sgiamhail, v. 

Sgiamhadh, -aidh, m. a shriek; a. sgiamh- 

Sgian, iae, -eine, pi. sgionan, sgeanan, f. 

a knife. 
Sgeanach, -aiche, a. full of knives; 

Sgiauag, or sgeanag, -eig, -an f, a little 

Sgianagach, or sgeanagach, full of small 

Sgiansgar, -air, m. a start, a fright; a. 

Sgiath, -eithe, -an, f. a wing, a shield, land 

outstretched in water, protection ; a. 

Sgiathag, -aig, -an, f. a little wing; a. 

Sgiathair, -ean, m. a flutterer; sgiathair- 

eachd, the habit. 
Sgiathalaich, -lachadh, v. go on wing, 

Sgiathan, -ain, -an, m. a wing, a portion, 

a partition. 
Sgiathariach, a. winged, belonging to Skye. 
Sgibeachaa, -ais, m. tidiness, neatness; a. 

sgibeach, sgibidh. 

372 SGI — SGI 

Sgideal, -eil, -an, m. a plash of water; an 

harangue; sgidealach. 
Sgil, -eadh, v. unhusk, shell; sgiol. 
Sgil, -e, f. skill, art; a. sgileil, sgilear. 
ggileadh, -idh, m. shelling, shelled oats. 
Sgilm, -e, m. a mouth made for scolding, 

Sgillinn, -e, -eau, f. a penny; sgillinn- 

Shasannach, a shilling. 
Sgimilear, -eir, -ean, m. an implement for 

skimming, a mean fellow who sneaks 

about for food. 
Sginn ,-eadh, v. protrude, push out. 
Sginneadh, -idh, m. protruding. 
Sgioba, -an, m. or f. a ship's crew, a party. 
Sgiobag, -aig, -an, f. a slap given in play. 
Sgiobair, -e, -ean, m. a skipper, a ship- 
Sgiobaireachd, f. the office of a .shipmaster. 
Sgioball, -aill, -an, m. a skirt; a. sgioball- 

Sgiobaltachd, f. tidiness, tightness, nimble- 

ues,s; a. sgiobalta. 
Sgioblaich, -achadh, v. tuck up, tidy. 
Sgioblachadh, -aidh, m. adjusting dress. 
Sgiodair, -ar, plashing through mud. 
Sgiol. -adh, V. unhusk, prepare grain for 

grinding; sgil. 
Sgiolam, -aim, gabbling, chattering. 
Sgiolan, -ain, -an, m. shelled oats; sgil- 

eadh, sgilig. 
Sgiolc, -adh, V. push off, slip off eel-wise, 

Sgiolcadh, -aidh, m. a quick motion or jerk, 

.slipping; a. sgiolcarra. 
Sgiolcarrachd, or sgiolcantachd. f. quick 

motion, elasticity. 
Sg^oltachd. f. tidines.s, neatness, eloquence; 

a. ssriolta. 


Sgionushuil, f. a squiut eye; a. sgionn- 

Sgiorci, -adh, v. squirt, purge. 
Sgiorr, -adh, v. slip, run a risk, stumble. 
Sgiorradh, -aidh, -ean, m. a slip, an acci- 
dent; a. sgiorrail. 
Sgiorradh-facail, m. a slip of a word. 
&giorr-fhacal, -ail, -an, m. a mistake in 

Sgiorr-fhaclach, -aiche, a. committing errors 

in words. 
Sgiort, -a, -an, m. a skirt; a. sgiortach. 
Sgiortaich, -achadh, v. furnish with skirts. 
Sgio6, m. weariness, fatigue; a. sgith. 
Sgiosaich, -achadh, v. tire, fatigue. 
Sgiot, -adh, V. disperse, scatter. 
Sgiotach, a. scattering, dispersed. 
Sgir, -e, -ean, f. a parish; also sgireachd. 
Sgith, -e, a. weary, fatigued; sgitheach, 

Sgitheach, -ich, m. hawthorn; a. sgitheach. 
Sgithicb, -eachadh, v. tire, weary. 
Sgiùcan, -ain, m. the note of the moor lien. 
Sgiiirii, -adh, v. scourge, whip. 
Sgiùr^atT, -aig, -an, f. a scourge or wliip; 

a. .sgiùrsagach. 
Sgiiirsadh. -aidh, m. whipping; a. sgiiirs- 

Sgiùrsair, -ean, m. a whipper, a lumbering 

lout ; sgiùrsaireachd, his office. 
Sgiuthiidh, -aidh, -ean, a flourish with a 

whip, a lash. 
Sglabhart, -airt, -an, a. a blow; a. sglabh- 

Sglaim, -e, f. questionably acquired wealth. 
Sglamadh, -aidh, m. a snapping, a sci/iug 

Sglamhadh, -aidh, m. a greedy seizing. 
Sglaimire, -ean, m. a usurper. 

174 SGL — SGL 

Sglàmliair, -ean, m. a harsh scolder. 
Sglamhair, -ean, m. a snapper; sglamhair- 

eachd, his oflSce. 
Sglàmhrainn, -e, -ean, f. a scold; a. 

Sglàmhrainneachd, f. scolding, a liabit of 

Sgleamaic, -achdadh, v. daub filthily. 
Sglèap, -èip, f. ostentation; sgliin. 
Sglèapair, -ean, m. an ostentatious fellow. 
Sglèapaireachd, f. .show, vanity; sgliapair- 

Sglèata, m. slate 
Sglèatair, -ean, m. a slater. 
Sgleò, m. dimness of the eyes, vapour, 

Sgleò, m. boasting, romancing, misery. 
Sg-leòbach, -aiche, a. sluttish, ^slovenly. 
Sgleòbag, or sgleòbaid, f. a sluttish woman. 
Sgleochdaire, a atarer; sgleòehdaireachd, 

his habit; a. .sgleòcach. 
Sgleog, -an, f. a sound, a slap, a snot; a. 

Sgleogaire, m. a lazy prattler; sgleogair- 

eachd, his habit. 
Sgleòid, -e, -ean, m. or f. a slovenly man 

or woman. 
Sgleòideil, or sgleòideach, a. silly, nasty. 
Sgliat. See sglèata. 
Sgliatair. See sgleatair. 
Sglimsear, -ean, m. a parasite; oglimsear- 

achd, his office. 
Sgliùrach, -aich, -aichean, f. a young sea- 
gull, a slut. 
Sgliiirachd, f. sluttishness. 
Sglongaid, -e, -ean, f. snot, saliva; a. 

Sglongaire, m. a snotty fellow; sglongair- 

eachd, his fault. 

SON — SGO il'O 

Sgnog, -an, f. a bite, a biting word; i5t'<^S- 
Sgnog, -adh, biting, nagging. 
Sgob, -adh v. snatch, pull, stiug, bite. 
Sgobadh, -aidh, -aichean, m. a snatch; a. 

Sgobag, -aig, -an, f. a little draught, or 

Sgobantachd, f. snatching; a. sgobanta. 
Sgoch, -a, -an, f. a gash, a cut, a notch. 
Sgoch, -adh, v. cut, gash, notch. 
Sgòd, òid, -an, f . a piece of cloth, the sheet 

of a sail, a blemish or fault; a. agòdach; 

dim. sgòdag. 
Sgòid, -e, f. pride, conceit. 
Sgoideas, f. pomp, pageantry; a. c^goideis- 

Sgoil, -e, -ean, f. a school; a. sgoileach. 
Sgoileag, -eig, -an, f. a little school; a. 

Sgoileam, -eim, m. prattle; a. sgoileamivch. 
Sgoileamachd, f. loquacity or prattle. 
Sgoilear, -eir, -ean, m. a scholar; a. sgoil- 

Sgoilearachd, f. educat-on, scholarship. 
Sgoilt, sgoltadh, v. split, burst, cleave. 
Sgoilteach, -iche, a. apt to split; .-goltach. 
Sgoiltean, -ein, m. a .splinter, a split; a. 

Sgoinn, -e, f. efficacy, effect, taste, decency; 

a. sgoinneil. 
Sgol, -adh, V. rinse, wash, scull. 
Sgoladh, -aidh, m. rinsing, sculling, wad- 
Sgolb, -uilb, -an, -uilb, m. a prickle, a 

thorn, a wattle for thatch. 
Sgolbach, -aiche, a. prickly, wattly; a. 

Sgolbauach, -aich, pi. -aich, m. a stripling. 
Sgolbantachd, f. talluess, alenderness. 

S76 SGO — SGl: 

Sgoltadh, -aidh, m. a split, a chink, a cleft. 
Sgonn, -uinn, -an, m. a short log of wood, 

a dunce. 
Sgonuair, -ean, m. a lumpish fellow; a. 

Sgonna-bhalach, -aich, pi. -aich, m. a 

lumpish boor. 
Sgonnachu, -oin, m. a surly dog. 
Sgor, -oir, -an, m. a cut or notch; a. 

Sgor, -adh, v. cut, pierce, hack. 
Sgoradh, -aidh, m. cutting, piercing, 

Sgorag, -aig, -an, f. a small bit of stone 

or turf, scalloping. 
Sgoragach, -aiche, a. full of small bits of 

stone or turf, scalloped. 
Sgòrnan, -ain, -an, m. the throat; a. 

Sgòrr, or sgùrr, a sharp rock or hill ; a . 

Sgòrr-fhiacail, f. a buck-tooth; a. sgorr- 

Sgòrrshiiil, f. a blink-eye; a. sgorrshuil- 

Sgot, -oit, -an, m. a spot, a blemish, a 

small farm. 
Sgoth, -a, -an, f. a boat, a skiff; dim. 

Sgraideag, -eig, -an. f. a small morsel, a 

diminutive woman. 
Sgraidht, -e, -ean, f. a hag, an old cow or 

Sgràill, -eadh, v. scold harshly, satirise. 
Sgràilleadh, -idh, m. railing, satirising. 
Sgraing, -e -ean, f. gloom, niggardliness; 

a. sgraingeil. 
Sgraingealachd, f. niggardliness; a. 


8GR— SGR 377 

Sgraingean, -eiu, m. a niggard; f. sgraing- 

Sgrath, -a, -an, f. an outer rind, a turf for 

Sgrath, -adh, v. peel, thatch with turf. 
Sgrath, -a, m. horror, dread; a. sgrathail. 
Sgrathach,, -aiche, a. full of rinds, or turf. 
Sgrathag, -aig, -an, f. a little rind or peel- 
Sgrathaich, -achadh, v. peel; sgrath. 
Sgrathagach, -aiche, a. full of small peel- 
in <i'.-. 
Sgreab, -a, -an, f. a scab, a blotch; a. 

Sgrèach, -an, f. a scream, a .-^creech, a 

screak : sgriach. 
Sgrèach, -rchadh, -ail, v. scream. 
Sgrèachag, -aig, -an, a screeching woman 

or anin:al, an owl. 
Sgread, -a, -an, m. a shriek; a. sgreadach. 
Sgread, -adh, v. a shriek, screech, cry. 
Sgreadair, -ean, m. a shrieker; sgreadail, 

his office. 
Sgreadan, -ain, -an, m. a harsh sound; a. 

Sgreag, -adh, v. dry up, parch, shrivel. 
Sgreagach, or sgreaganta, parched, dry, 

Sgreagag, -aig, -an, f. a stingy woman: m. 

Sgreagan, -ain, -an, m. anything dry; a. 

Sgreamh, -eimhe, -a, f. disgust, loathing, a 

thin scum or rind; a. sgreamhail. 
Sgreamhaich, -eachadh, v. loathe, disgust. 
Sgreamhalachd, f. disgustfuluess; a. 

Sgrèanach, -aiche, a. inclement, rough, 



Sgreataich, -achadh, v. loathe, abhor. 
Sgreatachd, f. abhorrence; a. sgreataidh. 
Sgreubh, -adh, dry up, crack by heat. 
Sgreubhadh, -aidh, m. drying up; a. 

Sgreuch. See sgreach. 
Sgreuchag. See sgrèachag. 
Sgriach, -an, f. a scratch, a score, a streak. 
Sgriach, a screech. See sgreach. 
Sgrid, -e, -ean, f. life, breath; a., sgrideil, 

Sgridealachd, f. liveliness. 
Sgriob, -adh, v. scrape, scratc'". scratch 

with a net. 
Sgriob, -a, -an, a scratch, a trip, a. hurt, a 

line, a furrow, an itching. 
Sgriobach, -aiche, f. the itch; a. sgriobach. 
Sgriobadair, -ean, m. a scraper; sgriobad- 

aireachd, his ofiBce. 
Sgriobadh, -aidh, m. scraping. 
Sgriobag, -aig, -an, f. a little scratch; a. 

Sgriobair, -ean, m. a graving too'I. 
Sg^xoban, -ain, -an, m. a rake, scraping; a. 

Sgriobh, -adh, v. write. 
Sgriobhach, -aich, -aichean, ni. a writer, a 

Sgriobhadair, -ean, m. a writer; a. 

Sgriobhadh, -aidh, -ean, m. writing; 

Sgriobhte, a. written. 
Sgriobtur, -uir, -an, in. Scripture: a. 

Sgriodan, -ain, -an, m. the track of a moun- 
tain torrent, a run of stones on a slope. 
Sgriodanach, -aiche, a. full of sli ingle runs. 


Sgrios, -adh, v. destroy, ruiu, abrade, peel 

off, skin. 
Sgrios, m. deatruction, ruin, annihilation. 
Sgriosadair, -ean, m. a destroyer: .-^griosad- 

aireachd, his office. 
Sgriosadh, -aidh, -ean, m. ruin; a. 

Sgriosag, -aig, -an, f. a wreath o: yarn on 

a clew. 
Sgriosail, -e, a. destructive, ruinous, 

Sgriotachan, -ain, m. a squalling infant or 

other creature. 
Sgriothal, -ail, f. a crowd 'i young 

creatures or small things. 
Sgròb, -adh, v. scratch with the uaiLs. 
Sgròb, -a, -an, f. scratch; a. sgròbach. 
Sgròbadair, -ean, m. a scratcher; sgrobad- 

aireachd, his office. 
Sgròbadh, -aidh, m. scratching. 
Sgròbag, -aig, -an, f. a little scratch; a. 

Sgròbair, -ean, m. a scratcher; sgròbair- 

eachd, f. unskilful writing, scrawling. 
Sgròban, -ain, -an, m. scratching, the crop 

of a bird. 
Sgròbanach, -aiche, a. full of scratches or 

Sgrog, f. a bite. See sgnog and ssmogadh. 
Sgrog, -oig, f. the head in ridicule, the 

neck, a hat or bonnet, a shrivelled 

Sgrog, -adh, v. pull down the hat or bonnet 

firmly, shrivel. 
Sgrogach, -aiche, a. mean, contemptible. 
Sgrogadh, -aich, m. the drawing down of 

a hat or bonnet, shrivelling. 
Sgrogag, -aig, -an, f. anything mean, a 

little horn. 



Sgrogair, --an, m. au old shrivelled fellow. 
Sgroig, -e, -ean, f. the head, the ueck of a 

bottle. See also sgruigean. 
Sgròill, -e, -ean, f . a peeling or rind ; a. 

Sgròill, -eadh, v. peel, excoriate. 
Sgròilleag, -eig, -an, f. a little peeling; a. 

Sgrotb. See sgrath. 
Sgrub, -adh, v. hesitate, act niggardly. 
Sgrubadh, -aidh, ui. hesitation, scrubbi- 

Sgrubal, -ail, -an, m. a scruple; a. sgrub- 

Sgrubair, -ean, m. a niggard ; sgrubair- 

eachd, his habit. 
Sgriid. -adh, v. scrutinise; sgrùdaich. 
Sgrìidadh, or sgrùdachadh, -aidh, m. 

Sgriidaichte, a. tried, examined; ^grudte. 
Sgriidair, -ean, m. a searcher; sgxùdair- 

eachd, his office. 
Sgruigean, -ein, m. the neck of a bottle or 

jar, the neck (in ridicule). 
Sgruit, -ean, m. or f. au old thin person; 

a. scjruiteach. 
Sguab, -uaib, -an, f. a besom, a sheaf of 

Sguab, -adh, v. sweep, brush. 
Sgiiabach, -aich, -aichean, f. a besom. 
Sguabair, -ean,, m. a sweeper; sguabair- 

eachd, his office. 
Sguabadh, -aidh, m. sweeping; a. sguabach. 
Sguabag. -aig, -an, f. a little broom or 

sheaf, a gusty wind. 
Sguab-lion, -in, m. a sweep-net, a trawl. 
Sguain, -e, f. a train, a tail. 
Sguch. -adh, v. sprain, strain a joint. 


Sgfùd, -a, -an, m. dirty water, foul drops; 

a. sgùdach. 
Sgud -adh, v. cut off quickly, as with one 

stroke; sgiod. 
Sgudadh, -aidh, m. cutting quickly; -a. 

Sgudal, -ail, -an, m. offal, fish guts; a. 

Sgug, -a, -an, m. a person in a crouching 

posture; sgfugairneach. 
Sguidearachd, f. foul drudgery. 
Sguidilear, -e, -ean, a foul or dirty person. 
Sguids, -eadh, v. scutch, switch, dress flax. 
Sguidseach, or sguidseanach, -ich, m.f. a 

lank young girl, a stripling. 
Sguidseadh, -idh, m. switching, beating. 
Sguir, sgur, v. cease, stop, cause to stop. 
Sgiiird, -e, -ean, f. the lap, a lapful; a. 

Sguit, -ichean, f. a footboard in a boat. 
Sgùlan, -ain, -an, m. a large wicker basket. 
Sgiiman. -ain, -an, m. a skirt, a tawdry 

head-dress, a corn-stalk. 
Sgur, -adh, v. scour, rub up, clean. 
Sgurachd, f. ceasing, desisting. 
Sgùrainn, f. soapy water, suds. 
Sgiirr, -a, -as, f. a pointed rock or hill ; 

Sia. See sè. 

Siab, -adh, v. wipe, sweep along, snatch. 
Siabadh. -aidh, m. sweeping, plying a fish- 
ing rod. 
Siabair. -ean, m. a wiper; .siabaireachd. hie 

habit; a. siabach. 
Siaban, -ain, m. a slight shower. <lrift, 

drifting sand. 
Siabann, -ainn, -an, m. soap; a. siabannach. 
Siabh, -a, -an, the broth of grouse, stewed 


Siabhaireachd, f. skimming about like a 

Siabhrach, -aich, -aichean, f. a fairy, a 

yiachadh, -aidh, m. a sprain. 
Siachaiie, -an, m. a pithless wretch; tiach- 

aireachd, his fault. 
Siachaireach, -iche, a. pithless, despicable. 
Siad, -a, -an, f. a fusty smell; a. siadach. 
Siadair, -ean, m. a lazy or stinking fellow; 

siadaixeachd, his fault. 
Sian, f. a shiek, a scream; a. sianail. 
Sian, -ail, v. shriek, scream, cry. 
Sian, -ine, -tan, f. a storm of wind and 

rain, elements. See also sion. 
Sian. See sear;. 

Sianail, -e, f. shrieking, screaming. 
Sianar. See sèanar. 
Siantaidh, -aidhean, m. a hardy man, a 

Siar, adv. the west, westward; a. oblique, 

Siar, -adh, t. move obliquely. 
Siar, -adh, v. decay; siaraich. 
Siaradh, -aidh, m. an oblique line, drollery. 
Siarainnich, -eachadh, v. languish, pine 

away, turn or become sour (as milk). 
Siarshuil, f. a squint-eye; a. siarshuileach. 
Siataig, -ean, f. sciatica, rheumatism. 
Sibh, pron. you, ye. 
Sibhreach, -ich, -ichean, m.f. a fairy, a 

spectre, an apparition. 
Sic, -e, -ean, f . the abdomen ; màm-sic, a 

rupture, hernia. 
Sicir, -e, a. firm, sagacious, shrewd. 
Sid, -e, f. weather, pacification, cessation. 
Sigean, -ein, m. a dwarfish creature. 
Sigeantachd, f. dwarfishness; a. sigeanta. 
Sil, -eadh, v. drop, rain. 

Sìl, gen. of sìol. 

Sile, -ean, f. spittle, saliva; a. sileach, 

Sileadan, -ain, -an, m. a spittoon. 

Pileadh, -idh, m. raining, dropping. 

Sileag, -eig, -an, f. a small drop; a sileag- 

Silean, -ein, m. a small grain; a. sileanach. 

Silich. -eachadh, v. spit, slaver. 

Siliche, -ean, m. a meagre, pithless creature 

Sil-shuil, f. a watery eye; a. .sil-shuileach. 

Silt, -e. -ean, f. a drop; a. silteachd. 

Silteach, -ich, -ichean, an issue; silteachd. 

Simid, -e, -ean, m. a mallet, a beetle; dim. 
simidcan; ceann-simid, a tadpole. 

Simileach, -ich, -ichean, m a coward; 
simileacbd, his fault. 

Similear, -eir, -ean, m. a chimney; a. 

Similidh, -e, a. cowardly, dastardly, feeble, 

Siinleag. -eig, -an, f. a silly woman. 

Siraplidh, -e, a simple, silly ;simplidheachd, 
silliness, timplicitv. 

Sin, pron. demons, that, those; adv. there. 

Sin, -ea<lh, v. stretch, extend, reach. 

Sin, -eadh, v. begin, commence, fall to, 
lay on. 

Sine, comp. of sean. 

Sine, -can, m. a teat, a dug; a. siueacli. 

Sineadh, -idh, m. stretching, reaching, 

Sinn pron. we. us. 

Sinnaear. -re, -ean, m. ancestry, fathers. 

Sinn-seanair, -e, -ean, m. a great-grand- 

Sinn-seanamhair, -ar, f. a great-grand- 

Sinnsearachd, f. ancestry, genealogy. 


Sinnsre, m. ancestors. 

Sinteach, -ich, -ichean, f . a plough-trace ; 

sinte, -an. 
Sinteag-, -eag, f. a skip, a lou^: juice, a 

stroke in swimming; a. sinteagacli. 
Siobail, -ladh, v. engage in rod-fishiug. 
Siobhalta, a. civil, peaceful, mild. 
Siobladh, -aidh, or sioblach, -aich, m. the 

result of one's rod-fishing. 
Sioblach, -aich, m. a long streamer, a loiig 

Siochaint, -e, f. peace, quietness; a. sioch- 

Siochair, -e, -ean, m. a dwarf, a fairy. 
Sioda, -achan, m. silk; a. siodail. 
Siodail, -al, v. milk the last drop. 
Siol, sil, m. seed, grain, progeny, descend- 
Siola, -achan, m. a gill, a wooden collar for 

horses, a syllable. 
Siolachan, -ain, -an m. a filter, a strainer. 
Siolag, -aig, -an, f. a small seed, or potato; 

a. siolagach. 
Siolag, -aig, -an, f. a small fish, a minnow. 
Siolaich, -adh, v. propagate, multiply, 

spring from; sioltaich. 
Siolaidh, -ladh, v. subside, settle, strain; 

sioladh as, passing quietly away. 
Siolc. -adh, V. slip, bound, snatch. 
Siolcadh, -aidh, m. a quick motion, a 

bound, a ^kip. 
Siolcair, -ean, m. a light-fingered fellow, 

one that skips ofE. 
Siolgach, -aiche, a. lazy, dwarfish. 
Siolgaire, -an, m. a mean lazy fellow ; 

siolgaireachd, his habit. 
Siolmhor, -oire, a. prolific; s. siolmhorachd, 

Siolta, -idhean, f. a teal, a small wild duck. 


Sìoltaich, e, -eau, m. a goosander. 

Sìoltaiche, -an, m. a stallion. 

Sìoman, -ain, m. a straw rope; a. ^ioman- 

Sìomlach. See .:>camlacb. 
Sìon, sine, -tan, f. a storm of wind and 

rain, the elements, weather; sian. 
Sion, m. something, anything. 
Sionn, a. phosphorescent; teine-sionnaehaiu. 

Will o' the wisp. 
Sionnach, -aich, pi. -aich, m. a fox, the 
wind-valve of a smith's bellows, or of 
an Irish bagpipe; piob-shionnaich, a 
Sionnsar, -air, -ean, m. a bagpipe chanter; 

a. sionnsarach. 
Sior, a. perpetual, constant, persevering. 
Sior-bhualadh, -aidh, m. constant beating. 
Sior-ghnàth, m. constant habit; a. sior- 

Sior-iarraidh, f. importunity: a. .sior- 

Siorra, or sior ram, -aim, or siorramh, 

-aimh, m. a sheriff. 
Siorradh, -aidh, -aidhean, a deviation, an 

Siorramachd. f. .sheriffdom, a county. 
Siorruidh, a. eternal; gu siorniidh. for 

Siorruidheachd, f. eternity. 
Sios, adv. down to, downwards to. 
Siosar, -air, -an, m. a pair of scissors, 

Siosarach, -aiche, a. abounding with shears. 
Sir, -«adh, -eachd, v. ask, >eek, search, 

Sireadh, -idh, m. seekiny, asking. 
Siris, -ean, f. a cherry; sirist ; a. siriseach. 


386 SIT— siu 

Siteag, -aig, -an, f. a duughill; sitin ; a. 


Sith, -e, f. peace, quietness; a. sitheil, 

Sith, -e, -ean, m. a stride, an onset, a dart 

to; a. sitheach. 
Sith, -e, -ean, m.f. a fairy; sithche, -ean. 
Sith-bhrugh, -a, -an, m. a fairy hill; a. 

Sitheadh, -idh, m. a stride, an onset, a dart 

to; a. sitheach. 
Sitheann, sithne, f. venison; sithionn. 
Sithean, -ein, m. a fairy hill, a little hill; 

a. sitheineach. 
Sithich, -eachadh, v. pacify, reconcile. 

Sithich, -ean, m. a fairy; a. sithicheach. 
Sithionn. See sitheann. 

Sith-mhaor, -air, -an, m. n herald, a con- 
Sìth-thàimh, -e, f. tranquility; a. bith- 

Sitig, -e, -«an, f. a rafter placed across the 

drying part of a kiln. 
Sitir, -e, f. the neighing of a horse; a. 

Sitrich, f. neighing. 
Siubhail, -al, v. go, set off, move, die. 
Siubhal. -ail, m. going, travelling, moving, 

a journey, a bagpipe variation, an 

occasion : ,air a shiubhal, a-carrying 

(lit. on his carriage). 
Siùbhla, or -ladh, laighe siùbhla, confine- 
ment; bean siùbhla, woman in childbed. 
Sixibhlach, -aiche, a. speedy, fleeting, fluent. 
Siiibhiachan, -ain, -an, m. a traveller. 
Siiibhlachas, -ais, m. swiftness; siubhlachd. 
Siiicar, -air, -an, m. sugar; a. siiicarach. 



Siùd, -adh, v. swing, rock; siiidain. 

Siiidan, -ain, m. ricking, swinging. 

Siunas. See srunais. 

Siunnsai. See sionnsar. 

Siùrsach, -aich, -aichean, f. a prostitute. 

Siùrsachd, i. prostitution. 

Siuthad, ■. . &ay away, go on, proceed, help 

Slabhag, -aig, -an, f. tlio pith or core of a 

Slabhagan, -ain, ni. a kind of reddish sea- 
weed . 
Slabhraidh, -«, -ean, f. a chain, a pot- 
hanger; a. slabhraidheach. 
Slachd, -pdb, or slaichd, -eadh, v. thrash, 

beat ^ith. a club. 
Slachdadh, -aidh, or slaichdeadh, -idh, m. 

thrashing, beating, slaughtering. 
Slachdar, -e, -ean, m. a thrasher, a beater, 

a slaughterer; slachdareachd, beating, 

Slachdan, -ain, -an, m. a beetle, a mallet, 

a club; s. druidheachd, magic wand. 
Slachdraich, f. beating, thrashing, the noise 

of beating or ponderous hammering. 
Slad, -adh, v. steal, rob. 
Slad, -aid. m. theft, robbeiy, plunder, booty; 

a. ^lidach. 
Sladachd, f. theft, robbery; sladaidhcachd. 
Sladadh, -aidh, m. stealing, act of pillaging, 
Slaib, -e, f. mire, mud; a. slaibeach, slabeil. 
81aight, -e, f, roguery, knavery, villainy : a. 

SlaightH-^ar, -ir, -ean, m. a rogue, a knave, a 

villain; a. slaighteach. 
Slaightearachd, f. roguery, villainy. 
Slaim, -e, f. great booty, a heap. 
Sliiiute, -eachan, f. health, salvation; deoch- 

shlainte, a toast; a. slainteach, elainteil. 


Slaintealachd, f. healthiness. 
Slais, -eadh, v. lash, whip, flog, splice. 
Slais, -€, -ean, -eachan, f. a lash, a heap (of 
money or fish). 

Slaiseadh, -aidh, m. lashing, whipping, dog- 
ging, splicing. 

Slam, -aim, -an, m. a lock of hair or wool. 

Slamau, -ain, m. curdled milk, curds, any- 
thing flabby; a. slamauach. 

Slàn, -àine, a. healthy, sound, imiujured, 
whole, unbroken; slàn leat I farewell 1 

Slànachadh, -aidh, m. healing, remedying, 
saving (in a spiritual sense). 

Slànaich, -achadh, v. cure, heal, save (in a 
spiritual sense); a. slànaichte. 

Slànaighear, -ean, m. a saviour, a healer. 

Slàn-lus, m. ribwort, plantain. 

Slaod, -adh, v. drag, haul, trail along. 

Slaod, -aoid, -an, m. a raft, a float, a sledge, 
a lounge, a large quantity (a haul), a 
clumsy, lazy person; a. slaodach, 
slaod ail. 

Slaodag, -aig, -an, f. a slut, a slovenly 

Slaodaiche, t. a drawling, a dragging, 

Slaodair, -e, -ean, m. a lout, a slovenly 
fellow, a sluggard. 

Slaodaireachd, f. awkwardness, slovenli- 

Slaodan, -ain, m. a cart-tradk, the rut of a 

Slaodraich, e, f. a mass of lumber, baggage. 

Slaop, -adh, v. partoil, simmer. 

Slaopach, -aiche, a. parboiled, draggiug 
lazily, slovenly. 

Slaopair, -e, -ean, m. a drawler, a sloven. 

Slaopaireachd, f. drawling, trailing, sloven- 

sr.A— si.K 389 

yiap^ -adh, v. flapping. 

Slapach, -aiche, a. lukewarm, sloveuly. 

Slapair, -e, -ean, m, a sloven; slapag, -aig, 

-ean, f. a slut. 
Slapaireachd, f. slovenliness. 
Slapraich, f. din, noise, trampling. 
Slat, -ait, -an, f. a rod, a twig, a wand, a 

yard in measure; a. slatach. 
Slntag, -aig, -an, f. a small rod or twig; a. 

Slat-bbeoil, f. a gunwale. 
Slat-ghorm, f. woody nightshade. 
Slat-mhara, f. the large grey tangle. 
Slat-shinil, f. a boat or ship's sail-yard. 
Slat-thomhais, f. a yard-stick. 
Sleagh, -a, -an, f . a spear, a javelin ; a. 

Sleamhnag, -aig, -an, f. a slide. 
Sleamhain, -mhna, a. .slippery, smooth. 
Sleamhnachadh, -aidh, m. slipping, sliding; 

cùl-shleamhnachadh, backsliding. 
Sleamhuachd, or sleamhnad, f. slipperiness. 
Sleamhuaich, -achadh, v. slip, slide. 
Sli-amhiian, -ain, -an,, m. a sneak, a plide, 

an inflammation of the eye^. 
iSlt-ibhteach, -iche, a. mountainous, hilly. 
Slt'ibhtpach, -ich, m. a mountaineer. 
Sleibhtrich, f. wreckage, things strewn. 
SL'igeil, -eala, or sleugach, -aiche, a. dila- 
tory, dr.iwling, slow, sly. 
SlOisdeach, -aiche, a. large-thighed. 
Sleuchd. -adh, v kneel, prostrate, bow 

reverently, submit, yield, 
."^leuchdach, -aiche, a. bowing reverently, 

yielding, submissive. 
Sieuohdiulh, -aidh, m. prostrating, yielding, 

bowing reverently. 

390 SLl— SLI 

Sliabh, sleiblij fileibhte, pi. sleibhtean, m. a 

mountain, a moor, a heath; a. sliabhach 

or sleibhteach. 
Sliabhair, -e, -ean, m. a. mountaineer; 

Sliachdair, -radh, v. daub, plaster, spread 

by trampling; sliachdraich, -achadli. 
Sliachdradh, -aidh, m. daubing, plastering. 
Sliasaid, sleisde, sleisne, sleisdean, sleis- 

nean, f. the thigh, the side of a ship 

next the stern, a strand of thread, a 

gigot, a leg of meat. 
Slibist, e, -ean, m. a sloven, a clumsy 

fellow; a. slibisteach. 
Slige, -an, f. a shell, the scale of a balance, 

the hull of a ship, a coin (in ridicule); 

a. sligeach. 
Sligeag, -eig, -an, f. a small shell; a. 

Slighe, -an, f. a way, path, road, journey, 

Sligheach, -iche, a. artful, sly. cunning, 

Sligheadair, -e, -ean, m. one who lives by 

Sligneach, -ich, f. icicles, fish-scales. 
Slimseag, -aig, -an, f . a silly tawdry woman ; 

a. slimseagach 
Slinn, -e, -eachan, f. a weaver's sley or 

Slinneag, -eig, -an, f. the shoulder-blade. 
Slinnean, -ein, m. a shoulder, a fore-quarter 

of mutton, a shoulder-blade. 
Slinneanach, -iche, a. broad-shouldered. 
Slinneanachd, f. divining by means of an 

animal's shoulder-blade. 
Sliob, -adh, v. stroke, nib gently, steep. 
Sliobach, -aiche, a. clumsy, awkward; 



Slìobadb, -aidh, m. stroking gently, lick- 
ing, oteeping. 
Slìobair, -e, -ean, m. a clumsy awkward 

Sliochd, -a, -an, m. seed, offspring, 

descendants, tribe, clan; a. sliochdach, 

Sliog. See sliob. 

Sliogach, -aiche, a. sly, sneaking, sleek. 
Sliogair, -e, -ean, m. a sneak, a sly fellow. 
Sliom, -a, a. sleek, smooth, slippery, dull, 

deceitful; sliomach. 
Sliomachd, -adb, v. daub, fawn, sponge in 

a mean fashion; sleamachd. 
Sliomachdaire, -an, m. a mean parasite, a 

sponge, a lazy inactive person. 
Sliomair, -ean, m. a meanly flattering fel- 
low, a deceiver, a lout; sliomachdair, 

Sliomadaireachd, f. mean flattery, deceitful 

talk, laziness ; sliomachdaireachd, 

Shop, -a, -an, f. a lip, a blubber lip; a. 

Sliopair, -ean, m. a blubber-lipped person ; 

sliopaireachd, his fault. 
Slios, -a, -an, m. a side, a declivity: a. 

Slis, -e, -ean, f. a chip, a slice; a. slisneach. 
Sliaeag, -eig, an, f. a small chip; a. slis- 

Sliseagaich, -achadh, v. chip, cut into 

Slisneach, -iche. a. having many sides, 

Sloe, -uic. -an, -uic, ni.f. a hole, a pit; a. 

Slocaich, -achadh, v. hollow out, excavate. 


Slocau, -ain, -an, m. a little hole or pit; a. 

Sloiun, -eadh, v. surname, trace one's pedi- 
Sloiuneadh, -idh, idhean, in. a surname; a, 

Sloinutear, -an, m. a genealogist; sloiunear- 

achd, his office. 
Sloisir, -readh, and -treadh, v. dash, beat 

as the sea against the shore, bedaub. 
Sloisreadh, -idh, m. a dashing as waves; a. 

Sluagh, slòigh, sluaigh, m. people, an host; 

a. sluaghmhor, sluaghach, poiiulous. 
Sluaisir, or sluaistir, -readh, v. shovel, 

Sluaisreadh, or sluaistreadh, -idh, ni. 

shovelling, slubbering. 
Sluasaid, -e, -ean, f. a shovel; a. sluasaid- 

Slugag, -aig, -an, f. a small pool. 
Slugadh, -aidh, m. swallowing; a. slugach. 
Slugaideachd,, f. voracity; a. slugaideach. 
Shigair, -e, -ean, m. a glutton; slugair- 

eachd, his vice. 
Slugan, -ain, -an, m. the throat or gullet, 

a pit; a. sluganach. 
Sluig, -eadh, slugadh, v. swallow, absorb; 

Smachd, m. authority, commaad; a. 

smachdail. , 
Smachdaich, -achadli, v. command, correct. 
Smachdalachd, f. authority; a. smachdach. 
Smàd, -adh, v. scold, abuse with words. 
Smad, m. a particle, a grain; smod. 
Smàdadh, -aidh, m. scolding; a. smàdail. 
Smàg, -àig, f. a paw; a smagach. 
Smàg, -adh, m. crawl; smog. 
Smàgaich, -achadh, v. creep, crawl. 

SMA — SME 393 

i^màgair, -e, -ean, m. oue who creeps; 
smàgaireachd, his practice. 

Smàl, or smàil, -adh, v. snuff, put out, put 

Smal, -ail, m., staiu, spot; a. smalach. 

Smal, -ail, ni. the suuff of a candle, vapour. 

I^màladair, -ean, in. a pair of snuffers. 

Srnalag, -aig, -au, f. a coal fish the second 
season; cèiteanach. 

Smalan, -ain, m. gloom, sadness; smalan- 
achd; a. .smalanach. 

Smàl-shaoitheach, -ich, -ean, m. an ex- 

Siuaoiu, -e, -teau, m. a thought. 

Smaoinich, and smaointich, -eachadh, and 
smaoiiitinu, v. think, consider. 

Smaointeach, a. thoughtful. 

Smarach, -nich, -aichean, m. a lad, a grow- 

Smarag. -a::,% -an f. au emerald; a. smar- 

Smeachan, -ain, -an, and smeach, m. the 
chin, a bandage round the chin; a. 

Smeacharanachd, f. impertinent or danger- 
ous pre.'rumption. taking too much 

Sraeadairneach, -ich, f. a slumber, a light 

Smear, -adh, v. anoint, smear sheep; also 
smeur, smiar, smiùr. 

Smeai. Sec smior. 

Smèaradh, -aidh, m. smearing; a. smèarte. 

Smèaradair, -ean, m. a smearer; smèarad- 
aireachd, his office. 

Smèid, -cadh, v. beckon, wink, nod. 

Smèideadh, -idh, m. beckoning, an inkling; 
a. i^meideach. Smèidc. 

Sraeileaih, -aich, a. pale, ghastly. 


Smeileaiij -ein, -an, m. a puny, pale crea- 
Smeòirn, -e, -ean, m. the end of an arrow 

next the bow string. 
Smeòrach, -aich, -aichean, f. the thrush, 

mavis, a distinguishing mark on a 

sheep's ear. 
Smeur, -a, -an, f. a bramble, a blackberry; 

a. smeurach; smiar, smiaracli, 
Smeuraich, -achadh, v. groj^e. 
Smiar. See smeur. 
Smid, -e, -ean, f. a syllable, a word. 
Smig, -e, -ean, f. the chin; a. ^niigeach. 
Sm.igeadh, -idh, m. a smile; a. smigeach. 
Smigean, -ein, m. a little chin; a. smigean- 

Smior, -a, m. marrow, pith; a. smiorach. 
Smiorail, -ala, a. strong, brave, active, 

Smioralas, -ais, strength, courage, activity, 

smior alachd. 
Smior -chailleach, m. the spinal marrow. 
Smiotach, -aiche, a. short-eared. 
Smiiir, -adh, v. smear. See .>.mèar. 
Smod, or smad, m. a particle, a grain of 

Smodal, -ail, -an, m. sweepings, trash; a. 

Smodan, -ain, -an, m. small dost, drizzling 

rain; a. smodanach. 
Smog, -òig, -an, a paw; amag; a. smògach. 
Smògairneach, -ich, m. any creature with 

large paws. 
Smolamas, -ais, m. trash, fragments of 

Smuaich, -eadh, v. break into bit?. 
Smuain, -e, -tean, f. a thought; smaoin. 
Smuaineach, a. thoughtful. 

SMC — SMC ;39S 

Smuainich, -eachadh, v. think, consider, 

Smuairean, -ein, m. grief, dejection, aorrow; 

a. smuaireanach. 
Smuais, -a, f. the juice of bone», marrow, 

pith; a. smuaiseach. 
Smuais, -eadh, v. smash. 
Smuaislich, -eadh, v. stir in sleep. 
Smuaisrich, f. fragments, splinters. 
Smùch, adv. snivel; also see much. 
Smùchadh, -aidh, or smiichail, sivelling. 
Smùchair, -ean, m. a sniveller; smùchair 

eachd, his habit. 
Smudal. See smodal. 
Smùdan, -ain, -an, m. a smoky fire, a 

signal-fire, smoke. 
Smiidan, -ain, -an, m. a ring-dove, note of 

a bird. 
Smug, -uig, -an, f. a snot, spittle; a. 

Smugaid, -e, -ean, f. spittle; a. <mugaid- 

Smugshuileach, -iche, a. rheum-eyed. 
Smùid, -e, -ean, f. smoke, vapour; a. 

smùideach, smùideil. 
Smùid, smùidir, or smuidrich, -readh. -eadh, 

V. .smoke, toil. 
Smuidea^lh, -aidh. m. smoking, working 

Smuidrich, f. smoke; also smùidreadh; a. 

Smuig, -e, -ean, f. a snout, a aose; a. 

Smuilc, -e, f. huff, the sulk.*; a. smuilc- 

Smùir, -c, m. dust, an atom; dim. >muirnean, 

-ein, m. 
Smùrach, -aich, m. dross, dust; also emùr, 

-ùir, m. 

396 3MU— SNA 

Smut, -uit, -an, m. a short beak or snout, 

a short log; a. smutach. 
Snag. See snàig. 
Snag, -aig, -an, f. an audible knock, a 

Snagail, -e, f. creeping; a. snagach. 
Snàgair, -ean, m. a creeper; snàgaireachd, 

hi.s habit. 
Snagaireachd, f. whittling, cutting with a 

pocket knife. 
Snagan. -ain, -an, m. a clinking noise; a. 

Snagardaich, -e, f. a gnashing of teeth. 
Snagarrachd, f. alertness, activity; a. 

Snaidh, -eadh, hew, shape, cut, waste. 
Snaidheadh, -idh, m. hewing, cutting; a. 

Snaidheadair, -ean, m. one that hews or 

cuts; snaidheadaireachd, his trade. 
Snàig. -eadh, v. creep, crawl; ^nàg. 
Snàieeadh, -idh, ni. creeping; a. .snaigeacli. 
Snaini, -eadh, -aim, v. tie, knot. 
Snaim, -e, -ean, -eannan, m. knot. 
Snaimean, -eiu, ni. a little knot; a. snaiiii- 

Snaimeanachd, f. knotting, tying; a. 

suaimte, tied. 
Snaitheau, -ein, m. a small thread; a. 

Snamh, snamh, v. swim, iioat, bathe. 
Snhnih, àimh, m. swimming; a. suamhach. 
Snàmhaclian, -ain, -an; ni. any thing that 

swims, a raft. 
Snamhaich, snàmhair, or snamhadair, iii. 

a swimmer. 
Snaoi.s, -e. -ean, f. a slice, a piece, the prow 

of a boat. 
Snaoisean. -ein, m. snuff; a. snaoiseanach. 


Snaoiseanachd, f. snuffing. 

Snaomanach, -aich, m. a robust fellow. 

Snap, -adh, v. pull the trigger, miss fire. 

Snap, -aip, -an, m. trigger of a gun, a 
morsel; a. snapach. 

Sna/padh, -aidli, m. pulling the trigger, 
mi&sing fire. 

Snas, -ais, m. perfection, regularity, 
elegance; a. snasta. 

Snasaich, -achadh, v. perfect, order, orna- 

.Snasmhorachd, f. perfection, neatness; a. 

Snath, -a, -àith, -an, m. yarn, thread; a. 

Snàthad, -aid, -an, f. a needle; a. snàthd- 

Snathain, -e, -ean, m. a thread. 

Snàthdan, -ain, -an, m. a needle-case. 

Sneachd, or sneachda, ra. snow; a. 
sneachdach, sneachdail. 

Sneagh, -a, -an, or neaghan, -ain, -an, m. 
a nit; a. sneaghach, sneaghaoiach. 

Suicean, -ein, . a stich of clothing, a rag. 

Snidhe, or snighe, f. water oozing through 
a house roof, falling tears, i^orrow; a. 

Suiomh, sniomh, v. twist, spin. 

Sniomh. -a, m. sadness, great pain, spin- 
ning; a. sniomhach. 

Sniorahach, or sniomhachas. -ais. ni. spin- 
ning; a. .sniomhach. 

Snionihaiche, or sniomhair. -ean, m. a 
spinner, an auger. 

Sniomhanach, or sniomhain, a. winding, 

Snionihte, a. twisted, spun. 
Snòd, -adh, v. affix a fishing hook to a line, 
dress a hook. 


Snòd, -a, -au, -aichean, m. a tippet, 
tackling- attached to a fishing-hook. 

Snòd, -aàh, m. preparing a hook; a. snòd- 

Snòdan, -adn, -an, m. a little tippet (Scot.); 
a. siiòdanach. 

Snodha, -an, m. snodha-gàire,. a smile. 

Snodha-ch, or snothach,-aich, m. sap of trees. 

Snidean, -ein, m. a mug. 

Snoigeis, -ean, f. testiness, peevishness; a. 

Snot, -adh, v. snuff, smell ; a. snotach. 

Snotraich, f. snuffing. 

Snuadh, -aidh, -an, m hue, appearance; a. 
sniiadhmhor, and -ach, of good appear- 

Snuadhaich, -achadh, v. colour, adorn. 

So, demons, i^ron. this, these; also adv. 
here, thu.s, hither; as, co tha 'n so? 
who is here? mar so, thus; thig an so, 
come hither; dean so, do this; iad so, 

So, inter j. take it; so! so! come! come; 

So-, a prefix implying facility, ease, apt- 
nes.s, goodness. 

Sobhrach, -aich, -aichean, f. a primrose; 
sobhrag; a. sobhragach. 

Soc, -uic, pi. -uic, m. sock of a plough, a 
snout; a. socach. 

Socair, -e, rest, ease, leisure; a socrach. 

Socan, -ain, -an, m. a little snout or .sock; 
a. socanach. 

Sochair, -ean^ f. a gift, a benefit; a. 

Sochar, -air, f. silliness, pliability, mild- 
ness; a. socharach. 

So-chomhairleach, -iche, a. easily advised. 

So-chnamhadh, a. digestible. 

Socrach, -aiche, a. easy, quiet. 


Socraich, -achadh, v. settle, establish, fix. 
Sod, -a, m. the noise of water; sodraich. 
So<l, -oid, m. a sod, a clumsy, awkward 

Sodag, -aig, -an, a. a turf, a pillion ; a. 

Sodal, -ail, m. flattery, fawning; a. 

Sodalach, -aich, m. a flatterer; sodalaich, 

f. flattery. 
Sodan, -ain, m. joy, caressing, a joyous 

reception; a. sodanach. 
Sodarnach, -aich, m. a stout man; soidear- 

So-dhiaiite, a. practicable, easily done. 
Sodradh, -aidh, m. trotting, galloping. 
Sog, m. mirth, raerriness; a. sogail, sogach. 
Sogan, -ain, m. mirth, hilarity; a. sogan- 

Sògh, -òigh, m. pleasure, joy, riot; a. sogh- 

ail, sòghmhor. 
Sòghalacbd, f. enjoyment, luxury. 
Soideal. -eil, m. rudeness, vulgarity: a. 

soidralach. soidealta. 
Soideaii. -ein, m. a little round stout fel- 
low. «oideanach. 
Sòighneas, -is, ra. pleasure, joy; a. sòigh- 

Soileas, -is, m. officiousness, flattery; a. 

Soilgheas, -eis, m. wind, fair wind. 
Soilleir, -e, a. clear, bright. 
Soilleireachd, f. clearness, brightness. 
Soilleirich, eachadh, v. explain, brighten. 
Soillse, m., or soillseachd, f. brightness; a. 

Soillseaohadh, -aidh, m. enlightening; 

Soillsich, -eachadh, v. enlighten, clear. 

400 SOI — SOL 

Soimeach, a. quiet, easy, idle, luzy. 
Soimeaclid, or soimeachas, f. arood-uature, 

Soin, f. esteem; a soineil. 
Soineann, -inn, f. good weather; .^oinionn. 
Soineantachd, f. calm weather, gentleness; 

a. soineanta. 
So-inuse, a. easily told. 
So-iomchair, -e, a. easily borne, tolerable. 
Soipean, sopan, or suipean, -ein, m. a small 

quantity of straw, a straw. 
Soir, a. or ad. the east, eastward. 
Soirbh, -e, a. quiet, calm, gentle; isoirbh- 

Soirbheachd, f . quietness, calmne&s ; soirbhe. 
Soirbheas, -eis, m. a fair wind, prosperity. 
Soirbhich, -eachadh, v. prosper, succeed. 
Soire, -eachan, ra. a sack, a dish, a ve&sel; 

a. soireach. 
Soireag, -eig, an f. a little .sack or vessel; 

a. soireagach. 
Soireit, -e, f. easiness of temper : a. soireit- 

Soirionn. See soineann. 
Soisgeal, -eil, -an, m. the gospel; a. sois- 

Soisgealach, -aich, -aicheau, m. an evan- 
gelist; soisgealaiche. 
Soisinn, f. complacency, snugness, ease; a. 

Soitheach. -ich, -aichean, f. a vessel or di.^h, 

a ship. 
Soitheamh, -imhe, a. tame, gentle, mild. 
Sol, sul, conj. before. 
Solair, -laradh, -lar, v. provide, procure; 

solaraich, a. solarach. 
Solas, -ais, m. joy, consolation; a. sòlasach. 
Sòla«aich, -achadh, v. comfort, make glad. 
So-leughadh, a. legible, easy to read. 


So-lughachd, f. pardonablenes.*, slightness. 
Solus, -uis, -an, m. light; a. sohisach. 
Somalia, a. dull, heavy, liberal, generous. 
Somaltachd, f. bulk, largeness, liberality, 

Sòmhail, See sùmhail. 
Sòmhlaich. See sùmhlaich. 
Son, m. sake, cause, account; air son, on 

account of; c'ar-son? (ciod air-son) why? 
Sonas, -ais, -an, m. happiness, prosperity, 

good luck. 
Sonasach, or sona, a. happy, prosperous, 

Sonn, -uinn, pi. -uinn, m. a hero, a stout 

Sònraich, -achadh, v. mark, specify, ordain, 
Sònrachadh, -aidh, m. marking, appoint- 
ing, ordering. 
Sònraichte, a. special, particular, notable. 
Sop, -uip, pi. -uip, m. a stra'.v, a wisp; a. 

Sopan, -ain, -an, m. a little straw or wisp; 

a. sopanach. 
Sop-cheann, m. a bushy head; a. sop- 

Soplach. -aich, m. the refuse nf straw or 

Sop-seilbhe, m. an enfeoffment by deliver- 
ing a straw. 
Sòr, -adh, v. grudge, hesitate, pause. 
Sòradh. -aidh, m. hesitating, grudging. 
Soraidh, f. farewell, compliment.'^. ble.s.sing. 
Sorchau. -ain, b a place of rest, a support, 

a stand for a light or torch; a. snrch- 

So-rèiteach, or so-rèitiche, a. easily .•settled. 
So-riaghlaichte, a. manageable. 



Sòrn, sùirn, m. the flue of a kilu, a snout; 

a. sòrnach. 
Soman, -ain, -an, m. a little flue, a little 

So-roinute, a. easily divided, divisible. 
Sos, -oi.s, ni. a large bellyful of food, a 

Spad, -aih, v. kill, knock down with one 

Spadadh, -aidh, m. killing, knocking dead. 
Spadag, -aig, -an, f. a light blow, a quarter 

or limb of an animal, a ham; a. 

Spadair, -e, -ean, m. a fop, a dandy; spad- 

aireachd, his fault. 
Spada), -ail, -an, m. a paddle; a. spadalach. 
Spadanta, a. dull, heavy, benumbed. 
Spadchas, -ois, f. a splay-foot; a. spad- 

Spadchluas, f. a dull ear; a. spadchluasach. 
Spadh, -an, m. swathe. 
Spadhadh, -aidh, m. a quick pull, elasticity, 

Spàg, -adh, V. turn, distort. 
Spàg, -àig, -an, f. a paw; spòg; a. spagach. 
Spàgair, -e, -ean, m. a clumpy-footed fellow. 
Spaglainn, f. ostentation, conceit, bom- 
Spaid, -e, -ean, f. a spade. 
Spaidealachd, f. foppishness; a. spaideil. 
Spaidhlearachd, f. unnecessary climbing, 

Spaig, -e, -ean, f. a long chin, a wry mouth; 

a. spagach. 
Spailp, -e, -ean, ni. pride, a foppish young" 

Spailpeachd, f. ostentation; a. spailpeach. 
Spailpeadh, -idh, m. strutting; a. spailp- 


Spailpean, -ein m. a little fop: a. srail|j- 

Spailpeanachd f. foppishness. 
Spailpeis, -e, f. self-conceit; a. spailpeil. 
Spain, -e, -ean, f. a spoon; a. spàineach. 
Spàineag-, -eig, -an, f . a little spoon ; a. 

Spainteach, -ich, f. a long fowling-piece, a 

spoonful; a. spainteach, Spanish. 
Spairn, e, f. an effort, a struggle, agony; 

a. spàirneil. 
Spairiseachd, f. craudicess, foppishness; a. 

Spairt, -e, -ean, f. a turf, a clod, a drop, a 

Spairt, -eadh, v. plaster, daub, splash. 
Spairtidh, -e, a. tart, acid, alum-like. 
Spaisdear, -ean, m. one who walks back- 
ward and forward. 
Spaisdearachd, f. sauntering, promenading. 
Spaisdearaich, spaisdearachd, v. walk to 

and fro. 
Spàl, -ail, -an, m. a weaver's shuttle; a. 

Spàlag. -aig, -an, f. a bean or pea pod. 
Spàlad:'ir, -ean, m. a maker of .shiittics. 
Spang, -aing, -an, f. a shining plate of 

met;-.], a drop; a. spangach. 
Spann, -an, f. a hinge, a hasp. 
Spanu, -adh, v. withdraw from milk, wean. 
Spannaich, -achadb, v. kill with one stroke, 

Spaoil, -eadh, v. wrap up, swaddle. 
Sparasach. See spairiseachd. 
Spardan, -ain, -an, m. a hen roost; a. 

Spàrr. -adh, v. drive, thrust, urge, incul- 


Spàrr, -a, -an, m. a beam, a joist, a hen 

Sparadh, -aidh, m. driving, thrusting, 

forcing, urging, enforcing. 
Sparrag, -aig, -an, f. a bridle-bit. a diffi- 
culty; a. sparragach. 
Sparsan, -ain, -an, m. the dewlap of an 

Spart, -airt, -an, f. a drop. See spairt. 
Spart, plaster. See spairt. 
Spathalt, -ailt, -an, f. a limb, a clumsy 

limb; a. spathaltach. 
Speach, -a, -an, f . a wasp, a stitch or pain ; 

a. speachach. 
Speach, -a, -an, -annan, f. a blow, a 
Speachantas, -ais, m. peevishness; speach- 

Speachanta, speacharra, a. waspish, peevish. 
Spead, -a, -an, f. a small foot or leg; a. 

Speal, -a, -an, f. scythe; a. spealach. 
Spealadair, -ean, m. a mower; spealadair- 

eachd, liis trade. 
Speal, -adh, v. mow, cut down with a 

Spealg, -adh, v. splinter, cut into small 

Spealg, -eilg, -an, f. a splinter: a. spealg- 

Spealgair, -ean, m. one who splinters; 

spealgaireachd, his office. 
Sipealgadh, -aidh. m. splintering; a. 

Spealt, -a, -an, f. a splinter; a. .spealtach. 
Spealt, -adh, v. splinter. 
Spealtag, -aig, -an, f. a small splinter; a. 

Spealtair, -ean, m. one who splinters; 

spealtaireachd, his office. 

8FE— SPI 406 

Speariach.. See epoireach. 

Speic, -e, -ean, f. a spike, a bar, a blow; a. 

Speic, -eadh, v. spike, prop, strike. 
Speiceadh, -idh, m. spiking, striking; a. 

Spcid, -e, f. haste, speed; a. speideil. 
Speil, -e, -ean, f. cattle, a herd. 
Spcil, -eadh, v. slide, slip. 
Spcilearaich, speilearachd, v. slide, skate. 
Speiligean, -ein, m. a spindle-shank, a 

weakling; a. speiligeanach. 
Speilleag, -eig, -an, f. curled bark; a. 

Speill. See spaoil. 
Speir, -e, -ean, f. the hoof or ham of a 

bea^t; a. speireach. 
Speireach, -aich, -aichean, f. a fetter for 

cow.-, »oats, or sheep. 
Speiread, -eig, m. strength, courage. 
Speireag, -eig, -an, f. a sparrow-hawk; a. 

Speis, -e, f. love, esteem, regard; also 

Speisealtachd, f. cleanness, neatness; a. 

Spciseil. -e, a. fond, beloved, esteemed. 
Speuc, -adh, v. tear, diverge; spiac. 
Speuc, -a, -an, spiac, m. a branch; a. speuc-, 

Speucadh, -aidh, m. tearing, diverging. 
Speuclair. -ean, m. a pair of spectacles. 
Speur. -a, -an, m. the heavens, the skies, 

the heights; a. sipeurach. 
Speuradair, -ean, m. nn astronomer, or 

Speuradaireachd, f. astronomy or astrology. 
Spid, -p. f. spite, haste, speed; a. spideil. 


Spideag, -eig, -an, f. the nightingale, a 
taunt, a little blow; a. spideagach. 

Spideal, -eil, -an, m. a spital or hospital; 
a. spidealach. 

Spiligean, -ein, m. a small grain; a 

Spioc, -a, f. dastardliness, meanness ; a. 

Spiocaiche, f. niggardliness, stinginess. 

Spiocaid, -e, -ean, a spigot, a tap. 

Spiocair, -e, -ean, m. a niggard, a dastardly 

Spiocaireachd, f. niggardliness, pusillan- 

Spiochan, -ain, m. a wheezing in the 
throat; piochan; spiochanach, hoarse. 

Spiol, -adh V. snatch quickly, pluck,, pull. 

Spioladair, -ean, m. a snatcher; spioladair- 
eachd, his office. 

Spioladh, -aidh, m. a snatching; i. spiolach. 

Spiolag, -aig, -an, f. a crumb, a bit, as of 
bread ; a. spiolagach. 

Spiolg, -adh, V. unhusk, shell. 

Spiolgair, -ean, m. one that uuhusks; 
spiolgaireachd, his office. 

Sploa, -adh, v. pluck, eradicatt. 

Spionadair, -ean, m. one who plucks. 

Spionach, -aich, -aichean, f. a plucked or 
emaciated creature. 

Spionnadh, -aidh, m. strength, mis'ht. force. 

Spionnadach, a, strong, robust. 

Spiontach, -aich, f. wool plucked from the 
dead skin; also marbhchann. marach- 

Spiorad, -aid, -an, m. a spirit ,spirit, 
viour ; a. spioradail. 

Spioradalachd, f. spirituality, vigour, live- 


Spioradan, -ain, -an, m. a little spirit, a 

Sjnosradh, -aidh, m. spice; spiosrach. 
Spiosraich, -achadh, v. spice, season vrith 

Spiris, -e, -ean, f. a hen roost; a. sjiiriseach. 
Spitheag, -eig, -an, f. a small ptone, bit of 

wood, ball; a. spitheagach. 
Splèachd, -adh, v. gaze vacantly, plaster 

awkwardly; .spleuchd, spliachd. 
Splèachdach, a. staring, squinting, spread 

Splèachdag, -aig, -an, f. a squint-eyed 

Splèachdair, -ean, m. a gazer, a squinter. 
Splèachdaireachd, f. staring, plastering 

Spleadh, -a, -an, m a romace, i- lie. a 

splay foot; a. spleahdach. 
Spleadhadair, -ean, m. a teller of tale.-; and 

!>pleadhan, -ain, -an, a wooden paddle. 
Spleadhnas, -ais, m. a fiction; a. splendh- 

Snlèamas. -ais, m. affected siirpri.-e. vulirar 

Spliùcan, -ain, -an, m. a tobacco paich: a. 

Spliug, -a, -an, m. snot; a. spliugach. 
Sj)liug. -iuig, -an, f. a discontented look, 

a hanging lip; a. spliugach. 
Spliugaire, -ean, m. a blubberircr. snntty, 

slovenly fellow. 
Ppliut, -a, -an, a lame hand: a. -pliutach. 
Spòg, -òig, -an, f. a talon, claw nr paw; a. 

Spòg, -adh, V. seize or tease with the 



Spoil, -a, f. a quarter (as of a slieep), a 

joint or piece of meat. 
Spollachdach, a. sottish, stupid. 
Spoilaciidair, -e, -ean, m. a blockhead, a 

stupid person. 
Spolt, -adh, V. tear, mangle, quarter. 
Spoltadh, -aidh, m. tearing; a. spoltach. 
Spong, -uing, -au, f. tinder, pith, a sponge; 

a. spongach. 
Spor, -adh, v. spur, push, incite. 
Spor, -iiir, -an, -uir, m. a claw, a spur, a 

gun flint. 
Sporach, -aiche, a. full of talons, or riding 

Sporadh, -aidh, m. spurring, inciting. 
Sporan, -ain, -an m. a purse; a. sporanach. 
Spurs, -a. f. sport, fun; a. spòrsail. foppish. 
Spòrsalachd, f. sportfulness, foppishness. 
Spot, -an, m. a spot or stain; a. spotach. 
Spoth, spoth, V. geld, castrate. 
Spothadair, -ean, m. a gelder; spothadair- 

eachd, his trade. 
Spraic, -e, -ean, f. a frown, a mandate, a 

Spraicealachd, f. imperiousness, disap- 
proval, censoriousness. 
Spraiceil, -eala, a. imperious, harsh, severe. 
Spreadh. spreadhadh, v. burst, sound, 

Spreadhadh, -aidh, m. bursting, activity, 

life, noise. 
Spreangau, -ain-, -an, m. a stick for closing 

the wounds of bled cattle. 
Sprèidh, -e, f. cattle of all kinds; a. 

Spreig, -eadh, v. enforce with words, speak 

boldly, instigate. 
Spreigealachd, f. boldess in words; a. 



Spreill, -c, -ean, f. a bliibber-lip. 
Spreòchan, -ain, f. weak exertions, pith- 

lessness, a weakling. 
Spreòchantachd, f. weak efforts; a. spreoch- 

Spreòd, -adli, v. goad on, incite. 
Spreòd, -eòid, m. a projecting beam, a bow- 
Spreòdadh, -aidli, m. exciting; a. spreòd- 

Sprochd, m. .sadness, dejection; a. sprochd- 

ail. sprochdach. 
Sprochdalachd, f. dejection of mind. 
Sprogan, -ain, m. a dewlap, a crop of a 

bird; .^progaill. 
Sprogauach, a. having dewlaps or crops. 
Spruan, -ain, -an, m. brushwood; spruthan, 

Spruidh leach, -ich, m. offals, fragments. 
Sprui&ealac.jd, f. spruceness; a. spruiseil. 
Spuaic, -e, -ean, f. the crown of the head, a 

wound or pustule, a speck, a smudge. 
Spuaic, -achdadh, v. strike, thump, blister, 

Spuch, -adh, v. strike with paw as a cat. 
Spùidseir, m. a baling-Iadle. 
Spùill, -eadh, v. rob, plunder. 
Spùilleadh, -idh, m. robbing, plundering; 

a. spuilleach. 
Spùinn, -eadh, v. rob. See spiiil]. 
Spùinneadair, -ean, m. a robber; .spùinead- 

aireachd, his habit. 
Spùinnc;idh, -idh, m. plundering; a. 

Spùirse. f. spurge, milkweed. 
Spull, -a. -an, m. a cat's claw, a clutch; a. 

spullach, greedy. 
Spursan, -ain, m. a gizzard; sparsan. 
Spùt, -a, -an, m. a spout, a flux; a. spùtach. 


Spùt, -adh, V. spout, squirt. 

Spùtachan, -aiu, -an, m. a syringe, a squirt. 

Spùtan, -ain, -an, m. a small spout or 

squirt; a. spùtanach. 
Sràbh, -aibh, -an, m. a straw, a straw-fuse 

for blasting; a. srabacli. 
Sràbhag, -aig, -an, f. a little straw; 

sràbhan; a. sràbhagach, srabhaiiach. 
Srac, -adh, v. tear, rend, rob. 
Sracadh, -aidh, m. tearing, rending, a rent, 

a tear; a. sracach. 
Sracair, -ean, m. a tearer; sracadair; 

sracadaireachd, tearing. 
Srad, -a, -an, f . a spark of fire ; sriod ; a. 

Srad, -adh, v. sparkle, emit spaik.s of iire, 

run .swiftly. 
Sradag, -aig, -an, f. a tiny .spark: a. 

Sraibhlean, -eiu, -ean, m. a small straw; a. 

Sraid, -e, -ean, f. a street, a saunter; a. 

Sràideag, -aig, an, f . a little street, a short 

saunter, a leap. 
Sraidean, -ein, -an, m. the plant shepherd's 

Sraidear, -an, m. a saunterer, a lounger. 
Sràidimeaclid, f. walking alx)ut, saunter- 
ing; sràidearachd, sràideas. 
Sraigh, -e, f. the cartilage of the nose; v. 

sraigh, sneeze. 
Sraigheartaich, f. sneezing; sreothartnich. 
Sramh, -aimh, m. a jet of milk flowing from 

a cow's udder. 
Srann, -a, -an, f. a snore, snorting, n lnizz, 

a hum; a srannach, srannraeh. 
Srann, adh, v. snore, snort, buzz, hum, 



Srannadh, -aidh, m. snoring, buzzing, 

humming; srannail, srannraich. 
Srannan, -ain, m. a buzzing toy, i< grass- 
hopper; srannachan. 
Sraon, -aJh, v. stumble, make a false step, 

rush violently. 
Sraonadh, -aidh, m. a slip, a dig-ie-siou, a 

Srath, -a, -an, m. a valley with a river, a 

strath; a. srathach. 
Srathair, -rach, -raichean, f. a cart-saddle, 

a. pack-saddle. 
Srathan, -ain, m. a small valley; a. 

Sread, or sreadan, m. a tirade, a torrent o^' 

Sream, -a, -an, m. vheum, wrinkle; a. 

Sream. -adh, v. wrinkle, corrucate. erin 

Sream-shuileach, a. blear-eyed. 
Sreang, -einge, f. a string, a line .a cord, 

a ridge; sreangach. 
Sreangag. -aig, -an, f. a small .-tring or 

thread; sreangan. 
Sreangaich, -achadh, v. string, draw into 

strings, make slender. 
Sreath. ->, -an, f. a row, a series, r. rank; 

a. sreathach. 
Sreathaich, -achadh, v. arrange in row.s, or 

Sreathainn, -e, f. straw laid on a kiln under 

the grain. 
Sreothart, -airt. -an. m. a sneeze; a. 

Sreothartaich, f. sneezing. 
Srian, -eine, -tan, f. a bridle, a re-straint, a 
stripe, a streak; a. srianach. 


Srian, -adb, v. bridle, reiu, restrain, con- 
Srianadh, -aiùh, ni. bridling, reining, 

Srideag, -aig, -an, f. a drop, a spark; 

sriodag; a. srideagach. 
Sringleau, -ein, m. the disease strangles; 

Sriod, -e, -an, f. a spark; srad. 
Sriod, -adh, v. run swiftly, run like wild- 
Sriut, -iuit, m. a torrent of quick words, a 

tirade; sriutan; a. sriutach. 
Srobadh, -aidh, m. a push, a small quantity 

of liquor. 
Sroghall. -aill, f. a whip. 
Sròineis. f. smelling, snorting; a. 

Sròineisich, -eachadh, v. smelling, rubbing 

Sròl, -oil, m. a streamer, a banner, silk. 

satin, lace; a. sròlach. 
Sròn, -òine, -an, srointean, f. a nose, a 

prow, a promontory or headland; a. 

Sronagaich, f. smelling, tracing by scent. 
Sruab, -adh, \. drink with noise of the lips, 

pull a thing hastily out of the water; 

srùb: a. sruabach. 
Srubadh, -aidh, m. drinking noisily. 

snatching hastily; sruabaireachd. 
Srùb, -ùib, m. a spout, as of a kettle or 

pump; a. srùbach. 
Srùb, -adh, v. drink noisily; srubail. 
Srubadh. -aidh, m. drinking noisily. 
Srùbae. -aig, -an, f. a small mouthful. 
Srùbair, -ean, m. a sucker; srùbaireachd. 

his office. 


Srùlach, -aiche, a. flowing, abouodiug in 

Sruth, -adh, v. flow, run, melt. 
Sruth, -a, -uithean, m. a steam, a river, 

a current, a tide-stream; a. sruthacli. 
Sruthail, -ladh, v. rinse with water. 
Sruthan, -ain, m. a small stream; a. 

Sruth-clilais, f. a water channel. 
Sruthladh, -aidh, ni. rinsing, act of 

Srùthlag, -aig, -an, f. a small stream, a 

conduit; a. srùthlagach. 
Stà, or stàth, m. good, profit, avail; a. 

Stabhach, a. outspread, wide-forked. 
Stabhaic, f. a wry-neck. 
Stàbull, -uill, -an, m. a stable; a. 

Stac, -aic, -a, pi. -an, -annan, a steep hill, 
a precipice, a projecting rock; a. 

Stacach, -aiche, a. deaf, dull of hearinjj. 
Stacaiche, f. deafness; stacachd. 
Stacan, -ain, -an, m. a little steep hill; a. 

Stad, -a, -an, m. a stop, a delay, a pause; 

a. .stadach. 
Stad, stad, v. stop, cease, cause to stop. 
Stadachd, f. stopping, he.?itation, delay, 

hindrance; stadaich. 
Stadh, -adh, v. stretch, ras, extend, jog. 
Stadhadh. -aidh, m. raxing, jogging; a. 

Stagh, -a, -an, -annan, a stay, a certain 

rope of a ship; stadh. 
Staid, -e, -ean, f. the State. 
Staid, -e, -ean, f. state, condition, .situa- 

414 STA — ST.v. 

Stàidealachdj f. stateliuess; a. stadetil. 
Staidhir, -dbreach, -dliricliean, f. a stair; 

a. staidhreacli. 
Stail, -e, -ean, f. a still, a whisky pot, a 

bandage ; a. staileach. 
Stailc, -eadh, v. ram down, stamp, trample, 

knock, 'busk' a fishing--hook ; stale. 
Stailc, -e, -ean, f. pride, a stump; a. stailc- 

Stailceadh, -idii, m. stamping. 
Stàiliun, f. iteel; a. stàiliuneacli. 
Staing, -ean, f. a ditch, a prickle. 
Stair, -ean, m. stepping stones, a path 

across a bog; a. stair each. 
Stairirich, f. noise, din, turmoil. 
Stàirn, or stàirneach, f. rumbling, as of 

stones, brain-swimming from liquor, 

Stàirneal, -eil, m. a tern, a sea-swallow. 
Stàirneil, a. conceited, ostentatious. 
Stàirneanach, -ich, m. a robustious fellow. 
Stairsneach, -ich, -ean, f. threshold, an 

Stait, -e, a magistrate, a great man. 
Stalan, -ain, -an, m. a stallion; a. stalan- 

Stale. See stailc. 
Stalcair. -ean, m. a dresser of hooks, a stiff 

Stalcaireachd, f. dressing hooks; a hobbling 

Stalcantachd,' f. firmness; a. stalcanta. 
Stalla. -achan, tq. a sea rock; a. stallach. 
Stallachdaire, -ean, m. a blockhead; a. 

stall achdach. 
Stamh, -aimh, pi. staimh, a large sea 

Stamhor, -oire, a. useful; stàthail. 

ST A — ST K 415 

Stamhn;;(Jh, -aidh, m. taming, breaking a 

Starahnaich, -adh, v. tame, settle. 
Stamp, -adh, v. stamp, trample. 
Stan, -adh, v. make awry, beud; staon. 
Stan, -àin, m. tin. 

Stann, -a, -an, f. a large vat; a. stannach. 
Stannart, -airt, -an, a standard, a gage; 

a. stann attach. 
Staoig, -e, -ean, f . a piece of fle.ih ; a. 

Ptrtoin, -e, f. pewter, laziness; a. staoin- 

Staon, staonach, a. oblique, bent. 
Stapag, -aig, -an, f. a coarse mixture of 

meal and water. 
Stapal, -ail, m. a staple, a bar. 
Staplaich, -e, f. harsh noise; a. staplain- 

Starbhanach, -aich, m. a robust fellow. 
Starradh, -aidh, m. a sudden motion, a 

start, a leap. 
Starrag, -aig, -an, f. a wry neck, a twist; 

a. starragach. 
Starr-fhi.icail, a tusk, a gag-tooth; a. starr- 

Starram, -aim, m. noise, din, tramping. 
Starr.s, m. starch. 

Starrshuileach, a. having distorted eyes. 
Steach, or a steach, adv. into, within. 
Steafag, -aig, -an, f. a cane, a small stafiE; 

a. stcafagach. 
Steall. -adh, v. spout, pour out . 
Steall, still, m. a spout, a cataract, heavy 

rain; dim. steallan; a. steallach. 
Stealladair, -ean, m. a squirt or syringe, a 

Stealladaireachd, f. squirting. 

416 8TE— STI 

tìteallag, -aig, -an, f. a little spout; a 

tSteallair, -e, -ean, m. one that squirts, a 

squirt, a cascade. 
Steic-braghad, -aid, f. the wiud - pipe, 

8tèidh, -e, -ean, f . a basis, a foundation ; a. 

steidheil, steady, judicious, 
tìtèidhealachd, f. stolidity; a. steidheach. 
Steidhich, -eachadh, v. found, settle. 
Steidhichte, a. founded, settled, steady, 

Steinle, f. the itch, the mange. 
Steinn, -eadh, v. fa4e in colour. 
Steòc, -a, m. one standing upright, an idler. 
Steòcach, -aiche, a. iipright, standing. 
Steòrn, -adh, v. guide, direct. 
Steud, -a, -an, f. a race, a steed, a wave; a. 

Steud, -adh, v. run a race. 
Steudag, -aig, -an, f. a tidy girl; a. steud- 

Steudshruth, -a, -an, m. a rapid .stream; a. 

Stiall, -adh, v. streak, tear, mark with 

Stiall, -eil, -an, f. a streak, a strip of cloth; 

a. stiallach. 
Stiallag, -aig, -an, f. a small streak; a. 

Stiallair, -e, -ean, m. any large thing, a big 
Stic, -e, -ean, m. pain, stitch; a. sticeach. 
Stic, -eadh, v. stick, adhere. 
Sticil, -eadh, v. cram, stuff. 
Stidean, m. a cat, the word by which a cat 

is called. 
Stig, -e, -ean, m. a sneaking fellow; a. 



Stìgearachd, f. sneaking, skulking. 
Sti2rh, or a .stigh, adv. in, within. 
Stinleag. -eig, -ean, f. a hinge, the hasp of 

a lock, hank of yarn; steileag. 
StiobuU, -nill, -an, m. a steeple; a. .stiobull- 

Stioeach, -aicbe, a. crippled, lini;)iug, weak. 
Stiocair, -e, -ean, a cripple, a feeble man; 

stiocaireachd, his fault. 
Stiog, -adh, V. crouch, lie close to the 

Stiom, -a, -an, -annan, f. a hair lace, a 

coarse ribbon; a. stioniach. 
Stiomas", -''lig, -an, m. a small head band; 

a. stiomagach. 
Stiorap, -aip, -an, m. a stirrup; a. stiorap- 

Stiorlag, -aig, -an, a thiu worn rag: a. 

Stiorlan, -ain, -an, m. a slender tall person; 

f. stiorlag. 
Stiornach, -aich, m. a .sturgeon. 
Stiùbhart, -airt, -an, m. a steward, an over- 
Stiùir. -eadh, or stiùradh, v. steer, guide, 

Stiùir, stiùrach, -e, -ean, -ichean, f. a 

rudder; a. stiùrach. 
Stiup, -a, -an, m. a long tail or train; a. 

Stiùradair, -can, m. a steersman; stiiirad- 

aireachd, his oflBce. 
Stiùradh, -adh, m. steering, guiding. 
Stòb, -ùib, -òib, -an, m. a stoup, or bucket; 

a. stòbach. 
Stòban, -ain, -an. m. a small stoup: a. 




Stob, -uib, -an, m. a little prickle, a stake; 

a. stobach. 
Stob, -adh, v. thrust, stick. 
Stobadh, -aidh, m. thrusting, stabbing. 
Stoban, -ain, -an, a little prickle; a. stob- 

Stobanach, -aich, m. a stout boy. 
Stòbh, -òibh, -an, m. a stove; a. stcbtacb. 
Stòbh, -adh, v. stove or stew. 
Stoc, -uic, -an, -uic, m. a stock, a truii^pet, 

a race, store, cattle. 
Stocach, -aiche, a. full of trunks, rich, 

Stocaich, -adh, v. stock a farm, become rich. 
Stocaidh, or stocain, -e, -ean, m. a stocking, 

hose; a. stocaineach. 
Stocair, -ean, m. a trumpeter; stocaireachd, 

his trade. 
Stoirm, -e, -eau, -eannau, f. a storm; a. 

Stoirmealachd, f. storminess. 
Stòl, -adh, V. calm, settle. 
Stòl, -a, m. a stool; stòl-coise, a footstool. 
Stòladh, -aidh, m. settling; a. stòlta. 
Stòltachd, f. sedateuess, quietness. 
Stop, -adh, V. stop, close up. 
Stòr, -òire, m. store; stòras; a. storach, 

stòrasach . 
Stòras, -ais, m. riches, store, abundance. 
Storr, -adh, v. over-feed, surfeit, cloy. 
Storr-fhiacail, m. a gag tooth; a. storr- 

Stoth, -adh, v. strike off short stalks of 

corn, lop off. 
Stoth, -a, m. hot steam, stench. 
Stiàbhaig, -eadb, v. lay straw on a kiln to 

dry corn. 
Stra-bhuille, m. a staggering blow. 


Stràc, -adh, v. strike, strike off to the brim 
of a vessel. 

Stràc, -àic, -an, a rule for measuring, as 
corn or meal; a blow, a mower's whet- 
ting' stone, a strake or plank of a boat, 
a copious eruption. 

Stràic, or straicealachd, f. pride; a. 

Straighleach, -ich, f. fit of intoxication. 

Straighlich, -e, f. great noise or bustle. 

Straille, -an, m. a carpet, a mat, a rug. 

Strailleadh, -idh, -ean, m. a loud knock or 

Streap, -adh, v. climb, strive against, 
aspire vainly. 

Streup, -eip, m. strife, contention ; a. 

Streupag, -aig, -an, f. a squabble; streupaid. 

Stri. m. great exertion or struggle. 

Striamlach, -aich, f. a low training appen- 

Strianach, -aich, -ean, m. a badger. 

Strioch, -adh, v. draw lines, delineate. 

Strioch, -a, -an, f. a streak, a line; a. 

Striochd, -adh, v. submit, yield. 

Striochdadh, -aidh f, yielding, submitting; 
1. .striochdail. 

Striopach, -aich, -ean, f. a strumpet: a. 

Striopachas, -ais, -an, fornication, whore- 

Stritheil, -e, a. contentious, quarrelsoine. 

Stròdh, -òidh, m. prodigality; a. stròdhail. 

Htròic, -eadh, v. tear, tear asunder.. 

Struban, -ain, -an, m. shell-fish, cockles. 

Struidh, -eadh, v. squander. 

Struidh, m. stjuandering; a. eitruidheil. 

Struidhealachd, f. prodigality. 

420 sn; - « a 

Struidhear, -ean, m. a prodigal. 

Struidhea^iacli, a. prodigal. 

Strup, m. the spout of a kettle or teapot. 

Struth, -a, -an, f. an ostrich. 

Stuadh, -ixaidh, -an, -anuan f. ;; wave a 

gable; a. stuadhach. 
Stuaim, -e, f. temperance, modesty; a. 

Stuamachd, f. temperance, modesty. 
Stuamag, -aig, -an, f. a modest woman. 
Stùc, or stùic, -an, -annau, a projecting 

little hill, a scowl. 
Stùcach, -aiche, a. jutting, looking side- 
wise, scowling. 
Stùcair, -ean, m. a surly man ; stùcair- 

eachd, surliness. 
Stiican, -ain, -an, m. a little jutting hill; 

a. stiicanach. 
Stùiceag, -eig, -an, f. a surly woman. 
Stuidearrachd, f. studioiisuess, meditation, 

moroseness; a. stuidearra. 
Stuig, -eadh, v. incite, spur on, a.-; dogs. 
Stiiird, or stiiirdean, m. vertigo, a disease 

in sheep, drunkenness; stiirdan. 
Stuirt, -e, f. anger, sulkiness; a. stuirteil. 
Stùr, -ùir, m. dust; a. stùrach. 
Stùrr, -a, -an, f. a rock, a hill, a pinnacle; 

a. stiirrach. 
Stùrrag, -aig, -an, f. a little hill or turret; 

a. stùrragach. 
Sturraic, -e, -ean, f. a head or cap turned 

to one side. 
Stuth, -uith, -ean, -an, m. matter, stuff, a 

sort of cloth, metal, anything. 
Stuthaig, -eadh, v. stiffen, dress with 

Suacan, -ain, m. an earthen pot, an awk- 
ward mixture, as clay. 


Suaiceau, -eiu, ni. a bundle of hay or straw, 
a deformed person. 

Suaicheanta, a. notable, distinguished, con- 
spicuous, rare. 

Suicheautas, -ais, m. a standard, a badge, 
a rarity, a decoration ; suaicneas. 

Suaimhncach, -iche, a. genial, secure, 

Suaimhneas, -is, or soighneas, m. repo.-e, 
rest ; a. suaimhnea.sach. 

Suain, -e, profound sleep, a. suaineach. 

Suaineadh, v. wreathe, entwine. 

Suaineadh, -idh, m. wrapping, entwining. 

Suaineau, ein, m. an envelope; a. suain- 

Suaip, -e, -ean, f. a resemblance, a barter; 
a. suaipeach. 

Suairc, -e, a. polite, affable, kind; s. 

Suanach, -aich, -aichean, f. a covering, a 
fleece, a hide, a skin. 

Suarach, -aiche, a. trifling, mean, insignifi- 
cant, iudiflferent. 

Siiarach;i.s, -ais, m. contempt, indifference; 

Suas, shuas, adv. up. upward. 

Suath, -;idh, v. nib, wipe, mix. 

Suathadair, -ean, m. a rubber; suathadair- 
e;ichd, rubbing. 

Suatha<lh, -aidh, m. rubbing, wringing of 
the hands, affliction; a. suathach. 

Sùbailtei'.chd, f. supplene&s; a. siibailte. 

Subh, -uibh, -an, m. a berry, fruit gener- 
ally; .subhag, suibheag; subh-lair, a 
strawberry; subh-craoibh, a raspberry. 

Subhaohas, -ais, m. mirth, joy; a. subhaeh. 

Subhailc. -c, -ean, f. virtue; a. subhailceaoh. 

Subhaik•e;^d, f. virtuousness. 

Siiblaich, -achadh, v. grow or make supple. 


SucMa, a. absorbed, filled, saturated, over- 

Sud, or an sud, prou. demons, you, that 
there; siod ,siud, sid. 

Sùdh, -ùidh, an, m. the seams of planks 
in a boat. 

Sùg, -a, -an, m. mirth, hilarity; a. sùgach, 

Sùg, -adh, V. suck, imbibe. 

Sùgag, -aig, -an, f. a little suck or dri:;!:. 

Sùgair, -e, -eau, m. a merry fellow ; siir^air- 
eachd, his ofiBce. 

Sùgan, -ain, -an, m. a straw rope; a. 

Sìigh, -iiigh, m. juice, sap, a billow; a. 

Sugh, -adh, v. drain, dry up, suclc. 

Siighadh, -aidh, m. sucking, suction, drain- 
ing; a. siighach. 

Sughan, -ain, -an, m. sowans, the liquid 
from which sowans are made. 

Siighmhorachd, f. juiciness; a. siighmhor. 

Siigradh, -aidh, m. diversion, play, dal- 
liance; a. siigrach. 

Suibheag, -*ig, -an, f. a raspberry; a. 

Suicean, -ein, m. a gag to prevent ralvee 
from sucking. 

Suidh, -«, V. sit, sit upon eggs. 

Suidhe, m. sitting; suidlieagan. 

Suidhe, -eachan, m. the couple of a house. 

Suidheachadh, -aidh, m. .settling, condition, 

Suidheachan, -ain, -an, m. a seat. 

Suidhich, -eachadh, v. settle, set. plan, 
plant, lea.'io. 

Suidhich teachd, f. steadiness; euidheachas. 

Suigeart, -eirt, -an, m. a fit of jny ; a. 
suigeartaoh . 

Siiil, -ùla, -ùilean, f. an eye; a. suile;ich. 


Suilbh, -€, f. cheer, hospitality, geniality. 
Sùilbheum, -a, -ean, m. hurt of an evil eye; 

Smlbhireachd, f. civility, frankness; a. 

suilbhircach, suilbhir, sulcliar. 
Suil-shritheach, or suil-chruthaich, f. a 

Sùileag, -eig, -an, f. a little eye; a. 

Siìil-mhala-rlgh, m. a cockatrice. 
Suim, -e, -eanuan, f. care, regard, a sum; 

a. suimeil. 
Suimealachd, f. care, attention, regard. 
Suipeir, -earach, e, -ean, supper: a. suipeir- 

Suire, -an, f. a sea-nymph, a maid. 
Suirghe, f. courting, courtship: >;. suirgh- 

Suirgheach, -ich, -ean, ni. one that courts, 

a lover. 
Sùist, -€, -ean, f. a fl<ùl; a. sùisteacìi. 
Sùist, -eadh, v. thrash, beat, thump. 
Sùistear, -an, m. a thrasher; a. sùistear- 

achd, his office. 
Suith, -e, m. soot; a. suitheach. 
Sul, sol, conj. before, ere; sul mu. 
Siilaire, -pan, m. a gannet: a. .siilaireach, 

Sulas, -ais, m. great joy, complaisance: a. 

Suit, -uilt, ni. fat, blubber, joy: a. sult- 

Snltmhorachd, f. fatness. 
Sumag. -aig, -an, f. the cloth or rag under 

a saddle. 
Sumaich, -achadh. v. estimate the due num- 
ber of cattle for a joint pasturage. 
Sumaid, or sumainn, -e, -€an, f. a billow, 

a surge, a large wave; a. siimainneach. 
Sumain, -anadh, v. summon, prosecute. 

424 SUM- TAB 

Sumair, -e, the drone of a bagpipe. 
Sùmhail, or sòmhail, -e, a. close packed. 

Sùmhlachd, f. condensation, packing close ; 

Sùmhlaich, -achadh, v. condense; sòmh- 

Sunais, e, m. lovage plant. 
Sunnt, m. good hiunoiir, joy, cheerfulness; 

sunud ; a. snnndach. 
Siird, m. alacrity, cheerfulness; a. sùrdail. 
Sùrdag, -aig, -an, f . a leap, a bonnd : a. 

Sùrdalachd, f. activity, fervour. 
Surram-suain, m. a sound sleep. 
Susbaint, f. substance, strength, pith. 
Sùsdal. -ail, m. bustle about nothing-, a fuss, 

affected shyness. 
Suthainu, a. eternal; gu suthainn. forever. 

T-, oricrinally part of the art., is placed 
befor<» a vowel and s, aspirated, as 
follows; an t-uan, the lamb; an t-aite, 
the place: an t-slighe, the rord. 

T', co:itra. for the possess, pron. do; 
t'athair, yoiir father. 

Ta, or tha, pres. ind. v. is. 

Tajbaid, -e, -ean, f. a brawl, a fight; a. 
tabaideach'. See sabaid. 

Tàbar, -air, -can, m. a tabor or timbrel: a. 

T^bh, -àibh, m. a spoon-net. 

Tabh, -aibh, m. the ocean. 

Tabhach, -aich. m. a .'^udden eruption, a 
forcing, a pull. 

Tàbhachd, f. solidity, effectiveness, profit; 
a. tàbhaohdach. 


Tabhair, -aiit, or thoir. Lhoirt, v. give, 
take faway). 

Talihairn, -e, m. a tavern, an inn. 

Tabhaii tench, a. bounteous, liberal. 

Tabhall, -aill, -an, m. a sling to cast stones. 

Tabhanii, -ainn, m. constant barking, or 
baying- of dogs; tabhannaich. 

TaV)h.artas, -ais, -an, m. gift, offering. 

Tabhastal, -ail, m. tedious nonsen&t^. 

Tac, -a, -aic, f. a lease, a tack, a time, a 
date ; a bhliadhna na taca so, this time 
last year. 

Tacaid, -e, -ean, f. a tack or peg, jjaiu; a. 

Tacan, -ain, -an, m. a little while. 

Tacar, -air, -an, m. provision, produce, 
plenty; a. tacarach. 

Tachair, tachairt, v. meet, happen, occur. 

Tachnis, tachag, v. scratch, scrapt, claw. 

Tàcharan, -ain, -an, m. a sprite, a ghost, 
a changtling, the yelling of ghosts; a. 

Tacharta'f. -a^-s, -an, ui. an event, an occur- 
rence, an incident. 

Tachas, -ais, n;. an itching, the itch, claw- 
ing, scratching; a. t^achasach. 

Tachd, -adh, v. choke, strangle. 

Tachdadli. -aidh, m. choking: a. tachdach. 

Tachrai*. See tochrais. 

Tachrasaii, -ain, m. a yarn winder, a wind- 

Tacsa, ni. support, solidity, sub«tance; 

Tadhail, -al. v. visit, frequent, call upon. 

Tadhal. -ail, m. visiting, frequentinsj, a 
resort, a goal or " hail " in shinty; 
i.e., thadhail e, or thadhail am ball. 

Tagair, -radh, v. crave, plead, argue. 

Tiigfaracii, -aich, aichean, m. a pleader; 
tagarachd, his office. 


TagartaSj -ais, -au, in. a claim; a. 

Taghj -adh, v. choose, elect, pick, select. 
Taghadair, -san, m. a cliooser; taghadair- 

eachd, his oflEice. 
Taghadh, -aidh, m. choosing; a. taghach. 
Taghaire, -ean, m. an augur: taghaireachd, 

his office. 
Taghairm, -e, f. noise, echo, a gathering 

8nTnnion.g, divination; a. taghairraeach. 
Taghan, -ain, -au, m. a marten: a. tagh- 

anach, cross. 
Taibhs, or t-oibhse, -e, -ean, m.f. a ghost, an 

apparition; a. taibhseach, ghostlike. 
Taibhsear, -ean, m. one that hath the secnnd 

Taibhsearachd, f. the second sight. 
Taibse, f. propriety of speech; taibseachd, 

Taic, -eadh, t. support. 

Taic, -e, f. a prop, vigour, proximity, sup- 
port: taiceachd; a. taiceil. 
Taicealachd, f. taiceachd, solidity. 
Taid, contr. for ta iad. 
Taidhe or toidhe, f. care, attention; toighe; 

a. taidheach, toidheach. 
Taidheam, -im, f. meaning, import. 
Taididh. See daidean, daididh. 
Taifeid, -e, -ean, f. a bow-string: a. taifeid- 

Taigeis, -e, -ean, f. a haggis, a big-bellied 

man; a. taigeiseach. 
Taigh. See tigh. 

Taighlich, f. chatties, paraphernalia. 
Tail, -e, f . substance, wages, product ; 

Tailc, -e, -ean, f. fii-mness, substantiality, 

a. tailoeach. tailceil. 
Tailceanach, -aich, m. a stout man; a. stout. 
Tailccas, m. contempt, scorn; a. tailceasach. 


Taileabart, -airt, -au, m. a halbert; a. tail- 

Tàileasg, -isg, -an, m. backgammon, chess. 
Tàille, m. acoount, apprentice fee; air 

tàille, on account of. 
Tàiilear, -«an, m. a tailor; taillearachd, hi3 

Tailm, -e, f. a tool, a sling, a noose. 
Tailmrich, f. bustle, noise, sound of foot- 
steps, souud of bagpipes. 
Tailp, -e, -ean, f. a piece, a bunch; a. tailp- 

Taim, for ataim, i.e., tha mi. 
Tàimh, -e, f. death, mortality. 
Tàimh-leac, -lie, f. tombstone, cairn. 
Tàimhneul, m. a swoon, a trance; a. tàimli- 

Tain, -e, f. cattle, goods, talents; 

Taine, tainead, comp. of tana. 
Taing, -e, f. thanks; a. taiugeil. 
Taingealas, -ais, f. thankfulness. 
Thinistear. -«an, m. an heir; tàinistear- 

achd, his position. 
Taip. -e, -ean, f. a piece, a lump: a. taip- 

Thir, -eadh, v. get, obtain, come, flee. 
Tfiir, tàire, a. base, mean. 
Thir, -e, f. contempt, disgrace; a. tàiroil. 
Tairbeart, -eirt, -an, m.f. an isthmus, a 

porterage; a. tairbeartach. 
Tairbhe, f. profit, advantage; a. tarbhach. 
Tairbhoartas, -ais, m. bounty, prnfit : a. 

Tàirealachd, f. baseness, vileness 
Taireasg. See tuireasg. 
Tairg, -sinn, -seadh, v. offer, propose. 
Tairgnoachd, f. prophecy, divination; tail 

erneachd, tairgire, targradh. 
Tairgse. -ean, f. an offer: a. ta'. c'ipach. 


Taii'i<, -t', a. wft, te;:d€r, kind, true, loyal; 
a. taiii»each. 

Tairis, interj. stand! (said to a cow); t^eiris^ 

Tairiseachd, f. tenderuess, kiuduess, fealty. 

Tairisgein. See toirisgein. 

Tàirneanach, -aich. m. tJiunder; tàirueach. 

Tàirug, -ea<ih, or tàirngich, -eacliadli, v. 
nail, fasten with nails. 

Tàirnofeach, -iclie, a. drawing, pulling. 

Tais, -e, soft, blunt, timid, moist. 

Taisbean, -adh, show, manifest, reveal. 

Taisbeanaoh, a. showing, revealing; iais- 

Taisbeanadh, -aidh, m. a revelation, a 
vision, a manifesto, an advertiseni'i-nt. 

Taisdeal, -eil, -an, a journey, a pilgrimage. 

TaÌ9deala<h, -aich, m. a pilgrim ; taisdeal- 
achd, pilgrimage. 

Taise, f . softne.'SS, moisture ; taiseachd, 
taisealachd, taise ad. 

Taisealan, -adn, m. a reliquary, a keepsake. 

Taisg, -eadh, tasgadh, v. lay by, deposit. 

Taisg, -e, -ean, f. deposit, pledge, treasure. 

Taisgealach, -aich, m. a reporter, a dis- 
coverer, a spy. 

Taisgealadh, -aidii, m. a report, a dis- 
covery, news. 

Taisich, -eachadh, v. soften, grow soft. 

Taite, or taiteadh, m. a glimpse, a peep. 

Taiteasg, -isg, m. a repartee. 

Taitiuu, -ueachdaiun, and -inn, c. pleaae. 

Taitneachdaiun, -c., f. pleasin;; ; taitneada. 

Taitneas, -is, -an, m. pleasure, delight; a. 

Tàl, -ail, -an, ni. an adze; a. talach. 

Talach, -aich, m. complaining, murmuring; 

Talacliair. -ean, m. a complainer 


Tàladh, -aidh, m. enticing, huahiiifr, caress- 
ing, a lullaby, a cradle-song. 
Talaich, -ach, v. complain, mimnur. 
Tàlaidh, -adh, v. entice, allure, soothe. 

Talaiiitc. f. a partition. 

Talamh, -aimh, -anda, mhainn, -mhainnean, 
ni.f . the earth, the globe, the noil ; a. 

Talann. -ain, -an, -ainnean, m. a talent, a 

Tàl-fuinn, -e, -ean, m. a hoe. 

Talnihaidheachd, f. worldincss. 

Talla, -chan, m. a hall; a. tallach. 

Tàmailt, -e, -ean, f. an insult, an offence; 
a. tamailteach. 

Tamall, -aill, -an, m. a while, a space of 

Tàmh, -àimh, ni. rest, ease, sleep, a dwell- 
ing, act of dwelling; a. tàmhach. 

Tamil, tàmh, v. stay, dwell, rest, give over. 

Tàmhach, or tàmhaiche, m. a dweller, a 
lethargic person. 

Tiimhachadh, -aidh, m. dwelling: tamhach. 

Tàmhaich, -achadh, v. rest, dwell. 

Tàmlianaohd, f. idleness, sluggishness. 

Tamhasor. -aisg, -an, m. a blockhead, a 
brownie; a. tamhasgach. 

Tamhsan. See amhsan. 

Tan, m. time; an tan, when. 

Tana, -aine, a. thin, slender; s. tanachd. 

Tanaich, -achadh, v. make thin, become 

Tanaiste, m. next heir, tanist, anything 

Tanalach. -aich. m. a shallow. 

Tancard. m. a tankard, 

Tanna-s, -ais, m. a : tannasg^; a. 

Taobh, -aoibh. -an. m. a side, a way, a 

430 TAO— TAD 

Taobh, -adh, v. side with, join, be ];artial, 

coiae to, approach. 
Taobhachd, or taobhadh, -aidh, in. siding 

with, partiality. 
Taobhaich, -achadh, v. secure anotlier's 

kiiidness or i'avour, to favour. 
Taobhan, -ain, -an, in. a rafter; a. taobh- 

Taobh-bhreith, -e, -ean, m. partiality ; a. 

Taobh-cheum, -aim, -an, m. a digresrion. 
Taod, -aoid, -an, m. a halter, a ro2Je; a. 

Taodan, -ain, -an, m. a little halter: a. 

Taoghail. See tadhail. 
Taoibhleaeh, -ich, f. a rough shove to a 

Taoini, -6, f. bilge-v.ater in a ship or boat; 

a. raoimeach. 
Taois, -e, taosa, f. dough, or leaven. 
Taoiseadair, -ean, m. a baker; taoise.idair- 

eachd, his trade. 
Taoisinn, -neadh, or taoisnich, -er.chadh, v. 

knead, leaven. 
Taoisneadh, or taoisneachadh, m. kneading. 
Taoitear, -ean, m. a tutor, an oversman; 

taoitearachd. his office. 
Taom, -e, -annan, f. a plash of liquid, a fit 

of passion; a. taomach. 
Taom, -adh, v. pour out, empty; taoniaich. 
Taomadh, -adh, m. pouring out, emptying; 

a. taomaichte. 
Taomair, -ean, m. a pump; taonir.ireachd, 

Taoman, -ain. -an, m. a vessel for putting 

out bilge-water, a bailer. 
Taosg. -e, -an, a good quantity of water 

in a vessel. 


Taosg, -adh, pour out, pump, drain. 
Taosgadh, -aidh, m. pouring out; a. taosg- 

ac:h, full, overflowing. 
Taosgair, -ean, m. one who pumps; taosg- 

aireachd, his office. 
Taosgau, -ain, m. a pump. 
Tap, -aip, or tapan, -aiu, -an, m. tow or 

wool on the distaff, a forelock, a. 

Tap, -adh, v. fasten a hook to the fishing 

line, ' busk ' a hook. 
Tapadh, -aidh, m. cleverness; tapachd; 

tapadh leat, thank you. 
Tapag, -aig, a slip of a word, a casualty. 
Tapaidii, or tapanta, a. clever, quick, 

Taplach, -aich, m. a wallet, a repository. 
Tar, prep, thar, across, over. 
Tar, -adh, s. get to, gain, obtain, move off. 
Tarachair, -e, m. an augur, a seer. 
Taraid, -ean, f. truncheon, staff of office. 
Taraa, -ain, m. the ghost of an unbaptised 

Tarbh, -airbh, pi. -airbh, m. a bull; a. 

tarbhach, tarbhail. 
Tarbhachd, f. profit, gain, advantage: a. 

Tarbhaich, -achiidh,, v. profit, increase. 
Tarbh-nathrach, lii. a dragon-fly. 
Tarbhan, -ain, -an, m. a little bull; a. 

Tarcuis, -e, -ean; talcuis, f. contempt, re- 
proach; a. tarcuiseach. 
Tareis, prep, and adv. after, afterwards. 
Targadb, -aidh, ni. a ruling, a governing, 

an assembly. 
Targaid, -e, -can, f. a target, a shield; a. 

t TTaidcach. 

432 TAR — TAK 

Targair, -radh, v. foretell, predict. See 

Tarladh, 3rd pers. sing, and pi. of the 
impel, and pret. subj. of v. def . ; 
tarladh, let him, her, it, or them 
happen; fut. tàrlaidh, will happen. 

Tàrlaid, -e, -ean, m.f. a slave, a tlirall; a. 

Tàrmachan, -aiu, -an, m. the bird ptar- 

Tàrmachan and tarman-de, m. butterfly. 

Tàrmaiche, -achadh, v. originate, produce, 
settle; tarmaichte or tòirmichte, fer- 

Tàrmus, -uis, m. dislike, as of food; a. 

Tarnadair, -ean, m. a taverner. an inn- 

Tàrr, -a, -an, f. the lower part of the belly. 

Tarrach, -aich, f. the girth of a pack- 

Tarraid, -e, m. a sheriff -officer. 

Tàrr-gheal, -ile, a. white-bellied; tàrr- 

Tarraing, v. draw, pull. 

Tarraing, -airnge, -airngean, f. drawing, 

Tarrang, or tarraun, or tarrag, tairnge, pi. 
tairnean, f. a nail; a. tairngeach. 

Tar.iainn, -e, a. transverse, cro^s, oblique. 

Tarsannachd or tarsainneachd, f. trans- 
verseness, obliquity. 

Tarsnan, -ain, -an, m. a cross-beam or bar, 
a wheel-spoke. 

Tart, -airt, m. thirst, drought: a. tartach, 

Tartan, -ain, m. tartan. 

Tartar, -air, -an, m. noise, bustle; a. tar- 


Taitarachd, or tai taraich, £. uoisineas, 

noise of footsteps, tramping. 
Tartmhoraciid, f. thirst, drought ; a. tart- 

Tarung-. See tarrang. 
Tàsan, -ain, -an, m. wrangling, grumbling, 

discontent ; a. tasanach. 
Tasanachd, or tàsauich, f. wrangling, 

Tasdau, -ain, -au, f. a shilling; a. ta.sdan- 

Tasg, -aisg, -an, m. a ghost, an apparition. 
Tasgaidh, -e, -eau, f. a deposit, anything 

laid up, a treasure, a term of endear- 
ment (mo thasgaidh). 
Tàth, -adh, v. weld, join, cement, glue, 

Tath, m. pitch, strength; liouu-tath, 

Tathach, -aich, pi. -aich, m. a guest, a 

Tathadh, -aidh, m. welding, joining, 

cementing, soldering; a. tathach. 
Tathaich, tathaich, v. visit, frequent. 
Tathaichte, -ean, m. a frequent visitor. 
Tathann. See tabhann. 
Tc, f. a woman, a female, she, one; an te 

so, this one. 
T(', or tea, a. insipid. 
Teabaid. -ean, f. taunt, retort, reproof. 
Teachd, m. coming, arrival, fit into, have 

space or room; cha teachd, or cha 

tiochd e ann, it will not have room 

Teach, m. a house; tighinn gu teach, hap- 
Tcichd. a. legal, fitting; see deic, cha dcic. 
Teachd, f. silly boasting; tiachd. 



Teachdaiie, -ean, m. a messenger; teaclid- 

aireachd, his office. 
Teachdaireachd, f, a message, au embassy, 

Teaclad-a-macli, m. product, expenditure. 
Teachd-a-stigh, and -steach, f. income. 
Teachd-an-tir, livelihood. 
Teadalachd, f. sickliness, dilatoriuess; a. 

Teadhair, -dhrach, -dbraichean, f. a tether, 

a rope. 
Teadhraich, -achadh, v. tether, tie. 
Teagair, -ar, v. collect, provide, shelter. 
Teagaisg, -asg, v. preach, teach, instriict. 
Teagamh, -aimh, -an, m. doubt; adv. 

theagamh, perhaps; a. teagmhach. 
Teagasg, -aisg, -an, m. preaching, instruct- 
ing, teaching, doctrine. 
Teagasgair, -ean, m. a preacher, ;iu 

Teaghlacb, -aich, -aichean, m. a family or 

houscliold lineage. 
Teallach, -aich, -aichean, m. a hearth, a 

smith's forge. 
Teanihachd, f. delightfulness, amenity; a. 

Teampall. -aill, -an, m. a temple; a. team- 

Teanchair, -ean, m. smith's tongs, pincers. 
Teanga, -aidh, -an, -annan, f. a tongue, a 

speech or dialect; teangaidh; a. 

Teangair, -ean, m. a linguist; teangair- 

eachd, his office. 
Teaun, -inne, a. strait, tense, rigid, near. 
Teaun, -adh, v. begin, fall to, go. come. 
Teanu ! teann; inter j. hold! hold! 
Teannachadh, -aidh, m. rescuing; ter.nn- 

acas, better teanacadh, teana<;as. 


Tcannaich, -achadh, v. straiten, squeeze, 

Teannair, -e, -ean, m. an instrument for 

Teannas, -ais, -an, m. austerity; a. teann- 

asach, teanntach. 
Teimn-shàth, -àith, -an, f. a full ineal. 
Teanutachd, f. straits, adversity. 
Tèarainnteachd, f. security, safety. 
Tearainnte, or tiarainnte, a. safe, secure. 
Tèarainn, or tiarainn, -nadh, v. tave, 

Tearb, -adh, v. separate, divide; tearbain. 
Tearbadh, -aidb, m. separating, as sheep. 
Tearc, teirce, a. bare, scarce, few. 
Tearcad, or teircead, -id, m. fewness. 
Tearmann, or tiarmann, -ainn, m. refuge, 

Tèarmainnte, or tiarmainnte, a. protecting. 
Team, tearnadh, v. save, escape. 
Tèarnadh, or tiarnadh, -aidh, m. escape, 

Tearr, -:;, f. tar. 

Teàrr. -adh, v. tar, cover with tar. 
Teas, m. heat; .;. teth. 
Teas, and teasach, -aich, -aichean, f. a 

fever, restlevssness on account of heat, 

Tpasaich, -achadh, v. heat, grow hot. 
Teasairc, -aiginn, v. save, deliver. 
Teasd, v. die, fail ; theasd e, he died. 
Teisg, -adh, v. out, wound. 
Tr-ich. -eadh, v. flee, run off. 
Tcid. !^ee rach. 
Trine, -tean, ni. a fire: teine-sir>' nachain, 

phosphorescence; tein-athar. !i!rhtnine: 

tein-aighir. bonfire; a. teinntidb. 
Toineachan, -ain, -an, m. a small fire. 


Teine-de, m. a sicorbutic appeaiauci- ou the 

skin, ringworm. 
Teinn, f. strait, distress. 
Teintean, -ein, m. a hearth, peats laid out 

on the moss to dry; a. teinteanach. 
Teirce, f. fewness, rareness; a. tearc, -eirce. 
Teirig-, -eachdainn, v. fail, be exhaitsted or 

Teirinn, or tearainn, tèarnadh, v. come 

down, descend. 
Teiris. interj. stand ! (said to a cow); tairis, 

Teirmeasg-, -isg, m. a mishap. 
Teirmeasg'ach, a. unfortunate. 
Teis, -e, -ean, f. a musical air, a sound; 

Teismeid, -e, -ean, m. a last will, a testa- 
Teis-meadhon, -oin, f. the exact middle. 
Teist, -e, -ean, f. testimony, esteem; a. 

Teistealachd, f. character, reputation; 

Teisteanas, or teisteas, -is, m. evidence, 

witness, report, a certificate. 
Teo, or teoghaich, teoghadh, v. warm, 

grow warm, to grow fond of; teogh, 

Teo-chridheach, a. warm-hearted. 
Teomachd, f. expertness, skilfulness; a. 

Teoghadh, -aidh, m. warning; a. teogh- 

Teora, a. three. 

Teth, or teith, teotha, a. hot, scalding. 
Teuchd, -adh, v. wither, dry up. 
Teuchdadh, -aidh, m. parching, withering. 
Tend, -a, -eid, -an, m.f. a harp-string, a 

string of a fiddle, a rope; a. teudach. 

TKU - TI 437 

TeugTuliail, -e, -ean, f. a contest, a battle, 

a disease, danger; a. teugmhaileach. 
Teum, -adh, v. snatch quickly, bite, sting, 

Teum, -a, -au, f. a snatch, a bite; a. 

Tha, pres. ind. of v. bi, am, art. is, are. 
Thàinig. See thig. 
Thairis, prep, and adv. over; chaidh e 

thairi.s, he went over. 
Thall, or thallud. adv. on the other side, 

Thar, prep, over, across. 
Tharam, tharad, thairis air, thairte, 

tharainn, tharaibh, tharta, prep, thar 

conjoined with the pers. pron. mi, over 

me, over thee, etc. 
Tharladh, v. Ind. pret. See tàrladh. 
Theab, -adh, -as, def. v. had almost, or had 

Theagamh, adv. perhaps. 
Theid. Sep rach. 
Their. See abair. 
Thig, tipfhinn, irreg. v. come; pret. thàinig, 

cha d' thàinig; fut. thig, cha tig; pret. 

interrcg. an d' thàinig, nach d' thàinig. 
Thoir, toirt, irreg. v. give, take away; 

pret. neg. cha d'thug; interrog. nach 

toir, nach d'thug. Thoir, conjoined 

with air, compel; thoir air, compel 

Tlui. pron. thou; pniph. thnsa. 
Thud ! thud ! interj. expressive of dislike. 
Thug, pret. tense of tabhair, give. 
Thugad. thugaibh, thuige, etc., prep. pron. 

to thee, to you, to him, etc.; better 

chugnd, etc. 
Ti. m. any rational being, he, him. 

43S TI— TIO 

Tì, m. intention, design; air ti, of the 
intention; a. titheach. 

Tiachair, -e, -ean, m. a jDerverse, ill-dis- 
posed, insignificant person; a. tiachair. 

Tiamhaidheachd, f. gloom, solitari)iess, 
plaintiveness; a. tiamhaidh. 

Tide, f. time. 

Tigh, tighe, tighean, m. a house; taiifh, 

Tigheachd, and tighead, f. thickness, fit- 
ness; a. comp. tighe. 

Tigheadas, -ais, -an, m. housekeeping. 

Tighearn, or tighearna, -an, m. a lord, a 
landlord; a. tighearnail. 

Tigheariias, -ais, -an, m. lordship; tifrh- 
earnalachd, lordliness. 

Tighinn. See thig. 

Tilg, -eadh, -eil, v. throw, cast, shoot, 

Tilgeadh, -idh, m. casting, vomiting, shoot- 

Till, -endh, v. return; pill. 

Tim, -an, -annan, f. time; a. timeil. 

Timchioll, -ill, -an, m. a circuit; a. tira- 

Timchioll, prep, and adv. about, around. 

Timchioll-ghearr, -adh, v. circumcise. 

Timchioll-ghearrarlh, -aidh, m. circum- 

Timealachd, f. timeliness, time. 

Tihn, -e, a. .sick, infirm; s. tinneas. in. 

Tinne, -ean, -eachan, f. a link of a cliain. 

Tinne, tinnead, from teann. 

Tioba, -achan, f. a heap. 

Tiodal, -ail, -an, m. a title. 

Tiodhlac, -aic, -aicean, m. a gift, a present. 

Tiodhlacadh, -aidh, m. a funeral, a burial, 
a bestowing:. 


Tiodhlaic, -lacadh, v. bestow as a gift, bury. 

Tiolam, -aim, -an, m. a snatch, a. short 
space; a. tiolamach. 

Tiolp, -adh, V. snatch, pluck, gTai*T) eagerly. 

Tiolpadh, -aidh, m. a snatch; tiolpadair, a 

Tiom, -a, a. soft, tender, feeling; tini ; s. 

Tiomaich, -achadh, v. soften, melt into 

Tiomain, -nadh, v. make a will, leave by 

Tiomnach, or tiomnadair, ni. or f. a 

Tiomnadh, -aidh, m. a will, a testament; 
an Seann Tiomnadh ague an Tiomnadh 
Nuadh, the Old and New Testaments. 

Tiompan, -ain, -au, ir,. a cymbal, a tabor; 
a. tionipanach. 

Tiomsachadh, -aidh, m. collecting, a second 
milking of a cow; a. tiomsach. 

Tiomsaich, -achadh, v. collect, bring to- 

Tionail, -al, -adh, v. gather, glean, 

Tional, -ail. -an, m. a gathering, a glean- 
ing; teanal. 

Tinnnail, -e, f. a likeness of a person or 

Tionndaidh, -dadh, and -dain, v. turn, con- 
vert, alter. 

Tionnsgainu. -gnadh, v. begin, invent, turn. 

Tionnsgainn, -e, f. a beginning, an element. 

Tionnsgal, -ail, -an, m. ingenuity, art: a. 

Tionnsgnadh, -aidh. m a proiect, a device, 
a beginning. 

Tior, -adh, v. dry, as corn; dry for the 
mill; tir. 


Tìoradh, -aidh, , m. kilu-drying; tìreadh. 
Tìoralaciid, f. -warmth, shelter; a. tìorail. 
Tioram, tirme, a. dry, pert; s. tiormachd. 
Tiorc, -adh, v. save from danger. 
Tiomaich, -achadh, v. dry, make dry. 
Tiormalachd, f . drought ; tiormachd. 
Tiort, -a, -an, m. an accident, a mishap ; 

driod-thiortan (driod-fhortan. dviod- 

Tiosan, -ain, -an, m. water-gruel. 
Tiotadh, -aidh, -annan, m. a little while; 

also tiota, tiotaa, tiot. 
Tir, -e, -can, m.f. land, the land. 
Tirich. -eachadh, v. colonise. 
Tirmeau, m. ;^. pert fellow, a would-be wag. 
Tirmeanachd, f. flippancy; a. tirmeanach. 
Tiugainu, come along, let us be off. 
Tiugh, tiuighe, tighe, a. thick. 
Tiughaich, -achadh, v. thicken, grow thick. 
Tiùrr, m. a raised beach. 
Tlachd, f. pleasure, delight; a. tlachdmhor. 
Tlachdmhorachd, f. pleasantness, hand- 
Tlàm, -aim, -annan, f. a handful of wool 

or flax. 
Tlam, -adh, v. tease, as wool. 
Tlàth, tlàithe, a. mild, tender, soft, gentle. 
Tlaths. tlàiths, m. warmth, kindness; 

Tlus, -uLs, m. warmth, tenderne-s.?, pity; a. 

tlusail, tlusmhor. 
Tlusalachd, f. ' tenderness, compassion, 

Tnùth, m. envy, malice avavice; a. 

Toban, -.ain, m. a wreath of wool on the 

Tobar, -air, tobraichean, m. a well, the 

s]n'ing or source. 


Tobha, -uchan, -aichean, f. a rope. 

Tobhar, -mt, -an, m. a manured field, dung, 
bleaching; todhar. 

Tobhta, -achan, -aichean, f. a rower's 
bench, a turf, roofless walls; tota; a. 

Toe, -adh, v. puff up, swell. 

Tochail, -ladh, v. dig. 

Tochar, or tochradh, -raidh, -raidbean, m. 
a dowiy. 

Tòchd, -an, ni. a disease of the eyes in 
cattle, bad smell. 

Tochrai--, tochras, v. wind yarn. 

Tog, -ail, V. lift, build, brew, rear, rouse. 

Togaid, -e, -ean, f. a hogshead; togsaid. 

Togail. -j^alach, -galaichean, f. a lifting, a 
building; see tog. 

Togair, -airt, -radh, v. desire, seek. 

Togradh, -aidh, -raidhean, m. a de.sire, a 
wish ; a. tograoh, togarrach. 

Togsaid, -e, -ean, f. a hogshead; a. togs- 

Toibheum, -elm, -an, m. blasphemy, re- 
proach; a. toibheumach. 

Tòic, -e, f. ginttony, luxury, wealt];, a 
swelling of the face; a. tòiceach, tòiceil. 

Toicheasdal, -ail, m. arrogance, presump- 
tion ; tosdal. 

Toighe, f. care, notice; a. toigheach, be- 
loved; is toigh learn, I love, I like; 
taidhc; comp. docha. 

Toil, -e, -ean, f. will, inclination; a. toil- 
each, toileil. 

Toileachadh, -aidh, m. pleasure, gratifica- 
tioii, satisfaction. 

Toileach;!.s, -ais, m. contentment, satisfac- 

Toilich, -eachadh, v. please, satisfy. 

Toil-inntinn. f. pleasure. Grratification. 


Toill, -tinn, v. deserve, merit. 

Toillteanas, -ais, -an, m. desert; a. toillt- 

eannach, toillteach. 
Toimhseaclian, or toimhseagan, -ain, va. a 

riddle, a guess or puzzle; a. toiinhs- 

Toinisg, -e, f. sense; a. toinisgeil, toinisg- 

Tòinleagan, -ain, m. moviug on the hnins, 

a? infants. 
Tòinleaganaich, or tòinleagain, v. crav.l on 

tlie hams. 
Toinn, -eadh, -eamh, v. twine, twist. 
Toinneamh, -imh, m. toll paid in meal for 

grinding, multure. 
Toinntean, -ein, m. a thread; a. toinuti^an- 

Tòir, -e, -each, -ichean, f. a pursuit, 

inquiry; air tòir, in pursuit. 
Toirbheart, -eirt, -ean, f. efficiency, bounty; 

a. toirbheartach. 
Toirbheartas, -ais, m. bounty, munificence. 
Toircheas, -is, -an, m. increase; toracl:iis. 
Tòirleum, -adh, v. leap or jump mightily. 
Tòirleum, -an, -annan, m. a mighty leap; 

a. tòirleumach. 
Tòirm, -e, -eau, f. noise, sound; toirmich; 

a. tòirmeach, tòirmeil. 
Toirmeasg, -isg, m. a prohibition; a. toir. 

Toirmisg, -measg, v. prohibit, forbid. 
Tòirn, -e, f. a gi;eat noise. 
Tòirnich. See tàrniaich. 
Toirp, -e, f. a turf, a sod. 
Toirrcheas, -is, m. conception ; toi'rachas. 
Toirsgian, -ein, m. a peat-cutter; toirp- 

sgian, tuirsgian. 
Toirt. See tabhair, tabhairt. 


Toirt, -c, f. respect, esteem, bulk : a. 

Toiseacli, -ich, -ichean, m. a beginning, the 

bow of a ship. 
Tòiseach, -ich, -ichean, m. a beginning, a 

chief, a captain. 
Tòiseachadh, -aidh, m. a beginning or com- 
Toisg, -e, f. an occasion, a fit time, an 

Toisgeal, a. the left, wrong, the unlucky 

hand; toisgealach, left-handed. 
Toisgeal, -eil, -an, m. reward for recmory 

of what is lost; taisgeal. 
Tòisich, -oachadh, v. begin, commence. 
Toit, -eadh, smoke, boil quickly. 
Toit, -e, -ean, f. smoke, vapour: a. toit- 

each, toiteil. 
Toitean, -ein, m. a piece of flesh, a cutlet; 

a. toiteanach. 
Tolg, tuilg, -an, m. a hollow, a brui •'. a 

dent; a. tolgach. 
Toll, -adh, V. bore, perforate . 
Toll, -uill, pi. -iiill, -an, m. a hole: toll- 

cluaise, a touch -hole; toll - dubh, 

prison; toll-guail, a coal-pit: toll-tnra, 

an anger-hole; a. tollach. tollt;?ch. 
Tolladh. -aidh, m. boring. 
Tollan, -ain, -an, m. a little hole; tui!!tan; 

a. tollanach. 
Tolldair. -ean, m. a borer; tolladairenriid, 

his office. 
Tolm, -uilm, -an, -annan, m. a hillock: a. 

Tom, -uim, -an. m. a little hillock, bulk; 

a. toraanach. 
Tomad, or tomalt, m. bulk, qu;intity; a. 

tomadach, tonialtach. 
Tomail, a. bulky. 

444 TOM — TOi: 

Tombaca, m. tobacco. 

Tomb, -adb, v. offer, present, aim at. 

Tombadb, -aidh, m. presenting, aiming at, 

pointing to. 
Tomhais, tombas, v. measure, compute. 
Tomhas, -ais, toimbseau, m. a mea^sure. 
Tomult. See torn ad. 
Ton, -òine, -a, -an, f. tbe fuiiclament, tbe 

anus; a. tònacb. 
Tonn, tuinne, -a, -an, m.f. a wave or billow; 

a. tonnach. 
Tonnag, -aig, -an, f. a S7nall plaid or sbawl. 
TonnluaLsg, -asgadb, rock to and fro. 
Tounluasgadb, -aidb, m. tossing; a. tonn- 

Top, -a, -an, m. tuft. 
Topach, -aiche, a. having a top or tuft; a. 

a. topach. 
Tora, -acban, -aichean, m. a wimble, an 

auger; a. toracb. 
Tòracbd, f. pur.suit, inquiry, restitution; 

Toradb, -aidb. -ean, m. fruit, produce: a. 

Toranacb, -aicb. m. a grub-worm; tor.nn. 
Tore, -uirc, pi. -uirc, m. a boar, a bog; a. 

Torcbuir, -radb. v. pierce. trnn.=;fix. fall, 

kill or wound. 
Tormau, - ain, -an, m. noise, a musical 

sound, a murmur; a. tormanacb. 
Torr, -a, -an. m. a hill, a heap, a tower. 
Tòrr, -adh, v. pile, heap, bury. 
Torraoh, -aiche, a. pregnant. 
Torracbas, t^rraichcas. -as, and -ei.**. f. 

pregnancy, fruitfulness. 
Tòrradb, -aidb, -ean, m. a burial, a piling, 

an embankment. 
Torraich, -acbadb. v. impregnate. 

TOK- TI'.A 445 

Torran, -ain, -an, ui. a little liili; a. torran- 

Torruun, -uinu, m. thunder, loud noise; a. 

Tosd, or tosdachd, m. silence; a., tosdach. 
Tasdaich, -achadh, v. silence, be silent. 
Tosdal, -ail. m. arrogance, presumption ; a. 

Tosg, -a. -an, m. a gash, a cut: v. tosg, 

-adh, gash. 
Tosg, -uisg, pi. -uisg, f. a tusk, a peat 

spade; a. tosgach 
Tosgair, -e, -ean, m. a me&senger, a post; 

to'^gaireachd, his office 
Tota. See tobhta. 

Toth, -an, f. a foul blast, stench; a. totliach. 
Trabhach, -aich, f. rubbish of rirer floods, 

a kind of grass; strabhach, srabhach. 
Trabhailt, -e, -ean, f. a mill-hopper. 
Trabh.sdan. See trasdan. 
Trabh'idanach, -aiche, a. awkward nbout the 

lepfs; see trasdan. 
Trachd, -adh, v. negotiate,, treat, 

write of. 
Trachladh, -adh. m. fatigue. 
Tradh, -aidh, -an. f. a lance, a fishing 

Tràghadh, -aidh, m. ebbing, subsiding. 
Tràigh, -adh. v. ebb, empty. 
Tràigh, -e, tràgha, tràghad. -ean. f. the 

Traill, -e, -ean, m. or f. a slave; a. tràilleil. 

tràilleach; n. tràillealachd, or tràill- 

achd. f. 
Traille. f. the tiwk. 
Trainge, f. pressure of work, crowding. 
Traisg, tra.sgadh, trasg, v. fast. 
T'-ait. -0. -enn, f. a oatnplas'ii. a noultice. 

Tramailt, -e, -eau, f . a whim, a freak ; a. 

Trang, -ainge, a. busy. 
Trà-uòiu, m. uooutide, mid-day. 
Traogh, -adh, v. sink, subside. 
Traogbadh, -aidb, m. subsiding; a. 

traoighte, subsided. 
Traou, -a, m. the landrail the corncraik; 

Trapan, -ain, m. a cluster, a bunch. 
Trasd, adv. across. 
Trasdan, -ain, m. a stilt, a crutch, a cross 

beam, a crozier; trabhsdan. 
Trasg, or traisg, -aisg, -ean, f. a fast. 
Trasgadh, -aidh, m. fasting; a. trasgach, 

Trasgadh, -aidh, m. a scorching of the 

palate with thirst. 
Tràth, tràtha, -an, m. time, season. 
Trath, tràithe, a. early, in season ; trathail. 
Trath, adv. in due time, seasonably, early, 

Tràthadair, -eau, m. a timepiece, an 

observer of seasons. 
Tràthalachd, f. seasonableness. 
Tre, prep, through, by means of. 
Treabh. -adh, v. plough. 
Treabb, or treibh. f. a thrave. 
Treabh, or -aidh, m. ploughing. 
Treabhachas, -ais, m. husbandry. 
Treabhaich, -e, ,-ean, m. a ploughman. 
Treabhair, pi. houses. 
Treachail, -ladh, v. dig. 
Treaghaid, -e, -ean, f. a sharp pain : a. 

Trealaich, -e, -ean, f. lumber, tra.'^h. 
Trèalamh, -aimh, m. indisposition, sickness. 
Treamhlaidh, -e, -ean, f. a lingering sick- 

iKh — iKI 447 

Trèau-ii-trèau, m. a landrail, a corncraik. 
Treas, a. the third. 

Treasa, -eise, a. stronger; comp. of treun. 
Treasdach, a. thorough-paced (of a horse). 
Treasg, -eiag, m. groats, draff. 
Treibhireach, -iche, a. upright, sincere. 
Treibhireas, -is, m. uprightness; treibhir- 

Treig, siun, v. leave, quit, forsake. 
Treine, f. might, power; treinead. 
Treis, -e, f. a while, a space; g^eis. 
Treis, or treise, m. a supporter, a protector. 
Treise, f. vigour, strength; treasad. 
Treisg, or treisginn, f. weaver's paste 

(■' dri'ssing '). 
Treodhair, -e, -ean, m. a smith's uail-mould. 
Treòir, -e, f. vigour, strength; a. treòrach. 
Treoirichear, -ir, -an, m. a guide, a leader; 

Treòraich, -achadh, v. lead, strengthen. 
Treubh, -eibh, -an, -achan, m. a tribe. 
Treubhach, -aiche, a. manly, vigorous. 
Treubhachd, f. bravery. 
Treubhantas, -ais, m. bravery, a feat; 

Trend, -eid, -a, -an, m.f. a flock, a band; 

a. treudach. 
Treudaich, -e, -ean, m. a shepherd, a pastor. 
Treun, -eine, treasa, a. valiant; s. a hero. 
Treunachas, -ais, ra. bravery; treunachd. 
Trennad, -aid, m. strength, valour; a. 

Treun-fhear, m. a strong man, a hero. 
Tri, a. three; an tritheamh, the third. 
Triall, triall, v. go, march. 
Triall, m. going, marching, a journey. 
Tri illair, -ean, m. a traveller. 
Tria-i, ni. a third, a third part; a. trianach. 
Trianaid, -e, f. the Holy Trinity. 


Tri-an-aoii, f. the Trinity, the Triune God. 
Triantan, -aiu, -an, m. a tria..;gle; a. 

Triath, -a, -eith, -au, -eith, a chief, a hero; 

a. triathach. 
Tribhileach, -ich, f. marsh-trefoil. 
Trie, -e, a. often, frequent; also mi adv. 

Tri-chasach, a. three-footed. 
Tri-chearnach, -aich, m. a triangle ; and a. 
Trid, prep, through, by. 
Trideabac, -aic, -an, f. a mishap, ill-luck. 
Tri-deug, a. thirteen. 
Tri-fichead, a. sixty. 
Tri-fillte, a. threefold. 
Trileanta, -einte, a. thrilling, quavering. 
Trileachan, or trileachan-tràghad. m. the 

bird oyster-catcher, the sea-piet. 
Trillsean, -ein, m. a lantern, a small torch, 

a glimmer. 
Trinnscar, -ean, m. a trencher, a plate. 
Trioblaid, -e, -ean, f. trouble; a. trioblaid- 

Trioblaidich, -eachadh, v. trouble, molest. 
Triobuail, -bualadh, v. vibrate, play. 
Tri-oisiuneach, a. triangular; s. a triangle. 
Trionaid, -e, f. the Holy Trinity: a. trion- 

aideach; trianaid. 
Tritheamh, a. third. 
Triubhas, -ais, -an, m. trousers: a. triubh- 

Triùcair, -e, -ean, m. a rascal, a rogue; a. 

Triuchan, -ain, m. a stripe of colour in 

Triùir, m.f. three persons; Triùir-an-aon, 

the Trinity. 
Triiithach, -aich, f. the whooping-c^ugh. 
Tro, or trobh, f. au occasion, a trip. 


Trobhad, def. v. come, come to me. 
Tròcair, -e, -ean, f. mercy, compa-siou; a. 

Tròcaireachd, f. mercifulness, clemency. 
Trod, -iiid, -oid, m. a scold, a reproof, a 

strife; a. trodach. 
Trod, or troid, trod, v. scold, reprove. 
Trodair, -ean, m. a scolder; f. trodag; a. 

Trog, trogail, v. See tog. 
Trog, m. truck, barter. 
Trogair, -ean, m. dealer; trogaireachd, 

dealing, barter. 
Trògbhoil, i. grumbling. 
Tioich, -e, -ean, f. a dwarf; a. troicheil. 
Troichealachd, f. dwarfishness. 
Troichilean, -ein, m. a pigmy, a dwarf. 
Tròidht, -e, -ean, f. a cataplasm, a poultice, 

Troigh, -e, -can, f. the foot, a lineal foot; 

troid h. 
Troileis, -e, -ean, f. trash, trifling things; 

a. troileiseach. 
Troimh, prep, through; troimhe, through 

him or it; troimh-cheile, mixed. 
Trom, -uime, a. heavy, weighty. 
Trom. -uime, m. weight, a burden, a load. 
Tromaich. -achadh, v. make heavy, burden. 
Tromalach, -aich, f. the heavier portion. 
Troma-lighe, f. nightmare, grief. 
Troman, -ain, m. elder tree. 
Tromb, -a, -uimb, -an, a Jew's harp, a 

trump (Sc). 
Trombaid. -e, -ean, f. a trumpet; a. tromb- 

Trombair, -can. m. a trumpeter; trombair- 
— eachd, hi.s office. 

Trom-chluasach. -aiche, a. dull of hearing. 



Tromham, tromhad, troimlie, troimlipe, 

troinhaiiiii, tromhaibh, tromhpa; prep. 

troimh, conj. Tvith the pers. prou. mi, 

thu, etc., i.e., troimh mi, troimh thu, 

etc., through me, through, etc. 
Trom-iuntinn, -e, f. dejection ; a. trom- 

Tromsanaich, -e, f. heaviness; a. tromsan- 

Trosdail, -ala, a. seriou.s, moody, dull. 
Trosdan, -ain, -an, m. a stilt, a crutcli, a 

dwarf; a. trosdanach. 
Trosg, -uisg, pi. -uisg, m. a codfish, a tusk 

fish ; a. trcsgach. 
Trot, -adh, v. trot. 
Trotan, -ain, -an, m. a trot, a trotting 

pace; trot. ; 

Truacanta, a. merciful, compassionate. 
Truacantas, -ais, m. pity; truacr.ntachd. 
Truagh, -aighe, a. wretched, sad. 
Truaghan, -ain, -an, m. a poor cicp.turc. 
Truaghantachd, f. miserablc::ess: a. 

Truaighe, -ean, f. misery, misfortiu:e. 
Truaill, -e, -ean, f. a sheath or scabbard. 
Truaill, -eadh, v. defile, pollute, profane. 
Truailleodh, -idh, m. polluting; a. 

Truailleachd, f. pollution; a. trviaillte, 

Truaillidhcachd, f. pollution, corruption. 
Trua«, -uais, m. pfty; truasalachd; a. 

tru assail. 
Truasaich, -achadh, v. pity, compassionate. 
Trudar, -air, -an, m. a nasty fellow, a 

stammerer; trudaireachd, his fault. 
Trùilleach, -ich, -ichean. v.:. a filthy or 

dirty fellow. 
Truime, f. heaviness, weight; truimead. 

TUU — TLA 451 

Truis ! inteij. a word for driving off doga; 

trus ! 
Truis, -eadh, v. tear, snatch, collect. 
Truisealaicli, truisealachadh, v. tuck up 

your clothes; truslaich. 
Trup, -a, -u,n, -achan, m. a troop of horse; 

a. trupach. 
Trupair, -ean, m. a trooper; trupaireachd, 

his office. 
Trus, -adh, v. truss, tuck up, gather; 

Trus ! inter] . begone ! trus a raach, get 

a"'ay . 
Trusadh, -aidh, m. trussing, gathering; a. 

Trusaiche, -ean, m. a gatherer, a collector. 
Trusdar. -aii', m. a filthy fellow, filth. 
Trusdrachd, f. filthiness, filth. 
Trusgan, -ain, -an, m. clothes, mantle, 

Tnithair, rn. a filthy fellow, a villain, a 

Triithairei'chd, f. low, mcai: actions, 

Tn. pcrs. pr©n. thou, you: eniph. tusa, 

Tuagh, -uaighe, -an, f. a hatchet, an axe; 

a. tnaghach. 
Tuacheal. -eil, ni. dizziness; a. tuaicheal- 

Tuaileas. -eis, -an, m. a dark view, a 

calumny, a reproach. 
Tuaileasach, -aiche, a. glimmering, 

Tnaineal, -eil, m. giddiness, stupor. 
Tuainealaich, -e, f. giddiness; i. tuaineal- 

Tt'aireani, -im. -an, f. a guess, nearness; 

a. tuaireamach. 

452 TUA — TUA 

TuaireamaS;, -ais, m. a hazard, a venture. 
Tuaireap, -ip, -an, m. turbulence, a fray; 

a. tuaireapach. 
Tuairgneadh, -idh, m. disturbance; a. 

Tuairisgeul, -eil, -an, m. a made up story, 

a slander. 
Tuairisgeul acb, a. defamatory. 
Tuairmeis, -eadh, v. hit on, discover, aim 

Tuairneag, -eig, -an, anything round, a 

round dish, a cap, a neat little woman. 
Tuairneagach, a. tidy, neat. 
Tuairnean, -ein, m. a lathe, a mallet, a 

Tuairnear, -eir, -ean, m. a turner : tuairn- 

earachd, his trade. 
Tuaisd, m.f. a slovenly person, a dolt; a. 

tuaisdeach, tuaisdeil. 
Tuaitheal, -eile, a. wrong, le>ft-wise, un- 
Tuam, -a. -an, f. a tomb or grave; a. 

Tuanlaig, tualaig, tuainig, -inu. v. loosen, 

Tuar, -uair, m. hue, colour, appearance, 

food ; a. tuarail. 
Tuarasdal, -ail, -an, m. fee, wages, salary. 
Tuarasdalach, -aich, m. a hireling. 
Tuarasdalaich, -achadh, v. hire, engage. 
Tuargau, -ain, ran, m. discontent, com- 
plaining ; a', tuarganach. 
Tuasaid, -e, -ean, f. a fight, a quarrel; a. 

Tuasgail, -ladh, v. loosen, untie. 
Tuath, a. north, northern; an àirde-tuath, 

the north; a. tuathach. 
Tuath, -a, f. tenantry, peasantry, the com- 
monality; a. tuathach. 


Tuathach, -aich, m. a north country man. 
Tuathair, -e, a northern exposure. 
Tuathanach, -aich, pi. -ich, a farmer. 
Tuathanas, -ais, f. a farm; tuathanachas. 
Tuba, -chan, f. a tub, dim. tubag; a. 

Tubaist, -e, -ean, f. mishap, an accident. 
Tubaisteachd, f. an unlucky accident; a. 

Tuban. See toban. 
Tubh, thatch. See tugh. 
Tubhailt, -e, -ean, f. a towel; a. tubhailt- 

Tùch, -adh, V. shut, smother, become hoarse. 
Tùchadb, -aidh, m. hoarseness, wheezing, 

cooing; a. tiichanach, tùchach. 
Tiìchan, -ain, m. hoarseness, cooing, hoarse 

cry, a dove. 
Tudan, -ain, -an, ra. a small stack; a. 

Tugh, -adh, v. thach, cover. 
Tugha, f. thatch, covering. 
Tughadair, -e, -ean, m. a thatcher; tugh- 

adaireachd, thatching. 
Tuig, -sinn, v. understand, perceive. 
Tuigse, f. understanding, sense; a. tuig- 

seach, tuigeinneach. 
Tuil, -e. -ean, -tean, f. a flood, a deluge; a. 

tuilteiich; an tuile ruadh, the Flood. 
Tuilbheum, -eim, -an, m. a torrent; a. 

Tuilich. -eachadh. v. overflow, deluge. 
Tuille, or tuilleadh. m. more. 
Tiiille. or tuilleadh, adv. never again, 

Tuillcnn, -ein, m. a small hole; toll. 
Tuilmean, -ein, m. a little knoll; a. tuil- 

meanach, full of knolls or tufts. 


Tuimhs, -eadh, or tuimhsicli, -eachadh, v. 

stagger, beat to and fro, kuock against, 

Tnimhseadh, -idh, m. a rush, a qnick 

motion ; a. tuimhseach. 
Tuine, f. dread, terror, alarm, confusion; 

a. tiiineach. 
Tuineadh, -idh, m. au abode; tuineach. 

tuineachas, tuineas. 
Tiiinich, -eachadh, v. dwell, sojourn. 
Tuinnidh, a. firm, hard. 
Tuinnse, -eachan, m. a blow, a surge. 
Tuir, -eadh, -eamh, v. relate, rehearse. 
Tuireanih, -imh, m. mourning, an elegy; 

Tuireann, -inn, m. a spark from the anvil. 
Tuireasg, -isg, -an, m. saw. 
Tiiirl, and tuirlinn, -linn, v. de.-cend. 
Tùirse, m.f. sadness, mourning, wailing; 

tùrsa; a. tuirseach, tùrsach. 
Ttiis, -e, -ean, f. incense, frankincense; a. 

Tìiiseir, -ean. m. a censer. 
Tuisleadh, -idh, -ean, m. a stiirabling; a. 

Tuislich, -eachadh, v. stumble, slip. err. 
Tuit, -ea?n, v. fall, happen, ]>efr<U. 
Tniteam, -im, -an, m. a fall, falling; a. 

tuiteamach, falling, accider.tal. 
Tniteamas, -ais, m. an occurrence, a chance. 

a fall ; epilepsy. 
Tnl-, a prefix, signifying entirely, wholly. 
T'.ilach, -aich, aichean. m. a small green 

Tulachan, -ain, m. a sham calf, a ' tulchan.' 

a hillock. 
Tulag, -aig, -an, f. a whiting. 
Tul-bhrèag, -eig, f. a direct lie: a. tul- 



Tulchainn, -e, -eau, f. a house gable, the 

hips, a horse's croup; tulchann. 
TulchuLs, -e, f. acuteness, cocfidence, per- 

severauce, penetration; a. tulchuiseach. 
Tulg. See tolg. 

Tul-mhagaclh, -aidh, m. downright mockery. 
Turn, -iidh, V. dip, plunge, immerse, duck. 
Tuinadh, -aidh, -aidhean, m. a dip ; tumair, 

a dipper. 
Tunua, -achan, m. a ton, a tun, a small 

cask; a. tunnach. 
Tunnadair, -ean, m. a filler, a funnel. 
Tunnag, -aig, -an, f. a duck, a drake, a 

hobbling woman; a. tunnagach. 
Tùr, -adh, v. devise, invent. 
Tùr, -ùir, m. sense, understanding; 

tùralachd; a. tiirail. 
Tùr, m. tower; a. tùrach. 
Tur, prefixed a. entire, absolute ; a. bare 

(without condiment), aran tur, dry 

bread ; gu tur, completely. 
Turach-aii-tliarach, a. topsy-turvy. 
Turadan, -ain, -an, m. a small heap or 

Turadh, -aidh, ni. fair weather, a clearing 

Turaid, or tuireid, -e, -ean, f. a turret; a. 

turaideach, tuireideach. 
Turcach, -aich, m. a Turk; a. Turcach. 
Turcais, -can. f. pincer.s; durcaisd. 
Turgain, -e, -can, m. destruction; a. turg- 

Tiirlach, -aich, -aichcan, m. a heap, a great 

Turloch. -a, -an, ni. a loch drvinar up in 

Turn, -ùirn, -an, m. a feat, a job, a turn. 
Turrachadal, -ail, m. a slumber, a nodding 

sleep, lethargy; a. turachadal ich. 

45* TUK— lAI 

Turraman, -ain, -an, m. moving to and fro 
sitting; turraban. 

Turramanaicli, turramain, v. move to and 
fro sitting. 

Turrag, -aig, f. an accident, a .slight ill- 
turn : turraing, a turn of illness. 

Tiirsa. See tùirse. 

Turtur, -uir, f. a turtle; a. turturach. 

Turus, -uis, -an, m. a journey, a voyage, 
an occasion; turas; a. turusach. 

Turusaiche, -ean, m. a traveller, a pilgrim; 
tunx^aclid, his office. 

TÙ8, -uis, m. a beginning, an origin, the 

Tut, -ùit, -an m. a foul smell; a. tiitach. 


U ! inter j. expressive of surprise or dis- 

Ua, prep, from, out of, used with the pers. 
pron. : see nam. 

Uabairt, f. expulsion. 

Uabhar, -air, m. pride, arrogance, vain- 
glory; a. uabhrach, uaibhreach. 

Uachdar, -air, -an, m. top, cream, upper 
leather of a shoe, woof of cloth ; a. 
uachdrach, uppermost. 

Uachdarau, -ain, m. a ruler, a superior, a 
governor ; uachdaranachd, f. authority, 
government, rule. 

Uaibhreachas, . -ais, m. or f. haughtiness, 
pride; naibhxeas, uaibhreachd. 

Uaigh, -e, uaghach, uaighean, f. a grave; 
a. uaghach. 

Uaigneas. -is, m. secrecy, loneliness; a. 
uaigneach, uaignidh. 

Uaill, -e, f. vanity, vain-glory, pride, 
boasting, nobility; a. uailleil. uallach. 



UaiUeag', -eig, f. a conceited female; a. 

Uailleigan, or uaillire, m.f. a dandy. 

UaUlnihiann, -a, m. ambition; a. uaill- 

Uaimh, uamha, -ean, f. a cave, a den; a. 

Uaimhgealtachd, or uaimhgealtas, f. lone- 
liness, 'eeriness'; a. uaimhghealta. 

Uaincionn, -inn, -an, f. a lamb's skin. 

Uaine, a. green, pale, wan; iiainealach. 

Uainean, -ein, m. a little lamb; a. uain- 

Uainfheoi], -eola, f. lamb's flesh. 

Uainneart, m. bustle, tumbling, wallowing. 

Uair, -e, uarach, -ean, f. an hour, weather, 
time. occEUsion; an uair. nuair, when, 
the time when ; a. uaireil, uarach. 

Uuaireadair, -ean, m.f. a watch, a time- 
piece: a. uaireadaireach. 

Uaireadai: che, -ean, m. a watch-maker. 

Uaisle, f. obility; uisleachd; a. uasal. 

Uaislean, n-. nobles, gentry. 

Uaislich, eachadh* v. ennoble, dignify. 

Uaith. adv. since. 

Uallach, -aiche, a. cheerful, gay, proud, 
vain, lively. 

Uallach, -aich, -aichean, m. a burden, a 
load . 

Uallach. -aich, m. a spirited fellow, a fop. 

Uallachag, -aig, -an, f. a coquette. 

Uallachan, -ain, -an, m. a little burden or 
load . 

Uallacha.-;. -ais, m. cheerfulness, gaiety. 

Uallaich, -achadh, v. burden, load, en- 

Uam, uat, uait, uaithe. uaipe or uaithe, 
uainn, uaibh, uapa or uatha, or bhuam. 

458 lAM — UCH 

etc., prep. pron. from me, from you, 

Uamh. See uaimh. 

TTamhag, -aig, f. a sheep-tict. 

Uamliann, -ainn, m. horror, dread; a. 

Uamharra, a. dreadful, awful. 

TJamhas, -ais, -an, m. horror, :; liion^ter; 
a. -i;r.:::lia=ach. 

Uamhasachd, f. horribleues.s, awfulness, 

Uamh-bheLst, -e, -eau, f. a monster. 

Uamh-chrith, e, -ean, a trembling with 

Uamhraidh. -e, a. gloomy, fearful, full of 
caves ; adv. exce*isively, awfully. 

Uan, -ain, pi. -aiu, m. a l.inib; dim. 
uainean; a. uanach. 

Uasal, iiaisle, a. noble, genteel. 

Uasal, -ail, pi. uaislean, m. a gentleman, 
a noble. 

Ub-ub ! interj. of aversion, etc. 

Ubag, or ubaidh, f. a charm, nn incanta- 

ùbh-ùbh ! interj. of surpri.'^e. disappoint- 
ment, or incredulity. 

Ubh, uibhe, uibhean, m.f. an egsr: better 

Ubhal, -ail, ùbhlan, m.f. an apple; a. 
ubhalach. iibhlach. 

ùbhladh. See unlagh. 

ùbraid, -e, f. confusion, disputing; a. 

Uchd, m. the breast, the chest, the fore- 
front: a uachdail. 

Uclidach, -aioh, f. an ascent. 

Uchdan, -ain. -an, m. a raised bank or 
terrace, an embankment; a. uchdanach. 


Uchd-èideadh, -idh, -idliean, m. i breaat- 

Uchd-mhac, -ic, m. au adopted son; uchd- 

mhacachd, adoption. 
Uchd-}iihacaich,- achadh, v. adopt us a .son 

oi' heir. 
Ud, demons, pron. yon, yonder, 
ùdabac, m. an outhouse, an ' outback.' 
ùdail, a. inhospitable. 
Udail, -al, v. dangle, shake, rock. move. 
Udal, -ail, m. dangling, moving, flitting, 

distress ; a. udalanach. 
Udalan -ain, -an, m. a swivel, a hinge, 
udhar. See othar. 
ùdlaiche, m. a stag, 
ùdlaidh, a. gloomy; n. ùdlaidheachd. 
ùdrathad, m. free egress and regress to 

common pasture. 
Ud-ud- inter j. tut ! 
Ugan, -ain, -an, m. the fore prrt of the 

breast, the neck. 
Ugh, uighe, uighcan, m.f. an e^^; ubh. 
ùghdar, -air, -an, m. an author; ùghdar- 

achd, his office, 
ùghdaraich, -achadh, v. authorise, em- 
fighdnras, -pis, m. authority, 
iighdarrais. f. lumber, stuff ir one's way, 

a struggle. 
TJgsa, -an, -aichean, f. the full-grown coal 

fish; ucas; a. ugsach. 
Uibe. See iob. 
Fibliir, f. ;us much as, quartity. sum ; a. 

uibhireach, equal, alike. 
Fidh, f. care, attention. 
Uidh, or uidhe, f. a journty. .1 e^al. a 

di.stance; uidh-air-n-uidh. by deerees. 
Fidheam. See uigheam. 
Fidhcar. -an, m. a traveller, .n pilerim. 

460 UIG — UIL 

ùig, -e, -ean, ùigeachan, f. a nook or corner, 
a cove; a. ùigeach. 

ùigean, -ein, -an, m. a wanderer, a fugitive; 
a. ùigeanacb. 

Uigheam, -im, f. accoutrements, equipment, 
dress, panoply; a. uigheamach. 

Uigheamaich, -achadli, v. prepare, equip, 

Uigheamachiidh, -aidh, preparation, fur- 

Uile, a. all, the whole; s. uileachd, 
totality, universality. 

Uile, pfx. all-. Some of its compounds 
are: — Uile-bheannaichte, all holy; 
uile-chinnteach, quite certain: uile- 
chomasach, all-powerful; uile-ehruth- 
ach, omniform; uile-chumhachdach, 
omnipotent; uile-dhiongmhalta, all- 
sufficient; uile-fhradharcach, all-see- 
ing; uile-ghlic, all-wise; uile-ghlòr- 
mhor, all-glorious; uile-ghrasmhor, all- 
gracious; uile-lathaireach, omnipre- 
sent; uìle-lèirsinneach, all-seeing; uile- 
mhath, all-good; uile-uaomh, all-holy; 
uile-neartmhor, all-powerful : uile- 
riaghlach, all-ruling; uile-thròcair- 
ea-ch, all-merciful; uile-fhaicsinneach, 
all-seeing; uile-fhiosrach, all-knowing; 
uile-fhoghainteach, all-sufficient : uile- 
iomlan. all-perfect. 

Uileadh, -idh, m. entirety, completeness; 
gu h-uilidh, entirety, totally. 

TTileann, -ne, -inii, -nean, -Ineau. f. the 
elbow, a c<>rner; a. uileannach. 

Uilebheist. -e. -ean, m. or f. a wild beast, a 

Filear, a. too much; cha 'n uilear dha sin, 
that is not too much for him ; cha b' 
uile?r 3ch dha ! forsooth ! 


ùiU, ùilleatlh, v. oil, besmear with oil. 

ìiilleadh, -idh, m. oil; a. uillidli, oily. 

uillt, pi. of allt. 

Uilneag, -eig, f. a push, a shove, an elbow- 
ing; uinnleag. 

Uime, prep, mu and pron. e, about, about 
him or it. 

Uinieachd, f. boundary, circuit; imeachd. 

ùine, or ùin, f. time. 

ùinich, f. noise, bustle, fumbling. 

Uinneag, -eig, -an, f. a window; a 

Uinnean, -ein, m. an onion; a. uiuneanach. 

Uinnean, -ein, m. ankle. 

Uinnseann, -inn, m. ash, an ash tree. 

Uipear, -ean, m. an idiot, a bungler; 
uipearachd, bungling; (?) oidhirpear. 

Uipinn, f. a treasure, a hoard. 

ùir, -e, ùrach, f. du-st, earth: a. iirach, 

Uircean, -ein, m. a young pii', a grice; a 

Uiread, m. as much as, much. 

Uireas, adv. below. 

Uireasbhach, m. a needy person. 

Uireasbhaidh, -e, f.. and uireas, -is, m., 
want, need; a. uireasbhach. uireas- 

Firghioll, -ill, m. the faculty of speech, a 
speech, an oration: a. uirsrhiollach, 

Uiridh, last yetar. See uraidh. 

Uirigh, -e, -ean. f. a couch, a l)ed, 

ùirneis, -e, -ean, f. a furnace, t/ools, imple- 
ments ; a, ùirneiaeach. 

Uirneisich, -eachadh, adorn. 

Firsgeul, -eoil. -an. m. a fable, a .story; a. 

Uirsgeulaich, -e, -ean, m. a toller of stories. 


ilia, -e, -ean, f. use, utility; a. ùiseil, 

Uiseag, -eig, -an, f. a laxk, a skylark; a. 

Uisg, or uisge, uisgeachan, m. water, raiu. 
Uisgealachd, f. wateriuass. 
Uisge-beatha, ni. whisky. 
Uisgich, -eachadh, v. water. 
Uisgidh, -e, a. watery, weak, faint-hearted, 
ùisinnich, eachadh, use, treat, 
ùisliginn, f. noise, disturbance, fury, 
ùislinn, f. sport, diversion; a. iiislinneach. 
Uist ! interj. silence, hist ! 
Ula, -achan, f. beard, clothes, grass. 
Ulag, -aig, -an, f. a block, a pulley, oat- 
meal and water, a snowball; a. ulagach. 
TJlaidh, -e, -ean, -nean, f. a treasure; ni' 

ulaidh, my darling. 
Ulartaich, f. howling, barking. 
Ullaich, Lichalh, v. prepare, make ready. 
Ullamh, -ajmhe, a. ready, done, prepared; 

s. ullamhachd. 
Ultach, -aich, -aichean, m. an armful, a 

lapfiil, a load. 
ùmaidh, -e, -ean, m. a blockhead, a dolt, a 

fool ; ùpaidh, ùmbaidh. 
Umam, umad, uime, uiralie, umainn, 

umaibh, umpa, prep. pron. about me, 

about thee, etc. 
Umha, m. brass; a. umha; s. umhadair, a 

Umhail, f. heed, attention, 
iimhailteas, -eis, m. obedience, humility; 

ùmhal, a. obedient, submissive, 
iimhlaich, -achadh, v. humble, humiliate, 

ùmhlachd, f. humility, obedience. 
TJng, -adh, v. anoint. 

UNG— CRL 463 

Ungadh, -aidh, m. anointing, an unction. 

Unlagh, m. a fine, a penalty; Sc, unlaw. 

Unnsa, -achan, m. an ounce. 

up, -adh, V. push, jostle. 

ùpudh, -aidb, m. a push; dim. upag. 

ùpaidh. :^ee ùmpaidh. 

ùpraid. .See ùbraid. 

ùr, -ùire, a. new, fresh, comely. 

ùrach, or ùireach, a. earthy, dusty. 

Urad. .See uthard. 

ùrad, -aid, m. newness; iirachd; a. ùrail. 

ùraich, -achadh, v. renew, recreate. 

Uraidh, or an uraidh, adv. last year. 

xiraisg, -e, -ean, a brownie, a water spirit, 

a fabulous being, a monster, 
ùranach, -aich, m. an upstart, 
ùrarachd, f. freshness ; ùrair, new, vigorous, 
iir-bheachd, f. second thought or view, 
urbhlath, -aith, -ean, m. a blossom, a 

ùr-bhreith, -e, -ean, f. a new birth, 

Urchair, urchrach, urchraichean, f. a shot, 

a cast. 
Urchaireachd, f. shooting, castinfr: a. 

Urchall, -aill, m. fetters, shackles; a. 

Urchasg, -aisg, m. physic, an antidote. 
Urchaid, -e, f. calamity, hurt, bustle: a. 

ùrchoill, -e, -tean, f. g^eeu wood; a. 

iirchradh, -aidh, m. a new distress, 
ùrchrann, -ainn, a fresh tree; a. ùrchrann- 

iir-fhhs. -ais, -an, m. a bloom, n sprout. 
Urla, f. the breast, th^ chest, hair, the 


464 CKL— USA 

ùr-labhairt, f. eloquence, oratory. 

ùrlaich, -achadh, v. nauseate, det&st, turn 

from in disgust, 
ùrlaim, -e, f. readiness, preparation, 
ùrlaimh, -e, a. neat, expert, ready-lianded. 
ùrlamhachas, -ais, m. possession, power, 
ùrlann, -ainn, m. a staff, a s{)ear. 
ùrlar, -air, -an, m. a floor oi a house, a 

variation in pipe music; a. ùrlarach. 
iirnaigh, -e, -ean, f. prayer, prayers; 

Urra, -aidliean, achan, m.f. a person, a 

young child. 
Urracag, -aig, f. a thole pin. 
Urrag, -aig, -an, f. an infant. 
Urrainn, -e, -ean, m. an author, ability, 

authority. Cha 'n urrainn mi (or 

domh), I cannot; is urrainn mi (or 

domh), I can. 
Urralachd, f. forwardness, impudence; a. 

Urram, -aim, f. respect, honour; a. 

Urramachd, f. honourableness, nobility. 
Urramaich, -achadh, v. honour, respect. 
Urrantachd, f. boldness; a. urranta, urrail. 
Urras, -ais, -an, m. a surety, a cautioner; 

Urrasachd, f. boldness, audacity; a. 

Ursann, -aiun, -an, f. a door post; a. 

Ursann-chatha, m. a champion. 
ÙT-sgeul, -eoil, -an, m. a fable; a. ùr- 

ùr-sgeulaich, -e, -ean, m. a fabulist, a story 

TJsa, a comp. of furasda, easier; asa, fusa, 



Usachd, f. easiness, facility ; usad ; rather 

fusachd, fiuad. 
Usaid, -e, f. querulousuesis ; a. usaideaeh. 
Usgar, -air, lUsgrach, usgraichean, m. a 

jewel, a present, 
ùspag, -aig, -an, f. a push, a pang; a. 

ùspairn, -e, f . a struggle, a strife ; a. 

Ùapairneachd, f. striving, struggling. 
Utag, -aig, -an, f. a push, a jostle, 
ùtag, -aig. f. strife, confusion, bustle; a. 

tktan, -ain, m. a knuckle; utag. 
ÙIA1, -a, -an. -annan. m. an udder; a. 

Uthard, adv. up above, on high; urad. 
ùtrais, f. fidgetting, re.->tles.snes8, a confused 

mass of anything; a. iitraiseach. 
iitraiseachd, f. restlessness, fidgetting, con- 
Ut-ut ! inter j. See ud-ud. 



1. From Celtic Huurctis. 

Ailean — AUau. 
Ailpean — Alpiu. 
Aodh — Hugh. 
Aonghus — Angud. 
Beathag — Sophia. 
Brighde — Bridget, Bride. 
Caileau — Coliu. 
Cathal— Cathel. 
Cluanaidh — Cluny. 
Coinneach — Kenneth. 
Col la— Coll. 
Con all — Connal. 
Conn — Conn. 
Cormac — Cormac. 
Diarmao — Dermid. 
Dior-bhài I — Dorothy. 
Domhnull —Donald. 
Donnchadi — Duncan. 
Dùghall — liugald. 
Eachann — U ector. 
Eoghaun — Eweu, Hugh. 
Fearchar — Farquhar. 
Fearghus — Fergus. 
Fionnghal — Flora. 
Fionulagh — Finlay. 
Gilleasbuig — Archibald. 
Gille-Brighde— Gilbert. 
Gille-Criosd— Gilchrist. 
Gormall — Gormelia. 
Malmhin — Malvina. 
Maol-Donihnuich — Ludovic. 
Maol-Iosa — Malise. 
Maol-Moire — My lee. 


Muireach — Murdoch (or) 
Murchadh — Murdo. 
Niall— Neil. 
Sorcha^ — Clara, Sarah. 
Una — Winifred, Agnes. 

2. From Teutonic Sources. 

Amhlaidh — Aulay. 

Arailt — Harold . 

Asgall— A<rlrill. 

Ealasaid — Elizabeth, &c. 

Eanruig — Heury . 

Eideard — Edward. 

Frangan — Francis. 

Frangag — Frances. 

Goiridh — Godfrey, Geofifrey. 

lomhar — Ivor. 

Iseabal — Isabella . 

Labhruinn — Lawrence. 

Lachlann — Lachlan. 

Lili — Lily. 

Siùsaidh — Siisy. 

Luthais — Letwis, Louis. 

Manus — Magnus. 

Oighrig — Henrietta, Euphemia. 

Peigi — Peggy. 

Raonull — Ronald. 

Rob— Rob. 

Raibeart — Robert . 

Raonaid — Rachel. 


Somhairle — Somerled, Samuel. 

Tearlach — Cliarles. 

Tearl ag — Ch ar lotte . 

TorcTill— TorquiL 

Tormod — Norman . 

Uilleam — William. 

Uisdean — Hugh, Hntcheon. 


3. From Classical or Biblical Sources. 

Adhamh — Adam. 

Aindrea — Andrew. 

Alasdair — Alexander. 

Anna — Anne. 

Barabal — Barbara. 

Cairistiona — Christina. 

Calum — Malcolm. 

Catriona — Catherine. 

Daibhidh, Daidh— David. 

Deorsa, Seoras — George. 

Eilidh— Helen. 

Eòin, Iain — John. 

Giorsal — Grace. 

Isaac — Isaac. 

Mairearad, Mairead — Margaret. 

Mairi — Mary. 

Maili — May. 

Marsali — Marjory. 

Martainn — Martin. 

Micheil — Michael. 

Moire — The Virgin Mary. 

Mor, Morag — Marion, Surah 

Muireall — Muriel. 

Neacal — Nicol. 

Padruig — Patrick. 

Peadar — Peter. 

Seònaid — Janet. 

Seumas — James. 

Silis — Julia. Cicely. 

Sim — Simon. 

Sine — Jean. Jane. 

Seonag — Johann . 

Tòmas — Thomas. 


Caimbeul — Campbell. 
Camshroii, Camarraii — Cameron. 
Cuimeiu — Cummiug. 
Dubhghlas — Dougla.i. 
Foirbeis — Forbes. 
Friseal — Fra.ser. 
Grannd — Grant. 
Greumach — Graham. 
MacAilein — MacAllau. 
MacAilpein — MacAlpine. 
MacAlasdair — MacAllister. 
MacAmhlaidh — MacAulay. 
Mac an Aba — MacNab. 
MacAoidh — Mackay. 
MacAonghuis — Maclnnes. 
MacArtnir — MacArthnr. 
MacAsgaill — MacAskill. 
MacBheathain — MacBaiu, Beaton. 
MacCahiim — MacCallum. 
MacColla— MacColl. 
MacCoinnich — MacKenzie. 
MacCorcadail — MacCorquodale. 
MacCormaig — MacCormick. 
MacCòmhghan — MacCowan. 
MacCruimein — MacCrimmou. 
MacDhòmhnuill, Domhnullach, Mao- 
MacDhonnchaidh — Robertson. 
MacDhùghaill — MacDougall. 
MacEachairn — MacEchern . 
MacEòghainn — MacEweii . 
MacFhearchair — MacFarquhar. 
MacFhionnghain — Mackinnon. 
MacGillebhràtli — MacGilvray. 
Mac Giir Eathain — MacLean. 


Mac Giir Fhionnain — MacLennan. 

Mac Gille Mhaoil — MacMillan. 

Mac Gille Moire — Morrison. 

MacGriogair — MacGregor. 

Maclain — Johnson. 

Maclomhair — Maclver. 

MacLathagain — MacLagan. 

MacLeòid — MacLeod. 

MacMhatha i n — Matheson . 

MacMhuirich — MacVuirich. 

Mac na Ceardach — Sinclair. 

MacNeacail — MacNicol. 

MacNèill — MacNeil. 

MacPhaidein — MacFadyen. 

MacPhail— MacPhail. 

MacPharlaiu — MacFarlane. 

Mac-a-Phi — MacPhee. 

Mac a' Phearsoin — MacPherson. 

MacBath — Macrae. 

Mac an t-Sagairt — MacTaggart. 

Mac an t-Saoir — Macintyre. 

MacThomaidh — MacCombie. 

MacThomais — MacComiah. Thomson. 

Mac an Tòisich — Mackintosh. 

Meinnearach, Meinn — M<»nzies. 

Moirreach — Murray. 

Eothach — Munro. 

Mac a' Ghnbhainn, Gobha — Smith, Gow. 

Sioeal — Chisholm. 

Suthnrlan — Sutherland. 


For practical purposes the English forms 
are given first. 

Aberdeen — Obaireadhaiu. 

Aberfeldy — Obairpheallaidh. 

Ardnamurchan — Aid nam Murclnn. 

Argyll — Earraghàidheal. 

Axran — Araicn. 

Asia — An A-sia. 

Assynt — Asainn. 

Athole — Athall . 

Atlantic — An Cuau Siar (An Tabh in 

Outer Isles). 
Augustus (Fort-) — Cille Chuimein. 
Auldearn — Allt Eire. 
Badenoch — BaiJeauach. 
Balquhidder — Bothcliuidir. 
Banff— Banbh. 

Bannockburu — Allt a' bliomiaich. 
Barra — Barraidh. 
Beauly — A' Mhanacliainu. 
Benbecula— Beiun a' bhaoghla. 
Black Isle — An t-Eilean Dubh. 
Breadalbane — Bràgljaid Albain:;. 
Britain — Breatunu. 
Bute— Bod. 

Butt of Lewis — Eiibha Eobbanais. 
Caithness — Gallaibli. 
Campbelltov?n — Bnile Chill Chiarain. 
Canna — Camndh. 
Cape Wrath— Am Parbli (An Carbh in 

Castlebay — Bagli a' Chaisteil, or Baile 

Mhic Ncill). 
Cawdor — Caladair. 


Celt — Ceilteach. 

Clyde R.— CluaidL. 

Coll— Colla. 

Creiff — Craoibh. 

Cr om arty — Cro m ba . 

Culloden — Cùil-lodair. 

Denmark — Lochlann. 

Dingwall — Inbhii-])licolli;aaiu. 

Dunblane — Duu Blatliain. 

Dundee — Dun-dcagh. 

Dunfermline — Dun Pliai lain. 

Dunkeld — Dun Chaillinn. 

Dunskaith — Dun Sgàthaith. 

Dunstaffnage — Dun.stafhinnis. 

Earn R. — Amhainn Eire. 

Edinburgh — Dun Eidennn. 

Eg^pt — An Eipliit. 

Elgin — Eilginn. 

England — Sasunn. 

Engli.sliman — Sa.'^unnach. 

English language — A. Bheurla, B. 

Europe — An Roinn Eorpa. 
Falkirk — An Eaglai.s Bhreac. 
Ferintosh — An Tòisigheachd. 
Fife— Fiobha. 
Findhorn R. — Uisge Eire. 
Fort-William — An Gearasdan. 
France — An Fhraing. 
Gael — Gaidheal. 
Gaelic — A' Ghai<lhlig. 
Galloway — Maol (Jail. 
Germany — A' Ghearmailt. 
Greece — \' Ghroig 
narri.s — Na^hrEarradh. 
Hebrides — Innsc Gall. 
Hebrew (language) — Eabhra. 
. (person) — Eabhrach. 



Higlilauds — A' Gliaidhealtachd (lit. 

Gaeldom) — Na Garbhchrìocha. 
Holland — An Olaind. 
Inverness — Inbhir Nis. 
Ireland — Eireann. 
Islay — Tie. 

Killiecrankic — C'niUe Chnagaidh. 
Killin— Cill Fhinn. 

Kinloclimoidart — Ceann Loch Mùideirt. 
Knoydart — Cnòideart. 
Kyles of Bute— Na Canil Bhòdach. 
Lanark — Lannrag. 
Largs — Na Lear?aidh Ghallda. 
Lewis — Leòdhas. 
London — Lunnainn. 
Lochaber — Locbabar. 
Lowlands — A' Ghalltachd, Machair Alba. 
Man (Isle of) — Eilean Mhanain. 
Mearns — A' Mbaoirn. 
Minch — A' Mhaoil. An Cuan Ssfitbe. 
Moray — Moreibli. 
Muir of Ord — Am Blàr dubh. 
Mull — Muile. 
Norway — Locblaiin. 
Oban — An t-Oban. 
Orkney — Arcaibh. 
Pentland Firth — An Caol Arcach 
Perth — Peairt. 
Picts — Na Cruithnich. 
Rothesny — Baile-Bhoid. 
Russia — Russia. 
St Androws— Cille Rimhinn. 
St Kilda— Irt. 
Scandinavia — Lochlaun. 
Schiehallinn— Sidh ChaiUinn. 
Scotland — Alba. 
Shetland — Sealtainn. 
Skye (Isle of) — An t-Eilean Ssritheanach. 
Spain — An Spainnt. 


Spey R.— Uisge Spe. 

Sutherland — Cataibh. 

Sweden — An t-Suain. 

Tain— Baile Dhuhhthaich. 

Tay R.— Tatha. 

Thurso — I n bhir-Theòi sa . 

Tiree— Tir-iodh. 

Turkey — An Tuire. 

Tweed R.— Tuaidh. 

Uist— Uibhist. 

United States — Na Staidean Aonaichte, 

Wales — A' Chuirarigh. 

Wick — Inbhir-Uig'. 

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aCelt Maceachen, Ewan 

UUfa Gaelic-English dictionary, 

4-th ed., rev.